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DoraWhen you think "game" do you also think "carnivorous dinosaur in a tophat"? No? How about "screaming marshmallow thing firing candy projectiles"?... no dice, huh? Well, what about "helicopter that transforms into a flying carpet that transforms into a spaceship that transforms into a horse that transforms into a giant bobble-head"? Still no? Well then I guess we don't have anything for you today, Pickypants.

  • Treadmillasaurus RexTreadmillasaurus Rex - You are a T-Rex on a treadmill, racing in front of the Wheel of Awesome because... some... one... has put you there for... some... reason. Look, it doesn't have to make a whole lot of sense. It just has to be weird and silly and full of confetti, strobe lights, high scores, and higher hats. Which it has. It sort of makes me feel like we need a new category for, "That was great... but what the heck was it?"
  • Love TrampolineLove Trampoline - As the Beatles once sang, "We all live on a Love Trampoline", (well that's how it should have gone) and now you can live the dream. In this cute and simple little java game, you use physics to propel your little heart around the screen, uniting couples and avoiding bombs. There's probably something symbolic in that. I don't know. I was too busy trying not to let the frustrated keening sound I was making while I was trying to aim my shots escape from behind my teeth and startle the cat.
  • The BirdinatorThe Birdinator - [Parental Warning: Not suitable for children.] Apparently, the word that bird has been going on about is "lasers". In this launch game, you play a lazy bird who has put off the seasonal migration a bit too long. Fortunately, you've got hot lasery death hidden in your flying cap to deal with all the other foul fowl that try to get in your way. Nab gems and other power ups to upgrade your abilities and eventually get where you're going.
  • Up Down ReadyUp Down Ready - There's a Kissma-like vibe to how ridiculous this little two-button action/arcade title gets very quickly. Initially you start out using the [up] or [down] directions to avoid obstacles as a helicopter for as long as you can, but after a certain amount of time, well... um. The downside is that as tricky as it initially seems, once you get the hang of it, you'll probably end up stopping long before your lives run out; it doesn't take long to see all the weirdness it has to offer, and it leaves you wanting more. Oh well. +1 internets for "Look at My Horse".
  • Sugar RushSugar Rush - In this run-and-gun little arcade game, leap across a candy world snagging sweets and keeping the evil tooth fairies at bay for as long as you can. Which sort of makes this Canabalt meets Gumby meets Candy Land. I'm not sure if I would describe the visuals as "cute" or "vaguely unsettling", so I'll settle for "unique". Spelgrim's talent for distinct aesthetic has already been proven, but the claymation style here is still remarkably well done.


A random game with no explanation, can it be?
By that programmer John (creator of Achievements Unlocked, Only One Level, and other wacky but cool games).
*plays game :D*
It IS him!

well, I tried them all.
sugar rush's graphics were definitely the most intriguing. I'm a sucker for claymation.

they were all fun diversions.

this is the best link dump friday ever!!
And im constantly in this site for more than a year.
Very good job Dora!! had an excellent time :)

Up Down Ready deserves a full review.

Love Trampoline is a pretty cute little exercise. Lightweight and light-hearted fun that nearly epitomizes casual gameplay.


Please move those links for your source code to somewhere else on the page. When the mechanic of your game has a player using nothing but the bottom portion of the screen and you've got those links right under there...

I love that little song, Look At My Horse. :D
Anyways, Treadmillasaurus Rex was pretty fun, kept me interesting and kept me playing for awhile. The hats were pretty nice and all the confetti and party lights :P

You should make a category for "That was great... but what the heck was it?".

The marshmallow thing is so cute!

Sugar Rush reminds me of Action Turnip, does it not? The gameplay of both seem exactly the same, it's just that the graphics are (obviously) not.

Treadmillasaurus Rex is just...Strange. That's all i'm going to say.

In Birdinator, at the end, there is nudity.

Love Treadmillasaurus Rex, it is true to the jmtb02 style. Wish I would get the spin of "Win the Game". Up Down Ready I also like a lot, for some reason the music seems addictingly good, especially (for me) Love Love Revolution. Love Trampoline I found some levels too hard but the next one boringly simple.

Up Down Ready = One of the Four Minute games, but easier and crazier. I like it. I agree, it deserves its own review.

I enjoyed love trampoline, but the ending music reminds me of another track from... somewhere. On the tip of my tongue, but it escapes me. Does anyone else hear it?

I especially enjoyed both Up Down Ready and Rex.

Up Down was really addictive, and personally, I found the Tap Tap stage the hardest, and the one where you move the obstacles the most fun.

Rex was weird, but cool

Has anyone ever successfully beaten Rex? Just wondering. Because everytime it ALMOST gets the "win" chunk on the goes that little bit to party. Good game anyway. I can see why they won't give up down ready the full review...there's not much to it, besides what you can get easily. Sugar Rush gets +30 for awesome graphics!

Far and away the best Link Dump Friday ever!

Treadmillasaurus Rex: EPIC!
Love Trampoline: Good, but was kind of hard for me in some places.
Birdinator: Stupid
Up Down Ready: Fun and fast paced, but really hard.
Sugar Rush: Marshmallow "Action Turnip"?

I suspect it's actually literally not possible to get "Win The Game" on Treadmillasaurus Rex.

Does anyone know the name of the intro track in Treadmillasaurus Rex? Not the one during actual gameplay, just the one during the menu.

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