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zxoMax ConnectSo katydid, you seek the true path to enlightenment? You wish to become one with the universe, to pulse with pure energy as you gaze fondly upon all creation?

Hmmm, tricky. But come. I see great desire aflame in your heart. The path seeks the seeker as the seeker seeks the path in this simple, unique puzzle game. I will teach you what I can. But first, see those orbs? They are called connectors, and they were put in place by the great guru, Veewen of Malaysia, as part of something called Max Connect. As you can see, they have been rendered unto disharmony by the ever-present chaos that permeates this world. If you could be so kind as to realign them for me, I would be so grateful! Yes, simply click and drag your mouse to rotate the connectors, and try to get them all pointed in loops so that the beams all point back to the beginning. Don't leave any connectors out of the circle! If you need to do some fine-tuning, I think you'll find the [left] and [right] arrow keys serve quite nicely. Click the yellow orb to unbind the beam. Yes, just like that! You keep working on those while this old man rambles on:

Analysis: As puzzlers go, Max Connect is a nice break from the recent glut of physics puzzles we've had. The only physics at play here is angles and reflections. Starting from this very simple concept, Veewen extracts a surprisingly varied set of solid levels. There are a few twists, such as rock connectors, but no goofy mechanisms simply for the sake of complicating the game. Each of the elements feels quite natural and reinforces the simplicity of the game rather than detracting from it.

Now, please don't mistake simplicity for lack of difficulty. After the first few levels, the difficulty ramps up rather quickly and stays high until the end. The difficultly can arise from one of two sources: deducing the right connections or fiddling about to get the angles just right. The latter type can be pretty frustrating for those who don't care for trial-and-error, especially since the beam can take a while to run its course. Fortunately, there's not too many of these, and since you can play any of three levels at a time, you're not held back from enjoying the rest of the game simply because you can't find just the right combination of angles. The soothing zen music also helps to mitigate frustration.

Ah, so you've completed all 25 levels? Delightful! I think you'll find your trials and experiences with Max Connections are all the training you'll ever need in your search for divinity. Always remember, the end is just the beginning.

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Really addictive game, I'm stuck on the puzzle in the display picture.

I love the graphics for the game, it's like a mix between an underwater and space theme. :)

I can't seem to figure out Lvl 7.

Excellent game, I missed this one somehow, I've been too busy the last few days. Thanks for pointing it out.

Stuck on level 11

wow...that had some really picky angles on some of those levels, though I may have just gone the hard way about solving them...decent game, though

How, in the name of all that is holy, do you do 11? I'm normally pretty good at these things but this one has me stumped. I'm obviously missing something.

For level 11:


See image for order of orbs.

Exact angles:

1: 286
2: 90
3: 288
4: 278
5: 180

Don't let the simple idea fool you, this game isn't simple. One lousy degree can make or break the level. Adding mirrors is cruel. Around level sixteen, when I realized what I had to do, I said, "You've got to be kidding me" and just walked away.

Wow, fantastic, but hard.

I'm not sold that the arrows keys are better. Hovering the mouse obscures the angle reading and you lose the guide line. it would almost have been better to leave the mouse for gross movements, but had little hovering buttons for single-degree adjustments.

(Also: Lose the floating animal things. They obscure everything, making it a little annoying at times. And if they are on top of a spinner, you can't spin it! Why?!)

Level 17 anyone? There are just too many beams to take care of!

Never mind, solved level 17:

What I find funny is that when there mirror walls, you can in fact create your own solution, but need to wait for the laser to bouce around for about 1 minute and covering the whole screen in yellow. However other levels are hard.

not related: really sorry but dont know where to post.

Why can I not see any game of The whole 'flash' part of the page simply doesnt appear.

Other flash-based games/pages work without any issue

any clues?

HOW TO: Level 11

Set the left 2 at 90.
The single above the yellow at 180.
The next 2 at 280.
The double connector at 287.
The right 2 at 289.

love this game... hard enough to drive you mad, but not so difficult to make you give up!!

I'm stuck on 6, 8 and 9. With mirror, this game is pretty hard

I'm stuck on 6, 8 and 9. With mirror, this game is pretty hard

I'm stuck on 6, 8 and 9. With mirror, this game is pretty hard

I'm stuck on 6, 8 and 9. With mirror, this game is pretty hard

Yeah, those squid things are just an annoyance. I'm too annoyed to play past level nine, in fact.

Can anyone help with level 19?

could someone help me with no. 21 and 22?
coz 23 and 24 are finished and 2 more to go

ON Level 20, going slowly but surely, have to try each level from 10 and onward about 50 times before I get them, but I GET THEM!!! Goooood Game!

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