Ice Breaker

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icebreaker.gifJohnBNewly thawed from Nitrome, Ice Breaker is a great-looking physics-based puzzle game involving vikings, chunks of ice, and vikings frozen inside chunks of ice. Using the mouse, simply draw lines to cut the ice and drop vikings onto the ship. You'll often need to manipulate the frozen environment to create a smooth path for the vikingcicles to slide down, so timing and a little experimentation with physics are your two best friends in this game.

Best of Casual Gameplay 2009To slice a chunk of ice, all you have to do is click and drag the mouse. You can only cut using a clean stroke, so the line must begin and end outside of the ice. Use the [arrow] or [WASD] keys to scroll the map, or just slide the cursor to the edge of the screen to take a look around.

Ice Breaker doesn't confine the action to cutting and dropping. More physics puzzles are introduced quite quickly, including fixed points where ice can swing from and ropes that can bind pieces of ice together. You'll also find a few other obstacles and bonuses as you slice your way through the game's healthy 40 levels. And even when you're not trying to complete puzzles, it's a lot of fun to cut up the environment to see what kind of havoc you can wreck.

New expanded versions now available!

Analysis: The gameplay in Ice Breaker is reminiscent of the under-appreciated Nintendo DS game Soul Bubbles. In both titles you manipulate objects by slicing chunks off of larger pieces to make them more manageable. In Ice Breaker, for example, you'll often need to cut slivers of ice so a frozen viking can slide down a pathway. Sometimes chiseling a pillar into a properly fitted bridge will be necessary to move a viking to safety, bringing into play your ability to mentally visualize and rotate oddly-shaped objects in your mind.

I've always enjoyed Nitromes pixel-perfect art style, but Ice Breaker's visual presentation really impressed me. Maybe I just like the Norse-like influence, the subtle hints of a grand mythology looming just behind the fuzzy bearded viking guys. The moment I saw the ship floating in the cold waters I was in awe.

A few minor gameplay quirks, such as the mini-map covering areas you need to cut and the slightly "sticky" scrolling function, are slightly annoying but far from ruin the game. A clickable mini-map would also be a nice feature, allowing you to quickly view different areas without moving through the whole stage.

Great-looking, well-balanced and a lot of fun to just play around with, Ice Breaker is an excellent physics-based puzzle game that you'll thoroughly enjoy.

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Awsome. Nice physics and the viking theme fits perfectly!

Looks pretty cool (pun not intended) :)

We really need more physics type games here as I like those.

A very verynice game. Nitrome are such a fantastic bunch of developers but I was starting to get a bit 'quality-blind' and this is a nice refresher to remind me how good they are.

Bit stuck on the hammer in level 5 which doesn't strike the viking hard enough... must be something I'm doing....

how do you get past lvl 11! the strange ice kills me every time!

I'm loving this game so far, I always love Nitrome games but this one seems better than usual!

It's a great game. I'd suggest cutting the hammer in different ways.

I got the hammer there, you just have to get it in the right spot. Although I think the chunk of ice that I dropped into the boat might have helped

In the comment above, I meant level 5. Some of the puzzles have to do with cutting it in the right spot or angle.

Also, the levels are kind of slow to load for me, not sure if this is normal for Nitrome or not.

Yes, the load times are a little long.

For level 11

Keep your ice as big and heavy as possible. Meaning, cut it from the very end of the second pin.

There's a new designer... that might explain the slightly different artwork.

I'm stuck on Level 17.......... Any help?

Best Nitrome game in a while! I like it... Stuck on lvl 16 right now...

which level is 16? I know I'm passed it but can't remember which one it is.

I'm stuck on 19.......

i can't get past level 16... i mean i can save two of the vikings, but the third always drowns :D some advice?

Hmm, Level 22? Nothing there: no longboat, no vikings???

I can't get past 16.

For level 16

cut off the top most right branch at the base stem of the ice

Try to refresh for level 22, they are there.. :)

Wow, just finished it. some levels take a bit of thinking, but nothing too hard (not like FB2, which i still can't beat the last level of). i'll try to post helpful hints for some of the levels, but for me, it was mostly trial/error, so I don't remember too well exactly what worked. I do note that there are 2 level 37s, and no level 38! oops.

crazy, crazy slow loads

Dang slow loads all right :P

I think it might be stuck on loading a level atm for me. *goes and refreshes the dang page*

What about the level with the balloon-like viking ladies? Anyone get through it yet?

Which one is that? 17? Level 17 is actually pretty easy and can be done with only 3 moves.


See a hollow anywhere that they'd just about fit into?

Can you find a way to get them there?

for the one on the left, cut the right rope of the lower will make a ramp

then you can cut the right rope of the upper platform, and she'll roll right into the left-side hole

for the one on the right, you'll have to be a little more tricky

cut the lower platform as above

then cut the top one so that she rolls into the crescent-shaped ice wheel

the wheel will deposit her right in the hole

then clip the arms of the ice wheel

then you can just clip the rope for the Viking, and he'll roll right down the ramp.

Level 17:

Pop the three ladies in a row.

Cut the right rope of the platform with the lady on it directly below them.

Cut the right rope of the platform at the top with the lady on it .

After both ladies role into their spots, cut all three ropes above them.

Cut the right rope of the platform with the lady in the upper left.

Cut the right rope of the platform with the Viking.

im at level 40! best game ever!!

stuck on 32, any help?

Thank you guys! 17 is the one I was looking for, phew!
(I can't see the level #'s on mine.)

Pfft, I'll give you the 3 move one.... as soon as this next one finishes loading.... I wonder if the Nitrome servers are under alot of load right now.

3 move solution for level 17:

See the top right-most lady? Cut across the left rope of her platform. Be careful not to slice across her or the middle rope which is for the block below her

A few seconds into the swing of that platform, cut the right rope. The platform should knock the rat-thing into the boat.

Then cut the left rope of the platform the viking is on

It takes a bit of trial and error because of the timing, but it IS possible as I've done it multiple times.

Finally I made it ! I think the hardest level was the 39 since the game was not really hard. I needed to refresh a couple of times but in general it's an awesome game. The best from Nitorome, yet

Help stuck on lvl 15 how do I fling him on to the boat

The loading time is a little long, but that's understandable considering how many different combinations of cuts there are.

There was a game on here a while back very similar in gameplay, but lacking the stylistic excitement that Nitrome tends to have. Does anyone else remember that? It was with pieces of wood and balls instead of vikings and ice... but it was a little bit ago I believe.

each level seems to be taking incredibly long to load for some reason..

i finished level 1 and it's stuck on the Loading screen!

The load times are probably due to the fact the site is being battered. The physics of the game won't make a difference (unless the coding is downright shoddy which I doubt).

But yeah, I can confirm the loading times are slow for me too despite 24 meg broadband so it's probably a server side problem.

Ah I'm stuck on lvl 29, is it really that easy? I can't get past it.

I finished Level 1, and now Level 2 won't load... =(

I can't do level 40! What do i do?

Maybe the site hates IE? I can only play a level or two and then it freezes up. Refreshing worked for the first 25 levels, but now I get something about once in every 10 refreshes.

Reminds me a lot of Splitter. I kind of prefer that game - smoother action and physics.

level 38, anyone? (or the second 37 or the one before 39 :P)

The Power of Posting! Level 2 loaded fine, and so did 3...
It's the PoP, IT'S THE POP!!!

hahahaha. okay so it's loaded fairly well now. and i just finished i thinkk level 4(?) and i almost died laughing at:

how you can use the "ice hammers" to fling the vikings into the boat.

haha. idunno. maybe i'm just very easily amused. :]

I'm stuck on lvl 32.

I'm stuck on 29! Can someone help me out here, there must be something I'm just not getting...

also: it's a little annoying how the only way to find what level you're on is to return to the main screen. definately doesn't ruin the game, just a little pet peeve, lol.

This game reminds me slightly of Nitrome's Mutiny in the way the characters move both onscreen and in the minimap. I like this one more because its a puzzle game rather than one that involves shooting and luck against opponents.
I've also been wondering (maybe someone here can answer):
Is it pronounced Nitrome with a long O sound and a silent E or NitroMe with a long O and a long E?
Anyway, thanks. It's a great game. I really like Nitrome and think this may be one of their best so far.

I'm having loading problems too...


/focuses the PoP!!!

Anyone got any help for 32? I am apparently having issues...

Does anyone know of any other portals than the nitrome site. My computer doesn't like to play any of the games directly on their page XP

It must be a long O and a silent E. There is a video in youtube, someone is pronouncing it, Nitrome approved it on their blog.

Can anyone help me with level 40? Thanks.

Level 4 load times have crashed both FF and IE browsers on my puter here, too bad I can't play it.

Hey, did you know that you sink he help signs? I don't know what makes the 'new, invisible' help sign appear in a random place.

33? deflating the fat lady lifts the crescent beyond the stalactite, but drops the viking into the sea. i'm guessing it's a timing thing... (?)

Can someone help with 33? I can't get past the stalactite without dropping the viking into the sea.

Re 33. Never mind. Just slogged my way through. Thanks for the other hints, though.

Well, finished now - very cute but sometimes makes you mad...

First Nitrome-Game I finished

good game shame about the loading times

Great game. Love it.

level 29...Need HELP

What do you do with 35? Do the vikings appear at some point? Thanks in advance!

For the 15

Cut the lower part of the so called catapult, then cut the viking so it falls on the spoon like formation finaly cut the huge rock

how do you get 29? im stuck on the last one, i can get the first two, but the far one seems impossible

Well, after countless refreshes and time lost staring at the "loading..." screen, I give up. I got to ~29, but it simply won't load.

Maybe I'll come back to it tomorrow. It's more likely I'll be sampling whatever delicious morsel JIG is serving up for the day, instead.

I can't even do level 3. I need help. Still, really good game. I love Nitrome!

can somebody instruct me as to where i have to cut the ice hammer on level 5? ive tried like 100 times and still cant get the viking to the boat without hitting the runes

Andrew. try slicing right at the nail.

Sorry for double post. I beat 17 with 2 slices.

For level 29:

Don't roll the lady and the round guy first! Instead, cut the upper right hinge, angling down to the right a little bit, so the lady will roll to the right after the next cut. Then cut below the upper right viking down to above the middle hinge, angling so the chunk will slide down to the left. Might have to cut a little chunk off the left to make it slide.

The idea is to get the chunk with the viking to slide down, push the round viking off, and the lady rolls to the right and continues to push the top viking chunk to the left.

Once they're in the boat, cut under the lower viking from left to right, then vertically just to the right of him. He'll swing down, and you slice him off at the right moment.

Yet another excellent flash game from Nitrome. Ace art work, ace gameplay. The music becomes grating after a bit, which could be fixed by throwing in another track or two, but it's hardly a problem.

how do you get past level 26?

Nice game, cool puzzle concept, pleasing music. Better than most of Nitrome's new games. I worked with my sister to master this. Some of those challenges are very tough (we'd kinda freak out on... I believe the second to last level... they kept sliding off into the icy, fathomless depths...) which is nice. Even at the end of the game there doesn't seem to be any plot (even in typical Nitrome end-of-game-story fashion...) which kinda surprised me a little. It's just not quite right without something like, "Black Viking grinned as he looked at his winnings! Blue Viking looked on tearful - why did he have to bet that Black Viking couldn't cross the deadly icy ocean without getting cold and wet?!"

Mutiny, ye foulest of foul, yet remains the only Nitrome game I haven't completely conquered. I really can't stand that game...

can someone help with level 39? just can't do it...

32, 32, please!!! No matter how I come at this it just doesn't work. I can barely get 2 of them in, let alone 3. DX

i need help with level 39!!! Please help


First, just drop the frozen viking into the boat.

Second, chop just under the uppermost pivot, and then before the viking can slide off the left side, chop again at about the thinnest point. If you do it right, he'll slide right into the boat.

Finally, chop just under the remaining viking, he should be catapulted into the boat with a few inches to spare.

level 29:

1) cut just below the fat lady to roll her down and push the block into the boat

2) cut below both of the vikings in one straight line basically cutting the ice berg in half. the bottom half will fall into the sea. now get it as thin as you can by cutting very close to the vikings.

3) cut just to the right of the left viking which will swing him to the left and then cut him off the pivot and he should fall into the boat.

4) this one's a tad harder: cut off the rest of the ice around the left pivot as for it not to get in the way. release the third viking from the pivot above him by cutting just above his head. repeat the same method as above by cutting him as he swings towards the boat however i recommend doing it on the second swing as the first has too much momentum and hits the left pivot. its all about timing and took me a while!

how do u get past lvl 38!! (my computer calls it another lvl 37 though)

Cool game. I'm stuck on level 29 as well. I'll give myself another 30 minutes before I search the spoilers.

Lv 39, only 2 cuts, the solution with the least steps. Here's a video I made. It's hard to describe the cuts in text.

LV 40 has the most interesting level design, unfortunately it is also the last.
LV 32 was the most difficult, to me. Does anyone have a good solution?

I need help on level 31! I think I suppose to cut the ice still it go 1 round but i just don't know where to cut to make it do that; only manage to get the ice to swing. :(

Hi, thanks for all the help so far. I'm stuck on level 31, any hints to point me towards victory?

help with 33 anyone? i see many have gotten to the end of the game, but i can't figure out the right combination of birds, confusing stones, and fat lady...

LV 38, the second 37 in the "play" menu.

LV 31

cut around 1/8 of the width from the left;

the block would swing;

cut around 1/8 of the width from the right, WHEN THE BLOCK IS AT THE HIGHEST POINT ON THE RIGHT;

cut around 1/8 of the width from the left, WHEN THE BLOCK IS AT THE HIGHEST POINT ON THE LEFT;

repeat until only the center slice remains, and it should be swinging very fast now,

then cut, fling the VIKING into the boat.

for the real 38 level (not the copy of 37, as the glitch 2nd 37 is the same as the 1st 37 on my computer)

i am really stuck on level 2!!!

I'm afraid that for the first time in human history the charming small screen-esk setting of Nitrome isn't in favour of the game.
Making a long cut that ends or begins near the edge of the screen is a precarious operation and you cant see the whole field in one screen and are obliged to scroll is a bit annoying at times.

Level 39 is killing me.

It's the one with four vikings above the boat, on a strip of ice with one bolt in the middle.

SkfyS - your level 39 video is to a different level to the 39 I'm getting!

Wow. I think this is the first ever nitrome game that i've finished beginning to end. I'm proud of myself. Probably because it was physics and thinking-based, and not so much of the platforming skills were required.


For this one, it took a bit of luck, but i first chopped straight horizontally across the two bottom-most ice blocks. This made the circle go straight up, then before the birds hit the roof, I chopped off the one on the left so that it would zoom to the right, straight into the stalactite. Then right before it hit i severed the cables of the rightmost 3 birds, and the circle slowly dropped straight into the boat. I was like, "Woah, did that seriously just happen?! Nice!" I then popped the lady and watched as the viking slid out, and chief guy smashed one of the iceblocks that dared to touch his boat.


What I did was chop twice reeeaaaally quickly in the middle, so that I had 2 big blocks of ice fall straight down, more or less. It took me a bunch of tries, but eventually the blocks landed so that the 4 vikings slid towards the middle and i chopped a little more so that the viking leader guy could destroy the blocks.

The way to solve a level is to post asking for help on JiG, and then try it a few more times and you'll get there!

Tho waycooler has posted his method, mines a bit different:

Alt 39:

I cut a thin slice horizontally off the bottom of the block, then trimmed the remaining "seesaw" block so that by the the vikings fell, they landed on the horizontal piece resting above the boat. It takes a few tries, but if you trim carefully you'll get there.

how do you do level 16? haha i'm finding it super hard. I think i need real clear instructions because i read a previous level 16 spoiler but still couldnt do it!:( thanks!

Level 9 help please?

Power of Posting, need I say more?

I'm stuck on Level 23 the

one with the three free swinging vikings

Can anyone help me please?

Level 39:

Cut a long, horizontal piece from the bottom of the suspended block. Snip this in half so it forms a v inside the boat. Quickly cut two slashes, up to down then rapidly down to up, one on each side of the supporting peg. Trim down for hammer.

Level 23

When they first swing to the right, cut the triangle; in the second swing, cut the square; in the third swing, cut the circle. Try to do them in the first 3 swings or you will lose the synchronization.

Oh Yeah !! I just beat this game! And so can all the rest of you! Hint: Use the Law of 'Physics' The heavier ice will move the lighter part on a 'pivot' point! Good Luck and Game on! :)

Does anyone have a sure way to victory in level 34?
I have tried tilting the plank with wedges cut from the ice, chopping the plank off entirely, and several mad things, but to no avail.


im stuck on level 23 i cant get the cirle one in the boat

Level 17

cut the mans right and wire on the platform, as he rolls down the rock cut the left, hopefully the wood will drop and hit him into the boat. It took me a couple of goes to time it so he doesnt hit the creature.

hey i made it to lvl 34 without this and well...roadblock too tired to keep trying need help!

I need help with level 12 please! I can get the second Viking, but not the first. Thanks! :)

Level 34 please! It's probably simple, but I am stumped. i've done all else on my own, but this is painful!

How do you get past level 15 i mean i dont understand it

level 34

cut the right edge so that the top half swings down -- its a vertical cut but as close to the wind as possible

I need help with level 18

Need help with 38. Can't figure out what to do. Someone who has beat it, please help.

i need 26! what do i do with this spiining rune? if i cut the ice near the frozen viking, the unfrozen get zapped by the runes, if i cut by the unfrozen one, the unfrozen one will fall into the water, and if i cut the string, the unfrozen one will be zapped again! please help!

P.S. Poor unfrozen one.
P.S.S. What would you rather be? frozen? or zapped?
P.S.S.S.S. To many P.S.'s!

lmao. i beat 17 with just one move. i feel accomplished. :]

can someone please help me with level 18

i need help on level 38 i don't know where to cut the bid ice berg they all fall its too confusing

I desperately need help with lvl 19! PLease help!

Help Me with lvl 15!

help on level 5 plz

Never mind. I got it.

ok now im am stuck on 6


Im stuck on level 11, i've tried everything!! xxx

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Great game! I've gotton up to level 22 and now I am stuck. Anyone have hints?

help on 6

HELP I am stuck on level 18 it is driving me MAD!!!!!!!!!!

i need help on level 9

im stuck on lvl 40 need help!!!!

Finally passed level 16!!!

Cut diagonally from the upper left towards the lower right somewhere below the top viking. You have to try it at different angles and distances from the top viking before you can get the right weight distribution.

help with level 33 i have already tried the other spoiler but i cant get it to work

Can't get past lvl 10. Please help!!!!

Level 18:

Cut off the right side of the purple and blue block.

You can do 40 with 3 cuts like this:

First, cut just under the frozen viking. Make sure that you cut through the 'arm' that is closer to the boat, and cut at an angle just shallow enough that it doesn't slide by itself. Then cut the big piece of ice so that it swing downwards. As it is about to hit the rock, chop of the last 'bump' so that it keeps going and knocks the viking into the boat. You can also let it bounce and cut it as it comes back.

Dora! OMG, yes! I have Lost Vikings on my sega saturn - old school by today's standards - and have never seen anyone mention that game! You are so right, this is like a online version of that game, sans the working together part! -Cimmerone

Actually, you can do level 40 with two cuts.

Make the first cut like I described above. The second cut chops off the first two bumps so that they are barely attached to each other. That piece of ice falls and knocks the viking into the boat.

Level 15 help! I really don't get it. I've tried cutting the ice-boulder so many different ways... Help!

lol level 17 can be done in 2 moves, cut the rope to the right of the viking, wait like 1.3 seconds and then cut the rope on the left, idk maybe it can be done in one move but thats how i did it

Can anyone tell me how to beat lvl 9?

how do you do level 14 i can't figure it out

I am stuck on level 16
any hints

how do we beat lv 37

I need help on level 26.

can someone help with 22? i can't seem to get it to stop tipping back..

Easier, 1 cut solution for level 17.

Cut the RIGHT hand rope of the platform the viking is on. He avoids the monster thing and there is nothing else to do!

Level 27? why hasnt anyone commented level 27? i need help!

help on lvl 27!!!

Maaaan I can't get past 25.


I post, and of course immediately afterwards, the same thing I've been doing suddenly works. Haha oh well. :)

Level 38: Cut down the centre of the block either side of the single bolt, then as the 2 blocks fall cut a bit off the right side of the right block so it angles back into the boat.
Level 40: slice just under the viking so its angled slihghtly towards the boat the cut above the bottom bolt on the big block of ice. Wait for it to swing back towards the boat and cut it at the right time so it falls and knocks the viking onto the boat.

yay, seems like there will be a sequel to this great game ... well at least that's what I see through all the pixels in the nitrome blog xD

i'm stuck on level 18

I can't do 16. Help me!

I cant figure out how to get past the rune stone things. I think i tried all the combination to cut it! The viking gets zapped every time!

need simple ansewer for 15 please

gahhhh need help on lvl 29 anyone?

Level 33. It takes some time to get it done but after this u should be able to get it done.
Cut the 2 bottom rocks at the same time, Then as it circle's head(not the Birds)is about to pass the cliffs edge, cut the right rock.
Then as soon as u have passed the cliff, cut two lines on the right side. The birds will then do the rest and pull the circle directly over the boat. All you have to do is pop the lady and then the viking will drop directly into the boat.

I'm stuck on level 29. It's so hard.

Did nobody else find themselves ridiculously tickled by the crazy space shuttle thing on level 21?
Teehee. Kept me giggling to myself for 10 minutes.

I need help with level 23. I can't get the circle. Anyone have any advice?

I think the buximity (or buxomness) of the women should definitely make this game more than "G".

Can't get past 22!! Please help!!!!

I need a spoiler for level 19!!!
pls help!

I need help on level 6. Can anyone help?Please.

I enjoyed level 30.

You wait until the ice is slanting slightly down to the right, then cut loose the viking on the left. He should roll safely to the middle. When the ice starts tipping to the right because of his weight, cut loose the other viking. They should both get to the boat.

You're welcome!!! :D

Ok, the other spoilers for level 40 didn't help me. This is what I did.

Cut just under the viking, slanting slightly to the left, but don't let him fall off. Then cut the rope that is holding the rod. Cut just above the bottom left pivot point, and then immediately cut under the top pivot point. This should knock the viking onto the boat. If not, try cutting part of the big block of ice to hit him onto it.

I need help on level 7. Please help! :(

Help with the first 37?

Monica, for lv 13

cut only the right rope of the platform the guy is on

i need help with 26! please! all but one previous to this have been simple, i dont get what im not getting! thanks in advance

i can't get past level 40. can anyone help?

Level 22 please!!

pls help on level 14. i don't know what to do!

Does anyone know where I can get a hold of the music from this game?
Amazingly relaxing.

need help on 20

Sean - Level 20

When you read the previous comments, you will find help for nearly every level, I guess. This is, what I found on page 2 for Level 20

It is about cutting pieces from the hanging block to make it swing and drop the vikings. You can hit the third one with flying particles. Start cutting from the left, and keep cutting until it starts to swing fast enough.

Greetings, Kayleigh

I need help with level 30! I can get the Viking nearer to the ship in to it, but the farther Viking keeps falling in the water. Any suggestions?

How do you do level 14? It's hard!

dude i`m at level 29 and i can`t get pass that level.. soooo hard.. can u plz help me

Never mind! I finished level 30 with Wildpath's post above. I didn't notice it earlier.

I never thought I was going to beat this game, but I'm so close now! I had to start back at level 1 just a few days ago because I hadn't played in a while, but now I'm on level 31! Yay for me!

Yeah! Beat the game! Not in one run, though. Probably never will. Still, I made it there! Yay for me! Phew, that was hard!

Probably should have made this one post ... Time for Red Clan! And then on Monday, Gathering's 3rd Clan (Already beat Elder and First)! Yeah again!

need some help on level 16 please, lots of people seem to be stuck as well but nobody has commented back! :P

any help would be much appreciated ;-)
Thanks, Niall x

neeeed help on level 34 :) anyone give some advice?

does any1 have help on 22?

i cant get past level 38 does any1 know how to do it?

Level 15? Someone, please?

Hey, can anyone please tell me how to get past Level 9 and 10?

24 need help

Stuck on level 16

27 is glitchy, if you get the viking on the right to the boat, and the viking on the left hits the middle rune, somehow you win

I really enjoyed the game of Ice Breaker (in fact, I just finished!) I found it a very nice game, especially the soundtrack.

The game made me think of the element Thorium (90), mainly because thorium was named after Norse god of lightning, Thor.

But a fun game, provides an ideal level of difficulty and levels. The difficulty helps provide a good amount of replay value, not to mention all of the expansions.

5/5 stars. Now I'm going to play, maybe, the Red Clan or Super Energy Apocalypse or something.

Whoops, also, a guide for Level 40, the final level:

The last Viking missing from your crew remains frozen in a block of ice shaped like a person with one of his legs twice as long as his other limbs, the Viking in his head. Above him there is what looks like an ice rack gear, two ramps, one to the right of the rack gear and the other to the right of the frozen Viking. A movable rock "plate" would cause a ball rolling down to go from the rack gear, bounce off the plate, roll down the other ramp, and hit the frozen Viking.

I know the creators of the game probably had some purpose for the mechanism, but it's mostly just eye candy. Only the ice person and the Viking frozen within matter to winning.

1. Cut the ice person so all that is left is the frozen Viking, the two grey circlew below him, and the ice in between. Try to make the strucuture as thin as possible.

3. Cut the structure as far down as possible. Then cut it again, just above where you cut the previous one. Keep on cutting just above the previous cut until the strucutre begins to swing.

4. Carefully cut just the Viking from the ice while it is swinging towards the boat. It may take several attempts (it's governed largely by chaos theory and the placement of the cuts to an incredibly precise level).

5. If the Viking falls into the sea on Step 4, go back to Step 1. If the Viking lands so it is balancing on the boat's tail carvings, reset and start from Step 1. If the Viking lands onboard the boat, the Viking onboard will smash the ice, thus completing the game.

An easier solution to #32.
Like my man said; first just chop the frozen Viking into the boat. THEN, slice under the upper Viking so he slides off into the boat. THEN, slice horizontally under the uppermost pivot, then vertically in the skinny part of the lower ice platform. If you get it in the right spot, it should catch the sickle-looking ice and the last Viking will slide right into the boat.

Great game. My first ever from Nitrome. Finished it, but was stuck at 38 for a long time, and another level for some time i don really remember. But for me 38 took the most time, but saw everyone had the same solutions..Any other such games for suggestions

help me on i think 36. im stuck and hoping the PoP will help me

i cant get 35 help

Help with 39, please? The one with 3 vikings.

since when does ice bounce??

im stuck on level 3 can someone please help me

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