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Link Dump Fridays

JohnBWhat goes better with a Link Dump Friday than a delicious fruit smoothie? But don't just fly to the produce department and start grabbing shiny melons, as it's important to consider the balance of tastes you fold into the mix. For example: too many kiwis and you might have a tart little drink on your hands, but too many ripe peaches and you'll pucker up from the sweetness. Balance your tastes evenly and you'll have the perfect healthy beverage to accompany today's serving of games.

  • icon_protector.gifProtector - A tower defense game of a different sort, Protector blends a hefty amount of RPG elements into a strategy-heavy genre. Place units to attack incoming swarms just as usual, but this time around your units gain individual experience points and can level-up to learn specific abilities. Elements also play an important role, as both creeps and your units have an elemental strength and weakness.
  • icon_hikkoshi.gifHikkoshi - It's moving day for the little old lady! What better way to help than to bring along your trebuchet? Click the mouse to start the momentum, then click again to release the object. The goal is to fling it as close to the dotted outline as possible, but the most common result is knocking down the entire house (followed by your own hysterical laughter).
  • icon_fugashu.gifFugashu - A unique number-based card game where you must stack tiles and try to make every card disappear. The relaxing atmosphere is a nice touch, and the gameplay itself is quite interesting. Going through the tutorial is an absolute must.
  • icon_linedodger.gifLinedodger - Well, what more do you want to know? Slide your glowing orb thingie around the screen collecting polygons as they appear. Touch a line and it's game over. Line...dodger, get it?
  • JayJIG Poker Night - we love poker! (oh yes, we do!) every Saturday. Check this page each week for time of day (usually 4PM Eastern). Then join us in the JIG poker lounge for our weekly tournament. The winner each week qualifies for a championship tournament in the spring where we'll give away an iPod Nano and a Nintendo DS!! Because WE LOVE YOU! \o/


Hikkoshi is a pretty fun game :)

Hikkoshi is pretty amusing. My best shot so far has been the TV, with a distance from the dotted outline of ~0.30 yards.

Haha. I wish I understood what the old lady in Hikkoshi was saying. Then again, it's also pretty amusing to imagine.

Fugashu is also surprisingly addictive. Yay time-killers!

Hikkoshi is fun, haven't been able to score beyond 12.700.
Any better?
Wha are the 3 diffrent scores for?

That hikkoshi thing is weird. Seems like anything touches the "building", no matter how hard, even the slightest of touches will tear the thing down.

Yeah, I managed to knock the big man down with the chest of drawers :DDD

12884! Hooray for me!

Do you have to be a power player to win on jayisgames tournaments?

13003 in hikkoshi... what a fun game... no idea what the different scores are for?!?

No, Brieya, you do not have to be Power Player to win in our weekly poker tournaments.

In fact, IF you DO win, you will have 1 free month of Power Player added to your Triplejack account. :)


yay LDF! \o/

Also, I SO wish I spoke Japanese, Hikkoshi looks hilarious and I want to know what the woman says when I knock her house down. It had me laughing pretty hard.

13213 in hikkoshi. yay!

Quick translation of the result screen on Hikkoshi:

Luggage's Position
New Home's Condition

It also has a phrase for how well you did on each ("Perfect, almost destroyed, almost turned over", etc), but I'm not going to list and translate them all.

Fugashu's music is available as a download. It's part of the Freesound project, and only requires a free registration. The songwriter, Kerri Lake, has created other equally beautiful pieces.

for eagle_feather (used in Fugashu) the URL is:

Very weird. It seems the way to max out the third score (500) is to not hit anything. Double clicking the mouse immediately so that the object falls behind the trebuchet does this.

I believe that the first score is how close you get to the target, and the second is how much damage you do to the house.

Cool!I got a perfect position on one of them and got 13868 points in total!

i went OMG i was so close! when i threw the drama head. it rolled on the drawer but then rolled off and distroyed the right wall!

sorry for the double post but i think there should be replays in the japeneese game.


10988 points

Luggage- Self-service (in other words, I sucked)
House condition- pretty much destroyed
Grandmother- Pissed


Hikkoshi - so much fun. I finally managed to get 13283. The closest I came to placing something was the chest of drawers, too bad grandmother was under them at the time.

One more thing- you don't get points for the house being fine- indeed, you get more points for damaging the house. If you just drop stuff behind the trebuchet you're getting points for the *grandmother* being all right.

when i clicked on loaded fine but then kind of went strobe light on me. Is this supposed to happen? I was so distracted and it hurt my eyes so much (I'm in a dark room maybe that affected it more) that i just clicked out without playing. I tried opening it a few more times and the same thing kept happening

IF that is supposed to happen, people who are prone to seizures should be wary

Is it weird that for the past 3 or 4 games of Fugashu I've played (on moderate difficulty) I won in exactly 36 moves each time and got a score of 208 each time?

Tealismyname: It happened to me too, but worked fine after I restarted the computer (I had to do a Flash install before I could run the game, maybe it's the same for you?).

Teal: No, that's not supposed to happen. Perhaps your flash player isn't up to date?

@Steiny- your breakdown is as follows-

Luggage- Wonderful (or something like it)
House condition- Sort of broken
Grandmother- Pissed off
You must have knocked around the old lady a lot.

The first score is accuracy. You get about 2500 points for getting within the target. (I only did that once, so this could use spading.)
The second score is house condition, but I'm not sure how this is calculated, or whether it's good or bad to knock over the house.
The third score is how far grandma moved/rotated. If you're lucky, you can knock over most of the house and still keep her upright on the table, for about 490 points.

Update: It seems that for the 2nd score, it's best to damage the house as much as possible. Knocking down the wall in the background seems to give the best points.

14181 in Hikkoshi

13074 score for hikoshi!!

"Posted by: Jamar
You must have knocked around the old lady a lot."

Yeah, it's almost a requisite for getting a decent score since the majority of points come from getting the objects in position - at least with my tactics. I usually end up steamrolling her with the fridge(?) and drawers on their way through the house to the back of the house.

hikkoshi is DEFENTLY worth a review!



Not mine unfortunately, but a friend's: 14606

That's even with a 'bad' placement of the daruma as shown in the pic. The first 4 items were all 0.3* yards from the target.

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