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joyeFlagstaff: Chapter OneSome adventurers seek to rescue a true love. Others seek revenge upon parent-killers and village-burners. I'm not totally sure about the motivations of the adventuring party in Joel Esler's Flagstaff: Chapter One. Yeah, sure, the King (looking stylish in a towel) told them he needs a dungeon infestation cleaned up, but what do they get out of it? Mostly vodka and oranges, apparently. Or maybe they just enjoy the rpg pleasure of turnbased combat in a procedurally generated isometric dungeon? Hey, it's why we're here, so it would make sense.

The game has been slightly tweaked since its first version to be more user friendly. In general, you can use the mouse to do everything: select your party member, select the tile you'd like to move them to, and select a skill. If it's a skill that has a target, select a target. Repeat three more times, then click end turn to give the enemies a go. It's straightforward, but it can be a little tedious, so the first trick is to speed up your character's movement by clicking again after choosing a tile for them to walk to. You'll also want to use hotkeys [1, 2, 3 etc] for quick skill selection and [shift] to switch between players. Lastly, you can scroll around the game window either with [WASD] or by holding down [spacebar] and dragging the window with the mouse. Once you've killed a lot of dudes, you'll receive a notice that you've leveled up, and you can spend points on improving your party so as to kill more dudes. It is the circle of dude-killing.

Even with improvements to some speed aspects, Flagstaff is definitely not a game to be described as "an adrenaline rush" or "a fast-paced thrillfest". Pretty much any blurb that you'd see on a summer blockbuster movie poster doesn't apply, actually. Even among turn-based games, Flagstaff is deliberate, relaxed, low-stakes. The adorable big-eyed and big-headed sprites only add to that feel. "Who's an adorable little skeleton? You are! You are! Oh, and you're carrying a little bow and arrow! I could just kill you! In fact, I will. *thwonk*"

Although you can't save mid-level, each individual level doesn't take too long, which makes this a great choice for a little working day gaming break where you want to relieve stress, not aggravate it.

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Flagstaff Tips and Tricks

Character Guide:

  • Knight

    • Needs to get up close to enemies to hit them

    • Most useful abilities are Increase Speed, to get him within range, and Increase Health, to keep him from dying

    • Taunt used to be a game-breaker, has now been nerfed to where it is not really useful

  • Priestess:

    • With the ability to heal and hurt enemies, possibly the most useful character

    • Learn Smite and Heal All, and hang back so that other party members take more of the hits

    • Have her learn Dual Abilities as soon as you hit party level 8, so that she can heal and attack on the same turn

  • Ranger:

    • Point Blank Arrow makes both ranged and melee fighting an option, probably second most useful character

    • Increase Speed allows the Ranger to get in close and out of trouble if necessary

    • Rain of Arrows is helpful in later levels when multiple weak enemies clump together

  • Wizard

    • Not particularly useful, especially early on

    • Sleep is useful for fighting multiple enemies

Other Tips:

  • Even if everyone else in your party dies, if you can make it to the dungeon exit with your last character, everyone will resurrect

  • Enemies will generally not pursue, or at least they don't go as fast as you do, so don't hesitate to retreat and heal up when necessary

  • There is no final boss challenge, the game ends when you make it through the dungeon at the end. Thus, there's really no need to buff your party up, only to make it so at least one of you can make it out of each level alive.


*Thwonk* - Best use of onomatopoeia in a game review ever!

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Kind of a cool game, until I hit a bug on level two where my party stopped regaining their actions and movement at the start of the turn. We were pretty quickly swarmed under by skeletons.

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4 out of 5: A little short unfortunately. Game play isn't too bad however.

I was a little surprised after my first leveling when you could only allocate 1 skill among the 4 people. Also that you couldn't retake the increase in hp or speed abilities.

Not enough of a downside to not like the game however :)

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"I call dibs on his wallet." XD HILARIOUS!!

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Anonymous March 17, 2011 5:50 PM

I probably would have been a little more viscerally disappointed in the shortness... if I hadn't still been riding high on the enjoyment of


at the time. It took a lot of the sting out, that did.

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Usually not my kind of game, but I got addicted. Will be waiting for #2.

That rug really tied the room together.

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I don't think I've ever been this disapointed at the end of a game... I SO BADLY WANTED IT TO KEEP ON GOING :( anyways, 5 out of 5 stars to the developer, UNBELIEVABLY GOOD JOB! i literally CANNOT WAIT for the next installment!

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I liked it, but I wish there were more variety in dungeon design and enemies.

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I ran into the same bug. The game won't let me take my turn. I tried exiting my browser (firefox) entirely & returning but I'm still stuck.

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LuckyDee Author Profile Page May 16, 2011 10:25 AM

Very addictive, even though it's a little laggy and the movement controls are a bit awkward at times. Can't wait to get through this one and dig into #2. Keep 'em coming!

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