Dream Chronicles 3 Walkthrough

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KeroWe've just finished a complete walkthrough (with images) for Dream Chronicles 3: The Chosen Child!! Be warned: contains major spoilers, so proceed only as a last resort.

Note:The items I have listed here are what I found in my game, I may have missed a nugget here or there, and since items are randomized to a certain extent I wouldn't be suprised if you found some items in different rooms, For example you may find 4 windmill blades in the front yard and only 2 in the garden. Keep this in mind while using this guide.


  • Bedroom
    In the Bedroom you will need to find: Your dream journal, a jug of water, a small key.
    • Pick up the dream journal from under the bed.
    • Grab the water jug from the shelf to the left.
    • Put out the fire using the jug of water
    • Head to the hallway
  • Living room
    In the living room you will need to find: 5 dream peices, a dream jewel, a door handle, and a sewing room key.
    • Attempt to exit the treehouse
    • Find the door handle and attack it to the door
    • Use the sewing room key to enter.
  • Sewing room
    In the sewing room you will need to find: 4 Dream pieces, 2 small keys, Green thread, 2 mat pieces.
    • Start by collecting all the items you can.
    • Use one key on each drawer of the sewing machine table to get another mat piece, and an Iron wheel.
    • Head back to the Living room and find a belt
    • go to the bedroom and use the last small key on the locked chest by your bed to get the fourth mat piece.
    • Look for a big iron wheel.
    • Go back to the sewing room.
    • Assemble the machine. Thread on top, small wheel on the machine, the large wheel goes underneath, and the belt goes over the wheels
    • Place the mat pieces on the machine 2 at a time and sew the mat back together.
    • Exit the room and place the mat over the trap door
    • Exit the treehouse
  • Outside
    Outside you will need to find: 4 blue stones, 3 purple stones, and a red stone.
    • After the gap opens, examine the tree stump
    • Look for the stones listed above
    • place the stones in the tree stump according the to symbols
    • The single symbol is for red, the 3 symbols are purple, and the 4 symbols are blue.
    • Enter the gateway

In the Nexus you will need to find: 6 Dream pieces, A Dream Jewel.
  • collect the dream pieces and the dream jewel
  • Pull the lever
  • Place the dream jewels in the machine and spin them so the colors on the top of the machine match the colors above the door. Two colors the same will stay that color. Red and yellow make orange, Red and blue make purple, Blue and yellow make green.
  • Enter the portal.

Herbalists House
  • Front Hall
    • Exit the house.
  • Front Yard
    In the Front yard you will need to find: 4 Dream pieces, 3 Windmill blades, A bucket, a Large bolt.
    • Find the items above and then open the gate and head to the Garden.
    In the garden you will need to find: 7 Dream pieces, A hammer, 3 Windmill blades.
    • Use the Hammer to smash the pumpkin on the scarecrows head.
    • Pick up the pumpkin piece, the dress, the hat, and the large stick that fell.
    • place the stick back on the the pole
    • Head back to the front yard
    • Once you are in the front yard place all the blades back on the windmill, and put the bolt in the center
    • Grab some water with the bucket, and use it on the door.
    • Place the pumpkin piece in the door
    • go back inside.
    • Head back into the nexus and you will notice a new lever.
    • Pull the leaver to change the portal back to the treehouse
    • Go to the sewing room and repair the dress.
    • When you get outside the treehouse you will need to find the steps for it. There are 11 in total.
    • once you repair the dress go back to the herbalists front hall.
    • There are now 5 dream pieces to collect.
    • enter the kitchen
  • Kitchen
    In the Kitchen you will need to find: A match and 5 dream pieces.
    • Turn on the light, using the switch on the right side.
    • Use the match to light a fire under the cauldron
    • Open the book on the table.
    • Follow the directions on the left page to make the floral essences.
    • Once you do that you will need to make the potions on the right page. Start with the quick ripening potion
    • The answers for the anagrams for this quick ripen potion are: POTION, LIQUID, ORANGE, GLASS.
    • Make the potion and use it on the green pumpkins in the Garden
    • Once the pumpkin is ready use it to rebuild the scarecrow
    • Next make the instant growth potion. The answers for the anagrams are: ESSENCE, PETALS, PLANT, CRUSH
    • Follow the directions to make the potion.
    • the drop of rainwater can be found on the wet umbrella in the front hall
    • Use the ladle on the wall to get hot items from the cauldron
    • Grab some grey rose seeds and head out to the garden once you have the potion made
    • If you haven't already grab the shovel from the wall on the right, and dig a hole in the empty patch of dirt. Place the grey rose seeds inside, and the use the instant growth potion.
    • Get a grey rose
    • go back inside and follow the direction for the memory recover potion.
    • The answers to the anagram for this potion are: STRONG, BITTER, LAVENDER, HEATED.
    • Use this potion to recover your memory.
    • Take the strange symbol to the Nexus and use it to go down the stairs.

Forging Area
  • Forging Device
    At the Forging Device you will need to find: 5 Dream Pieces, 2 logs.
    • Aquire the items listed above, and go to the Observatory door.
  • Observatory Door
    At the Observatory Door you will need to find: 6 Dream pieces.
    • Get the 6 Dream pieces
    • Solve the puzzle on the door.
    • There are 3 buttons on the door, each one moves 2 symbols. Click each button until both the symbols it moves are aligned at the top of the door.
    • Enter the observatory
  • Observatory
    In the observatory you will need to find: 2 metallic objects.
    • Put the cog near the start of the beam of light, and the leaver in the slot under the open part of the ceiling.
    • Pull the leaver
    • Now you will need to find: 5 Dream pieces, a small key, 2 logs, a lens, a viewfinder, a Magnifying glass, 6 gold nuggets, 3 planets.
    • There are more planets scattered around the first two areas of the scene. you'll need to go back out and find them all, there are 8 total. There is also another lens.
    • Put the viewfinder and one of the lenses into the telescope.
    • Use the small key on the box to the lower left.
    • Get the magic book and place it on the stand to the left.
    • Read "Turning Day into Night. Click the planets in order of closest to furthest from the sun. MERCURY VENUS EARTH MARS JUPITER SATURN
    • Now you can turn night to day by clicking the moon/sun on that page whenever you want.
    • Reading the other pages are not required but they are recommended to learn more about forging, so I will list them here anyways.
    • Read "Telescopes, Stars and Dream Jewel", the answer to the anagrams are: DREAM, TELESCOPE, STARS
    • Read "Forging Dream Jewels. The anagrams are: WOOD, BOTTOM.
    • Read "Nexus and Gateways". The answer to the anagrams are: GATEWAY, COMBINATION, NEXUS.
    • Now look through the telescope at night, and match the stars in the lens to ones in the sky to get a dream mold. Do this for both lenses.
    • Head back to the forging device
    • Place the logs into the bottom of the machine, and light a fire using the magnifying glass on the logs.
    • Place a mold in the ground next to the machine and a gold nugget on top, do this for both molds
    • Head back to the nexus and use the new dream jewels to open the next area, by completing the color puzzle like last time.

At the bridge you will need to find: 2 Lenses, 6 gold nuggets, 5 Dream pieces.
  • Collect the items listed above
  • You'll need to head back to the observatory and use the two new lenses you found and create 2 additional Dream Jewels
  • Use these two new jewels to solve the next color puzzle and get access to the House.

Faye's House
  • Faye's House
    In the house you will need to find: 6 gold nuggets, 2 tiles.
    • Find the gold nuggets and the two tiles, then head upstairs.
  • Hallway
    In the Hallway you will need to find: 6 gold nuggets, 9 tiles.
    • After you've located the 6 nuggets and the 9 tiles, head into the bedroom on the right.
  • Faye's Bedroom
    In Faye's Bedroom you will need to find: 6 gold nuggets, 3 tiles.
    • Once you find the tiles and the nuggets, head back downstairs and place the tiles on the ground.
  • To solve the tile puzzle simply rotate the tiles so the flowers match up on them
  • After you solve that puzzle head back upstairs and go into the bedroom on the left.
  • Lyra's Bedroom
    In Lyra's Bedroom you will need to find: 3 gold nuggets, a key.
    • Use the key from Lyra's bed on the chest, and get the carpet
    • Place the carpet on the floor.
    • Find the toys that are scattered through out the house.
    • Place the tiles on the map in order. There is a clue in one of the books on her shelf.
    • In order, from the top going clockwise: MASK, HOT AIR BALLOON, WOODEN DOLL (knees bent), WOODEN DOLL(sitting), RED BALL, GRAY BALL, WOODEN SOLDIER, DOLL (green dress), DOLL.
    • Once you get the key use it on the bottom stair to get the amulet.
    • Go back to the bridge and place the amulet on the pedestal.
    • Get in the Gondala

  • Retreat
    • Retreat Entrance
      At the retreat entrance you will need to find: 6 Dream Pieces, 5 gold nuggets, a teardrop shape.
      • Once you locate the items put the teardrop shape into the door.
      • The puzzle on the door is a simple memory game, just copy the pattern.
      • Once you get inside you need to walk down the hallway.
    • Tea Room
      In the tea room you will need to find: 6 Dream pieces, 6 gold nuggets.
      • Find the dream pieces and the nuggets and head to the room to the left.
      • Play the memory game and enter the maze.
    • Meditation Room
      In the Meditation Room you will need to find: 7 Dream pieces, 6 gold nuggets, a cup.
      • Locate the items listed above and exit the room.
      • Head into the room on the right.
    • Music Room
      In the music room you will need to find: 6 Dream pieces, 4 Gold nuggets, 2 cups, 5 candles, 2 balls, 4 boards, 3 hammers, 2 plates.
      • Collect all the items listed above, and then place the balls, hammers and boards back onto the machine.
      • You must play a memory/music game using the piano-like instrument to get the objects out of the 5 balls.
      • Once you've completed that head back through BOTH mazes to the meditation room.
      • Once you place the 6 candles on the candelabra then you need to find the 3rd plate that should be in the room somewhere.
      • Head back to the tea room and make the place setting. The tea items have shapes on them that correspond to the shapes near the center of the table.
      • Use the tear to enter the middle door.
    • Steam Bath Tunnel
      • Turn the valves untill you can safely make it through the tunnel.
    • Lilith's Retreat
      In Lilith's Retreat you will need to find: 6 gold nuggets.
      • After you find the 6 gold nuggets, try the keyhole on the door.
      • Once the key falls out pull it back using the paper that was already under the door.
      • Go back to the Kitchen and make the waking potion
      • Put the page in the potion book. The anagrams are: JUNIPER, AWAKEN, CAULDRON, SEEDS, SLEEP.
      • Once you've made the potion bring it back to Lilith and wake her up.
      • Answer her questions
      • Pick up the 4 lenses
      • If you choose to go make the potion and use it right away on the roots in your house. it will end the game. Or you can use the lenses you just found to make 4 new dream jewels and open up one more portal in the nexus.
      • The new portal goes to the Magic tree, from the last game.

    The Magic Tree
    • There are several gold nuggets hidden on the ground here.
    • Go make the potion if you haven't already
    • The anagrams for the potion are: LEMONGRASS, SHRIVEL, ROSE, ROOTS, CRUSHED
    • The bear is hiding behind a panel on the left wall.
    • Use the potion on either the roots on the tree or by the stairs in your house.
    • If you use it on the stairs you will end the game. If you use it on the tree you will get Lyra's real bear, and you should bring it to your house. Place her real bear by the bottom of the stairs.



    thank you thank you thank you

    Can anyone tell me where to find the 8 planets in observatory? I can only found 7..

    Just some info, I am sorry to infor you that you walkthrough is incomplete. There are 90 Dream Pieces in the game, you have missed quite a few of them.

    Suzyq5294 - Thanks for pointing that out. Please feel free to help us locate them all, and we'll add it to the walkthrough.

    I can't plant the gray rose seeds and put the instant growth potion on it as the crow always beats me to it. What am I doing wrong?

    bzsuzi-grey rose

    You first have to rebuild the scarecrow, before you can plant the grey rose. Find the stick, the hat, grow the pumpkin, find the cloth and go back to the house and sew it. Come back, go into the garden and rebuild the scarecrow. After this, you won't have a problem

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    widz - missing planets
    Here are two screenshots to show you the places of the planets at the machine and inside the planetarium

    One planet, you nearly fall over, when you leave the planetarium
    The others, you will find here:
    Outside at the machine

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    i had the same problem with the rose, you have to completely rebuild the scarecrow first, meaning going back to the tree house and mending the dress and finding the hat

    I'm trying to make the waking potion but I can't click on the potion in the book.

    @Lauren - Waking Potion

    Open the book on the kitchen table at the Index Page and drag the receipe from your inventory under the last receipe. It will appear there and you can click it then to play the anagram and get the full receipe

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    I can't find 1 more tile in Faye's house..
    can you please high light the tiles..

    Are you freaking kidding me??!! I paid $9.95 to buy this from playfirst because I was too impatient to wait for it to get to BFG. I love the dream chronicles games but COME ON!! What a rip!! It took me less than 2 hours to complete the game! At first I thought there must be an add-on or something... but apparently not! Don't waste your money for only an hour or so worth of a game, no wonder the trial is only 1/2 hour, most could probably complete it in 1 hour. I am VERY dissappointed and will think twice before buying another installment of this.

    @liyana - Tiles in Faye's house
    Please have a look at the screenshots
    Bedroom (right door, upstairs)
    Greetings, Kayleigh

    hey i'm stuck in the kitchen part, i don't know where to place the crushed grey rose seeds. i tried putting them in the right tank but it said it doesn't go there O__O what am i doing wrong?? T__T help! :(

    @Nina - crushed grey rose seeds

    When you are talking about the container in the back, where you are doing the liquids, there the RED rose petals belong.
    When you are talking about the Receipe for the memorize potion - There you need a FRESH grey rose. You have to plant it in the garden first, before you can mix the potion

    If you need more information, please also have a look at the walkthrough on top of the comments.

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Where do I find the tear for the middle door in the tea room?? I didn't know you were supposed to keep it when you opened the outside door.....somebody HELP please!!!!

    @Criss - Tear for tea room door

    You didn't had to keep it :) - You first will have to go through the right and left door, this will help you to solve the puzzle in the tea room AND for this, you will receive the tear for the middle door

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    where do i find ROSE SEED to make awaken potion?

    where do i find rose seed for awaken potion?

    can anybody tell me how i can change the lens? or where are the planets, in the right corner or left or in the middel??????

    Rich and golfnut - grey rose seeds

    The grey rose seeds are in the lower shelf, complete left.This are the seeds, you already used to plant the grey rose for the memorize potion

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Simba - Planets and lens

    The planets are inside the planetarium, outside and at the dream jewel forging device. For screenshots please have a look Here - You will find there a spoiler in comment of mine, says: sdino2004 - missing planets.
    After using the lens (what you wont be able to do before you did not found the planets and have a look in the book), it will dissapear and you can put in another one

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Please help! I am stuck in the observatory, I con't fix the telescop. It won't let me go up the ladder because it says I need to fix it first, but I don't know how!!!!!!

    I can't find the second log on the forge scene. Does anyone know where it is?

    mdj2000 - Logs/forge scene

    One you will find low left, right to the book. The other one is located on the right side of the chimmney above the maschine, right under the crossbar

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    @Jennifer P

    Pick up all the stuff, laying around. Use the key on the chest in the left shelf. Place the book on the lectern left side. Find all the planets (in and outside) and place them back in the shelf. Look in the book, to see, what you have to do next

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    okay, I am TOTALLY LOST here!! I placed the tea set on the table, at the correct symbols, but now what?? I have NO clue how to go through BOTH tunnels at the same time....that's just NOT possible!! can someone HELP PLEASE?!!?

    never mind, I figured it out...I didn't have the right cups on the right saucers *blushes*..

    Help me with scarecrow. I have to completely rebuild the scarecrow. He has a hat, pumpkin as a head, and dress. What am I doing wrong because my growth potion isn't working.


    After rebuilding the scarecrow, you have to dig a whole with the shovel on the free spot behind the pumpkins, than place the GREY rose seeds into it. Then use the Instant Growth Potion

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Sooo I need assistance in finding the third plate for the tea set. I found all the cups and spoons and two of the plates but I can't find the third. the walkthrough didn't really explain where to find it. PLEASE HELP!!

    I've reached the end and I don't have the Shrivelling Potion recipe ... what did I do wrong and how can I get the recipe?


    Hi Jay,

    I would like to help. I have a complete, descriptive list of the positions of all the Dream Pieces. It was done on Word. If you would like, you may contact me at my Yahoo! email and I will send it to you.

    Let me know.

    Thank You,


    For the person asking about the logs in the Forge area,

    one is on the ground near the anvil, the other is up on the chimney.

    For the Shriveling Roots Portion,

    you have to get it from Lilith after you wake her up.

    If you picked up the two saucers in the Music room,

    the third one will appear after you replace all 6 candles in the meditation Room.

    To plant the Grey Rose,

    you have to get the shovel off the wall on the outside of the house. Dig a hole plant the seeds, and then use the potion where you dug.

    To change Day to Night

    you have to look in the Book in the Observatory, and click on the planets in the following order: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This will make it change to night, then click on the viewfinder and match the star pattern. Also you have to have placed the viewfinder on the telescope before you will be able to place the planet names. Once you have made that Jewel mold the one that was in there will disappear and you will be able to place another in the Telescope. you will have to do this 8 times, be sure to pick up all the gold nuggets you see, you have to have 58 at the end of the game. They count in your final score, as do the Dream Pieces!

    Fixing the stairs in the Observatory-

    You will have to locate all 8 planets. There are 3 in the Observatory, 1 outside the Observatory Door, and 4 in the Forge Area. Replace these on the shelves, then you will be able to place the viewfinder.

    The only things that go in the tanks in the kitchen are

    Crushed Red Rose Petals (right tank, Crushed Sunflower Petals (Middle Tank), and Crushed Lavender (Left Tank)

    I hope this helps!



    The recipe you will receive from Lillith - after the conversation with her, it should be in your inventory. If not, you might have missed a question. Go back and talk with her again :)

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    @ninjarvis - third plate

    Two plates you will find in the music room. One one the left side of the couch right next to the door, the other one on the floor, left side of the music machine. There you also find candles. Go back to the candle room, place all six candles at the candelaber and wait a moment. After the candles melted down, you will receive the plate

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    I've gotten myself stuck in the obeservatory - I've fixed the telescope and inserted a lens, but can't find the stars that correspond with the pattern, any tips?



    Here you have two screenshots - the first one shows a round pattern, you will find in the middle of the scene. Try slowly, till you find the point, all white points are golden. The second one will look like a flower, you will find it in the low right corner.
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Anybody have a hints on where to find the 11 steps for the tree house? I'm missing one and I can't see it anywhere!

    @bogus - ladder steps
    Sorry, no hint, but a screenshot - the steps are circled red

    Hope it helps. Greetings, Kayleigh

    I need help with where to use strange symbol on nexus in herblist house. Where do you use it?

    @djcs 54 - strange symbol

    Go to the Nexus and use it on the floor in the low right - middle

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Thanks for your help, Kayleigh. Now I have another problem--I can't make the quick ripening potion!

    I solved the anagrams and revealed the potions. It won't let me put orange peel in the bottom of the glass. Any ideas?

    By the way, I've been looking forward to this game for a long time. It's beautiful so far!

    Thanks for the tip, but I can't find where you mean for the placement of the strange symbol. I click all over and nothing.

    bogus - quick ripe potion

    The only thing, I can think of right now is: Did you already made the liquid-essences in the glas containers in the back? Im not completly sure, but I think, this has to be done before

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    djcs54 - Strange symbol
    Please have a look at this Screenshot
    The arrow points on the point, where you have to click, the picture shows how it looks like AFTER the symbol is used.

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    finally found it. was in wrong place. Thanks for the great info Kayleigh.

    I'm stuck ... I can't find the recipe for the Shrivelling Potion to melt the tree roots. I've completed everything (or so I think) but the potion book shows the Sleeping Potion as the last entry, which I used to wake Lilith. HELP!

    @Morgan - shrivelling potion

    Maybe you already have it ;) - Lilith is giving it to you, during the conversation. Have a look in your inventory, if you see a piece of paper there. If so, enter the kitchen and drag this piece of paper onto the index page of the book. If not, go back to Lilith and talk to her again, until she gives you the recipe.

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    i can't match the stars! HELP

    @valetta -match the stars
    Please have a look at the spoiler from 9:29 AM yesterday - named:@Poison_kitty You will find two screenshots there, how it will look alike and a description where to find them

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    How to put the first potion on the green pumpkins in the Garden? The mix glass does not go to the inventory! Should I use something else?

    @nataly - first potion

    If you made the potion the right way, you will be given a little bottle into your inventory. Click this bottle onto the unripe pumpkin
    Greetings, Kayleigh

    how should i light the fire so that i can get the 5 dream pieces??

    Thank you of all!

    Please can any body tell me how to find the scarecrow's head?


    first of all:
    I LOVE THESE GAMES there so beautiful..
    just finished the game (bummer)..
    but i defently gonna play it again, and bye the way if there wasn't a walktrough i probably be still stuck in the libary..
    thanxs a lot and keep up the good work


    @lina - scarecrows hat /head

    Im not sure, what part you are looking for - the head is a pumpkin, you have to ripe with the quick ripe potion. The hat is lay on the way, - here is a screenshot

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    @ Kero
    @ Kayleigh

    I do everything what you have said but i still have shovel and i couldn't use instant growth potion, couldn't use shovel and an umbrella to take a water too. I don't understand what i do wrong.

    Greetings, Aneta.

    I can't find the tear for the middle door in the tea room. Where is it?


    The waterdrop, from the umbrella you have to use for the instant growth potion. Are you sure, that you have the right potion? Instant growth potion has to be made:
    # heated sunflower petals
    # crushed and heated juniper berries
    # lavender liquid essence
    # a drop of rainwater
    After this, you will get a bottle with the instant growth potion into your inventory.
    Rebuild the scarecrow with the stick, head, hat and the dress, that you sewed before in the sewing room in the treehouse
    Use the shovel in the dirt in the back
    place the GREY ROSE SEED in it
    The whole will close by itself
    Use the instant growth potion on that spot
    Pick up a grey rose
    If this all does not work, you maybe should start with a new profile all over. It might be, that you have kind of a glitch, which will be removed by starting over

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    @ pkbeehler - tear for middle door tea room

    You will receive the tear for placing the tea service on the table in the tea room in the right manner - the stuff for it you will find, when you finish the puzzles laying behind the right and left door

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    @ Kayleigh

    Yes I'm sure, that i have the right potion. I have made it according to regulation from book and i don't need water from an umbrella I thought that it is necessary to water it plant. But I remember that I have set red rose for hole excavated in garden because I did not have other. I have installed game again and there is without changes. I THANK that you help me.

    I agree that this game was a disappointment. It is beautiful and I enjoyed the gameplay (what there was of it). However...DC1 was good and DC2 was even better, being longer and significantly more difficult, and I expected a similar level of improvement for the third installment. Not the case at all. It was way too short and much easier than 2. The only major challenge is trying to find ALL the dream pieces and gold nuggets. After this, I will be reluctant to purchase the next installment.

    Can someone please tell me where the RED rose pedals can be found??
    Thanks alot for a great helping page!

    @ Sandra - red roses petals

    Right in the back, you see a shelf with diffrent colored jugs. If you hoover over a jug with your mouse, it will show you its content. The red roses petals should be the second one, seen fom the left in the upper shelf

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    I am playing DC3 for the first time. can anybody please tell me where can i find the medium doll, where we need to arrange all lyra's toys on a carpet? thanx alot!!!

    Doll for Lyra's rug

    One doll you will find in the Faye and Fidget's bedroom (right door) - left next to the chimney, right under the window - the other one is,in the place where you come up the stairs, on the top inside the green stuff, right side of the roof window

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    where is the grey rose??? someone help me...please

    @jordiane - Grey Rose

    To get the grey rose, you have to plant the grey rose seeds, which you will find in the lower kitchen shelf, right jar, in the garden. To be able to grow it, you will have to rebuild the scarecrow first. For further information you may also have a look at the walkthrough on top of the comments

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Hi Jay and Karo,

    I just wanted to thank you for publishing our list of Dream Pieces.

    Thank you,

    [Edit: Please do not post links :) ~ Thanks, Kayleigh]

    I can not go in the forging Area. After finishing the level in the kitchen, I don't know how to go continuously. Someone help me?
    Thank a lot.


    After you recieved the strange symbol, you have to go to the nexus and click the strange symbol there on the floor, lower left side of the scene

    Greetings, Kayleigh


    I think I made the quick ripening potion correct but after that nothing happened I mean I don't have that little bottle. Can you help me please?


    @sheraton85 - Quick Ripe Potion

    What's with the mix glass on the table? When there is still something in, you might forgot the last ingredience, crushed lemongras. The ripening potion needs: 1. Orange peel 2. Sunflower liquid 3. Red rose liquid 4. Crushed lemon gras. If nothing is in the glas, just try it again.

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Ok thanks a lot but I see where's my problem: in all the recipies in the book the last ingredient is missing??? Do you know why is that?

    @sheraton85 - Recipe Ingredients

    Did you solve the anagram on the left page on the book? The fully recipe will only appear, when you brought the letters on the left side in the right order. You are looking for the words:

    ORANGE, LIQUID, GLASS, POTION - they might stand in another order than written here

    Click the letters in the right order to spell a word

    Greetings, Kayleigh


    I'm stuck at the music instrument..That thing is going so fast that i can't keep up with it!
    Does someone know all 5?

    Sorry 4 my bad english..

    @Liza - music instrument

    Use the Screenshot to see what I mean with the letters and numbers and then:

    • A - 1, 5, 3, 4, 2, 3, 1

    • B - 2, 3, 4, 3, 6, 5, 4, 3, 4, 2, 1

    • C - 8, 1, 1, 8, 8, 1, 1, 5, 4, 6, 5, 7, 8

    • D -
      1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 6, 5, 8

    • E - 1, 2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 6, 5, 8, 1

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    I am stuck in the steam room. Have turned valves forever and cannot find any pattern. I am assuming it is random, but has outsmarted me. Anybody got a suggestion as to how to turn off the steam? Even when I get some turned off, they still won't let me touch them. Since there is no such thing as "Skip" in this game, if I can't get past the steam valves, I'm done for. Thanks.

    For Liza and the fast memory lights: I drew a little diagram and replayed the thing over and over and over and over, each time entering the sequence in my little drawing. It took a long time as I had to write the sequence down one by one (and had to do it separately for every memory lights game), but I finally got them all and gained entry. I agree, the lights are VERY FAST, but watching each one at a time, in sequence, and writing down the order on my diagram, finally opened the doors for me. Good luck.


    Try this: left, right ,right, left, right,
    upper left, upper right,
    upper upper left, upper upper right,
    upper upper upper right, upper upper upper left

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Kayleigh: You're the reason I got hooked on this site to begin with. 1000 thanks. I'll try this when I get home.

    Can you tell me where are teaspoons.
    Thanks. Aneta

    Aneta - tea spoons

    You have to play the instrument in the music room - this is the right door in the tea room

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    yes I do play on the instrument and I can't find one spoon.

    Can you tell me where is tea cup, Ifound spoons.
    Thanks ,Aneta.

    Aneta - music instrument

    Click the round glass, you see on the instrument. The instrument plays a sequence, you have to repeat. When you do it right, you will receive the item, that is inside the glass. Please also have a look at the spoiler a little above, called:@Liza - music instrument. You will find there a screenshot and the correct sequences

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Aneta - tea cup

    You will find everything in the music room, except 1 plate, which you will find after replacing the candles in the candle room. Here is a Screenshot of the music room. All items are marked. I don't know exactly which one are the tea cups - the arrows are pointing onto the candles

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    I tried to follow your hint for finding the star constellations but its not helping at all. I'm suppose to be looking for the 'flower' one you place as somewhere about the lower right corner and I've gone over and over and can't see anything the might remotely match. Do you think the fact I'm playing using the 'mac version' means there is a difference? This is driving me batty. I wish the game would let me swap lens so I might try the find the other one. Grr!

    Sonia - star map
    I don't know, if it has something to do with Mac, but please have a look at this screenshot here. Its a starmap with the correct positions of all stars you will have to find during the game. Here you can see much better, where you have to look exactly

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Just started the game. Having a problem with the stones for the stump. Never did find last blue one. Started over...and now I could only find four!!! Any help?

    @robi - Stones
    Please have a look at this Screenshot. The locations of all eight stones are marked.
    Greetings, Kayleigh

    Hi everyone. Can someone please help with the teardrop door. It says that the circles are meant to light up. When i go to the door nothing happens and then when i randonmly click, a VERY TINY little bit of orange light will flash on one, Almost impossible to notice. Is this meant to happen or is it a bug in the game? How do you solve this puzzle or is it randomn. Cheers

    @Donald-Teardrop Door

    First you put in the tear in the middle of the door. You will find it right side, on the stone. Please also see SCREENSHOT for the position. After this, you will have to repeat the sequence, which will play, as soon as click somewhere. The flash is not really big, but good to see. Have a look at this SCREENSHOT 2 to see the sequence.

    Greetings, Kayleigh

    am at the end, but have no recipe to wither the roots. where do i find that? alternatively, a copy of the recipe would be just as good. i woke the woman up and went to nexus etc.
    also - i have 58 piece of gold -what do I do with them? (like - take them to my bank?)
    cheers, kaeri

    found recipe, (re above) but when i try to pour it

    at base of tree where bear is

    nothing happens. where does it go? cheers, kaeri

    Dragon -

    All of the candles should be in the music room.

    I am in the forge area. The puzzle on the door - to align the planets - I can't seem to get right. I've looked on walkthroughs and now know the right order but I need to restart the level in order to get the puzzle back to zero again. Is there a way to restart, not the game but just the level? Thanks and I've found these walkthroughs really helpful

    It's OK I stuck at it and solved the obsevatory door - trial and error - just out of interest though, can you go back and restart just one level?

    I really miss the ability to restart a level. After checking the FAQ I now know the game has a rather nasty bug. I quit halfway through playing the instrument, and when I returned I promptly lost all items but the gold nuggets. Now I'll have to restart the game.


    I have awakened Lilith and have made the four additional dream jewels. When I return to the Nexus to solve the nest gate, the jewels don't go into inventory. How can I getm them out to use them?

    I enjoyed the game so much I wanted to play again. This time around I can't locate the 11th log for the treehouse. I've put the cursor everywhere I can think of. Can you help? Thanks.

    Help - I'm trying to make the first potion and have followed the potion book, but the last instruction says "finally add." Finally add WHAT? I have tried every ingredient in the kitchen and they all poof my potion. Very, very frustrated. Thanks in advance.

    JIGuest -

    Check out the FAQ above, there's an answer to the question about the final ingredient in the potion.

    Helen -

    When you play the second time around, it randomizes the locations of everything, so there's no easy way to find that 11th log other than to look everywhere.

    were is that last windmill blade!? i found three out front and two in the garden and i am going nuts looking for that last one. i even restarted the game tree times over hoping it would show up!

    @ Silversong
    You may have discovered a possible glitch in the game.
    I've played this about four or five times and twice the same thing happened to me. I simply stopped playing and started new games, under a new name.


    I have just forged two dream molds and have 4 gold nuggets left over. Should I be able to find another 4 lenses for the telescope or is that all?

    I ask because of the two molds I forged from, I can not open up the next gate. I can make similar colours to those above the gate, but they do not match up.

    Help!! I can't find all the dolls in Faye and Fidgets' house. Please help??!! Thanks!

    If you are stuck looking for a missing key in the treehouse, I've found it during replays on the top of the doorframe in the bedroom or sitting on the windowsill in the hall just to spite me.

    I have done everything required...I think.Iwent back to make the last potion and it is not in the book. How do I make it appear to complete this game very frustrating. D

    i can't find the other key for the sewing machine. please help

    rhea -

    Have a look at the complete walkthrough at the top of the page. Since it isn't hidden in spoilers, you can search for it.

    I am suppose to put 4 logs in the fireplace and light it with the magnifying glass but I only have 3 logs. Could you tell me where all 4 are located because I must have missed one

    masmirf, according to the walkthrough

    there are 2 logs at the forging device and 2 in the observatory after pulling the leaver.

    Hope that helps!

    I have checked the observatory and by the forging device and I don't find anything else and there isn't another log in my inventory. What should I do?

    masmirf -

    If you are playing the PC version, here was an updated to the game, so make sure you have the latest version. If you are still having problems, you may need to contact tech support wherever you bought the game.

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