Dream Chronicles:
The Chosen Child

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Dream Chronicles 3: The Chosen Child

JohnBHey look, it's Dream Chronicles 3: The Chosen Child! The latest installment in the Dream Chronicles series has arrived, and it's as breathtakingly brilliant as everyone would expect. A little bit of hidden object finding, a little bit of puzzle solving, and a whole lot of adventuring can be found in this superb sequel, along with some of the most gorgeous scenery you've seen since looking out your own window (assuming you live in a fantasy world with fairies, fountains, and vibrant gardens). It's an excellent follow-up to the previous Dream Chronicles games and a fantastic game in its own right.

dreamchronicles3.jpgIn Dream Chronicles 3 you reprise the role of Faye who is in search of her missing husband and daughter, kidnapped by Lilith, the Queen of Fairies. Unfortunately it seems her memory has some, er, "gaps", as she lives in a tree house and remembers practically nothing of her former life. Not even her name! A helpful voice soon appears to help guide you on your quest, and before you know it the adventure begins, those trickster fairies pulling pranks on you at every turn.

Dream Chronicles 3 is structured much like Dream Chronicles 2. Each area, which consists of half a dozen or more unique locations, has a set of puzzles to solve using items you find strewn about the landscape. Finding these objects is a straightforward affair, all you have to do is travel back and forth, scrutinizing the scenery for pieces of a machine, colored stones, keys, parts of a windmill, or whatever it is you're looking for. Often you'll pick up objects that don't seem to have a use just yet, and then again, sometimes you'll need to get your hands on something you just can't find! Carrying items between scenes is an important part of solving the intricate puzzles.

Don't miss our reviews and walkthroughs for the entire Dream Chronicles series!

Mini-puzzles are strewn about Dream Chronicles 3, ranging from word unscrambling to potion mixing and other logic-type games. Nothing that breaks the atmosphere, of course, and they're a welcome (but subtle) shift of pace from the game's hidden object/adventure theme. Dream Chronicles 3 is also filled with flavor-text, little bits of information that pop up when your cursor passes over many of the items. Clicking these objects produces a short description at the bottom of the screen. Entirely optional in most cases, but clicking and exploring are all part of the adventure game experience, and it's nice to have this aspect fleshed out to such an extent.

New in The Chosen Child is the nexus, a hub-world of sorts that allows you to travel between areas by pulling levers to rotate a massive set of gears and portals. Instead of being confined to a linear path, Dream Chronicles 3 opens the door for wider exploration, creating the epic feel the series needed to move to the next level.

dreamchronicles3a.jpgAnalysis: If Myst were a casual game, it would be Dream Chronicles. That's a tall order to fill, but the two series share a lot in common, from the top-notch visuals (Myst was gorgeous in 1993!) to the silent worlds filled with fantasy content. Dream Chronicles 3 has a decidedly more modern slant to it, obviously, and its focus on object finding and mini-games certainly sets it apart from the classic Myst masterpiece.

Even though Dream Chronicles 3 can be categorized as a hidden object, the type of item hunting you do in this game is quite different from most. Objects are hidden very naturally, no over/undersized partially-opaque camouflage cop-outs here. Instead, the things you need to find are small and can usually be found in logical (or at least semi-logical) places. There's no penalty for going on a mad click-fest, but Dream Chronicles 3 encourages you to take a breath and just look at the scenery, a mechanic made even more powerful by the impeccable visuals you'll want to stare at regardless of what's hidden there. Soon, items will pop out at you, and I never had a frustratingly difficult time finding what I needed.

Dream Chronicles 3: The Chosen Child is a breathtaking follow-up to the first two games in the series. These titles just keep getting better and better. It's a perfect blend of object finding and adventure gameplay, and the puzzles are constructed so cleverly you might even giggle when you think of the solution. And I swear you'll melt from the combination of the gorgeous visuals and enchanting music. In short: Dream Chronicles 3. Play it now!

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Walkthrough Guide

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We've completed a Dream Chronicles 3 Walkthrough guide, complete with images to help you through...



Nice review, thank you.

We've completed a Dream Chronicles 3 Walkthrough guide, complete with images to help you through...


Oh no! It's on PlayFirst??? Am I going to have to wait a month for this to come out on BFG?

I have those two coupons from you guys and I would really like to use one on this game--money is really tight for me right now because my subletter just backed out and I don't know if I'll be able to find one in the two weeks before I move, so I'll be paying rent on my apartment here and in my new place. :C


I am not good at patience!

If they follow what they did with Dream Chronicles 2, you'll be waiting 2 months for it to show up at Big Fish.

I'll make a prediction: June 15th.

Sorry, Joye, I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear.

I'm trying to empty the mixing glass container in herbalist's kitchen; I acccidentally mixed wrong ingredients, now the container is full, and I can't seem to empty it. Any help?

I'm not sure, but it seems like


Are you sure you want to have this spoiled?

that Lyra may have been raped. It doesn't say that directly, but considering the 'wiser beyond her years' and 'knows something we don't' comments, the picture done before the very end (nothing explicit), and the fact that Lyra is something like 14 or so. The ending of this one just screams sequel, so, who knows, maybe there will be a sequel of some sort.

Misky: If you put a wrong ingredient in the potion should evaporate and you should be able to start over... Which potion are you workin on, perhaps you put the right ingredient in afterall? Try adding another random ingredient in to see if it will evaporate then.

@Misky: Did you try putting in another element? It always resets when you put in the wrong one or if you do it out of order.

Which potion are you trying to do?


Are you sure, you mixed wrong ingredients? Because, if you put something into the glass container on the table, that does not belong in there, it explodes and you have to start again. Maybe you mixed by accident a later receipe? Just try to put something else in it and it will blow up
In the glas container in the back,for the liquid essences, you can't place anything wrong, because it won't take it

Greetings, Kayleigh


The pregnant woman in the ending scene was Lilith. Not lyra.

Also, Jay, the refresh button at the bottom of the comment box column is missing. Not that I don't mind just hitting F5, just letting you know. I'm using Fire Fox.

[Edit: Thanks, but I'm still looking into the malfunctioning update button. It was causing visitors to see their posted comments twice, thereby following up with comments like: "Oops, didn't mean to submit twice." -Jay]


Oh... one can easily guess where she got the sperm from however, even though the prophecy concerns a half fairy, half mortal child.

Thanks for trying to help; yes, it does seem to evaporate when I put stg from the shelves, but then, when I start over for the potion, it doesn't add flower essences and says 'the container is full'. I'm trying to make the first recipe,

but can't add the right essences for it, and after crushed lemongrass, puff...

Am I being bitten by a bug perhaps?

I'm totally lost and I hope some of you have any idea to do. I am in the herbalist kitchen, and I have to 'slowly add the rose liquid'. But everytime that I just add the rose liquid, the potion evaporates.

Do you need some object so you can slowly add it? Because I can't find it anywhere!

@Fleurtje: Which potion are you trying to make right now? There is no "slowly add" modifier.

I'm trying to work on a potion, but I have something in the ladle and I can't seem to get rid of it. help? I've tried putting it in the glass, but it won't let me.

I am having a hard time finding all 8 planets. I have found 7 of them. Could someone please tell me where to find them? I am not sure which one I cannot find.

Thank you

It should let you put it into the container and start the potion over. If not try adding something else to the potion and then add what's stuck in your ladle.

Sdino: I answered your question in the walkthrough guide.

sdino2004 - missing planets
Here are two screenshots to show you the places of the planets at the machine and inside the planetarium

One planet, you nearly fall over, when you leave the planetarium
The others, you will find here:
Outside at the machine

Greetings, Kayleigh

@ Kero
I'm making the Quick Ripen potion. It says 'add carefully'. So I click to add it, and the potion evaporates.

Same with the Instant Growth potion. It says 'drizzle one unit'. So I try to add it again, and it also evaporates.

Is it possible, that you use the wrong ingrediences?

Essence is the liquid stuff - Rose liquid is in the right liquid-container in the back. You first have to click the little handle under the upper container, that will fill the glas below (with at all four potions). Than you will have to click the glas and you will receive a bottle with the liquid. This bottle you have to give into the mixer-glass on the table.
The sunflower liquid is the one in the middle and the lavender liquid is the one on the left side

Hope, that helps
Greetings, Kayleigh

I posted on the walkthrough page but I'm posting again here. If you REALLY must have this game, like I did, wait for it to get to BFG. It only took me less than 2 hours to complete and a lot of wasted time picking up gold (useless) and dream jewels that apparently you don't even really need all of. Compared to the other dream chronicle games (and I hate to say this, I really do) this game SUCKS. It's SUPER short and I can't believe it got such a good review. I've loved a ton of Playfirst games but what a WASTE! While the scenery is really as beautiful as they say... this is clearly just a teaser for the next game and the goal is just to get a little more of your money while they complete it.

Can't find 6th candle..assuming 3rd saucer will appear when I place the missing candle

@Sabrina - candles

Please have a look at the screenshot. I hope I pointed it out correctly

Greetings, Kayleigh

Oh my stars! And I have game credits available. joy

I have one question: I was never able to complete the second Dream Chronicles because I could not get past the pseudo chess game. Will this affect this third installment of Dream Chronicles?

No, it won't affect it at all. You can play "The choosen child" whether you played Dream Chronicles 2 or not :) - Enjoy it :)

Greetings, Kayleigh

Pumpkin hat???? I have clicked every square inch of the back garden and I can not find this supposed pumpkin hat! Please help?

@Halleh - Pumpkin hat

You will find the hat on the way - Please have a look at the screenshot

Greetings, Kayleigh

Okay..hate to be a bug, but I'm making the wakening potion,(having made the other 3 potions b4), and the 1st ingredient called for is a fresh picked grey rose, however when I put said rose in glass, it evaporates. Has anyone come across this? Have I missed something?

@Sabrina-Wakening potion

Hmm, the Wakening Potion does not need a fresh red rose, that is only needed for the Memorize Potion. Maybe you clicked the wrong recipe? For the Wakening Potion you need first lavender liquid essence, followed by crushed grey rose seed, heated bitter aloe, crushed juniper berries and orange peel (in this order)

Greetings, Kayleigh


I just went to Big Fish and all of the Dream Chronicles have been removed. I have 2 game credits available and I was saving one for this game.

This is not FAIR at all. Big Fish has been all over jay is games. I joined Big Fish because it was promoted here. Now the Dream Chronicle games that I purchased from Big Fish have disappeared. Now it seems that I have to JOIN another game place called PlayFirst if I want to continue my Dream Chronicles.

My daughter just turned eight years old and has enjoyed jayisgames and bigfish in the past and loves the Dream Chronicles even though neither of us were ever able to get past the pseudo chess game.

This is a big disappointment to both of us. It seems a good thing has come to an end.

Okay panic attack over. The first two are still on BF but did not show up when I typed it in their search field. So I just looked down the huge list and both are there.

Now as for this being on PlayFirst first. Not wrong but not nice either. I can't afford both subscriptions. I joined BigFish because of the promotion it received here. But now it seems that BF has been relagated to the dollar store status. All the walk throughs are done because of those who joined PlayFirst and / or have the funds to have BOTH subscriptions.

This is somewhat insulting to me. I think I may spend less time here on Jayisgames and more time on BIGFISH or...
some of those game sites that end in 24.

@ 4red3sHmm... Might be my lack of english (and if so, I appologize), but I do not really understand your complains.

Most of the games, which are released exclusive, are coming out on BigFish Games. Yes, and sometimes it happens, that BigFish Games User have to wait a few weeks, because another portal brings out a real good game first.

But this is seldom enough, isn't it? And in my opinion it's a bit a question of what you want: BigFish has the most Hidden Object/Puzzle Adventures (and lot of them exclusive, at least for a few weeks). Playfirst has (beside the Dream Chronicles and Emerald City) most often time management games (of their studios or studios related to Playfirst).

So yes, for every Dream Chronicle you will have to wait a few, before it comes to BFG - but The Flux-Family, Mystery Case Files and a lot of other games in this style are exclusive at BFG (or at least: first on BFG, later on other portals).

And our walkthroughs are for everyone ;) - Doesn't matter where or when you purchase the game :)

Greetings, Kayleigh

I am at the part where you put the scarecrow back together so I can get the grey rose and finish in the kitchen. Only thing is I can find the hat. I didnt pick it up when I had to smash the head to get the piece to put on the door. What do I do?

@deidre - Pumpkin Hat
Please have a look at my posting 1:58 AM - called Halleh - Pumpkin Hat. You will find a screenshot inside, where you can see, where the hat is.

Greetings, Kayleigh

I wouldn't go as far as Offroadhoney and say this installment "sucks", because it was a fantastic example of DreamChronicles style, with lovely scenery and good puzzles. I DO agree that it's short. Either I'm getting a lot better at these games, or this installment was a fair bit shorter than the prior two. I spent 2.5 hours total on it; the others took at least twice that. I expected the spot where you run into Lilith to be the midpoint and have a whole other quest after it, based on how long I'd been playing. There was a lot of gold scattered around that I don't see the point of -- I had 53 pieces left at then end of the game -- and a lot of dream jewels that didn't seem necessary either. I think my end stats said 66, and you only use, what... 24? 30? Normally I'd be asking if I'd found everything, but this installment isn't making me feel the 100% completion urge. :(

Am I understanding that Dream Chronicles 1, 2, and 3, were never Big Fish Games? That they belong to Playfirst? And that when Playfirst has sold this game for a couple of months, (I believe the date mentioned - June 15, 2009) then Big Fish can sell it?

I purchased 1 and 2 together. And it appears that I purchased them after Playfirst released 2 to Big Fish.

I like this particular type of game. The hunt and click hidden object games have gotten really hard for me because my eyesight is not good anymore. It looks like I need to find out if Playfirst has more Dream Chronicle and Azada style games rather than the hidden object kind that seem to be the main focus of Big Fish now. Then close my Big Fish account. I have two credits that I won't be using anytime soon. I wonder if I have to use the credits before I close the accounts? Is it a use it or lose it situation?

I am sorry and apologize for being so harsh earlier. It was just such a disappointment to have had something to look forward to and then have it snatched. Oh well, tis the times we are in I guess. Sure took the stuffing right out of me.

4red3s - PlayFirst is the publisher for Katgames, the developer of the Dream Chronicles series. After an exclusivity period (usually a month, sometimes 2), PlayFirst allows other portals to offer their games.

As for your Big Fish account, you can cancel the Game Club membership any time you wish as long as you have purchased the minimum number of games that you signed up for. The credits you have are still yours to use whenever you wish, you don't lose them.

That being said, I believe the Big Fish Game Club is an excellent value, especially if you subscribe to the $6.99 option. Accumulating one additional coupon a month is relatively inexpensive and they are very likely to come out with enough quality games to justify keeping the account for.

4red3s - PlayFirst is the publisher for Katgames, the developer of the Dream Chronicles series. After an exclusivity period (usually a month, sometimes 2), PlayFirst allows other portals to offer their games.

Oh well that makes sense. Darn. I was so excited when I found it during my lunch break. I was planning to download it Saturday at home and play.

Hmmm. In the meantime, I'll do what I do with book series. I'll go back and read the first books while I wait for the latest one. It should take me about two more months to get past the pseudo chess game in number 2 anyway. :)

I just cannot close my Big Fish account. It may have something to do with the Fish Logo. My daughter and I love the Fish.

@ smjjames

I think Lilith's kid may be Merrow's. At first I thought it was Fidget, but then Merrow from Dream Chronicles 2 was stripped of his powers so that'd make him a mortal wouldn't it?


Then Faye would not have to worry about the baby to be the choosen child. The choosen child has to be half mortal/half fairy ;)

I can't seem to find the doll in the green dress to place on the rug, anyone have any idea where it is?

I got a different path than the one you posted in walkthrough...so I can't find the last word for my anagram (sorry, english is not my language)..I cannot find the last for the grow recipe...here are the letters: LNEISG..
and the recipe you posted doesn't work for me.
Any help? Thanks.

the others words are:grow-cauldron-crushed-juniper

This game gets better and better.
I totally agree with it being a casual version of Myst.
Oh wow at the ending: that's messed up! I guess there will be a 4th game now. :D

Doll for Lyra's rug

One doll is in the bedroom (right door, not in Lyra's room), right side of the scene, left next to the chimney. Under the right side of the window. The other one is in the upper hall, on top, right side, inside the green leaves left next to the window

Greetings Kayleigh


The word is SINGLE - and a recipe will only work, after solving the anagram

Greetings, Kayleigh

Help! For the life of me, I can't seem to find all three plates.

I have the one from the candle room, and the obvious one from the music room floor, but I can't find the last one.

Please help - I can't seem to find the bolt anywhere in the yard to start the windmill!!!

rhiannon - bot for windmill

You will find it in the grass, right next to the windmill in the low left corner. Please also have a look a the Screenshot"

Greetings, Kayleigh

never - last plate

One you will find in the music room, in the back, the left side on the couch right next to the door

Greetings, Kayleigh

stuck can some one tell me the words to the second word puzzel the one that is in the magic book

@name - word puzzle
Please have a look at the top of the comments. You will find the walkthrough there and the words, you are looking for

Greetings, Kayleigh

I can't find all the steps to get back into the tree house. Are they all in the treehouse scene or do I need to look for them other places? Where are they?

I have to say, I was pretty disappointed. The graphics are indeed lovely, but the game itself was WAY too easy and way too short.

The first two installments were considerably more fun. Not worth the money or the time in my view.

@biffstella - ladder steps

Yes, the steps are all in the tree house scene. Please have a look at this Screenshot for all locations.

Greetings, Kayleigh

Total enjoyment!

Since I know now that this game may be on the short side, I am playing really really S L O W!

I finally had to check the walk through - I'm Stuck.

I made the first three potions and have the

strange symbol. The walk through said: Take the strange symbol to the Nexus and use it to go down the stairs. I thought the thing that the dream jewels go into was the Nexus. I have poked the strange symbol all over the place and nothing happens.

Also it is nice to know that the "order" of things is not too important. When I checked the walk through, I had done many things in a very different order.

4red3s - Where to put the strange symbol
Please have a look at the Screenshot, where to place the strange symbol. The screenshot shows the place AFTER I used it, the arrow marks the spot, where to use it :)

Greetings, Kayleigh

I have made it to the steam room. I noticed that I still have three tea cups in my inventory. I am not sure how that happened since I also left three tea cups on the table in the tea room. Otherwise I would not have been able to make it out of the tea room.

Has anyone else had their tea cups stay with them?

I recreated the scarecrow except for the hat. I can't find it anywhere. Everytime I try to plant the gray rose seeds a crow eats them before I can get the instant growth potion on them. So I guess I have to have that hat. Please, where can it be?

@Barbie - pumpkin hat
Please have a look at this screenshot

Greetings, Kayleigh

I downloaded DC3 yesterday and am already stuck! Where do I find the key to unlock the second drawer in the sewing machine?

@Myrrh - keys

One you will find left to the shelf above the sewing machine, the other one when you leave the sewing room, at the left wall, right side above the pictures

Greetings, Kayleigh

I really like the Love this game. I have mastered 1 - 2 but, the least you could have done is made the trial game more than 30mins geesh why are you teasing us. ggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! lol

Feel a bit sheepish about this--having played many games, including this series--but could someone please tell me where the 8 stones are that go on the stump early on in the game? It's a simple puzzle and I found 7 easily but could not find the last blue one, no matter how many clicks...

kushka53 - 8stone
Don't feel sheepish :) - the stones really not easy to see. Have a look at this screenshot. You will find the positions of all eight stones marked there :)

Greetings, Kayleigh

I have to say, this game was really disappointing to me. And I LOVED the first two Dream Chronicles.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think it was the limited number of mini-games, and the simplicity and absolute tediousness of the overall gameplay. I didn't feel even once that my mind was engaged in the game . . . just that I was being dragged back and forth thru simple, boring maneuvers.

And it was short. I agree with the commenter who said that the conversation with Lilith felt like it should have been the midpoint.

I mean this as honest feedback . . . not out of any need to be overly critical. I have a lot of respect for the hard work and thought that obviously went into this game, and I'm glad others are enjoying it more than I did.

Just wasn't my cup of tea, I guess.

I can't take anything from the cauldron because the leads or I don't know how it's called .. I have lost it. Help?

@mira - laddle

No, it's not lost, don't worry. It just goes back at the wall, left side, where you found it the first time. It does that everytime, so you will always have to grab it from there, when its needed :)

Greetings, Kayleigh

It WAS shorter than I had hoped, and it really just seemed like filler leading up to the next game. The puzzles were not even half as challenging as those in the other games - unless you have a really hard time with "Remember the sequence" puzzles (of which there were a few too many).

It's worth playing, but not at the full $20 price.

Just finished the game, and I got to agree with other commenters: tedium.

Why, when I picked up 12 tiles, can't I just click on them and have them all snap into place? Why do I have to put every single one in individually? Ditto the rungs of the ladder etc.

There seemed to be a lot of stuff like that, which just screamed "Let's pad this thing out so it feels longer."

And the story ending was so anticlimactic!

I put a bear under a carving? THAT'S IT?

I felt like there was hardly any world-building, no sense of immersion and mystery. Maybe partly because the character starts the game with amnesia, but I just felt like the character didn't give a hoot about finding her daughter and neither did I--no driving force urging me to find out what the mystery is.

Not to mention that the main character and her daughter, particularly in the ending sequence, just look EVIL. How expensive is it to make another art image without her smiling with narrowed eyebrows? Because that says "EVIL EVIL EVIL" to me.

A huge disappointment.

Can someone please help me? I am in the telescope room and have found all of the required objects (I think) however I can't seem to get the stairs fixed. I've even referred to the walkthrough (which I HATE to do) because I'm really stumped - and there is no mention of the stairs in the walkthrough at all! Help please!


HELP...I've made the quick growth potion, but how do I get it out of the glass to get it to the pumpkin?

I am in the sewing room & I

used the key on the left drawer got the wheel, and the key disappeard. I used the second key from the sewing room in the bedroom chest. That leaves me with no key for the right side drawer in the sewing room.

I tried starting over, but still the same key shortage problem. Please help :)

anyone have info on the constellations can't seem to match the telesope shots

I have the same problem as jodi: I've made the quick growth potion, but I can't get it out of the glass...

Kamiya, Jodi - Potion out of the glass

Please make sure, that you did not forget to put in the last ingridience: For the Quick Ripen Potion that would be crushed lemongras, for the Instant Growth Potion it would be a drop of rainwater

Greetings, Kayleigh

Thank you Kayleigh, now it works :)

Myrrh and Jeanne:

I found the key for the second drawer. The one that i think you are looking for is in the bedroom on the window seat (look VERY closely and you should see it); it is kind of gold looking.

I hope this helps.


HELP! I'm trying to make my growth potion, but i have something in my ladel and i cant get it out. if i try to put it in the glass it just says "i should make the ripen potion before i make the instant growth potion" i've clicked EVERYWHERE trying to empty my ladel and nothing works... do i have to start over now because of this??

Star constellations
Please have a look at this Map of stars You will see all constellations in their positions

Greetings, Kayleigh

Jeanne - keys in the tree house

- There is one key in the bedroom, on the pillows, right side in front of the window
- There is a key in the hall (where the mat disapeared) at the wall on top of the pictures, right side
- There is a key in the sewing room on the windosill
- There is a key on the shelf above the sewing machine, left side

Greetings, Kayleigh

Melanie - Laddle

Is the game right in what it is saying? Are you trying to make the instant growth potion instead of the quick ripen potion? Or did you already made the quick ripen potion? In last case, I would really start over, maybe even de- and reinstall the game.
When the game is right and you tried to do the second before the first: Can you put something else in the glass to make it blow up? So that you can empty the laddle then in the glass and make it blow up by this? If this does not work, try to leave this location, go to the nexus and walk back to the tree house once. Maybe the laddle is back at the wall when you come back.

Greetings, Kayleigh

How do i go to next place from kitchen after the collecting the strange symbol?

kanthi - strange symbol
Please have a look at my post from April 27, 2009 2:06 AM, a little above on this page. There you will find a screenshot where to place the strange symbol.

Greetings, Kayleigh

I am in the tea room and cannot figure out how to get through the middle door. There are no hints. I try replaying the tune as it is played but nothing. Can someone give me a clue?

help how do you mend scarecrows dress cant get into sewing room

Came out in BF yesterday~

help please? cant get the stairs to return to normal in the telescope room - any ideas? thanks!

semperfismiths - stairs in observatory

You have to find all planets and place them on the shelf in the right order. The planets are not only in the obeservatory but also outside and at the machine, so you will have to leave the room and find them

JIguest - sewing room

You have to go back through the nexus to the treehouse. The laddersteps are splattered around, so you will have to find them first

Holly - tea room

You did all in the music- and candle room? You replaced everything and received the tear? You placed the tear in the middle of the door and now the door does not open?
Here is a screenshot of the tune. Maybe there you have a little mistake. That's the only thing I can think of, when you have done everything else :(

Greetings, Kayleigh

Hi Everbody - I've played all 3 Dream Chronicles and this was the most disappointing one. The game played was far too short and needlessly collecting the gold and dream jewels was frustrating and tedious.

Where can I find a new head for the scarecrow?

Caatje - head for the scarecrow

You have to make the quick ripe potion in the kitchen. The potion will ripe the pumpkins in the garden and you can use it as head

Greetings, Kayleigh

Please help. I can't find the last plate (third one) for the tea cups. I have the one from the candle room and the one from the music room. Please help me:)

flori - third plate

There is a second plate in the candle room - One is on the ground, left side of the music machine, the other one is on the left side of the couch, standing in the back right next to the door

Greetings, Kayleigh

the walkthrough said to use the key on the bottom stair to get the amulet, I have clicked a thousand times and still no luck. is it a different stair?

Please help this game is driving me mad because i am on the potion one and i've been making the correct potion in the mixing glass but i can't get the actual potion to put on the pumpkin. Someone tell me what to do

Love this game but I am stuck. I'm in Faye's house but can not find one tile. can anyone help?

I can't even get out of the treehouse. After I use an item such as a key, it disappears and can't be reused. I have only found 3 pieces of mat fabric. No more keys to look in boxes. I swear, you all who think this is an easy game must be psychic, or playing on a giant screen tv.

moondreamer - the 4 keys

It is absolutly correct - each key dissapears as you use it. You will have to find four keys in the three tree house rooms
1. In the bedroom - in front of the windows on the pillow
2. In the hall - at the left wall, right side above the photos
3. In the sewing room - on the windosill
4. In the sewing room - the shelf on top of the sewing machine, left side
With this four keys you open the sewing room, the two drawers of the table in the sewing room and the box at the foot end of the bed in the bedroom
As this, you will find all four parts of the mat

Greetings, Kayleigh

Please, can you specify where exactly your are?

mar - tiles
Please have a look at this screenshots
Upstairs and bedroom - The tiles are marked.
The two tiles downstairs:

1 on the ground in front of the stairs, 1 in the back on the couch, left to the stairs

Sarah-Quick ripen potion

You first have to solve the anagram to see all ingediences of the recipe. Then make the potion. If you do it right, a little bottle of the potion will go into your inventory. This bottle you click onto the pumpkins

Greetings, Kayleigh

Gerri -

This is a memory game. Watch the shells play the tune and then reproduce it. Every time you do, the purple spheres will open up and give you the item trapped inside.

Thanks but the shells don't do anything at all. I click on the purple globe and I hear the song but the shells don't move.

I cant make my last two gems for the bridge I found the telescope peices and the two molds when I try to melt the gold it tells me to light the fire first and it is already lite help anyone have a solution

Gerri -

When the tune plays the shells should depress a little, as if they were piano keys being played. If this is not happening you may have a glitch.

hotsmokin mom -

I presume you have already made other dream jewels at the furnace? Did you put the molds in the hole next to the furnace before trying to put the gold on the furnace?

please help me im trying to make quick ripen potion. it says put orange petald in the glass. im trying to put petals in a glass that stands middle on the table(where the book is on). But then it says "this object is not belong to this..." . where is that glass. isnt it the right glass which im trying to put petals in it. why cant i make this potion.
pleaseee please help me =((

seg - quick ripen potion

The recipe says orange peels! When I remember right, it is the second jar seen from right in the lower shelf

Greetings, Kayleigh

I made it past the steam room and went into the last maze before I closed the game. When I went back in, however, I am back into the steam room except now all vaults are missing except the second sets, which are red hot. I can't make it pass and since it's not stated in your walkthrough, I gather it must be a bug? Help as I can't get onto the next stage.

Just finished this game in less than 2 hours on a free preview- so glad I didn't shell out the money to buy it! Love the visuals and the neat puzzles but they really do need to make this game more diffcult or at least longer.

Hi, I am stuck in the tea room. It says to put a tear in the door to get out, but i do not have a tear, the only one i had I used to get in. Should i have found a 2nd tear inside somewhere???

Sassy -

When you complete the tea set on the table properly, a tear will go into your inventory. That's the tear you use to go through the center door.

Ok, so I made the fruit fusion things...lol...trying to make the quick ripen potion. I took the orange peel and held them over the glass, and it tells me 'nothing happened', 'that doesn't go there' and 'that's not the best use of that'. What's up? I tried starting on the second potion, but it says to start with the first one. I've tried heated, crushed, everything, even though it just says to add orange peel to the bottom of the glass. I didn't see anything like that here...maybe a glitch?

I've gone back and forth, fixed the dress and picked up the rest of the pieces, thinking that I had to do all of that stuff first.

orange peel does not work

Did you already filled all three containers at the back and made liquid?
Did you already lit the cauldron?
Did you fill out the anagram at the left page of the book?
This are things, that have to be done, before you can start mixing the potion.
Did you click the orange peel at or only held them over the glass? You have to click the glass with the orange peel.

Greetings, Kayleigh

On the 2nd go round I finally found the last windmill blade!

It was on the tower of the windmill itself, between the 2nd and 3rd sections.

I don't understand the point of collecting all the extra gold nuggets and dream gems. Is it like the first game, in which their only purpose is to increase your final score?

Nancy -

Yes, the only point of collecting all the extra gold and dream gems is to increase your final score.

please help me getting the plant for memory potion. i did the growing on and i dug a hole in the garden, put the potion won't drop into the hole i dug, and i need to grow the plant for the memory potion. i can't do this if i cann't drop the potion in the hole. please help me

I still can't find the third plate even after reading the walkthrough!! Is it really in the candle room?

Kaz -

Yes, the third plate is in the candle room, but only after you've placed the six colored candles and they burn down. Then it appears.

The hat is behind the scarecrow amongst the plants. It is very very small hence you cannot see it.

I can't seem to put anything into the class container to make a potion. Can you help me?

Gini - Have you prepared the kitchen? (Made the three different colored mixes for the big tanks?)

So I got all the candles and retrived the tea set....all but one plate. When the candles burned down I got one plate, but I still have a plate missing. I have gone to all of the rooms again and can't find it! Help!!!! :)

Butterfly99 -

If you check the walkthrough it tells you that you need to find two plates in the music room, then get the third when you burn the candles. So your missing plate has to be in the music room somewhere.

I'm stuck on the stairs part and i just started today.

gwyneth - Can you be more specific? Do you mean the part where you collect the steps outside the treehouse?

Can anybody help me find the last ingredient for the last potion (for the roots)?

Annabel -

Are you talking about solving the anagrams? Or simply finding an ingredient?

I'm stuck in the Nexus, trying to figure out combo of gems for the third gateway. Everytime I try to combine colors by turning it, it changes the other ones & I can't get the right combo.
Please tell me what to do

I can't leave my teddy at the end - why?

Morfie -

What color combo are you trying to make, and what gems do you have?

Pearl D -

Are you trying to leave the teddy under the face on the baluster?

I did a booboo and don't know how to correct it. I put the lens in the telescope before I I turned day into night & when I look through the viewfinder all I see is blue sky and clouds. do I need to start over?

Pearl - Have you looked at the book again since you placed the lens?

Yes, I looked at the book and it looks the same. Darn, I should have waited to add the lens!

Can someone help me?
In the ingredients for the essence, there is an instruction which says 'place the crushed seeds into the left jar etc' but what are crushed seeds?? Is it the grey rose seeds? I've tried it (grey rose seeds) but when I try to put it on the jar, it says 'that is not the correct jar'...
Please help me!! :(

Reesea - Crushed seeds

In the left lower corner on the kitchen counter you will find mortar and pestle. Place the seeds, that need to be crushed in there :)

Greetings, Kayleigh

I'm stuck at the herbalist kitchen!! My potion keeps evaporating on and on, and I can't find a walkthrough. Please, help!

In my book is written that, to make the Quick Ripen Potion, I shall:
1. Place some lavender at the bottom of the glass
2. Add one unit of sunflower liquid essence.
3. Carefully add two units of rose liquid essence, and stand back.
4. Finally add...
Crushed lemongrass.

Right well, I put some lavender at the glass, add one unit of sunflower essence, and when I add the first unit of rose liquid essence... Flop! It evaporates. I've tried to pour red rose seeds in, or the crushed lemongrass, or whatever I've got at hand. Nothing is working.

I hope you can help me!! Thanks in advance.

Are you sure you're adding the right ingredients?
Also the walkthrough for the game is right here.

Double check your recipe and make sure you are adding the right ingredients.


Where are the gray rose seeds?

JIGuest - The gray rose seeds are in a jar on the shelf in the back of the room with the other ingredients.

I really can't find the second plate in the music room. I already burned the candles, so I got two plates, but I can't find the third one. Can anyone please help me?

Third plate
When you are playing the first time through, please have a look at the spoiler. You should find your plates in the places mentioned there. When it is your second profile or second time, you play the game, the locations of the items are random

1. On the ground, left side of the music machine
2. Left side of the couch, right next to the door
3. The third plate you will receive when all six candles in the candle room melted down

You might also want to have a look here, where we provide a walkthrough, a FAQ-section and a list of all dream-pieces.

Greetings, Kayleigh

I'm playing dream chronicales chosen child and I can't find key on kitchen floor to get out of the back door and plant seeds. can anyone help me please.

JIGuest - The key is in the garden outside, in the lower left corner in the green pumpkin patch.

how do i start over with the same player name - i am stuck at one point - can't find all the windmill blades.

Sethane-same profile name
As far as I know, you will have to delete your old profile before you can make one with the same name.

Greetings, Kayleigh

Is there the save game existing for the Dream Jewel with the moon and the one with the eye and tear to get to Faye's house? I can't match the colour (tried twice). I have started the whole game twice to make sure nothing to forget.

Is it possible that there is a bug in? Any help would be perfect

Sassenach - Dreamjewel for Faye's house
Please have look at this screenshot. It shows you the jewels you need to use and how to place them.

Greetings, Kayleigh

I have played DCCC several times and have run into multiple glitches that seem to turn on and off at random: (1) after I clear the steam tunnel, the software hangs up and I can't finish the game; (2) the screen won't minimize, so I have to quit the game to look at my walk-through info; (3) my 'found' items disappear and then reappear from my inventory in any given game; (4) I'm currently 'hung' in the 'turn day to night' screen, with one symbol remaining. Nothing I do resets it. Lastly, why doesn't this game have a 'start this level over' feature? I'm VERY disappointed in this game - after uninstalling/installing it several times, and even updating my video card driver, it stinks!

hey i am trying to find the scarecrows hat and i looked almost everywhere
could u please tell me where it is. i am frustrated rught now over looking for this hat

kimberly - scarecrow hat

Please have a look at the screenshot The location of the screenshot is marked.

Greetings, Kayleigh

Can some one please help me, I cant find the last planet??? Your help will be appreciated.

Casey - last planet
I am not that sure, if you mean the planets for the observatory or the stars for the telescope game, but what ever it is, please have a look at this pageThere you will not only find our walkthrough but also a FAQ - section with screenshots for the location of the planets and a star map.

Please be aware: Playing with a second profile or with your first profile the second time will change the location of some items.

Greetings, Kayleigh

When I mess up, is there a way to begin only at the start of the chapter in which I am working, or do I have to begin at the beginning of the whole game?
When I "quit" I am given no option save starting exactly where I stopped.
Very frustrating! HELP PLEASE!

Puddy - saving
I'm afraid, there is no other way then starting from the point where you stopped. But that shouldn't be an issue, as you can go everywhere again and so what ever you did, you will be able to fix it.
What did you "mess upp"?

Greetings, Kayleigh

Do you mean that if I go back a few moves, the ones that I made will have been deleted?
Thanks SO much for such a prompt reply!


Maybe you can tell me, where your problem exactly is? Than I can see, what I do to help you.

Greetings, Kayleigh

I retraced my steps and this time it worked!
Could never do game without your help!
I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again!

I can't find the last blue stone. I have looked at the spoilers to show where it should be. I see a yellow stone there instead and it won't let me pick it up. I am stuck. Please advise.

Hey I've read the walkthrough and I still cannot find the 8th planet! I'm going insane! According to the walkthrough Im missing either one in the observatory or by the fireplace!!! Please help!

This is one of those games that should be turned into a movie. I forgot what the name for them is but...I call Lyra!

anyone there hello i need help with a level. it is when you are in a laboratory with a big telescope. i have to unscramble a word but it is big like 10 letters long. could you please help me. seriously need it.

I am having the same problem as Westel with my dream pieces not appearing in my inventory. This means I cannot use them in the nexus and am totally stuck...can you help me? Thanks so much!

i cant seem to find the last planet im so confused to where it is and ive looked everywhere!!!

Rogi -

Please check out the Walkthrough, it has the words listed that you are trying to unscramble.

Alice -

This sounds like a technical glitch. You need to contact the vendor where you purchased the game and see if they have a fix for this.

Laurel -

Check out the Walkthrough, in the FAQ section are some screenshots to help you find the planets.

I'm at the herbalists' place, trying to make the first potion and I can't click on the glass container. The image is still there but nothing happens when I scroll my mouse over it. I try dropping the ingredients in and it says "Nothing happened." I am very confused. The glass was registering when I first got to work in the potion room but now it is not and I don't know how to fix it. Help please?

I can not pick up the last tile to make the carpet I have tried several times but the last piece is showing but will not be picked up

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