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PsychotronicLoops of ZenWelcome to Loops of Zen. Here at Loops of Zen, your worries shall be forgotten. Nothing will threaten you at Loops of Zen. This is Loops of Zen. You don't need to win at Loops of Zen, but if you wish, you can ascend to higher and higher levels of complexity. This is Loops of Zen. Rotate pieces by clicking on them. When no more loose ends remain, you will enter a new realm of consciousness. That realm is a new level of Loops of Zen. There are 50 levels in Loops of Zen, but is it necessary to experience them all? That depends on you. This is Loops of Zen. Did you know that Loops of Zen is different every time you play? That may be the best thing about Loops of Zen. The best thing about Loops of Zen may also be the loops. Or the zen. Or the loops of zen. Welcome to Loops of Zen. This is Loops of Zen.

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I love this game. I got through a bunch of levels last night before I went to bed. It is interesting to be able to get so many loose ends to come together. It is a very relaxing and mesmerizing game to me. The music is great too.

Wait, what is the name of this game?

Anyone else having Zombo com flashbacks?

I love how the first time I played this game, I tried to get through the levels as quickly as possible. About fifteen levels in, I realized the irony in this.

Reminds me of one of my favorite games, Net (http://jayisgames.com/archives/2005/01/net.php), but different enough to be fun in it's own right.

It would have been nice if, like Net, I could lock a piece and mark it when I was sure it was in the correct position.

Jai: Yes! I immediately started hearing the review in my head in the zombo com voice!

Ahem. Now to go play the game...

That's addictive... just clicking, and clicking, and clicking, and then... harmony. I'm not finding it easy, but I'm also not finding it very frustrating. So far, at least, it seems to be well balanced.

Casual gaming at its most honest.

I'm at level 8 at the moment and it seems pretty impossible, but surely I'll solve it just after posting this :)

I think it should definitely be an entry of the "Simple idea" category of this year's JIG-award contest.

This is Loops Of Zen. Play Loops of Zen. You can do anything at Loops of Zen.
Except quit, of course.

There was a brainteaser game quite a while ago and one of its categories was almost the same as this game. It's very zen-like. With the larger more complex stages the best thing to do are the borders first.

-good music
-simple but clean graphics
-randomly generated playfield

-no visual help to determine which tile you are rotating
-no possibility to lock or mark a tile as correct.

I'm playing Net (http://jayisgames.com/archives/2005/01/net.php), it's still the best 'rotate the tiles'-game

This is Loops of Psychotronic.

This game is cool, but pretty easy.

There's always something on the edge that can ONLY go one way. So you just work from there.

Challenging and relaxing. That sounds like an oxymoron but it's true.

I'm at level 12... How many more before I reach Nirvana?

There's 50 levels overall
I find these games oddly frustrating and yet I really feel the need to complete them.

Good game. I love the atmosphere the music sets. Wish the difficulty ramped up, though.

:goes off to play net:

Not bad, though the later levels take ages to complete. I suppose the zen is in that if you make it through all 50 levels without killing anyone or smashing your monitor, then you've reached inner peace.
Me, I have just one to go.

Awwww, he didn't mention my name in the review... :(

Anyway, I'm going add to what is already said

-good music
-simple but clean graphics
-randomly generated playfield (that you can reset, go left and right)

-no visual help to determine which tile you are rotating
-no possibility to lock or mark a tile as correct
-Doesn't get any harder after level 14. Once you figure out how to solve it, it doesn't change much.
-Lack of tiles. There are only 5 tiles.

Anyway, good game, not great. Boring and monotonous after a while.

I found it very relaxing and actually managed to sit and finish all 50 levels, not many games capture me like that.

Oh no.... not zombo. I can't believe I forgot about that marvel.

I really like the crisp graphics in this game.

It feels like I played this game before... oh yeah, this puzzle game idea has been around online for so long that there are dozens of clones, and this one doesn't really have anything to set it apart from the rest.

Love it. Not too original, but.. still great. Level 10 is where it gets hard. =D

Does anybody else find the music a bit creepy? Specifically some of those backward bass parts... It's hard for me to be relaxed when every once and a while the music starts making me cringe.

I like this game - not too challenging, but catchy. Playing it is very meditative - probably the reason for the "Zen" :-)

Hints (If you need them):

Start from edges and work your way in. There's only one way to positions some tiles (straight bars, three-way-junctions) at the edges.

When most tiles are connected, "push" the remaining ends together, even if this temporarily makes more free ends. - Two ends close to each other are easier to massage into joining than ones far apart.

Does anyone else have an issue at higher levels 35+ where the mouse no longer really matches what tile you're clicking because they're too small?

50 levels? it appeared to "reset" at 30 -- got very large again.

Very interesting and unique puzzle concept.

I'm just of piece away from completing level three!

My two gripes about this game are the aforementioned lack of a lock/mark as correct option, and the fact that as soon as I finish making order out of chaos, it goes and gives me a new set of chaos, without so much as a by-your-leave, and what's worse, without letting me admire my handiwork. I want to admire my handiwork. Is that wrong?

I don't like this game, especially when theres no save option. The game restarts everytime i have a lag because i need to refresh :d and theres too many levels, which will be boring soon, gave up on the badge,and must be original...

@LS: There's really two sets of levels. 1-30 and 31-50. The creator added the last 20 levels to the game at some point after he initially released the game. Those last 20 levels apparently use a different level generator. It seems that there's more of those "end loops" in the second set of levels.

@Panda_Man: you can go through levels you've already solved with the left and right arrow keys.

I'm getting the problem with the mouse being offset from the tiles too. It seems to happen after level 30. Looks like the game is written for Flash 7, but I'm using Flash 9.

Still. Very relaxing and addictive.

[Edit: If you would like to suggest a game, please use the link at the top of this page. -Pam]

In response to those of you complaining about the lack of an option to "lock" tiles in place, I'm certain you'd find such a feature quite counterproductive in the larger levels (20-30 and 40-50 and beyond). It would be an extreme pain to unlock dozens of tiles due to two loose ends at opposite ends of the board. The game insists on a loose, organic equilibration of the system; there is no single correct solution to any puzzle.

Also note: there seem to be more levels up now. Just finished 50 and am continuing on to 51. It's a 20x20 grid, ~30% dead-end loops.

This is a very different concept, I like it.

I like this! A very relaxing, leisurely puzzle with a fairly original concept. The spartan design and soothing music is a real plus. One slight complaint, in the later levels as more and more parts appear, they get smaller and smaller to fit on the screen, and it can get a little eye-straining.

I'm up to level 43 and I haven't thrown my keyboard at my moniter yet! I've felt like doing that many times, though.

You all missed another way to shave time off solving, look at all the immobile + sections and (especially if they contain 1 or more - sections) work outwards from that. And the ¬ sections can only work in two ways as well. Start with these two before moving to the corners, because I usually find there's only one way to make this portion connect to the rest of the puzzle without upsetting other surrounding pieces. Its especially noticeable if you have a lot of + shapes together in one area.

review makes me think of zombocom :D

This game is a blatant copy of Colourshift, but with less features. You should really give it a try if you like this game, since it features multiple colors of pieces which adds another layer of complexity.

outcastorange Colourshift came after this one.

If you really like this game and make it to Level 51...

play it as many times as you want. It changes every time, even though the level number doesn't change.

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