Escape the Museum

Escape the Museum

JohnBEscape the Museum is an utterly fascinating adventure/hidden object game for Windows/Mac that reaches into room escape territory for inspiration. You play as Susan Anderson, a museum curator showing her daughter a dinosaur exhibit when a fierce earthquake rocks the building. Falling debris knocks Susan unconscious, and when she wakes she discovers she's trapped in the room and Caitlin is missing! Find the objects you'll need to reach the exit, then recover precious museum artifacts as you work your way through the rubble searching for your daughter.

escapethemuseum.jpgEscape the Museum is a lot like Azada or the Dream Chronicles series in that it mixes adventure-style puzzles with light hidden object gameplay. Levels alternate between game modes to keep the experience from growing too dull, and the story is told through a series of cut scenes complete with voice acting. Susan is in contact with several co-workers who provide hints via cell phone, telling her which items she'll need to clear a path to the exit. These usually consist of simple assembly puzzles that require you to locate items or item components and use them in the appropriate area to continue. For example, finding a flashlight and then having to locate batteries and a bulb to make it work, all of which are second nature to room escape fans and adventure enthusiasts alike.

Once you've reached the exit, another worker asks you to recover precious museum property from the broken exhibits in a seek-and-find-style game. There are two types of item hunting scenes you'll come across in Escape the Museum. The first is the usual "find the list" fare where you have a specified set of items to locate in the rubble. The second is to find ten of a particular item in the scene. Some of the latter puzzles are a bit vague, bordering on the unfair (find ten dinosaur bones in the room with a big dinosaur skeleton?!), but the challenge level is just about right for us casual players.

In addition to puzzle solving and object finding, you'll also complete several jigsaw-style levels where you'll find and piece together precious items within the museum. And what archaeology-flavored experience would be complete without the Indiana Jones-style "grab the item and replace it with something of equal weight" gimmick? Escape the Museum has them all, and they're nicely woven into the story and don't feel too contrived.

escapethemuseum2.jpgAnalysis: The adventure/hidden object hybrid games are coming into their own, ditching the tiring lists of dozens of items to find in favor of shorter seek-and-find experiences everyone can enjoy. Puzzle elements are fairly light but still deliver a good punch, forcing you to scratch your head once or twice, then quickly rewarding you with the solution. The museum environment feels old and dusty and conveys the post-earthquake feeling extraordinarily well, complete with small rumblings from time to time. The cut scenes are interesting, but I found the voice acting and dialogue a bit too amateurish for my taste, and the "skip" button doesn't progress things fast enough.

Once you complete a task in an area you'll unlock new puzzles that will either open new rooms to explore or new puzzles in places you've already been. The backtracking isn't as exciting as uncovering a new scene, but it's handled well and doesn't feel too stale. All of this makes Escape the Museum a surprisingly long game, nearly twice the length of similar titles!

An excellent expedition into the realm of adventure/hidden object hybrids that delivers everything it should in a well-thought out package.

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Mac OS XMac OS X:
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Escape the Museum is available to download from these affiliates:
Arcade TownBig Fish Games


Two complaints:

1. On a Mac, always capture the display when you go full-screen. Otherwise, you move and resize all my windows, which is VERY rude.
2. Don't require me to create an account to buy your product.

While I agree with your first point, Peter, the 2nd one is actually how Big Fish keeps track of purchases, which is really to your benefit.

If you should lose your game, you can always re-download it and get it reauthorized to the full version because this information is stored in your account with them.

This is something I wish Apple would do with iTunes. I hate the fact that I have to manage all my digital files and, should I lose one, am unable to re-download it again without paying.

> While I agree with your first point, Peter, the 2nd one is actually how Big Fish keeps track of purchases, which is really to your benefit.
> If you should lose your game, you can always re-download it and get it reauthorized to the full version because this information is stored in your account with them.

I'm not saying that they shouldn't offer that service, just that I should be able to buy the game without creating an account (and accept the risk of losing it) if I want to.

Thanks, Peter, I'll forward your feedback to them.

Thanks, Jay. ☺

Trying this again. I now have an account set up. :)

I think I'm on level 15 and I cannot find a walkthrough of the game anywhere. I'm unable to find the hammer in the scene at all. The only two things I keep finding are the locked case, the partially supported structure, and oh, the third is the pole I need to get my hands on, which I believe I need the hammer to get down. And I cannot find the

I'm in room #16 and can't locate the last 2 "Thinker" statues. One is supposed to be over the seat of the chair on the left and one is to the far right where there is nothing but a pillar or door jamb. Where are they?

I am trying to put together the picture of flowers and fruit, which is around the Roman exhibit. I can't find the last, and largest, piece of the puzzle - the vacancy, I think is in the upper right hand corner of the picture. Have clicked on all the wood, panels, etc. and can't find it. AM STUCK! Please help.

Answering my own post: the big piece for the fruit and flowers piece is found in the highest upper right corner.

re: 16, I think you are in the right spot. I couldn't see the one on the right, just clicked to find it. I think the same for the one over the chair.

re: 15. I tried to go back to #15, but it was on a ledge where you are coming out of a left window and going in one straight ahead. You described some other room.

I'm stuck in the room with the gas leak. I can't find the valve.

seek I need help on all of level 7.

I am also stuck trying to find the gas valve. The brown box on the left of the screen - like a fuse box- will turn on the lights briefly - when you click on the third square silver button. But, it's not bright enough, or long enough for me to see any better. Can someone help us?? (Rm 27 I think)

Seek, Re: Room 7. Are you aware that there are hints in the game? Check with instructions. When I get stuck, it's because there are no hints. Yes, I know I'm "cheating," but I'm doing this for fun, and have only limited time "to play".

In Area 13 how do you get the spearhead off the wall if it can't be reached?

mac area 13: use the bow and arrow to shoot down the arrowhead!!!

Doris, The gas valve is directly to the right, on the floor, of the potted plant that is near the door to leave. The plant is next to the blue sign with the arrow. It was easy from there.

Help please, I'm having trouble at level 4...I've found the missing hand with the quill, but when I try to put it on the statue, it says it doesn't go there...can somebody help me please?

At Level 13, what do you cut the guy's hair with? The arrowhead doesn't seem to work there. Neither does the bow and arrow, of course. Any hints please???

Ema, re: the hand and the quill Spoiler!!!
You need to put the paper under the door, put the quill in the keyhole, which will push the key out, and on to the paper, which can then be pulled to you. Take the key and open the door.

cutting hair. I can't remember exactly, but I think you have to put the arrowhead on a spear or stick - in order to reach high enough to cut the hair.

i am stuck on level 15. i cantfindthekey to open the box to get the hammer so i can removethe second pole to jack up theescapeway. help !!!!!!

Dana and Kay,

The keys are under the chair. Open the case and get the hammer!!!

I am stuck in the security room. I cannot find the blank tape or the key. Any help out there?

Hi I cant find any stick to attach the arrowhead to so that I can cut hair. Nikki did you find it?

I am at the first 'picture puzzle' with the swans . . .I can not find the last piece. Can anyone help with this?

I guess this is a spoiler for getting the hair, so

just place the arrowhead over the cave guy's hair & it will come off!

My problem is in the computer room. I've got the paper in the printer the wireless connection; but I can't figure out how to print out the key code to exit the room. I'd appreciate any spoilers offered. By the way, Jay, I love you site & wouldn't have gotten through Azada, Dream Chronicles & others without your help. that's why I signed up-- & I'm just an old retired hippie trying to keep my mind occupied. Boskers

I am also stuck in the security room and cannnot find the key or blank tape. HELP!!!!

I am stuck in the room where you need to find a hammer and the key to unlock the case and you need to retrieve a pole high above. I have the chair, pole on ground and piece of wood. I am unable to stand on the chair to hit the pole with the pole I already have. How do I reach pole above and where is hammer and key?

Okay, I found the key and retrieved the hammer. How do I get the pole from above?

Never Mind, I figured out room 16. Thanks anyway!

I need help finding the shovel for the steam engine. Thanks

Ive managed to get through #15 with the hammer etc ... but now Im stuck on the damaged painting ... the one with the tree and rural scene. I have all the pieces in except the one that is below the bottom left corner of the pic ... greyish colour ... cant see where that could fit cos I cant define a blank area on the picture (my screen is crap!) Any help where its supposed to go would be great thank you!

Steam Engine Room: Got the "stuff, got the pole in, got the oil in, now I'm stucke with an empty bucket, shovel & dry rag. where is the water to fill bucket to wet rag? or soak coal?to be shovel?

got my painting piece (whew) ... onward ... :)

For the first security room - the key is in the security desk drawer. I have no idea where the blank tape is and I'm relatively certain that I've clicked on every available space in the room and in all the drawers. HELP! :D

I cannot find the printer paper for the security code to be printed on. And how DO you load it? Thanks so much, as I get lost sometimes in these games! It's nice to have help.

I am on level 20 or 21. The scene where one has to get the golden statue. I have gotten the statue, I have the extinquisher but I am unable to get the key as it is too hot. I have used the fire extinquisher to spray that area but I still get the message that the key is too hot to get. What do I need to get the key so I can move to the next level?

In the Security room once you find the key in the security desk drawer you have to go to the right a little there is a locked cabinet that contains the tape, then you put it in the top vcr and push the buttons then you take it out and put it in the bottom vcr and push play, open the grate and and the door will be unlocked. Good Luck

I am in the 3rd Grate Room. Have the paper in the scanner, but now what? It's not printed out nor displayed anywhere? It's just closed, (the scanner) and nothing happens. Please help! (Oh, yes, I did find the printer paper in the last room, too.)

For Carol--

Once you are in the rooms with the grate, you can turn on the lights for a little while using the buttons for lights on the right; then you can see the printer. I'm still stuck in the same room-- I've got the paper in the printer but can't figure out how to make it print out th key code to get out!! Let me know if you get out! Good luck, Boskers.

Boskers, I'm having the same problem with grate room 2. I have the paper in the printer, and the wireless connection made, so how do I get the printer to print what's on the screen? Thanks for your help!

hi need help! I'm in the level where you need a securty card to open the door. Have an ID badge and the blowpipe assembled and loaded, but what do i do next?

I am stuck in the Egypt room. What do I do with the liquid nitrogen?


Never mind about the nitrogen----I figured it out....thanks anyway. I must have been asleep :)!

Never mind about the nitrogen----I figured it out....thanks anyway. I must have been asleep :)! But did any one ever answer about the hot key? What do we do about that?

Oh Boy am I on a roll.......hurry and grab that key while it looks cool and it will come right to you. Onward and upward.

Help please.I am in the room with the flags and the rifle and knife (i think it is a knife) I combined the flags but now i am do i widen the hole???

Here is a link to a COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH OF THE WHOLE GAME....... If anyone needs help.

i hope this helps everyone, but i got stuck on a few things that seemed impossible , so i kept looking for a walkthrough and found it finaaly..Good Luck and Happy Easter!!

I am having trouble on the level where you have to put the pieces of the swan painting. I get 3 pieces on there and then it won't let me click anymore to put them on the "painting." I know where all the pieces go it just won't let me do it? Does anyone know why?!?

I'm trying to complete the Rose puzzle. I have a two-toned piece that I found to the left of the picture thats on the right hand wall. I can't find the blank spot to put it in. I have the rest of the puzzle completed.

Dear carol & everyone else--

Trudy--WOW! Thanks so much for the link. This one walkthrough should answer all our questions; but beware; it is very detailed, so if you don't want to spoil too much for yourself, just look for one solution as you need it. Hurray-- I'm out of the computer room. Has anyone out there tried the new History Channel game called Lost Worlds? Boskers

Yes, thanks for posting a link to another site's walkthrough. =/

Unfortunately, that's not really helping this site at all. So, let me put a bounty on a nicely detailed walkthrough for this game (or any other casual game download we feature a review for) posted here so people visiting JIG need not visit someplace else.

Your reward: one coupon good for any game you wish from Big Fish Games or the Casual Gameplay store. For your second walkthrough (we really need only one well-written walkthrough per game, please) earn TWO free games; for your third earn THREE!!!

So find yourself a friend, make a team to tackle these together, post as one and share the booty. :)

Note: Walkthroughs must be in your own words and not plagiarized from another site or it will be disqualified.

I apologize for posting another site on yours, but I have been playing for like forever and I needed help and ALWAYS CAME BACK TO THIS SITE BUT TO NO AVAIL. So I will try to conquer your challenge. So again Sorry

[Edit: No worries, Trudy. :D My comment was more a call to action to help us out with a walkthrough posted here than anything else. We are also looking for someone to add to our Weekend Download Help Squad. It's for someone with a lot of time on their hands and who loves to play our weekend download games. Cheers! -Jay]



Totally bummed--almost done with the game.


Third security room: use light to find fuse on desk at bottom righthand part of screen, place it in the fuse box on the wall near the desk that has the scanner and screen, login as J. Laroux and scan. I think I got it all here!

the last piece of the swan painting could be a darker colored orange beak up near the tip of the screen next to the light. There are larger ones very close to the edges of the screen if these are the ones you can't find. Good Luck...


This is Trudy again. What needs to be done in regards to your weekend help squad? how did you know that I 'have a lot of time on my hands?' haha
Post a note and let me know if i can be of assistance or let me know how to contact you in reference to this.

pls pls pls... Nightkatt....can you tell where that piece match? i really cant find it

please help!! i am in the 3rd grate room, and it automatically gave me the fuse when i got in there, but i can not get the fuse to the fuse box!! i try to click on the fuse, and it shows the "do not walk" red sign that normally shows up when you go past a door thats locked.....anyone know what i can do??

Hi all! I'm playing this game, and I can't figure out how to get help from the PDA. All I can get it to do is reset the room, not help me find the paddle on my current room....

Not sure which room it is, and been looking for the darn paddle forever it seems like.....

How do I get the PDA to show me where it is?! I've gotten this far without any hints or help, but I'm stuck!

if you need help in the flag room, unscrew the chandelier and it will crash through the floor so you can climb down the flags

I just noticed something so I am starting the game over. When you are looking for the hidden objects, move your mouse around. When it starts wavering in and out it is over a piece that you need to find. That way you don't have to do needless clicking on nothing or using hints as much and you stand a better chance of getting 100% each time.

ok, so I know this is totally cheating, but i found that if you find everything (as in you know where all the items are at) but leave at least one item unclicked (unfound) and then go to the map leaving that one item, then go back into the game, you will figure out that all the items are back where they were and are again 'unfound'. then you go back through and can find all the items in record time and 100% correctly, (if not 100% morally).

ok, so I know this is totally cheating, but i found that if you find everything (as in you know where all the items are at) but leave at least one item unclicked (unfound) and then leave the room and go to the map leaving that one item, then go back into the room, you will find that all the items are back where they were and are again 'unfound'. then you go back through and can find all the items in record time and 100% correctly, (if not 100% morally).

For the first security room, thanks to Lady Rae for showing where the key is (second drawer below the security controls). Use this key to open the wooden mini cabinet below the 2 large film reels which contains the video. Put the blank tape in the input slot then record and when its done, eject the video then put it in the output slot and play. Then make sure the gate is open so you can exit thru the door.

I am running on Mac OS X 10.5.6 and cannot get the game to run full screen. It is very difficult for me to find items in the smaller window screen. Is it possible to get it to run full screen?

I want to add that I do find the options where I can select "full screen" but I get an error message saying it "cannot find a resolution for this Mac." Everything else I have runs fine.

please help. i am at the scene where you have to put the puzzle picture of fruit and flowers back together. the game is saying that there are 13 pieces to put back but there are only 12 pieces on the board. is this a glitch in the game or am i just missing something. any help please.

I , too, have the screen size issue with my MAC Book, running OS 10.5.6. I can't see many of the items on which I should click. Also, I'm stuck in the Planetary Room 7. I have no problem with the first item, but the rest are either too well concealed or too small to see.

Thank you,


I have resolved the screen size issue bu going to System Preferences to the Display option and going with the next lowest resolution.

I still cannot find anything besides the control for the machine at the left side of the screen in room 7.

I'll check the walkthrough. Thanks.


I am level 21 and cannot find the crop. I've
went over and over the room...Please Help!!!

Kathy Boger - Crop, level 21

You should find it in the middle of the floor, on top of the bricks. Please have also a look at the screenshot

Hope, that helpf
Greetings, Kayleigh

Help, I'm in room 8 the solar system. I can not fix the cart. I keep looking for the ring and I can not find it.

Barbara - the ring

On the floor, a bit right from the right computer you will find a keyboard-key on the floor. Place it at the left computer. Now click the right key at it - you will be shown a few planets. When orion shows up, grab its ring

Greetings, Kayleigh

I am in room 9. I have the sword, but how do I break through the wall?

When I click on the continue button to exit room 14 and go forward it won't take me anywhere. What am I doing wrong? I have finished and found all the tasks in the other rooms before this one.

Help. I am in the solar room. I have found the machine button the wires, but this is as far as I can get.

i am stuck in level four. i found the flashlight, the knife, and the bulb. i can see the cell phone under a book but can't get to it. i need to know how to get everything i need so i can illuminate the area where, i'm assuming, the doorknob is.. please help!

My problem is in the computer room. I've got the paper in the printer the wireless connection; but I can't figure out how to print out the key code

I'm in the computer room and I can not get the code, I'm stuck ... help me please.

(Estou na sala dos computadores e da imprensora...mais nao consigo obter o codigo, estou ajude por favor.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was stuck room 27 for three days and sent three emails the gogiigames,com and was ignored all three times. Thank you for leaving a post on where to find the gas valve. This is the only place where to find help!!!! Don't bother with the email they give you and say they will help.

My MAC version game arrived today and there are NO instructions on HOW TO PLAY the game. Aren't instructions supposed to be enclosed with a NEW game? Anyone know where I can get them? Please advise... anxious to play :-D

i cant find the last 2 thinking men in hall 16 please help

I'm in the room where you have to put the paper in the printer but for some reason I cant find the paper. Can you help me? Please and thank you.

amy - paper for printer

You will find the paper in the closet far right

Greetings, Kayleigh

I'm stuck in room 25... I can only find 7 of 10 gunpowder rounds. When I leave the game, I have to start the room over, and each time I get stuck. I have found verything else & know there is a sequence to the cannon. So where are the other rounds?? THANKS!!

hey im in room 30 where is the bayonet cant find it please help

okay im lost on the tree portrait i cannot find where the last piece goes :( please help!!

I'm in room 30. Where is the bayonet. Does anyone know???

Hey, I am stuck in Room 24 (Native Americans). I can't seem to get the key off the wall. Used the fire extinguisher and it is not working. Can someone help me on this?

i am in independence room. where is fuse for cannon? what is flammable liquid for? thanks for your help. janis

I too am stuck in the room looking for the valve for the gas leak. Does anyone know where is it????

Are you in the East Wing Hallway?

You need to turn on the light. The valve is next to the potted plant on the left.

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