Toxic II

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PsychotronicToxic 2Toxic II, baby. It's here. In a world where machines rule over humanity with a literally iron fist, a lone, slightly overweight, Hazmat-suited warrior must discover and destroy the robot overmind. That's right, it's Man Versus Mechanaloid: Rumble in the Nuclear Waste Processing Plant, brought to you by the tireless pixel pushers at Nitrome, and sponsored by MTV Arcade.

In case you never played the first Toxic, the hook here is the deformable terrain. The explosions from your arsenal can carve holes and tunnels in certain walls, as well as blow up bad guys, of course. The controls are pretty standard: [WASD] or [arrow] keys for movement, [space] to set bombs. You start off with a simple throwable grenade on a timer, but later in the game, you'll get to use a diverse selection of weapons, including a remote-controlled exploding spider-bot and a bomb that doubles as a floating platform.

There are 20 levels full of killer robots and pitfalls between you and the mysterious Mother, but there are also 10 hidden levels, located in various out-of-the-way places. If you think the normal levels are hard (and you will), then wait till you experience the crazy beatings the optional levels dish out. It's worth finding them all though, because they are home to some of the coolest monsters in the game.

Analysis: The biggest difference between Toxic II and its predecessor is definitely the speed. The frame rate is now fast enough to make the action feel smooth and responsive, which means that Toxic II, more than any other Nitrome work to date, feels like a classic run 'n jump platform game. On the other hand, your weapons always take a few seconds to detonate, meaning you'll often need to pause between stretches of activity. Levels therefore take a fairly long time to complete, which makes it all the more tragic when you dive, yet again, into acidic sludge right before you reach the exit.

Toxic 2I took some time to adjust to the difficulty, so I want to give you fair warning. Though you have a reasonably generous life bar for surviving robot attacks and explosions, you only need dip one toe into the nuclear waste to trigger your flesh-dissolving death animation. The new frame rate feels great, but it also demands hair-trigger reflexes, especially during wall-jumping.

The environmental interaction is much more consistent this time around; if you can see a piece of wall or flooring, it's probably solid. But some unforgiving hit detection takes its toll — some of the larger enemies can damage you without physically touching you. Your own weapons are some of the gravest threats to your survival. Their explosions linger just a little bit longer than you might expect, and they damage you from slightly further away. If you find yourself trapped on a small island with a misplaced bomb, you can't jump and stay in the air long enough to avoid the blast. You just have to grit your teeth and take it.

A worse problem is the slightly unreliable physics. It's no good, when you're plunging towards a sea of toxic green ooze, knowing that your deployable platforms will appear under your feet only 95% of the time.

So you may get frustrated with Toxic II, but I urge you to stick with it, because it has a ton of good ideas. Your platform bombs can break your fall, but they can also be used to block lasers firing at you from overhead. You can employ conveyor belts to carry weapons to specific targets. The way you constantly have to solve puzzles with explosives gives the game a strong sense of identity. And the bosses, although there aren't very many of them, take terrific advantage of your character's strengths and weaknesses.

So I'm happy to report that, despite some lingering roughness around the edges, Toxic II is a winner. If you liked the first game, you'll love this one; and if you had criticisms, they've mostly been addressed. Just brace yourself to take many an acid bath.

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The game can also be played at the MTV Arcade.


I have been waiting for this game for forever. I am so excited.

Yay! It's out! Woot! I've been waiting since the game was announced and it's finally out!

Oh yeah! It's finally here!!
After reading a lot of comments in other games on Toxic, I played about 2 months ago and loved it!
Ahem...I'm actually playing it now...will be occupied for a very long time.

Yay, Nitrome! It's finally out! Hoorah! From the day I looked at the first preview article in the blog, I've waited. The game play is excellent, and so are the mechanics (not to say that Toxic doesn't have good game play and mechanics). Thanks for the game! Also, thanks for the review, Psychotronic.

Anybody found a secret level yet?

Nope. No idea where to find them either. Probably will eventually though.
Hope I'm not playing this game all through Thanksgiving.

What secret level?

The blue portals are secret rooms

There is one in the second level: at the beginning, wall jump above the level and walk to the right. Fall down and you get to a really annoying secret level. I beat it, after a ton of tries.

That's the only one I've found so far...

Nitrome has had way too many free passes here with way too many mediocre games. What have they put out now, 40-50 games? Yet they're still nowhere as good as On or Mateusz or Hapland or Aztec. Who are they trying to kid? Mediocrity is NOT a virtue. They've had a decade to come up with a killer game. The best they can do is mimic Cute Overload. I'm done with them.

I really love this game.. but its WAAY hard compared to #1! Good job still!

Corona: Perhaps you simply prefer story-based puzzle games. None of the four authors you name are known for their action games, so I'm not sure what the basis of comparison is.

I can't pass level 4. I blame the awful physics. The main character is slippery, hard to control, and gets stuck in tight spaces which he probably shouldn't have been allowed into.

My bomb has exploded, yet the ghost of the explosion can still hurt me? From a long distance away?? Grr.

As usual, the graphics and sound are great, and the concept is solid. I want to like Toxic II, but the game mechanics feel cheap and rushed, full of glitches. I'm sure this game looks good in the eyes of non-gamers, and corporate investors. Unfortunately, Toxic II reinforces every negative impression I have of Nitrome.

Like most of Nitrome's later games, this one is unpolished. Collision detection is awful, the charactr moves very quickly, bombs last too long and have too large a radius, et cetera. I can stand waiting longer for good games.

Yay! Nitrome's platformers are the best. The one comment I disagree with is about the frame rate, cause Final Ninja felt just like an old school 2-d platformer.

also, @ Corona, I agree some Nitrome games are spotty, but Final Ninja, SnowDrift and a bunch of others I have replayed tons of times.

I should start out by saying that I don't like most Nitrome games, but I do go into each new one hoping that I will like it. For me, my problems with Nitrome's games boil down to a very high difficulty curve coupled with with basic flaws like awkward controls spotty collision detection. I can understand how people might like Nitrome's games, but for me they cross the line between "challenge" and "frustration."

I will say that I think the controls in Toxic II are better than the original, but still a little too inexact for a game where death is so easily achieved.

(Game-story question: why bother wearing a hazmat suit? You're going to die if you fall into the toxic matter anyway, so why not wear something that offers a little more protection from things that don't kill you instantly? Not really a gameplay gripe--I just realized how utterly futile the suit is after taking my umpteenth dip in the green soup.)

The entrance to the second secret level (very annoying to find) is in level six, just before the wall jump and after the first four spiders. At the bottom on the right theres a small section of wall you can blow up, do so and go through to the transporter pad. Not how I found it butI dont think it was supposed to be got out the way I did it...

I've found the key to most nitrome ames is to not play them in one sitting. Just play a level or two, then come back later and play the next couple.

Promising game but I got stuck twice between close platforms so I closed the window, frustrated.

Can anyone help me with level one?

I really wanted to like this game, but it's way too hard and that (mostly) because it's unpolished. In the level where you get the directional bombs I managed to nearly get to the end, but when I stood under an acid pool and would jump up my head would go through the roof (as it did IRL) and I would die. How *?§%" is that? Wall jump also doesn't properly work. I will stop before I get fired for throwing the computer out of the window.

I gave up when I got to the exploding platform "bombs." If I have to race around like that and I can't let my character set there so I can consider the jumps, forget it. Also I agree, the character slid around far too much, and the bombs were really touchy and all. UGH.

I think he's wearing a Hazmat suit because the fumes in the place would fry his lungs and burn his skin otherwise.

It seems to be taking ages to load between levels. My internet isn't *that* slow. I would have preferred a longer wait at the begining of the game rather than breaking up the gameplay.

NITROME ROOLZ. To get to the secret level in level 2 you should

Wall jump to the top of the level and where you see a gap between pipes above you, jump up it, walk right and drop onto the secret blue transporter.

Im still waiting for it to load at the moment, this game is brill

you can actually tell which levels have secret teleorters in them, by looking closely at the level select screen. the blue romms are connected to the levels with their teleporters

only 4/5??? Toxic II is great! The psysics aren't that bad... I'm on level 11 at the moment and I like the difficulty scaling so far. Great job Nitrome!

how do you get to the secret room in level 6

yes there is one in level 6

Erm... it's not working for me - or perhaps I'm missing something?

Loaded up, selected room, and now I just have a black and yellow circle spinning. Is that the game - or just it loading (been like that almost 10 minutes now!)?

I've got firefox.

Thanks for any help

How does one operate

the "Runner" bombs

JIGuest - Secret exit in level 6

When you get past the spiders at the start, before you start the wall jumping, at the bottom of that wall is a bombable section. Bomb it to reveal a room with the hidden exit!

I found a secret level. i think it was on level 8.

On level 9, right before you reach the exit platform, drop below it. There is a hidden level portal there.

I am having trouble getting past level 2! everytime I wall climb I cant reach the top can someone tell me how? if you do please post it to me!

this game is awesome, everyone who is complaining obviously just seems frustrated by how challenging it is!

I love blowing up robots... ahhhh...

Jon, John. To blow up the runners, hold space and press down. They jump while you jump.

how do you get to the secret level on room 18 the one where you're falling down the long columns

level 5 is killing me! awesome game though, HUGE improvement from the original Toxic. I liked the concept before, but the slow-mo was aggravating. Now, its fast enough for it to work smoothly! Great job Nitrome! keep 'em comin'!

Reminds me of the old Nitrome games; Bad physics, stupid hard difficulty, poor level design, and annoyingly buggy. Shame on you Nitrome, between this and that Flipside stinker you just put out, you guys seem to be going downhill very very fast.

I see the blue portal on level 13, but I can't jump far enough. How do you do this?

I need help on level 10... the first boss...
it kept stepping on me, and i die quickly

Completely finished it (all levels + all power cells) high score under Melakxjig. My reccommendation for finding secret levels, Look Everywhere. There are some cases where you need to jump out of the screen to get to them, there's one behind a wall that looks like the other walls but a little lighter and is bombable, there's even once that's encased in regular walls and the only thing is one of the walls you can jump/walkthrough. Explore every option, every out of the way area, everywhere. Every platform/bomb has a specific purpose, even it is doesn't appear to have a use.

I don't understand all the negative comments about Toxic 2... People said that the first toxic was to slow and to easy. Nitrome makes it faster and harder and now it's too fast and too hard. I think Toxic 2 is just great.

How do you beat the first boss? I either get stepped on and turned to a bloody pulp, or blown up by my own bombs. This game is too hard.

how can you beat level 6? without the secret because i already got it and it's hard.

I need some help beating "mother." Any ideas? I try to throw bombs but ...alas, she's invincible. ;)


Thats not mother, but anyway,

You throw bombs at it, so that it explodes when it is on one, just throw multiple at a time. It will turn red when it gets damaged.

How I explote the bombs named "runner" in secret area 12.1??? Can I control them? (excuse my english)

Ah, I think you mean level 20. I just got there. It seems you put bombs at the wall that she creates to protect her heart. I got her health all the way down, but she is still alive after that, so I don't know what to do then.

That last comment was to MA.

For Tácito:

Press down (Crouch) while a runner is out, and when you want it to explode, press spacebar while crouched.

Thanks!!! (quick!)

No problem. Also, one last thing to MA:

Just do that. When she starts exploding the whole bottom, just go to the right, and the exit it there.

"destroy the robot overmind." Hmmm, Thats place 3 on my Top-List of unimaginative overused game "stories". It shares this place with "destroy the evil ...., who was born evil, and has no other motivations and story or reason to its doing than being just evil." as its actually its just an (even overused) varation of that.

But its better than place 2: Safe your kipnapped girlfriend
And its better than place 1 of the most unimaginative story: You got no memories of how you got here: Escape this room/prision/house/whatever!

I don't know of any of Nitrome's games that are very strong in the story department.

For that matter, not many of Nintendo's games are well-known for their story elements either.

So, I guess the story element is not all-important in every game we play. It's nice when it's there, don't get me wrong, but it's not necessary.


I just have 3 more secret levels to unlock, then I am done. Level 13, level 15 or 16 (I can't tell which), and level 18.

If anyone could help, thanks.

the mother doesn't receive any damage, please help me

I finished the game. I found 3 bonus levels, two of which I completed. On Level 6, I hurt myself, but then sank down into the pool of acid, so I kept on sinking until I was under and then I died.

This is a tip for defeating the Mother:

You should crouch and then press space next to it. Also, on the left side, go up to the platform, then the one left of it, and finally go right to the next one. This is a safe spot from fragments and the laser.

yah i finished the game, thanks foy your help Xylozex

but i didn't find all the secrets level, i have the levels: 2.1, 6.1, 7.1, 9.1, 16.1 and 20.1
if annyone found another secret level, please tell me

Thats not all JIGuest:

13.1 (Help me get to this one, I see it but can't jump far enough!)
16.1 (Where is it?!)
18.1 (Where is it?!)

10 total blue levels.

I got 16.1

It's just 13.1 and 18.1.

I see both portals, but I can't get to them.

yeah me too, Roadripper
i can see the portals but i don't know how to get to them!
please anyone, help us

how do you get to the portal for the level secret 12.1?


When you see the regular portal (pink), don't go to it, it's on the left. Instead of going left to get to it, go right. The wall should look a lighter blue. It will be removed it you explode bombs near it. Do it, blue portal is right there.

Major kudos for cuteness! I think it's funny that the guy in the story intro is all ripped, but once he drops onto the platform he's chubby. That's about as far as I got. Platformers hold my attention for 5 seconds or less in most cases. This one got about 20--might be a record!

All the secret levels:

2.1: After climbing the first column, there will be a hole in the ceiling. Go through it, walk left, and drop.
6.1: This one proved to be some trouble. After passing the first hallway with spiders, don't go up the column. Instead, blow up the piece of wall on the right side of it.
7.1 At the start, use the ledge bombs to climb up and to the right. After that, just follow the hallway to the left.
9.1: Play the level as you would normally. When you reach the end portal, drop down and to the right, precisely below it.
12.1: Play the level as you would normally. When you reach the end portal, go the left. The wall is slightly blueish here, and can be blown up. Blow it up (it might take a while) and follow the hall left. Also, the level you unlock is the hardest in the whole game by far.
13.1: Play the level as you would normally. To the left of the end portal there is a digger bomb spawn. Grab it, then jump to the right of the end portal, aiming towards the little platforms against a wall. Plant the digger mine here, facing right, so it'll blow up the red switch. Run to the left where the digger bomb spawn is, wait for the red blocks to pop up, then follow them quickly.
16.1: This one is a major pain in the butt. Play the level as you would normally. When you reach the end portal, jump to the left and climb the column. There will be a ledge bomb spawn. Grab it, and head back to the start. Drop down to the start of the level, and replay it until you reach the first gap. Here, use the ledges to climb up to a little cove.
17.1: Play the level as you would normally. Near the end, there is a place where you have to dig a tunnel through some terrain above a pit full of lasers. Its just before the end portal. Here, place a digger bomb pointing upwards. Go to the left, and there'll be destroyable terrain against the left wall. Destroy it with the digger bomb, and proceed left.
18.1: The first part of the level goes like this: you drop down a long column, then go up another. This is repeated several times. When you're climbing up for the third time, there will be a fake wall in the top left. Go through it. Its the place where there are four power bars in a small cove below a moving laser.
20.1: Defeat the boss. Walk right past the portal, and climb up the column. Go left, and instead of dropping down the shaft with the power bars that leads back to the portal, go up the hole in the ceiling. Walk left and left and left until you reach a little cove. The level you unlock is by far the coolest in the whole game.

Hope it was useful! If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
Oh, and btw, I've completed every level and collected all the 500 power bars. I played it all through the night. I have issues.

The hit detection seems off.. perhaps it's just my laptop lagging, but it seems as if acid droplets will damage me if I jump over them, and the spider enemies can hurt me without touching me.

Jay, I fully agree that stories are not needed to make a game. (I mean think of the no. 1 game ever: tetris. No story at all, still the most fabolous game idea ever). My point is merly, if you are not ready to tell at least a medicore story, better don't do it all. I for one am tired of killing computer/robot overminds, saving girlfriends and escaping rooms... I just wonder why people feel that their game idea they are working on needs a story, otherwise it wouldn't be a fully game.

Or do they think, jump over some platforms to the level exit, wouldn't make a new game worth being, and make a ""new"" theme around it, and crank up a story within 10 minutes thinking about it?

Thank you Martin!

And Ensoul, thats true for me too, and I have a great computer.

Thanks a lot Martin! I was stuck trying to figure out how to get to 18.1!

I never thought of jumping into a wall, haha

anyone know what you get when you get all the secret zones? how about all the power cells? both?

Ok, here's what I found:

17.1 - Swarm: This is the last level in which I got all of the power cells. I dreaded it, and found it wasn't kind to me. However, with a little strategy, you can clear up much of the level at an early stage for easier avoiding of the wasp-bots. Kill all three wasp-bots up to the point where you get a chain reaction bomb, then backtrack and bomb through solid ground to hit the bots at the later parts of the level (you can get three to four bots doing this) and then continue as normal.

20.0 - Mother: Boss may seem somewhat difficult, but it's a cinch if you take the liberty of planting several bombs in right after you've damaged her the first time. This will cause bombs to sit there and blast a hole all the way through her armor when she rebuilds it AND damage her, so you can rush over and plant several more bombs in the same spot until she dies.

So now I've completed the game and have 500000 points. Somewhat irritating a game, but I couldn't resist the permanent score (providing you don't tell the game to erase it).

how do i controll the remote-controll spiders??
i know my english isn't so good because im a german

how do i get past level 7? the red platforms dont stay for long enough :(

LEVEL 18.1!!
i can't get it!!!
help me!

brian, you get nothing. hah. not even a congratulations screen, they still ask you "have you found them all?" or "did you collect all the powerbars?"

Not a big fan of Nitrome, but this is a fun platformer. Seems like most people get frustrated at dying then try to cop out by blaming the game mechanics. Didn't really find the game difficult at all, but some of the powerbars and secret levels were hard to get to.

how do you get the secret thing on 16? i can't find it!!!

I can't even manage to pass level 1... Heeeeeeeelp!!!

HEEELP. Im stuck on level 9.0. someone help me please.

How do you get past level 4? There seems to be no red portal in it.

Well actualy i found it but I CANT GET TO IT!

is level 10 possible. if yes, how


You can control the remote control spiders (if you mean the runner bombs)different ways. If you jump they will jump too, if you want to let them explode just duck and hit space.

Hope this helps.

If anyone could help with level 6, I'd appreciate it. The secret level is easy, but I get lost when

you're on the second level, using the platform bombs. I move up and to the left, but that only takes me to a drop back to the beginning of the level

Can someone tell me how to get to the secret level portal at the top of level 18? I can see it but dont know how to get to it.

anyone know how to get the items on level 10?

how do you kill the big foot boss ?

I'm mad at nitrome. I collected all of the powerbars and beat all of the secret levels, and had no reward. :(

I love most of the games on Nitrome. My sons, 4 and 6 love playing, have played all of them at least once and play their favorites over and over. This one is their favorite, they completed the 1st one and are up late night screaming their heads off, along with me, trying to complete this one. I noticed though, on one laptop, the wall jumps are easier to perform than doing it on our home computer, has anyone else noticed?

Sometimes after throwing bombs and trying to jump away, all of a sudden it slows down, causing the little guy to get hit.

LOL! I laughed at the comment of wanting to throw the computer out the window, yeah, that's us, banging the table out of frustration. But then we will cool off for awhile and then come back, it's that addictive!

Forgot to ask, how do you get past level 7 I think, the one with the pink walls that appear for a few seconds? My 4 year old was able to jump the 1st one and got to the pink stairs but then jumped into the acid pool. That one is difficult. Also, does anyone know if on level 2 secret level, if there are anymore levels? That computer head stated that there were more levels on it?

hey, I'm having problems with the first boss... I was wondering if there were any simple tips to beating it without dying! :-D. either way, thanks people!


I found the easiest way to beat the first boss was to plant as many bombs as possible in 5 secs on one side of the room, then run to the other side of the room whilst the bombs went off.

thanks fifi. btw, I just found a glitch on that level. When you go into the area, then the walls come down and the robot shows up, if you hurry and, in a way, 'trick it', you can go in and jump out right before the walls come down. Then the robot is in there and you aren't. The problem is, it doesn't do you any good! just thought I'd mention it,

YES!!! beat it! thank you again!

How do you pass level 17.1?

Hahaha you're most welcome :)
There are a couple of glitches in the game - a few times I've found myself crouching in midair on an invisible platform...

any advice for level 15? I seem to trap myself with the bridge-type thing I am trying to make...

At the start of the level?

Remember you can place digger bombs on walls so they bomb sidewise

I'm up to level 20 and I found all the secret spots except the one on level 18. It seems impossible to reach. Help!


It is in a wall that you can jump through next to the spot with the laser and the energy cylinders.

Just finished the game! I FOUND AN EASY PEASY WAY TO BEAT MOTHER!! Basically just get really close to her and stay still release a few bomb and (if you are positioned right)you will hurt her. Keep doing this as soon as she rebuilds her wall even when shes firing lazers/droping metal stuff. I beat her in 30secs with FULL health :)

Good Luck!

i found secret level 18
when you see the blue port above you half way level 18, you can see that this blue port is surrounded by walls. but the right wall isn't a wall, so you can walk through that wall...
just jump through it and you'll pass through

All I can say is that I was really disappointed with the final boss, "Mother".

I was expecting some giant robot or something but all we got was this turret that shoots a laser and the occasional bit of random debris at you. Plus, she's way too easy to beat if you can memorize her patterns.

I found out a really easy to beat 'mother'

When you blow up the heart once, and it is flashing red you can lay another bomb inside that will blow up after the boss re-grows, so you can get to the heart faster the next times

hey can someone please help me with level ten, the bigfoot thing?! i have no idea how to kill it, all i can do is reduce its health bar to about half, then im usually dead by then.

I find the second bossfight easier than the first. The first one is pretty random and that makes it really hard. The second one just takes a certain pattern though. Just constantly place a bomb and jump all the way to the top right corner for the laser. (it's a safe spot). The other attacks are pretty easy to avoid.

i cant seem to get to the bonus level door in level 18

can anyone help me with that?

I cant get past 2.1 as I dont know how to get the 3 things you need to pick up right at the bottom of the level across the radioactiveness

oh yeah! i finished this game last night but i only discovered 2 secret levels. help? x

Ugh, highscores got reset, so now I can't get on there (without completing the game on a different computer) as it won't let me re-send my score. And Dav is in first place. ^_^ Man, I'll always remember all that competing we did for first place in Hot Air 2...

Hydra the game is so hard for me yet a lot of people can do this with ease.
Have you beaten the game?

( i have up to level ten and 2 secret levels only)

P.S your stiil my friend on youtube

Hello Hydra! Good to see you again :)

I've just found this page. I was starting to think Jayisgames hadn't given Toxic II a review.

I liked the game, but hated the


I think Swarm (maybe 17.1) was the hardest level.

This is one of the few big Nitrome games I have actually done without the help on here :)

Yes Blechy, I've completed the game with all available points. ^_^ And I remember that you're on my buddy list. I need to add some more videos lol... especially that last Paganitzu one.

Ugh, 17.1 is definitely the hardest level in the game. Enemies that chase you, platform bombs (so unreliable), it's tough enough even if you do it the cheap way and pre-bomb those that you can. I found that level and only came back to it after I had gotten the rest of the levels completed.

I've never used help on any of the games, so I still need to complete Numbskull (difficult), Mutiny (irrating), 3 more levels of In the Dog House, and most of Mallet Mania (plain old yuck), then I'll have completed all of the games.

You can set off runners by ducking and pressing space

A great tip for versing mother.

When she regenerates, throw as many bombs as possible, but avoid being instantly destroyed when she regenerates.

I completely completed this game including the power cells.

I need more this was so easy !

I found almost all of the secret levels. On most of them, the monsters and the other things that make the secret levels challenging show up, but not on all of them (take, for example, the lasers that speed up a bomb blowing up). I haven't figured out if you're able to blow up the huge spider-bots in Arachnophobia.

P.S. Bookworm, I played it through Thanksgiving.

You can blow them up, but then the stationary lasers which are above them will no longer deflect off them and you will not be able to pass without taking a hit. It's better just to go under them when they are at the top.

You guys who are complaining just stop.
It's not that bad and just because you die easily you can't blame ntrome for it. Maybe you just have no skills.

By the way the game was so extremely easy i don't seewhy yo complain. I barelly died in the first levels. The only ones that gave me a hard time were the bonus areas.

i have got everything except for the bonus level on 18.1. i know where it is but can not find a place to get above the pipes.

I need help with level one!

Oh how embarrassing.

to adee,
you have to go through a wall! here's a link to watch it being done x

Will, I did manage to blow one up, and I saw what you pointed out: the lasers did block your path. It is better just to leave them alone and pass under them.

Bethy, there is a shortcut on level one.

Place a bomb so it hits the computer. Get on the computer, read the text, and then wait for the gate to open. Right before the acid, jump up onto the left wall. Once you are sliding down on it, press right. You will be standing right next to the exit!

Ah, how I enjoy toxic 2. I love the 'regenerating' bomb thing. It makes sure that if you took the 5 bombs at the wrong time, or used them wrong, you can use them again. Of course, the puzzling isn't as much anymore, but that wasnt intended anyway(?)

It glitches some, and the story was over-used and definitely not needed, but most of the game has been running smoothly. (The not-loading was because my internet sucked)
A great game overall, although the pink-matter-creator (that summons things you can jump on ect. for a period of time) sometimes lasts longer then the other time. I've been able to walk past the pink substance 2 times without jumping for it disappears. Other times, it disappears half-way the first time (yes I started running at the same time).

I cant get past the first boss, though. I'd enjoy some help, the ones posted before me didnt help much. Thanks in advance!

Wow Im lucky! Right after posting my previous comment, I beat the first boss.

My advice?

Run around, until you find his jumping pattern. Just run around throwing bombs at the places he's yet to jump, and the place right thereafter (For if the first places bombs went off too soon), and put more then one, put about 3 next to each other, so that even if he jumps, he can still be hit when he's not that high in the air by the one most left/right. Run around and avoid his tactics.

Once he starts slowly walking put ALOT of bombs. He'll only get hit by one or two, but its deffinatly worth it, as thats his 'down time'

17.1: when you go up and get the digger bombs, go back and you can clear the bugs that you see through the walls by just placing the bombs and waiting. there is one that you can't get this way. just get the ledge bombs and go across the green stuff until it chases you. go back up the hole you dug and get some more diggers. now use these to blast that last bug (it should be pressed up against the wall) now the path to the end is totally clear (yawn)

I made it all the way through! With all hidden levels, getting all 500 power cells.

Didn't submit my highscores though, cause' it' just 500000 and there's already 100 such scores submitted so why bother :)

Honestly, the Mother is just a piece of cake, probably it's even easier to pass her than a pre-boss (a giant jumping robot).. Because it's really easy to avoid laser (just quickly jump all the way up and than land on the opposite side and start bombing her again) and falling objects (just watch out)...

But I really like the game in general. I'm a big fan of Nitrome, but Toxic2 is probably one of their best games!

you know the level select screen in toxic 2?
What do you click?

Oh men i can't finish level 18 and i see the portal of level 18.1 but i can't reached it somebody help me

Really enjoyed that, albeit occasionally in a bludgeoningly obsessive manner.

The one thing that's bugging me is that I'm unable to get the bottom Power Cell halfway through secret level 16.1 (Marathon Man.) As soon as it is collected, and I attempt to wall jump back up to the conveyer belt, I bounce off the 45 degree part of the opposite wall which sends me back down towards the toxic sludge. Am I being obtuse or is my timing off?
(I am quite old :)

How do you do level 1?

JIguest... I bet you mean how to get the red computer face to talk to you? Plant a bomb near it. When it goes off, it'll be green. Walk toward the computer and he'll tell you the rest. If you need help with controls, look for the 'how to play' button on the menu.

First of all I think most of the game on nitrome are good but very challenging. toxic 2 is also very hard. but... I have won it and all but two bonus areas, and found all bonus areas

the bosses aren't really that hard they aways do a pattern

for "big foot" when he does a high jump don't move he WILL hit you, then just move with him

for "the mother" do one bomb then do really fast jumping to the top to avoid lazer, when the debris falls just get in between them the debris always hit the same place, the missiles are really easy just jump
you can either just win, or go to the top and do "bonus area"

I'm having trouble with the levels involving the pink temporary platforms--they stay for an unpredictable amount of time.

The same one, for example, might last for long enough to make it, and other times the same switch won't even allow me enough time to run across. Is there something I'm doing to turn them off prematurely?

i think this game is great! i have almost beat the game. i've been playing for a loooooong time. it's really hard.

I got 13.1. to do it:

over to the left of the pink exit is the digger bomb. get them and go over to the right of the pink exit. there is a loose platform. jump off there to the power cells and plant a digger bomb towards the trigger. jump to where you saw the hidden zone. there will be a pink bridge to there.

Good Luck!!!

Wow. I find this game entertaining, if a little classic. Unfortunately, I find myself stuck on level ten, with the big, hopper robot thingy. How do you beat it? I can avoid it for a while, but then I get nailed by my own bombs! Embarassing!

I'm also stuck on two of the secret levels--6.1 and 9.1. In 6.1, what are those laser things that only shoot when you've planted a digger? I don't quite get it--are they the ones who activate it, or are they trying to stop it?
In 9.1, I realize that bombs explode into pipework while on the grid, but beyond that I'm lost. Help?

My Thoughts...

I like Toxic 2 a lot more than toxic, it has better frame rate, better levels (and hidden levels), it is more challenging and has a great feel to it.

The only thing I dont like is the last boss, it is way to easy to beat. You can plant a bomb right next to the heart and still have time to escape before it fixes itself.

Other than that, it is a great game!

Ive completed it. Finally, but Jay, Why is it so hard to find toxic 2 from the homepage.

If you put it in your favorites, it'll appear on every page. :)

Jay, it might not be relavent to toxic 2, but why dont you do driving games. eg: nitrome's flipside, or miniclips, formula G1.

[Edit: We already featured Flipside in a Link Dump Friday, and we do review driving games if they're good enough. Please submit your suggestions using the game submit form, and we'll take a look. Thanks! -Jay]

How to get to the secret levels.
Level 2: Wall jump to the top of the level. There will be a gap between pipes. Jump up into it and walk right. Drop into the blue portal.
Level 6: Go past the spiders and then there will be green wall, blow it up and walk through.
Level 7: Get the ledge bombs and move to the right jump up and move left at the top, carry on. Level 9: Just before the level end drop down and move to the right.
Level 12: Jump to the exit, but instead of going into the exit go onto the left ledge and blow up the blue wall.
Level 13: Jump over to the left of the exit, where there is the digger bomb. Get some and go over to the right of the exit, where there is a loose platform. Jump off there to the power cells and plant a digger bomb towards the trigger. Jump to the digger bombs. There will be the bridge to the hidden zone.
Level 16: Get to the exit but jump on the left of it and climb to the top, there are ledge bombs. Drop down to the start and walk to the gap between the first round of tanks and the second. Ledge jump up to the top and the secret level is there.
Level 17: Do the level properly but when you reach the massive green wall, go on top and walk left, you'll understand what to do then.
Level 18: Jump up the massive wall with the little spikes. Jump through the wall on the left, right at the top.
Level 20: After defeating mother, jump up the walls on the right to the top. Hope it helps.

I had a lot of trouble getting the lowest power cell on level 16.1 and just wanted to leave a tip for anyone having the same problem. You need to do a little return jump to the right before you can grab the left wall. So, slide down to the last power cell, jump up, but keep to the right, and then jump left.

can anyone tell me how to use the runner bombs to my advantage in level 12.1? Theres a pink switch to activate the hidden steps visible, but it has toxic drains in front of it, and the runners dont reach it because of the gaps. Only way ive been able to activate the switch is to just run through the toxic drains, sacrificing part of my life.

Easy way to beat bigfoot boss:

Go all the way to the left. Now, climb this wall to the very top. to do this, you must jump on to the wall, press right, and then quickly press left again so you have moved up the wall. Another way of doing this is by holding left, and then tapping right to climb up the wall. This is a technique which works in many levels. When you reach the top of the screen, go on to a flat surface and drop bombs down to the floor where bigfoot is. Keep doing this until it dies. If you don't get up the wall the first time, try, try, again!

This is a spoiler for the level 18 secret level.

When you're climbing up on one place, there is a wall that you don't jump on. Try to get though it. I think you will find it very TRANSPARENT. Lol. You go right through it. Hope this helps. :) It is the third column, I think. It is near the 3 glowing rods and the moving laser. I think.

If you look at the acid drops, they have splash. And yes, they do hurt you, including the splash part.

I love this game. I get some things thatp oeple are saying they dis;liek abotu this game, but the thing about getting hurt by your own bombs because they are too big radius and slipping... I don't have this at all.

I mean a few times I've been hit by my bombs because it was unavoiable because I painted myself into a corner but still.

I am finding the first boss hard, but y'know I haven't worked on it much and I usually get stuck at nitrome a bit of the way in, then come back like a good few months later and find it way easier.

JIGuest: Have you got to level 19? If not, you can make the runner jump by pressing up.

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