Bunni: How we first met

kateBunniWe here at Jay is Games would like to point out that we are not responsible for the ridiculous amount of rabbit-based puns in this review. You see, Bunni: how we first met is exceptionally and insidiously cute, which we believe to be the mysterious cause behind this leporide-intensive wordplay. The game's sheer charm has overwhelmed our staff, leaving them unable to type so much as a paragraph without yelling out "Bunni cute happy making!" or something similar. We hareby (D'oh!) apologize for the inconvenience, and warn you to proceed at your own risk.

From Andre Spierings and Daniel Cook, the masterminds behind Fishing Girl, comes Bunni: how we first met, an insanely adorable game that is most easily categorized as resource management. Reminiscent of Animal Crossing or Wandering Willows, Bunni combines role-playing, simulation and a non-linear format, resulting in a distinctly underused genre of gameplay.

Our hero is a cute little bunny with a cute little bunny crown, a newcomer to an island chain that recently experienced an "incident." As a result, its inhabitants and natural vegetation have been damaged, and like any good hero, you need to restore the land to its former glory. Along the way, find the girl, fall in love and marry her. Of course everybunny knows that the best way to a girl's heart is to gather rocks and wood so you can buy her things she likes, so get to it!

BunniThe best way to navigate the island is to speak to other characters, which will usually have helpful exclamation points over their head. After receiving some hints and guidance, harvest resources by gathering workers to employ at your mills and mines. On the first island, only other bunnies are available to work for you. As you open other islands, foxes, pandas and monsters may be able to help you for the right price. Visit the store to buy and plant trees and flowers to keep everyone hoppy.

The interface is delightfully intuitive, and smooth and shiny besides, just like 24-carrot gold. Point and Click is the order of the day. Click on objects to pick them up. Click and drag on an object in your inventory to place it where you like. Click on trees to harvest their precious and delicious fruit. Click on other characters to talk to them. Click or hold down the left button to make your bunny hop towards the cursor. In fact, let's all take a bunny hop break. I'll be right here singing the song for you. Bunny hop like you mean it, people!

Analysis: Analysis completed. Cuteness has been confirmed. Graphics determined to be endearing. The presence of bright colors and pleasing sound effects has been detected. Reaction of individual game players is unknown, but predicted results may include giggling, gleefulness, or a symptom known only as Squee.

Bunnies are wascally little creatures who don't always behave in ways you might expect, so it might not be a surprise that there are drawbacks to the game. You can't save your progress without creating a free account, which might be a dealbreaker for some. The main quest does not take long, but if you have a healthy sense of exploration you'll find plenty to do, including completing all the achievements and opening up all the available islands. In order to do that, you'll have to collect quite a few red gems, which are in short supply. There are plans in the works to let you buy gems with real money, but for now, you're mostly stuck shaking trees.

If the classic film Night of the Lepus had starred the kind of rabbits from Bunni instead of the terrifying kind, there would no longer be any bunny-based nightmares for a certain game reviewer. I'm just saying. I'm also just saying that if I were a large dimwitted southern man I might ask "Tell me about the rabbits, George," and if you didn't want to, you could retort "I don't carrot all for that question" and then I would remark that bunnies aren't as cute as everybody supposes and then...

Let go, Jay! Where are you taking me? I have to spread the bunny puns! They have hoppy legs and twitchy little noses! Actually, resting comfortably does sound like a pretty good idea...

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This game is really cool, but it's crashed a coupe of times :( and I have waaaaay too many pear trees!

I haven't played the game, not going to either. But it's nice to read awesome reviews like this one. Keep it up! :)

I loved that review - especially the bunni-puns (don't know if I found them all, but I will look for more!)

I opened this, 2 hours of my life disappeared, and then I accidentally clicked "save game". Did that work for anyone else? because for me, no. If I clicked save it just blanks, even from the opening screen. Though I'm kind of glad. Did it not have a pause button?? this game is evil.

This game is fun. It somewhat reminds me of The Settlers/Widelands and Viva Piñata.

As for saving and loading (regarding tymbri's question), saving always seemed to work as long as I had registered, and loading while having the game open in more than one tab in Firefox (so as not to risk losing the game in progress) resulted in the game not getting past the loading screen at first, and on the second try, Firefox crashed. Trying it in one tab afterwards worked fine right away, though. And yes, I can't seem to find a pause button.

Loving the game. I was a big fan of animal crossing.

But it keeps crashing every so often. :(

Yes you did stick Buffy in that Bunni review.

Now I simply HAVE to play it.

Has anyone else been able to buy the church? I have the Gold Store but it never appears in the option for me.

Yeah, regarding the fruit trees, I have to blow them up every now and then and replant them, because the fruit they drop just stays on the ground and NEVER disappears. Major slowdown. It's a huge pain.

And uh... if you buy the dancing costume for the pirate girl, just be aware that you will be subjected to one of the most horribly wrong things I've seen come from a rabbit.

Incidentally the blond bunny is one golddigging skank. "Let's go shopping together. Buy me some jewelry. What, you don't have enough money? But I just wanted us to do something together! I hate you!"

Crash here too.

I'm not sure if things have changed since the review was written, but when I created a free account for Bunni, I wasn't actually asked to supply an e-mail address (as the review states); just a username and password.

[Things have indeed changed since the review was written. This save system is relatively new. - Psychotronic]


How do you get the 'Welcome back' heart?

Huh. For some reason, the blonde bunny never seems to care about any pirate bunnies I find and still demands for me to talk to one.

FANTASTIC GAME! But, ah, my Wood total is going up super slow while my Gold total just speeds along the path to infinity. When I make more forests and put a legendary sawmill in there, i put one monster. Too slow. Two monsters? Killed the trees. Ack. Oh, and if you want to make more gems, did you think of selling monsters? :)

So... I can't find anymore of the ghosts to take me off the island. :/

Pirate Cove? Nope.

I have an actual Pirate (not either of the character pirates, but a real, nondescript one), and I can't place him anywhere. Suggestions?

Lovely game, very addictive. Unfortunately their "suggestion" pop-up appeared before I figured out some annoyances.

1. They need a map! I want to be able to jump from island to island. The spidey-sense is also very confusing, but I have less of a problem with that.

2. When you supposed "find" things... it's never clear exactly where. I'm going crazy trying to find this forest that I've allegedly found.


love triangle

is absolutely hilarious. Quite disturbing, as well. I may have to play just to see what else happens.

Well, got much tree, rocks and gems, items follow bunny like old Snake game, but... where's the Pirate? Can't find any other (new) ghosts and empty lands...

*Jacob*, have you tried placing your pirate at a sawmill or a mine? That's what I did with mine.

Also, like JIGuest, I can't get heart #2. I have all of the others. I wonder if I need to not play for a certain amount of time before going back to the game.

Good game, but badly paced. Everything was cool up until the tiara. It took over half an hour of doing nothing else for my workers to make enough for me to buy it, and then FINALLY the church appeared in the store at an even higher price. No, bunnygame. No I am not going to save up for that church.

For a game that starts off with you talking to sad ghosts and bringing hope back to dying communities, it sure does devolve into mindless wealth acquisition.

I find the pirate dance a bit disturbing...

I don't get it! I only have 2 hearts left, but

I bought a church yet I do not get it in my inventory, and I'm now left with the wedding bells one and the Welcome back one.

Can someone help?

I can't figure out how to create an account in order to save. Any help? Thanks.

Mark, the church was automatically placed on the map for me. I just needed to explore until I found it, and then click on the relevant bunny there.

Mark, the church appears in the island. Just go find it.

Getting annoyed now. Want to save up my 1000 Gems but the things keep freezing on the way up to the top, the ghost bunny Susannah has now disappeared. Seems just to be really buggy. :(

Something is wrong... Got 51200 trees, 44500 rocks, 2250 gems. Chapel costs 22169 trees, 25262 rocks, 0 gems. But still got message "You need to collect more Wood"!

Thanks for the reply, now that I've gotten all the hearts, how do I win?

There was a bug in the game regarding the "Welcome Back" heart. It's now been fixed. Try saving and re-loading. :)

Corridor, regarding the fruit trees

bunnies eat fruit, so you get rid of the fruit and you don't have to waste your time and money on planting flower gardens

(I should note, before anyone asks, I'm not affiliated with the game - I'm just the person who reported the issue on the forum. OK, I'll stop double-posting now. :D)

Ummm... How do you find the foxes, pandas, and monsters? I've tried looking everywhere for one, but still haven't found any. Then again, I haven't got up to buying a church or the legendary gem store yet,so maybe that has something to do with it.

Yeah, fun, but seems to be buggy. I have 7 foxes running around, but I keep getting this guy complaining that we don't yet have 5 foxes. This seems to be in keeping with some of the above complaints that events aren't always getting triggered properly.

I have all the hearts except one: Fox Importer. I have ten foxes, including one that (as I remember) I found just sitting there. So, how do I get Fox Importer if not by finding or buying a fox?

The art style looks A LOT like PixelJunk Monsters, at least in the screenshots.

Where/who is pirate peach?
I havn't got the welcome back heart and there doesn't seem to be anything more I can do. Help! I've got to the point where I'm just letting them explode themselves by cutting down fruit trees!

So, I finished all of the hearts, got married, and got rich.

Then got bored, blew everything up and sold everything I could back to Pirate Pete. Then blew him up. I am left with the three NPC's in bubbles as well as all of the buildings in bubbles (except the church).

I guess we now know what the original Cataclysm was. Another bored, rich bunny.

Fun game overall...

FYI - Welcome Back still doesn't work.

Also, I have two pirates, one in a mine, one in a lumbermill. Still can't get the achievement, nor the pirate's tale

Grr. I do <3 this game, but despite the fact I have had to load and reload many times because the game has got stuck, I cannot get the Welcome Back heart - despite apparently being fixed. Hmph.

Still though. I loved it. And lmao at the:

Private Dance. Mmmm. And how erotic was the flower eating? Hahaha. Bunny love. ;)

Btw, there are some spelling mistakes, e.g. 'Priate's Tale' which should be 'Pirate's Tale' (obv!)

To get Welcome Back Mote:

Refresh page and sign back in

I've reloaded five times now, nothing

I have the same problem as Mark. I have collected all of the hearts, done all of the quests, and nothing has happened

I did enjoy the game, but you may want to remove the "rating-g" tag. There are some suggestive lines, and I didn't even feel comfortable watching the pirate dance at work.

How on earth do you register? Am I missing something?? :P

I have a problem. When I click play, it comes up with two options to the question, have you been to this island before? Yes, or can't remember. When I click on the can't remember option, all that comes up is a flashing yellow box, and it won't load. I need an account for the other option. Is anyone else having problems getting on to the game?

First, we appreciate the kind review.

Second, all the initial interest managed to melt the servers. :-) Your love for Bunni is overwhelming...many apologies for the inconvenience. The 'limited release' wasn't quite so limited!

We are working on a fix. I'll let you know when servers are bubblegumed back together.

Lastly, the game is still very much in beta and we'd love to hear any bugs that you might find.

take care
Bunnibunni.com (also hosed at the moment)

Need gems?

Sell your Legendary Plum Trees.

First, we appreciate the kind review.

Second, all the initial interest managed to melt the servers. :-) Your love for Bunni is overwhelming...many apologies for the inconvenience. The 'limited release' wasn't quite so limited!

We are working on a fix. I'll let you know when servers are bubblegumed back together.

Lastly, the game is still very much in beta and we'd love to hear any bugs that you might find.

take care

Glitch that nobody seems to have mentioned yet: sometimes when you acquire gems it resets the gem count to either 0 or the number of gems you just got. This is *mostly* cosmetic; some future gem acquisition will restore the original gem count, but you lose all the gems you got in between the first glitch and the restoration. This probably doubled the time it took me to get the pirate dance.

Like several other people I cannot log back in after closing the game; it hangs at "Get ready!" That screen should not be in dark gray on black, either.

Also, endgame suggestions:

  • There should be dialogue for both of the love interests after you complete their respective sequences; it's a little weird that after they run out of things for you to do, they just stand around unclickably.

  • What was with the minister turning into a monster mounted on a deer at the end of the wedding ceremony?

  • Why can't I choose to marry the pirate girl? Or both of them? (These are bunnies, after all.)

Came here to mention the gem counter issue, which may or may not be cosmetic. It wouldn't let me buy anything until the counter fixed it self.

Also, save didn't work, which was sad because it took so long to get where I was, I don't know if I want to go back and try it again.

I enjoyed it though.

I thought it was fun, though kinda glitchy (i.e. gem count resetting). I don't think it's enough to keep me playing it, but still good.

And Kate, you are awesome, great Of Mice and Men reference :)

The good:
Graphics, interface, concept, elements. Especially good that it asks what you think of the game after 3 minutes -- briliant!

The bad:
Not enough of a challenge! The story elements promise a lot more than what the game offers. No way to lose, either. When something is mined out you get it back for free and can just plant it again.

Severe lag after several minutes of gameplay, possibly due to the tons of fruit dropped on the ground? The lag clears when the game is restarted. (Firefox 3.0, OS X)

I blew up a deer, and it blew up my seller fellow and my General and Bronze store. Then I bought the tiara, and then the game crashed. I got back in, the tiara was yet to be bought but my money was gone, and my general store and bronze store AND seller man were gone forever, meaning I couldn't buy any more bombs, and getting the resources was going to take forever.

And I still had to get 1000 gems.

Still, I'm nearing the cash for the church, but seriously, screw all these bugs ='(

This game is quite a lot of fun and the humor is great, but the bugs are really killing the experience for me. If I buy gem statue, I'll always end up with -50 gems, despite having more than enough to buy it. Occasionally, my wood and gem tallies will drop substantially. The gem tally always drops to zero, though they may return when I collect more. The wood tally on the other hand just drops by the thousands randomly - without me buying anything or any monsters, etc.

I hope this is just because of the servers getting pounded at the moment and that when I come back to my saved game later, everything will work. Still, despite all the bugs, I did play it for quite a while, which certainly says a lot.

One nasty bug I got was getting all the hearts except "Welcome Back". When I loaded, the bridges were gone, and what I could see of the tower made it look like it lost all progress.

We are having problems with the server.

Trying desperately to fix it.

Please hold off voting for a bit.

Thanks :)

I liked it but for some reason my gems kept reseting when ever i would get a 5 any help?

I would really like to play this game, but all these bugs literally make the game unplayable for me. My first try, I got as far as I could without making a store (the store never showed up, I searched everywhere), and the 2nd and 3rd tries, I managed to freeze the game within seconds after it had finished loading (perhaps I was clicking too fast?). Too bad.

For some reason, I bought the steel store before the bunny was ready and now I can't continue with her tasks. I tried blowing up the store then replacing it, but it doesn't work. Nice game, though.

super addicting. even with the glitches, i cant stop playing.
I have a ghost that is still complaining about its ghostly liver wanting fox compainionship....even though i have about ten foxes.

Well, it is beta.
Personalyy, I can't get it to accept my account, but that may be their currect server troubles.

I have walked around the island for more than an hour and I can't find the church =(

I have the same lag problem, thinking it might also be from fruit. I didn't catch on that bunnies ate fruit so after i had my first few orchards blown up I just planted the trees far away from harvesting animals, so none of my fruit ever got eaten. Lag didn't start until I got a few large orchards up and running, so maybe that is it.

Finally finished game... i think.. can't really tell because

nothing changes after I collected all the hearts and marry the girl! The monsters are still here, still harvesting the same stuff for me, along with all the other animals. And my wife (along with the pirate girl) aren't talking to me anymore since I finished all the quests... now what do i do?

I think this game will benefit A LOT from either having a clear cut ending... or giving us a reason why the game hasn't ended yet. Maybe a highscore of some sort? That still requires an "ending" though... otherwise it's just a matter of how long we've played. Maybe like other RPGs, keep building new land and storylines? I just don't know why my bunni is still here! Otherwise, i wonderful game =)

Yeah, the fruit lag is a serious issue. The trees should just stop spawning fruit after a certain time, it would solve a lot.

I keep getting messages that Foxes have eaten/mined/chopped something down in entirety but when I get there the place is fine. I almost missed about three legitimate warnings because I was being assaulted with fakes!

For some reason every few minutes I lose all my gems. It's really getting annoying that I can't seem to even reach 100 gems.

Besides that, the game is really cute and I'm addicted. Good job.

Looks like the gem bug has been fixed (for me now anyway was totally getting on my nerves on my last bunni-stint) But I'm stuck like the above post with the steel shop that supposedly isn't open, but is. Oh well with just 2 hearts to go I hope this bug gets fixed soon too so I can finish(?) it! :P Go the bunnis!

Gah!! I really want to see the pirate girl's dance but my gems reset once they reach 200 or so :( Bummer.
Otherwise...I had a lot of fun with the game.

Ah, serenity. Prices may run high, workers may vanish, enemies may trample out your vintage, but the gentle xylophone will never stop tinkling absent-mindedly, and the power to sow trees and hills willy-nilly inflames my ego.

Spider sense when detecting free iPods wants a disable option, and the advice about worker management wants a 'view area' option. But this is friendliest resource management game I've ever seen. Except for the deer attack. That was cruel.

despite the beta bugs at the moment, tihs has got to be the best flash game i have ever played. im dying for an expansion

I have to say the bug I've encountered is driving me mad!!! I've bought the gold store four times now, and the fox house about the same. I'll place them somewhere, and then they disappear about 5 minutes later! Or, if the store doesn't disappear, only the large hill is showing to be able to purchase.

I love the game, but the bugs are making me miserable...

Pirate Pete never did show up for me, so I could never finish all the quests. Not a huge loss since I could do everything else, but not being able to sell off stuff was a little annoying since I'd end up with clutter.

Strange, random cool thing that could be implemented: Trading with other players. Allow two players to share their account names, "friend" each other, and be able to send items to each other. Whenever the game does it's 5-minute save, it could first check for any new items. I guess the game would have to be more complex than it currently is to warrant trading, but it would be a neat community feature, if interesting unique random items were added to the tree drops (or other things).

How do you give the monster gems? How many does it want? I have some but it keeps telling me it won't work for someone without gems...

@aeri: You probably figured it out by now, but the monsters demand 20 gems and you don't get the option unless you have at least 20. If you're not getting the option at all, it's a bug/feature.

Gigantic glitch here...I think. Either that, or this game is terribly mean. So I got pretty far, saved and quit. Then I logged back on, and practically everything is gone! I have my workers just sleeping, some random bubbles with forests in them, but no stores, AND the tower is gone!! Something must be wrong. Anybody else have this problem?

I can't finish the Pirate Girl quest. She just keeps telling me how she would love to have some roses plantes nearby (altough there is an isle full of roses).

Besides that, I have a lot of Pandas working for me, but didn't get the respective heart...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. I can't stop playing, and I don't know why. IT'S SO ADDICTIVE. D:

Well, actually, I just stopped playing (after at least several hours).

I just got married to Coriander (interesting name), if you were wondering.

The only glitches I experienced were possibly disappearances of workers, which I didn't really notice much because I already had so many foxes that I just let them do their thing.

Oh yeah, and I didn't get a heart when I got a panda.

Only two hearts to go. However the Coriander bunny just keep complaining that I haven't "reopened the steel store" yet, and I have no idea about how to reopen a steel store. I've tried blow it up and replace it, but nothing happened. The pirate bunny is more adorable tho, I'd like to marry this one if I can choose.

Thanks a lot for JIG! That was a very kind review, Kate :) . I wasn't aware of the article, I thought we were still in beta ;) .

There are a lot of bugs we need to weed out and we appreciate your reports. Since the game has spread out far beyond, this might be difficult to track up all the reports so if you don't mind, please post them on our forum: http://bunnibunni.com/forums/index.php .

@mstepanik: you solved the mystery of the Cataclysm!!
Now I know what really happened to the original civilization.

can anyone help me i got all the hearts i got all shops i think and i saw the dance what do i do now ?_?

I think most of the glitches for gems are fixed (i didn't experience any) but the main problem I had was prooobably due to the fact that the seller guy (pirate pete?) had suddenly vanished but was still showing up in mu bubbles! so I guesstimated where he would be and I attempted to sell him something. Then my game froze. When I restarted he was gone and I was stuck having to plant every single tree i got and getting all my gems by shaking trees. ugh.
Two more suggestions! Make about two or three What Did You Think? surveys, because 3minutes really isn't enough to get more than the visuals and melody.
Also, make it possible to marry pirate girl! I did her quests specifically for getting her and then she is all "Mascara is my only friend".

The end<3

unknown: congrats for collecting all the hearts! We planning to unlock more islands with more quests, more npcs, more items later after you filling those hearts, but for now.. you got no more quests. Some people have fun decorating their islands and compare with their friends though ;) .

The missing npcs and such bug should be fixed now but we aren't sure if save files that doesn't have those npcs are rescueable.

Yesterday I was able to place a mine and end up with NPCs in little bubbles. Today I can't do that. I want to get rid of Peach and Coriander ): ): Also, the mute button seems to have vanished.

Good game though!

I just started playing, but everytime I click the first bubble with the trees at the beginning, the screen freezes. It worked fine for me yesterday, though. ):

The bombs are causing NPCs to disappear so we disabled bombing NPCs and stores until there is a better solution ;) .

The Pirate Dance from Peach was creepy! And OMG eating a flower is sooo sexy... :)

I'd like to suggest an alternate ending. You can get to the church and then choose to marry Coriander or run away with Peach.

Did anyone else come across the issue of having the Princess say something about marrow sucking? And then having it flash Go Away buttons? Because once that happens I can't do anything I can't seem to get away.

i'm so confused. I have all the hearts except for the wedding bells one, and the church and the tiara and everything. But how do I actually MARRY her?

kaity, you have to go to the church and click the bunny standing outside to purchase a wedding ceremony. I couldn't see him since the church appeared bang in the middle of a bunch of trees I had planted before so I clicked around randomly and a bubble appeared asking me to pay for a wedding.

Which brings me onto another suggestion, have the ability to put the church where you want it.

I do take my hat off to the creators though, making all these changes in such a short time. I especially like the fact when trees and mines are exhausted you now get a bubble marker showing you where this happened so you can add things to your inventory, was wishing this existed the first time I played!

How can you get foxes? I could never get them. It's seems quite to see only to hearts left...

another thing, how come when i gave the gems to the girl pirate to dance,nothing happened. The game froze. the sounds at least got itself heard. The only way to escape the freeze is to click save then done.

actually, i just figured out how to get a fox... got one from a bubble but i still couldn't complete the quest!

you know how the ghost blocks you from buying the fox house, i was able to buy it. it was close.

Foxes...Where are they again?

They are the only hearts i haven't unlocked.

I didn't want to marry the blonde, I wanted to marry the pirate.That sucks...

Buy fox house from the bronze store. Only eligible imported foxes can finish the quest ;) .

I like this game, but I definitely didn't want to marry the blonde bunny. The pirate chick is much more interesting, I think.

I also think the bunny dance is a bit disturbing. Kind of funny, but too weird for me to get a laugh out of it.

Before I finished each island had its very own purpose, to mine. And then i blew em up.

Man, good game. I didn't seem to have the glitches and things others had. I started last night, and got to Wedding Isle and then quit, forgetting to save. I got on today and finished the game, and I noticed a quote from the Blondie that just made me giggle:

Something along the lines of: 'Get any closer and I might nibble on your carrot'.


And I did notice something that is different once you get married:

The Tower of Love constantly spouts the treasure chests out the front. At first I thought the fruit trees I had near it were just severely glitched.

you can get rid of things by blowing them up with bombs from the bronze store. after you blow them up they go into your inventory and you can sell them or move them elsewhere.

I tried this game when it was first featured and quit after a while. Didn't do anthing for me. Now, I keep abreast of what's going on here by reading the latest comments posted on the Help Squad tab. And I was surprised by all the persistent comments about this game. So I tried it again. Guess what? I got sucked in.

I've never played any sort of simulation games whatsoever like Sims, Virtual Pets, Families, etc. So the maintenance part irritated me at first. It seemed all I was doing was running from place to place resupplying. But I learned as I went along that forests, mines & food supplies can be made more efficient. And I ended up thoroughly enjoying the game and story. I actually liked all the adult-natured flirting and innuendo. It was hilarious and kept me interested. Like some others, I think I would've picked the pirate girl if given a choice. But hey, as the game said; I'd always have her on the side for a dance.

Only one question; now that I'm all done (and saved), when I go back to playing, I need another heart. Renewing your vows doesn't do anything. What's up with that? Was something new added?

Oh, and I LOVED the dance! Charming & riotous!

I LOVE BUNNI! Are there anymore Bunni games? More more! It never crashed for me... go Macs!

I cant get a panda and its really annoying, can anyone help me?

i spent a few hours playing this game and i got all of the heart things and bought everything. its an insanely cute game :) i beat this game in every way i could think of but the bunny you marry doesnt really acknowledge that i married her so thats the only problem i have. other than that I LUV THIS GAME :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Has anyone else completed the game, gone back and saw they need one more heart? Or is it just a glitch happening to me?

Okay, well, the blonde bunny disappeared, and I got the pirate chick bunny to dance. No idea what to do now... please help?

I have almost all of the hearts, besides the gold store, wedding, tiara, and church.
Since the blonde bunny disappeared, I can't do any of those...


Naomi, she can't have disappeared. Look for her tab at the borders of the screen. Or save and restart. She's gotta be there. It's east to miss a character behind trees, statues, etc.

i need to find out how to give a ghost guy a fox but it won't work can someone tell me how to give it to him?

bubblegum - To get a fox,

you have to build the store and buy the fox house. Then you can just talk to the ghost.

Helpers please do reply!
I love this game! Are there any more?
When I married the girl she didn't kiss me or do anything. That pirate girl dance was hilarious - me and my sis watched it over and over again. She should have done Michael Jackson though!

I have one panda and two monsters

I found the panda in an apple tree, and the monsters showed up in the deer plague

where can you find the rest

I need help with the last heart. It says Visit forums...????

For the "visit forums" heart- click on the button that says "forums" on it.

How do you get the foxes? I found one from a tree but i havent got acheivement thing

I'm having a problem with the church. It says that I need 13301 wood and 24115 rock. I have way more than that but it keeps telling me "You need to collect more wood"..Is it a glitch or something? Other than that its a great game.

This game was fun but the bunny dancing was umm like pretty disturbing (I'm a girl btw) and the Coriander bunny is a gold digger. You can only marry her if you buy her stuff and once you watch the dance after you marry her wouldn't that be cheating? Also there should be a choice to marry Coriander or Pirate Peach! To marry btw you buy a church it dosent just appear when you buy new land!

Even though i found a fox and built a fox house, i still havent gotten a heart for it. that is the only heart i need before i can beat the game. and the ghost keeps asking me if i found a fox yet. is this a glitch cuz i heard other people have this problem too.

Is there a proper ending to the game? I've built the island, etc etc and married the blonde, saw the dance, then blew EVERYTHING up. And sold what i could. Now my three bunnys are hopping around on an empty island. Is that it?

The game is strangely addicting and it's fun but i don't know if it is a glitch or not but i have a lot of wood but it still won't let me buy the church it just keeps saying you need more wood even though I have more than enough to buy it. :( And with the pirate dance it was so unexpected I had no idea what to think of it. I was laughing and being disturbed at the same time. it was weird 0.o Fun game but after hearing what other people say about the ended seems very pointless... So please at least make a sequel!!! haha

Do you really have kids in this game?

i accidently blew the blonde rabbit at least i think i did since i cant find her

i dunno how to get the panda what the heck its so annoying omfg

i like the game but there are flaws and there is nothing to do after everything is completed
over all good though

wheres pirate cove?

where is the gold store? And the game had no glitches for me. except i didnt have to but the fox house. any help?

Gah! I can't figure out how to give that stupid little monster a gem. He wont stop eating all my precious trees!


500 gems and i let Peach dance. Worst mistake of my life!

I sold the monsters because after taming them, they still eat my stuff while working!

I keep trying to buy a maple tree but it freezes every time I buy it and I have to X out. What do I do?

After you complete the tower of love you get unlimited rock wood and gems apparently

How do you marry Pirate Peach? I got her to dance for me but nothing happened after that

Why can't i marry pirate peach? I got her to dance for me. She kept repeating the lines after that

this game is awesome so far but i can't get any more gems off the trees because it is really hard and that's the only thing that's a bit bad but so far awesome!!!!

Nice game. I ended up with waaay too many fruit trees, though.

I don't know where to get the church. I'm real irritated. Please help!

jennifer - You need the most upgraded shop, I think the Gold one.

I thought the game was pretty fun at first but now its just boring because there's nothing to do and i just keep getting a huge lag whenever its on.

Does anyone know how to get legendary shop?

I beat the game in 3 hours and wanted to keep playing. They should put out a sequel with more levels, item, resources, etc.
Also, for fun, i made an area on the smallest island with fruit trees and flowers, where i kept a pet deer until my sister logged on and blew it up.

I have all harts and i don't know what i need to do now...Please tell me!!!!

How do you marry the blonde one???

i cant save game!!!
its frustrating cos i keep having to re-do everything! i dunno what's wrong the save button just wont let me click on it. is there something i have to do like wait until i completed it or what? im already a member on it so.. i dunno.

when i got all the hearts, the heart statue keeps constantly giving me money!???!?

how do i get the visit form heart?? is the only one i need :(

okay, so after a couple days of playing, with no glitches, i stumbled upon a problem. i had all but one of the hearts and had married the girl. the end, right? apparently not... the last heart i had to get was the "find a panda" or something like that, but i'd achieved that goal a few days earlier (if it's what i assume, and is refering to the panda that pirate peach gave me). i walk around the island aimlessly, looking for the random panda that i'd missed.. but i never found it, so i got bored and started blowing things up (how fun :]). after that, i noticed that something was throwing random coins and wood at me, so i went searching for the source...

they were coming from the tower of love. the last heart had magically appeared although i hadnt found another panda, and it just keeps throwing more money and wood at me...

Is this the end??? very anti-climactic...

Best game ever! I can't believe I paid a pirate 500 gems for a private dance lol.

omg, the bunny dance was messed up... 0_o other than that, totally awesome game !!!!!!!!!!
: )

Fun game, if a little simple. Just wish there was more of a definite ending though...

i loved the game but when i got to the tiara thing a little pricey that took an hour even though i had 4 forest going , after i finally got that the church showed up for nearly 100000 wood then i was sad but i did... quit the game (for life) just because of that

I totally loved this game it was AWSOME!

the dance was....

a bit disturbing so thats 500 gems down the drain

Wow. Worst. Dance. Ever.

I have done it all, now I don't know what to do...I am a happily married, rich with money and wood and gems beyond belief, got an Island full of flowers, got a girl who has a crush on me, and got a full tower of love, Bunni.

Plus I think Peach dancing was hot. :)

Heey so ive been playing this game for 6 hours, addicted ive become and i need to get alll the heartss :/ How do i get the panda one :P Thanksss xxx

I love bunni ! but im stuck i have too much money and not enough wood thing !! and the pirate girl keeps on saying the same thing.??? any help plz!

How on Earth do you get to the legendary store?

do pirate peach quests.

For some reason, there's a glitch in my gem count. It says I have 28 gems and doesn't change although I have more than that...anyone else have this problem?

to get the welcome back heart you just save your game....log off...and log back in

I just finished the game, and I must say, it's one of the cutest games ever X3

I'm also kind of glad you can keep playing even after all the heart motes are found. But I think I found a glitch...

After the bunnies get married and I get the last heart mote, I'm free to play indefinitely afterward; so I go to my grove of plum trees near the tower of love and shake a couple. A few treasure chests drop like usual, but they don't stop. No, chests keep dropping out of thin air, over and over and over.

It's not exactly...bad; but I doubt it's intentional.

i have not been able to find any foxes!!

I had no glitches whatsoever with the game. (However, I did have a Mac...) I LOVED IT!!! I was addicted for about a day... until I beat it :( SEQUEL!!! Oh, and by the way, THE PIRATE DANCE IS SO CREEPY!!! In response to Moonlight, the Tower of Love just sprouts chests after you get all of the hearts its perfectly intentional.

This game is really fun but i cant find the bronze store. ANY HELP!!?!?!?!?!

I love this game. The pirate dance was very disturbing, but I watched it a million times and laughed lke an idiot. Coriandor (the blond) is a golddigger. Ever wonder why she DID marry you? Peach would've been a better companion, but even though you have to marry Coriandor, you'll always have a dance waiting for you. As I though of this, I laughed. The catalysim thing was a bored person who blew everything up. I figured this out after thinking about it carefully.

The worst thing about this game, besides marrying Coriandor, was the deer. Maybe they should take it out and replace it with bears? It would be better because when you think of deer you think cute, right? When you think of a grizzly bear, you think of danger. The monsters were way to cute to blow up, but not cute enough to spend 20 of your precious gems just so they eat you stuff while they work! In the end of the monster rit, I just sold them off after getting Peach's approval for taming 5 f them.

A few questions really haunt me after I completed the game:

Why can't you mary Peach?

Why cant you blow up Coriandor?

And why cant we sail to another island?

Overall, the best game I've ever played. What you get out of this game is what ou put into it.

I love the game but ive gotten all the motes but the "visit forums" mote and it doesnt explain how to get it either. i have been to every walkthru there is and still theres no explanation as to how to get it. please someone help me with it

I found this game AMAZING!!!

I love this game, but after I gave the tiara to the blond Bunni she said "this is to much I need to think" and left. I have done every other quest but the true love and get married quest... where is my blond Bunni...plz help.

Wow, just completed this, Its good ;)Maybe consider a sequel?

Um well i want to NOT have the everlasting chests of gold and wood how do i do it i want to WORK for it and i agree they should make a sequel and after you complete the game they should give you a reason to carry on playing cuz if you just log on and take a shower or something if you come back you are LOADED with money i mean WHAT??? is the point of that?????

How do you have kids? Please! :-)

Wow. I have an insane amount of resources. INSANE.

its says loading cute baby bunnies but you never have them!!!!

OMG this game is soo much fun i beat it 2 times i cant stop playing i think id rather mary pirate peach though,cause the blonde just wants a bunch of stuff i didnt have any gliches or any thing BEST BUNNY GAME IV EVER PLAYED!!!

lol game i like it and have had no glitches on firefox yet XD

How do you get rid of mills/mines or foxes?

What is a monster den? Please tell me! And how do I use it?

I have all the hearts but one...
I can't figure out how to marry Coriander!

Please help!
Not finishing the game is very annoying now that I am so close.

i think i sold my steel store because i cant find it after i had a huge glitch can somebody help me...

ok i accidentally sold all of my fruit trees and i don't know how to get them back ... any help??

You can marry Coriander by getting a church just if you did not know the one's name who you were calling blonde hair girl.

I love this game and I cant beilieve how cute the bunnies are

Loving the game so far, but i can get the gold store, i cant find it on the island and ive talked to everybody. Can someone help me?

Please help every time i try to get the welcome back mote it wont appear or it doesnt let me sign in!!

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