Magic Farm

Magic Farm

JohnBAah, gardening. One of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies one can undertake. There's nothing like planting flowers and watching them grow, especially when you get to sell them for loads of cash and smash gigantic snails with a shovel from time to time! This is the basic premise of Magic Farm, a resource management simulation along the lines of Grimm's Hatchery and Alice Greenfingers. As a magic-wielding gardener, you must plant, water, protect and raise a variety of flowers to sell for cash. You also have three basic skills that can be increased as you play, lending a delicious RPG flavor to the game.

magicfarm.jpgMonths ago, a young girl's parents set out to find the fabled Flower of Youth. No one has heard from them since, and a concerned villager sends word that he wishes to help. Hiring a detective to find them doesn't come cheap, though, and you must begin your gardening career to pay the bill and help find your parents.

Each round in Magic Farm consists of an arcade-style growing day and a much calmer buying/selling interlude. During the growing period you'll need to contend with a number of events as quickly as you can. Plants periodically need water, for example, and when the droplet icons appear below a plant, click it to deliver delicious H2O. Your garden variety of pests, such as slugs and bees, also make an appearance and must be clicked rapidly in order to send them packing. Flowers must be harvested, obviously, but that isn't as pressing as keeping plants safe and moist.

When the day is done it's time to sell your crop and stock up for the next day. You can sell individual flowers for a little gold, or arrange bouquets using pre-set templates (assuming you have the right flowers) for lots of extra cash. With money you can buy more water, upgrade your harvest bin or water bucket, and buy/plant new crops that fetch a higher price at market. After a few levels you'll enjoy the companionship and help from a dragon named Robin. Together you will travel from farm to farm, starting from scratch each time and discovering new enemies and plants along the way.

magicfarm2.jpgAnalysis: One of the best features of Magic Farm is its incorporation of RPG-style elements into the plot and gameplay. The girl and Robin have skills that can be increased over time, adding a low-level of customization to the game. The skills let you sell flowers for a higher price, buy things at a slight discount, and get faster at completing tasks such as dispatching enemies.

The biggest detractor in Magic Farm is its rather bland presentation and (mostly) uninteresting visuals. Some of the animated models move as if they were made of wood, and the game is missing a lot of little touches that could really make playing a better experience. A prime example of this is the bland, dated dialogue boxes that are nothing more than white text on a flat green background.

Despite its minor flaws, Magic Farm is an extremely engrossing game that has the ability to grab you from the get-go and keep you hanging in for more. Lacing role playing elements in casual games is gaining ground, and Magic Farm is a great example of the powerful addictive properties this can create.

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This game is great. Thanks, Jay. And BTW

First I'm first! LOL

Sorry for double post but I just discovered the

Big Fish Games Client!

I'm wondering, did you play all the game through?
Because I got as far as the 4th city only to discover that the game is impossible to complete because of a bug that didn't give you any holes to plant your seeds in.
That was a couple of weeks ago so they might have fixed it already, but it was still very disappointing. Not to mention all the other glitches and spelling/grammar mistakes I found while playing. I'm surprised you'd even feature this game, since it feels as if the creators didn't even put in the effort to finish the game properly.

Why is there a "macwin" tag when the game is only for windows?

That was a mistake, Yow. Thanks for pointing it out.

I had the pleasure of downloading this game a while back. In the beginning, there were a lot of bugs. However, with feedback from giveawayoftheday users, updates and bug fixes were made on a daily basis and the game tranformed from a half-completed idea to quite a fun, engaging game. The developers accepted and responded to all feedback, and must have worked like mad to fix the bugs and make the changes that were suggested. It has become an excellent game and I have spent quite a few hours enthralled by it. (yeah, I know that the dialogue leaves a bit to be desired, but I am willing to overlook it for the great gameplay.)

If you have the buggy version, just go to the website and download the new version. Don't uninstall the old, just install over it.

I have played this game through to what I believe is it's conclusion but there doesn't appear to be an ending to it. Any ideas?

I didn't get a real ending either. I assume level 5 of the challenge is it.

Hi, am stuck on magic farm, it says I have to get 10 of each fire flowers to hatch the dragon egg! have tried selling, 10 of each, planting 10 and working up, also 10 of fire's only it doesn't worl. help pls. cheers

hi, am stuck on getting 10 fire flowers, for hatching dragon egg? have tried all? help..
chezza. :-(

Fire plants grow at the final farm (the one with the yetis and ghosts.) Fiery red hearts grow at the second farm, I believe, as the final upgrade of the heart bush.

The more I think about it, the weirder this game sounds.

I'm stuck at challenge 5. It starts me off with no money... how am I supposed to buy plants if I don't have any money?! Anyone get this far yet? HELP!

You get money from hitting the bugs, until you have enough to plant your first plant.

Is it really end after level 5 challenge with no ending?
It's disappointing :(

You kill a lot of bugs and get one coin per bug at first, then buy your first plant at 75gold.

I'm stuck on stage 4 of 2 : bring me two of each of your best plant - I've grown two of each to maturity, but he doesn't accept them.

I have gotten through all five challenges and it seems the game is over with (a lackluster ending). My Question is, there seems to be another place to go, there is a bunch of buildings in the top right corner of the global map. Has anyone been there, can you even get there? What about May town? I am so confused!

Hi I'm at level 5 and is asking me for 20 of each of the best flowers wish one are those?

With a couple exceptions, the "best" flowers are always the biggest, crystally ones. They're the ones that don't start appearing until the plant is mature.

They really could have worded that a bit differently...For a moment I took it wrong and thought he meant ANY flowers.

After finishing Challenge 5 it just stops, no congratulations you've completed everything, nothing. Is this really the end? I kind of feel cheated.

I'm stuck with the requests.. I went back to the first village and the guy asked for 10 sevenpetals, which I already have, but there is no "here take it" option when I talk to the guy.

On the third island, or the ones with the pineapple loving folks, I was asked for 30 pineapples too, which I already have but there is no option to give it to them too.

Does anyone know why?

Hi! I'm stuck on 4th city (or what is it).. I have pay those 15000 to pirate captain, but now i don't know what to do.. I have gathered like 50 000 of coins, but it's little boring to do same thing all the time. Also, 3 city is still "glowing" and I can still play in it. Skills are level 18 in both cities.. What now???

I rescued the parents and finished doing all the challenges. When you go back to Farm 1, you talk to the parents and they say that they want you to complete school, but because you've gone so great, the school has arranged for you to these exams to get your diploma. So, I finished exam 1 (farm 1) and I went to the 2nd city with farm 2 and started exam 2. The 2 test says to bring 2 unique bellflower plants, 2 unique hear plants and 2 unique strawberry plants...

I have never encountered a unqiue plant during the rest of the game. Has anyone else gotten to this stage and if so, how the heck or when do you get the unique plants to grow?

I am on the 4th farm and I do not have Robin. When and where do you get Robin? Am I missing something?


'Unique' plants are just the ones that have matured to the final stage - the one where they will produce the 'crystally' (as someone else put it) or 'best' (as the game puts it) flowers. I'm sure you would have seen them before in the game, just not realised what they were.

Robin is the name of the dragon that runs around helping you on your farm. Are you sure you don't have him? That would be sad! :(

I also think I have finished the game.. but not sure. I finished the exam on the island.. Is that the last one? Because I can't find any other tasks if it isn't.. and it would be a real let down if that was the end.

Hi Ioz,

No I have never gotten Robin, when and where do you get him? Also, I got to what appears to be the last farm and suddenly, the game just ended, how do you ever get back to the first farm? Ireallt want Robin, but I have no idea how to find him.

thanks for the response. the thing is, i had two of the best flowers. and the person wouldn't take them. i've already finished the regular game part and now there's something about exams to get the diploma from the school. the 3rd test on farm two says to get 2 uunique flowers of each kind. so i thought best and unique must be different. maybe it is a glitch? i'm not sure. but thanks anyways

is the game is finished, after i joined the pirate for the party of geroge the dragon

please help thanks

I'm also stuck ater paying the Pirate King...they haven't came back with my parents yet and i'm a level 18 -_-'
what do i do? There's no stupid walkthrough! :(

I'm at level 29 and a bit confused. The girl's parents said there would be 4 exams (5 sections each exam) to her exams and I've only done 3. I got to the part where you join George the pirate dragon's party on the tropical island and seemingly I can't do the last part of the exam. Or is that really the end? I put all my gardens back in order and just keep playing endlessly, but there is no one in any of the towns to talk to anymore. Have I finished the game? I could swear there should be one more exam.

I'm trying to help the pirate king get
polly back. I went to the 3rd city and the canibal tribe leader has him and asked for 12 yeti sticks to make a cage. I have over 20 yeti sticks, but he doesn't have an option to take them...any ideas?

i'm also stuck at the Island, after I join the party with the Pirate, and I can't find anyone in any farm to finish the test, what should I do?

U can see the pirate, he stolen the dragon, u must give him 25000, but he won't give it back. And u must call another pirate to fight with him to take the dragon back. Oh, a lot of money....

I'm stuck with the requests.. I went back to the first village and the guy asked for 10 sevenpetals, which I already have, but there is no "here take it" option when I talk to the guy.

On the third island, or the ones with the pineapple loving folks, I was asked for 30 pineapples too, which I already have but there is no option to give it to them too.

Does anyone know why?

I am stuck getting the 12 yeti sticks to build the cage for the island guy to catch the pirates lost parrot. It says he needs 12 yeti sticks. I have 22 and no way to give them to him...

I am stuck at the end of the game I think. I am at the last exam but don't remember the challenge since my last save. Now there is no one in any of the towns to talk to. What is the last challenge of the exam?

I am stuck. I have completed level 23, take 20 of the unique (best flowers) of each kind. Now I am on 24, but I go to back to the first town and all the others and no one is there to greet me or give me any new challenge. I thought there were 25 challenges (levels).

Please advise?

I, along with other players of this game have found that there is no ending! I have played it through several times now and still no 'Ta Da' you have finished, No fanfare or anything else to indicate the game is finished. This is very frustrating.

To those who asked:

10 yeti sticks for the door is really 20 & 12 yeti sticks for the cage is 30 (I think).

30 pineapples are just the basic pineapples. You cannot add all three types up to 30.

If any one has a solution to the ending, I would love to know it.

How do you get to the exams? I finished the five challenges but no one is in any of the towns. Help!


I got to the end of the exam challenge thing on the second farm, where you have to give the guy 20,000 coins. I did that, and now there's nothing to do and noone in any of the towns. I haven't reached the "pirate party" or anything like that, have I somehow missed out a whole bunch of levels or is there some way of getting to them?

Right now I am at the point where I am trying to build my heart and fire plants up. (I'm trying to get the 10 of each kind of heart flower, as well as all of the flowers the pirate needs to hatch his egg.) Does it take an extremely long time to get the heart and fire plants to completely mature? I've gotten the heart and fire plant to mature to the second stage, but I just keep playing and playing and they aren't maturing to the third and last stage. (In fact, my strawberry plants won't make it to the second maturation either.) Am I doing something wrong or does it just take forever to get them to mature all of the way?? I'm starting to get bored doing the same thing over and over-I think I have over 150,000 coins now!

As for some other people who are having a problem giving the yeti sticks and pineapples and things. I found a glitch in the first game I downloaded that did that. I just had to restart my game and it wasn't a problem. (Yeah, I know it sucks to have to go through all of that again but otherwise you are permanently stuck.)

i just finished the 5th challenge of the third exam. (level 27 or 28) but i dont know where to go from here. it seems like the game is not finished. the last character i talked with is the pirate who came to the third island for a party. i thought i'll move on to the next exam but there is no next stage. :-(

I am back on the last island for the second task and now I am not allowed to harvest and I can't get robin to do it either we can only dispose of pests and water plants. Does anyone know how I can harvest?

i'm stuck at 4th city too, I gave 15000 coins to pirate king and I talked to a guy who is wearing white shirt and elbow on his shoulder. He disappeared I have 250000 coins now and my level is 22 I don't know what to do. Please help me.

For anyone still stuck on the 10 seven petals:

It's aren't the flowers he needs...

to Jodi
you get Robin at the beginning of the game. Mr. Gardiner asks for 50 coins. When you give them to him you must keep on talking to him, so you get Robin.
I think you better start a new game.

to Ivy_Luna
you don't have to harvest, you need the plants. When they are mature enough you have finished your task.

hello everyone what does "six of each kind of flower"means helpppppppp i am stuck up..what flowers do i have to bring

I am at Shadow Glen and have to raise 5,000 coins for the exam fee. Although I can plant and water I cannot harvest. What should I be doing, please? Thanks.

I apologise if this is repeated. I have just registered because the site is excellent. I have a query about Shadow Glen. My first task is to make the exam fee. I can plant and water but I cannot harvest. Starting again, I find I can make money by killing the pests but at between 5 and 10 per day this will take 400 days game time and hours real time. Is there another way, please? Thank you.

The fun was on for only 3 days. After challenge 5, the pirate is supposed to take you to your table, but there is nothing like that. I also feel cheated; there is not an end, not even a little sign saying "You're done, look no more".

I have a question. What exactly is a yeti stick? I'm sorry this might sound dumb but I'm really confused.

hi sweetie
6 kind of each flower means that you have to give them 6 chamomille flowers, 6 rainbow chamomille, 6 seven-petal, 6 red flowers, 6 of the second kind, 6 crystal flowers, 6 white roses, 6 yellow roses and 6 black roses.

to Lambella and Orchid Queen
Even when you can't harvest you can earn money. You buy plants, you grow them and you sell the plants. A fire flower is worth 925 coins when it has reached stage 3.

to cherie
the yeti's are in the 4th farm. they carry a stick. When you are asked to bring yeti sticks, they fall on the ground when you have killed the yeti. You have to pick them up. You will see a number, that's how many sticks you have yet. The final number apears in green and in a bit larger size than the red numbers that are counting.

I'm with the man in the white for the second exam and I've run out of water and it does not have an option to get anymore and you can not buy a fountain, watering hole, etc....

I haven't anymore plants, what do i do?
(exam with 6 red heart, 3 incarandine, and 1 fiery red)

to Tamara
go to the man and say that you want to quit this task, than go back to the man and say that you want to start so you can start over again whit that task.
You will have three plants, you sell two of them. One plant you can keep alive and harvest the flowers. You wait till their is only one drop left to give it water.

I, too, am confused if I have finished the game. I finished the "story", was told there were more adventures, completed those, was told there was still a challenge, completed it in the first town, and that is it. I read a lot of people talking about exams, but I haven't seen any of that. Any ideas?

Robin, you don't have the latest version of the game. The game has been upgraded. You can only play the exams in all five of the towns if you have bought the latest version.
On an other forum you can read:
"According to the forum for this game they have a new version coming out the middle of next week. ver.1.015. There are supposed to be more quests and such. The developer is so open to suggestions and works very hard to please the gamers. i have a funny feeling that he is the new poster a couple of steps up in this thread. the wording is similar on his advice to download the newest version. I check everyday to see if the latest is out yet, it's like waiting for my nest fix lol. I believe that the link for this site is in one of my earlier postings in this thread."
(Game Website)
If you go to the forum van magicfarmgame, you can read all about it. Their are ways that you can have a refund for the game you have already purchased. It depends on where you have bought it. Read all about it on that forum.

Thanks, Dory. I appreciate it!

i am stuck on stage 5 where i need 20 of the best flowers, i understand that its the 3rd upgrade of each flower but when i go to the farm i have 0 money and 0 flowers in storage, iv tried leaving the challenge and going to another town to sell a flower to get money then go back to town #1 to plant some. what i have in storage and what iv placed in the bunches are wiped again, as well as the money, when i restart the challenge, how do i plant plants without any money let alone get the 20 of each?!!

when they start you out with no money and you can't get it from other towns, you kill the bugs and you get money for them, 1 coin for 1 bug, it's the only level they let you do that.

thanks heaps mellisa :)

Hi all,

I have finished the challanges and have heard that you can do exams, but my 'parents' haven re-appeared.

Someone said you need the laest version of the game, how do i check which version i have got? I only bought the game 4 days there a new version already?!!

hey does anybody have the same problem as i do? i've reached to the third farm with the pineapples and cactus, i've noticed that when i want to sell my products they are all priced 1$ only, and even the baskets any formation will sell for 6$ only, is this normal or not? im trying to save 2000 coins to pay for the captain but with this money i've been playing it for days and yet cant even cover the price for water!

I have got 30 crystal flowers but can't give them to Mr Spade i just get "No not yet" or "I want to cancel this stage" options any tips? Thanks Sue

Plssss help
I have 1.021 versin
and i'm stuck on the part where i go to the party with the pirats
right after the third exam
after that i'm go from farm to farm, grow prants and nothing else is happening
no fourth exam, no people.
Please Help

Or at least will someone tell me if that's the end


no this is not the end of the game, but maybe of your version.

After the developers really released "an idea" with more bugs than game (and of course asked the money for a working game) they took care, when ever a user was finally stucked and "repaired" it (and yes, some graphics where made nicer also)

I was just done with the game at version 1.035, i wont touch this game anymore and make sure for myself, that I will never buy a game from them again.

Long saying, short solution:
below Dory mentioned the two sides, related to that game
(Game Website)

There they can help you with finding out, how to update your version.

Greetings, Kayleigh

How do I get the Yeti Sticks...I am kinda stuck.

Hi Dana,

the Yeti sticks you get at the last farm. That guys, which come there are wearing kind of stick. When you slap them they normaly just dissapear, but now, they will left their stick back. It falls on the floor and you can grap it by clicking (need often a really exactly click).

Greetings, Kayleigh

I am on the last island with the pirate and he is the last exam for the diploma. He is giving me the choice of paying 100,000 or saying I wont cheat. What are the options? I dont want to pay out- I want to play more, but just wondered what the consequences were, if anyone knew.

I'm stuck on the first task of the last exam. After agreeing to give the pirate 100,000 I have to do the stupid exam anyway. I need to give him the 5,000 exam fee, but I have no storage baskets, therefore am unable to collect. Any help?

Ok I am in the last stage of testing with the pirate guy back on the island with the ghost and yeti's well he gave me the option to cheat and pay him 100,000 coins and he would just tell the people i finished i choose not to cheat and when i went to earn the money for the exam fee it gives me no basket to collect the harvast has anyone else gotten this far and cheated and gave him the 100,000 did i do the wrong choice? it really stinks to get this far and it just not work anymore

Lisa (post July 21, 2008):

The mystery of the missing flower basket is like one of the tests on an earlier farm. Plant nothing, buy nothing, and each day destroy all the monsters that trespass.

I posted a complaint on Magic Farm's forum about this exam, because you get an average of 5 pests a day at 1 coin each. To amass the $5000 exam fee (with $1000 starting balance), it will take appoximately 13 hours and 40 minutes of nonstop gameplay to earn the total. Even if you go away and do something else, leaving Robin to fight all the pests alone, you still have to come back every 60-65 seconds to click-end the day and start the next - very wearying.

If I may, my comments and suggested improvements are posted here:
Maybe if enough people complain, they'll fix it in the next upgrade.

Lisa (posted July 21, 2008):

You can also quit the challenge (at least I think you can, even if you opted for the pirate pay-off - try talking to him again), then go to one of the other farms and earn the 100,000 coins for the bribe. I like Farm 2 for that (Rosemont?) because the bouquet prices are higher there than on either the first farm or Hilo Island.

Could someone please tell me how to find out what version of the game I have? Thanks.

To Julia:

Look in the lower left corner of the main menu screen. I believe that's the version. For example, mine says 1.021.


I had the wrong solution to the exam fee for the last farm. Had I been more observant throughout the game, I could have figured out the answer on my own, but I got it from the game's own forum.

If you can't wait, here's the spoiler:

Grow plants to their third stage and sell them! The most expensive plant has the highest profit margin.

the missing flower basket
you just have to plant the plants, let them grow, when they are at stage 3 you can sell them and earn money. A fireplant is worth nearly 1000 coins. Dory

HELP Please how do i get 2 best plants on level four am very stuck.

HELP! I'm on the 5th challenge, 5th level and need 10 different top grade plants to complete for diploma. I can only acquire 9 different plants...can't figure out how to get either a chamomile or strawberry to complete the challenge. Anyone know how to finish this?

I answered my own question! Found that you cannot let any of the 7 original plants given to you die; those can't be replaced and you can buy the last 3 needed, the Tiger, fern and fire plants.
My game ended at level 31 with Diploma awarded by the Professor, kudos from Mom & Dad and a stolen necklace offered by the pirate.
Fun game, totally addictive until you finally win. Good luck everyone and thanks for the tips on a couple of tough levels.

Hi I am stuck on the pirate where I have to up grade all the plants, I have 2 baskets of water only and can't buy a third the well doesn't fill up fast enough so my plants end up do I complete this task? I tried selling a few but I can't buy plant either. Thanks

I made it through the pirate exams and got my diploma plz tell me that isn't the end of the game other then to keep growing things but there is no demands from anyone anywhere.

I don't know why all of you all are not having a final message, but I had the Headmaster come to me and give me my diploma when I finished all the exams. Then there's a message that says "Iris has come to the end of her adventures. You can continue playing or start over to beat the high score" or something to that effect. Sounds like a pretty clear ending to me.

Hi, I need some help (obviously). I've gotten to the 4th exam and I'm just started out in the first task, and the problem that I'm having is that neither my pet or myself is able to click on any flowers. How am I supposed to make the 5000$ when I can't even pick up Flowers? is this a glich? Help!


It sounds like it.
In this case you should go to where you bought the game to find out if there is a later version.

This game had a lot of bugs and they always solved it with a update.

If nothing helps, go to the forum of this game. The makers are mostly around there also, so they might be able to help you with advice or a patch.


On one of the later exams, with the pirate asking for a 5000 exam fee and no harvest basket, people have said that you can only raise the money by killing the pests. Could you not plant some plants, grow them to their best form and then sell them? This way you will make a 'profit' and you can kill the pests in the meantime...
Hope that helps...

I got to the part where I have to get pineapples for the Indian chief. I got the 30 pineapples but whenever I go back, he just asks me for them again. Is there some sort of bug or something, cos I've left and gone back and it still happens and it's annoying me. Can anyone help?

Level 29, I've read "people have said that you can only raise the money by killing the pests", but I noticed, I don't get any money from killing pests?

To Roisin:

About the pineapple -

There are different types of pineapple you can grow (as you upgrade the plants). I know the chief doesn't need the last upgrade pineapple, but I don't recall if he wants the first or the second. Whichever one you tried to give him that he wouldn't take, try giving him the other.

To Erika:

About the pests -

It's been awhile since I've played this game. I think that you normally don't get money for pests, but in that particular level, you do.

@Roisin - pineapples
The chief will only accept

The first ones

Greetings, Kayleigh

I'm stuck. I'm in the second town after I found my parents and I'm doing the second quest thing. It asks for 2 of each of the "unique" plants and I grew them. When I went back to the man with them in my basket, he didn't accept them. They would be the gold strawberry, the fiery red heart, and the crystal bellflower. Am I missing something? Do these plants upgrade further?

Sarah - each plant has 2 upgrades (there are 3 versions of each). Does that help?

No. Thanks for trying though. I've upgraded them fully and he still doesn't accept them. Am I doing something wrong?

I need help. I am at the last town and the pirate has asked me to collect 20 yeti sticks while saving the 3 huge plants. Plants are already mature but there are no yeti to kill. Where are they? I've got no enemies to kill. Thank you. Z

you are supposed to fully upgrade 2 of each plant: 2 strawberry, 2 bell flowers, and 2 hearts. Once you upgrade 2 of each plant you are finished with the exam.

Hey people, I am at level 4, when I have saved the parents. The pirate captain is asking me to bring him fuel, and I have to get 13 flowers of strange light to get fuel. What level is that type of flower on?
And also I need to get some flowers of earth and flowers of bewitching ice. How and where do I get them?
Please help.

im stuck on the 1 just after you find the parents. Where the father asks you to get "3 flowers of earth, and 5 flowers of bewitching ice." and someone else asks for "9 snake flowers, 5 glow worm flowers, and 2 flowers of everlasting ice"

I no where to get the everlasting ice and glowworm flowers from, But i dont no where i get the others? Can someone help me please?

hey stacy,
what plants give the everlasting ice and glow worm flowers???

and i still need help with what plants give the earth flowers and bewitching ice flowers, and strange light flowers
someone please help me

Does anyone come to this site anymore?
I still need help with the posting above, what plants give them types of flowers.
I have bought this game and I don't really want the money to be wasted if I can't finish the game.
Please someone help.

There are special plants on the last farm so you can have seven plants and twenty-one flowers. Talk to the local there to find out how to get the special plants.

When stuck, talk to everyone you can find. And don't forget the quest scroll (top left) to find out what you need to do. And if you right click on the flowers along the top of the tray they'll tell you what flowers they are.

hello, thanx for that, i will come back and tell u if it worked or not :)

Hello, I don't know if it's my game that has a bug or something, but I don't have (quest scroll) for some reason, and I need to know which plants give off certain flowers. I am unable to go to ALL TOWNS, only the last 3, and no one helps me there. they just tell me what they need, but the flowers I grow don't seem to give me the specific things I need. Should I restart the whole game from scratch? Did I miss something? I have 'robin' the dragon.
Is there anything someone can help me with? I'm in dire straights, please help. :)

I finished at like lv 29 or 30. Got my diploma everything. I declined the 100,000 cheat from the pirate. But also noticed it didn't let me take the jewelry from him after. Are they linked together? If I had accepted would I have dropped my standards enough to take it or something. What happens if you do get the knecklace? (I declined the Knecklace automatically and refused the 100,000 cheat if that is relivant.)

how do you get the yeti club?

Just finished i think the last exam on the third farm,but could have been the fourth. the last person i spoke to was the pirate who said he's going to take me to my everyone's disappeared and no task has been set?? what's happened?? please someone help. thanks

i'm sampath i played the game upto that pirate asking 5000 for exam fee. but lady cant harvest any and dragon also not harvesting so how to earn money.
can any one tell me please. thank you

hi friends
i have got the game and now i am trying to get 30,0000 to rescue robin from curt reaper.

how do you get 12 yeti sticks to catch the parrot?i played at shadow glen for a long time but only the violet ghosts are coming.the yetis are not can i get yeti sicks without killing yetis?please help

Hi Diya,

The little guys holding the sticks will show up after a while, it took me a couple of game time days before I started seeing them, not sure how many, maybe 6-10. just keep going.

please help!it is urgent.i am doing my exams at shadow glen.i need to grow 60 fiery crystals. i got 59 but there is no space inthe basket.

to sampath:
You dont need to harvest anything. Grow your plants up to their third stage and then you can sell them for a higher price.
Dont waste your time planting tigerblooms and ferns. They cost less. Just plant 4 or five fire plants, grow them up to maturity and sell them.
try it.
i hope it will be helpful

i finished the whole game.but i have heard many people talking about dragon party and necklaces.but i have not seen anything like that.

My husband and I were both playing the Ultimate flower, the 2nd version, However in the 4th Island they ask for a yeti's club and I can't find any yeti.I already bought the horn that you need to call on pests, bugs and monster and click it everytime it lights up but still it doesn't work.HELP PLEASE!!

how can i get the yeti club? PLEASE HELP ME...

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