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A Second Chance

Well, Mission-Control Guy. You've screwed up a mission before. But now, with an asteroid headed towards Earth, NASA has decided to give you A Second Chance, in a space simulation by Major Bueno. While the "press the buttons in the right order" gameplay probably couldn't be sustained in a longer work, the high amount of easter egg clickables and subtle jokes makes A Second Chance a hilarious minigame.

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Walkthrough Guide

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A Second Chance - Walkthrough

1) Enter Ship
2) Close Doors
3) Switch Engine to "On"
4) Ignite
5) (Wait until on Asteroid)
6) Open Doors
7) Leave Ship
8) Drill Hole
9) Drop Bomb
10) Enter Ship
11) Close Doors
12) Ignite
13) (Wait a few seconds)
14) Detonate


I just made a perfect run, no mistakes, mission successful, everyone lives.

...Do you think I missed the point?

A Second Chance - Walkthrough

1) Enter Ship
2) Close Doors
3) Switch Engine to "On"
4) Ignite
5) (Wait until on Asteroid)
6) Open Doors
7) Leave Ship
8) Drill Hole
9) Drop Bomb
10) Enter Ship
11) Close Doors
12) Ignite
13) (Wait a few seconds)
14) Detonate

I love their faces when you do something ridiculous.

Do you have to play with sound up?

Be sure to click on the photo in the frame a few times.

I'm not sure if this is a game, winning is so easy, but it's definitely fun! The narrator is great. I just wish there was some more dialogue-reward for different endings, my instinct for multiple ending games is making me do it but I'm not getting any response. I've already killed the crew and the whole planet in several ways.

This game seems to have been begging for a legitimate use for all of the extraneous functions.

And it's easy to imagine the sorts of complications that would require some of the sorts of prepared responses that our prodigal supervisor has in store.

But of course, I, too, may be missing the point.

Straightforward & linear to the point of being rather boring. Except for when you click on the picture frame, I don't feel that wackiness we've come to know & love from MajorBueno.

Bugged Game. The Drill and Drop Bomb actions are independent of the crews location, meaning you can beat the game while leaving the Crew and Bomb on earth.

...or you can just leave the crew on the moon and have them blast the asteroid, and everyone would be happy.

This is the funniest game I've seen in quite some time. Like, tears-running-down-my-face-since-I'm-laughing-so-hard funny.

More, please!! :-D

fastest way to save the world:

1. start engines
2. ingition after wait a few seconds
3. wait till the shuttle arrive
4. drill hole
5. drop bomb
6. wait until the shuttle leave the Asteroid
7. detonate the bomb

Oh come on, this game doesn't need a walkthrough, unless you're an 8 year old.

The game is basically the movie Armageddon without Aerosmith or any of the fun.

Sent the shuttle with the guys on it to the asteroid.

Opened the doors before it landed and sent two of them (one of whom had the bomb) careening off into space.

Had the other two leave the ship and drill the hole. Had them try to enter the ship and for no apparent reason go careening off into space.

Closed the doors and flew the ship away, then detonated the bomb and "everyone lived"...

Cute game. For whatever reason the time/s (I forget) I lost were before I even got to space.

The best part of this game is finding out how many different ways to fail there is... and doing them ALL! *laughing till crying* I managed to tear the Earth in half. Well, at least half the people lived!

The many ways to fail:

Close the doors. Make the astronauts walk to the closed doors. Open the doors.
Open the doors in space (as mentioned by Tenzhi).
Detonate the bomb anywhere else but on the asteroid.=
Ignite without turning on the engines.
Detonate the bomb right before the space shuttle lands on the asteroid.

A different ending:Explode the bomb immediately after drilling a hole on the asteroid without rescuing the astronauts.

Glitch: Open and close doors rapidly while the space shuttle is flying. The astronauts will already be on the asteroid.

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