Link Dump Friday

Link Dump Fridays

JohnBLook into my eyes. THESE eyes: O_O You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy. Soon, you will be under my complete control. Ok, you are under my complete control. Now I will snap my fingers and you will continue reading this screen. Then you will click and play every game below. And you will enjoy each one. Snapping my fingers........ NOW!

  • icon_lightbot.gifLight-Bot - Isometric games for the win! Light-Bot is a simple logic-based puzzle game where you "program" the robot to do tasks, one move at a time. Line up tiles on the grid at the right, then click "go" to set them in motion. Your goal is to light up all the blue squares. Highly addictive, though a bit repetitive later on in the game.
  • icon_maverick.gifMaverick - Who needs to move their legs and burn all those calories when you can unload your six shooter to jump around? That's the idea behind Maverick, a short but entertaining arcade-style game from jmtb02. Use the mouse to aim and fire, utilizing momentum to push yourself around the levels.
  • icon_castlerun.gifCastle Run - A fun little exploration-based platformer by Mateusz Skutnik. Run around each screen collecting coins (which double as health), avoiding hazards, flipping switches and collecting keys to alter the scenery.
  • icon_detonate2.gifDetonate 2 - Bombs! Use the cursor to grab bombs the guy at the top of the screen tosses out and smack them together to cause them to explode. Neat power-ups like the flame add to the fun-type carnage.
  • icon_gardenmaster.gifGardenmaster - Like Tetris, only you can complete lines horizontally or vertically, and instead of boring blocks you get flowers! The goal is to work the blue flowers to where they touch. Click to drop shapes and use the [spacebar] to rotate them. GARDENMASTER!, indeed.
  • icon_extremetrucks.gifExtreme Trucks - A physics-based "racer" where you pilot a monster truck through rough terrain. Loads of fun barreling through ramps and bumps in the road hoping you'll come out in one piece. My only issue (other than having to take my hands off the keyboard to click "continue") is that it seems a bit too easy to crash. Or maybe I'm just really bad at the game?


12537 on Gardenmaster! :)

Gardenmaster: If you clear horizontal and vertical rows at the same time you get bonus (and multiple rows at a time).

Maverick was a pleasant surprise.

A request: I accidentally:

shot the pig before reading through its first paragraph of speech

Playing through the whole game a second time doesn't seem worth it. Could someone quote what I missed here?


Does something special happen if you come close to it without shooting it?

As a code monkey in training, Light-Bot is EXTREMELY satisfying. If only debugging was really that easy :(

But there's one thing I'd like added into Light-Bot: an if-else statement that makes recursion possible, then levels requiring recursion :)

Maverick ending

ERROR 44009 (4 deaths) - did anyone get anything different?

Darn, I'm stuck on the level where there's two blue tiles on opposite sides of a raised structure. I just replayed all the levels before it, and it's level 10.

Muahahahaha. The music for Detonate 2 is also used in Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2. I have to fight to keep my fingers from maniacally smashing A, S, D, and the arrows.

Cool, I finished Light-Bot. This game has good potential for a fuller version with more programming concepts (like the if-else statement, for loops, etc.) in it, and a level editor.

By the way, I thought the second-to-last level was harder than the last one. And level 10 was even harder. Maybe I was making it harder than it really is.


The pig said (paraphrasing): "Go back to the start, and I've left a present there for you. I've inverted gravity to help you."

Anyone help me out with level 9 on lightbot?

Finished Maverick.

300,000 bullets later...

I hate you, magical talking pig.

Light-Bot is terrible, I spent so much time playing it instead of studying Analysis.
I agree that levels 10 and 11 are probably the hardest ones, 12 was a piece of cake compared to them.
I ended with 191 commands but it's probably way too many, in the earliest levels I didn't use the functions if I could help it.

@LSN I was also stuck on level 10 of lightbot, but finally I found out a way to do it:

Create a routine to get from the startpoint to a tile in the middle of the map. Then work your way to the leftmost blue tile, light it, and jump back to the startpoint, which should be next to you. Repeat routine, and hopefully you will have enough slots left to get to the second blue tile at the right. I used the space in the second "function" for this last part.

Lightbot is great! If only there were more levels...

Dear JohnB,

You are indeed just bad at this game. Haha.


Tell me there's a way to turn the music off in Maverick.

Sigh. I got to the pig, came back and I didn't get anything. I had 27 deaths. It said maybe next time I can get the present.

Looks like you need to do it under a set limit of deaths.

Ugh, Light-bot Lv 9 -_-

I'm SURE I've got some redundancy in here, I just can't figure out where it is. As it stands, I have either 4 commands too many or there are repeatable patterns I'm just not seeing -_-


Stand on a high square. F1 = jump,light,forward,light,jump,light,turn right. Repeat 4 times

Any help with 10 would be greatly appreciated!!!

I have writted down a path to look for repeat patterns but I just don't see it.

Leonard, I'm in the same boat. So far I've found some, but only managed to pare my main method down to 20 steps. I suspect that

possiby using junk commands (such as telling the robot to walk when facing a wall) in order to lengthen congruencies between parts of the program

might be the key. Or I could be completely wrong.

Okay, one of you claimants to having passed Light-Bot L10 needs to fess up. There's no exploitable pattern that isn't already too long to fit.

I'm going to claim it's a hack until someone comes in here and proves otherwise. Broken Game!

Okay, nevermind. It's just BARELY possible to do L10 if you shoehorn the right tasks into the right functions.

Some of the "go out from the center & light the blue square" tasks can be "functionized", and others cannot.


Castle Run is quite cute - adorable even!

Light-Bot is a nice concept, but oh, that interface - makes doing each level a chore. I got tired of dragging all of those arrows around (typing the code in by hand would probably be faster!) and stopped before the levels got difficult - with no save feature, there's no way I'm going to back through those easy levels.

I agree about the interface for Light-Bot. I wanted to just CLICK on the icons to place them next in line in the program, instead of having to DRAG them into place. Seemed much more like a chore as the levels progressed.

did maverick remind anyone else of Yosemite Sam?

Biggest problem with Maverick is that you're given a game where you have to have fast reflexes and are constantly clicking all over the place lightning-fast... but the game is in a small box on the page, so unless you open the swf up by itself, you're probably going to die MANY times by accidentally clicking outside of the game window.

Jay - that's true, but being able to drag them around makes it much easier to rearrange if you need to modify your program.

Anyway, for those of you having problems with level 10, here's how I did it

This is of course assuming that Lvl 10 is the one with the 2 targets on opposite ends of the weird wall... it's been a few hours since I played ;)

Go for the "back" target first". Call F1 right away and within F1, put enough commands to get you to the far edge of the wall... if I recall correctly it should be something like

FORWARD, FORWARD, FORWARD, JUMP, TURN LEFT, JUMP, JUMP. The last control slot should be left blank

then call F2 to get you as far as possible to the blue goal. I don't remember if you can reach it or not from F2... you might have to continue from the main program.

continuing in the main program, light the "back" goal, turn left, jump down, and turn left again. You should now be in the same position you started in.

Now call F1 again. Then use the rest of the slots to get to the "front" goal and light it. There should be either 0 or 1 slot left over.

Hope I remembered that all correctly!

zxo - Maybe I should have said "in addition to" as with a shortcut, and not "instead of", because I agree there is utility in dragging the icons. :)

Well, infinite loops are possible in Light-Bot, but they don't allow you to complete the level (it doesn't register it as completing since the program is still running, I guess).

I just completed level 10 also at the same time that zxo was making his post apparently. here is the exact sequence:

F1: jump, jump, walk, walk, walk, light.

F2: right, f1, right, f1, right, f1, right, f1.

Main method: F1, jump, left, F1, F2, jump, left, jump, left, walk, right, F1.

I won't be surprised to learn there is a shorter solution. I may revisit this after i beat the other levels and try to figure one out. This one uses all 12 main method slots.

I don't think level 10 can be done much shorter, although I'll certainly try to myself. And actually Twee, your solution is shorter than zxo's by one F1 slot.

Having trouble on level 11 now. :(

yow - Only inasmuch as I died 26 times.


If you get all the way to the pig without killing it, it tells you that it's left a present for you at Level 0, and you have to go all the way back up. It then reverses gravity "to make it easier."

Now, I wonder what happens if you make it through without dying?

For those stuck on lvl 10 of Light-Bot:
Here's some hints to get you to the conclusion:

Make one of your functions get you to the center.

Get the Left Blue Square first

After getting the first Blue Square, jump back down and align yourself in the starting position, then run the center function.

You don't have to use the stairs

If you couldn't understand the hints or just want a nice easy way to get past it, here ya go, my solution to the level:

Main = F1, Turn Left, Jump, Turn Left, Forward, Turn Right, Jump, Forward, Forward, Light, Turn Left, F2
F1 = Forward, Forward, Forward, Jump, Turn Left, Jump, Jump (Gets you to the center)
F2 = Jump, Turn Left, F1, Turn Right, Jump Jump, Forward, Light

Nevermind, I figured out the solution to level 11:

F1, Jump, Right, F1, Jump, Right, F1
F2, F2, Left, Jump, Left, F2, F2, Right
Light, Forward, Light, Forward, Light, Forward, Light, Forward

I've completed Lightbot, and really enjoyed it. 181 commands. I'm going to try to whittle that down some, since I am pretty sure I under-used functions on some of the earlier levels, and possibly on level 12.
My wish list for this game: more levels (player-created levels maybe?).
The ability to replay a level without going through the whole game again in order. When I drag a command from the play field over another one that they switch places.
I'll have to check out CoolioNiato's other games now. Good stuff!

Lightbot: 177 commands, and I am so done with that!

I've played through Light-Bot and optimized the programming as much as I could, getting 177 moves (which leads me to think that both Twee and I have in fact optimized it as much as it can be), and here's my programming for each level:

Level 1:

Walk, Walk, Light

Level 2:

Function 1, Function 2, Walk, Function 2, Function 1, Walk, Light
Function 1:
Walk, Right
Function 2:
Walk, Left

Level 3:

Walk, Jump, Jump, Walk, Left, Function 1, Function 1, Function 1
Function 1:
Light, Walk

Level 4:

Walk, Jump, Jump, Walk, Right, Function 1, Function 1, Walk, Light
Function 1:
Walk, Walk

Level 5:

Jump, Function 1, Walk, Function 1, Jump, Jump, Jump, Light
Function 1:
Walk, Walk, Left

Level 6:

Walk, Jump, Jump, Right, Jump, Jump, Light, Jump, Right, Function 1, Function 1
Function 1:
Function 2, Light, Right, Right, Function 2
Function 2:
Walk, Walk, Walk

Level 7:

Function 1, Right, Walk, Right, Function 1
Function 1:
Function 2, Function 2, Function 2, Function 2, Function 2, Function 2, Function 2, Function 2
Function 2:
Light, Walk

Level 8:

Jump, Walk, Light, Function 2, Function 2, Function 2, Right, Function 2, Light
Function 1:
Function 2, Light, Right, Function 2, Light
Function 2:
Walk, Walk

Level 9:

Jump, Left, Jump, Function 1, Function 1
Function 1:
Function 2, Function 2
Function 2:
Light, Jump, Light, Walk, Light, Jump, Right

Level 10:

Function 2, Jump, Left, Function 2, Function 1, Jump, Left, Jump, Left, Walk, Right, Function 2
Function 1:
Right, Function 2, Right, Function 2, Right, Function 2, Right, Function 2
Function 2:
Jump, Jump, Walk, Walk, Walk, Light

Level 11:

Function 1, Jump, Right, Function 1, Jump, Right, Function 1
Function 1:
Function 2, Function 2, Left, Jump, Left, Function 2, Function 2, Right
Function 2:
Light, Walk, Light, Walk, Light, Walk, Light, Walk

Level 12:

Walk, Jump, Function 1, Function 2, Light, Function 1
Function 1:
Function 2, Right, Function 2, Right, Function 2, Right
Function 2:
Light, Jump, Light, Jump, Light, Jump

I used Twee's solution for level 10, and the last 3 levels might be optimized more.

I think I finished Light-Bot with my commands in the 180s range. My solution for 10 consisted of

a function that allowed for a zig-zag path even with a reachable barrier. It was something like forward, left, jump, forward, right, jump. I went for the right tile first, and I *think* (but I can't remember now) that I only used the second function as "extra space" after the main function was filled up.

Scored 7779 on Detonate 2. Had to lose on purpose because I've got other stuff to take care of. Otherwise, it was pretty darn easy.

Second highest score was 3022.


I think killing the bomb-copter thing gives you 50 points. Does this even need a spoiler tag?

Detonation 2 got pretty boring for me around 1000 when I discovered...

That if you just spam clicking on the bomb copter you'll pop any white bombs and keep all the black bombs on top of it, and slam any red bombs against it. It's impossible to lose like this. D:

Around 1500, I decided it clearly wasn't getting any more difficult and let the, like, 20th copter kill me.

I am not a programmer....once I realized that you could nest/embed functions within each other the game made a lot more sense. I had a lot of fun with this...maybe I should learn some coding languages. :-)

Light bot was pretty good

I literally got stuck on Maverick. I somehow blasted myself halfway through a floor, and then I couldn't get out.

First rule of programming optimization is: If you think you're done, you're not. :)

So the LightBot total score by ThemePark/Twee was 177:

3,11,10,11,11,19,15,16,14,26,23,18 == 177

New total is 166:

3,10,9,11,11,18,13,15,14,21,23,18 == 166

Here are my improvements. Biggest was avoiding the use of a one-off function in 10. ThemePark's level 12 was very good.

Level 2:

Main: L,F1,F2,F1,F2,Light
F1: F2,R
F2: Walk,Walk

Level 3:

Main: Walk,Hop,Hop,F1,L,F1,F1
F1: Walk,Light

Level 6:

Main: Walk,F1,R,F1,Light,Hop,L,F2,R,R,F2,F2
F1: Hop,Hop
F2: Walk,Walk,Walk,Light

Level 7:

Main: F1,F1,R,Walk,R,F1,F1
F1: F2,F2
F2: Light,Walk,Light,Walk

Level 8:

Main: Hop,F1,Walk,F1,Walk,F1,F2,F2
F1: Walk,Light,F2
F2: Walk,Walk,Light,R

Level 10:

Main: F2,L,F2,Walk,F1,F2,L,F2,F1,Hop,F2
F1: R,Hop
F2: Walk,Walk,Walk,Hop,Light,L,Hop,Hop

I enjoyed LightBot very much; good game.

Nice job, nod. Except for the last 3, I was sure I had optimized all the levels as much as possible, as I had gone over them a few times. I will however challenge you. Your solution for Level 2 can be made even shorter.

Level 2:


Left, Function 1, Function 1, Light

Function 1:

Walk, Walk, Right, Walk, Walk

But I have to say that the improvement on Level 3 is well spotted. :)

Also, I must admit that my solution for Level 8 was wrong. It was supposed to be this:


Jump, Walk, Light, Function 1, Function 1, Function 1, Right, Function 2, Light

Function 1:

Function 2, Light, Right, Function 2, Light

Function 2:

Walk, Walk

So that cuts it down to 165 moves. It would be interesting if anybody can cut it further down.

LightBot can be done in 159 commands or fewer. The number of commands I've managed for each level so far are as follows:

3, 9, 9, 10, 11, 17, 13, 13, 14, 20, 23, 17

Recursive solutions are possible in Light-bot. I ended up using only one, as the second actually took two commands longer than the iterative solution.

164 commands, biggins has some better solutions. My counts are:

3, 9, 9, 10, 10, 16, 13, 13, 14, 26, 23, 18

seeing biggins counts

3, 9, 9, 10, 11, 17, 13, 13, 14, 20, 23, 17

my solutions of 5 and 6 are one command shorter, so it should be possible to go as low as 157.

I'm intrigued at the 20 commands solution on #10...

Level 10:

F1, forward, right, jump, F1, right, jump, jump, F2.

Function 1:
F2, left, F2.

Function 2:
forward, forward, forward, jump, light, left, jump, jump.

Level 12:

forward, jump, light, F2, F1, left, F2.

Function 1:
light, jump, light, jump, light, jump, right.

Function 2:
F1, F1, F1.

Please let me know if I've typed them up wrong and they don't work.

Good stuff!

I forgot to post mine:

Finished Light-Bot with 186, but didn't use functions in the first few levels. I couldn't be bothered to figure out how to use them until I absolutely had to. :) Level 10 was the hardest for me. I actually thought level 11 was easy. Walk a line, turn, walk a line, turn...etc. Hmmm. Guess it's all in how you look at it. Very fun, though. That would be a fun (and evil) one to have a level editor for.

I finished with 217 commands, However I wish they would have allowed for if/else statements. I had to use some of the help on here in order get past level 10. 12 was the easiest by far. 12 should have been 10 and 10 should have been 12. would have made more sense comparitively on the difficulty

janjan - many thanks for the strategy help! I knew what the idea was I just couldn't see which way to go.

Sigh of relief and I can move on now.


i've just completed it with 0 deaths, but unfortunately the ending is still the same, just with 0 deaths instead of like 10.000 :P

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