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JayLilo plushieIf you've been visiting JIG for a while, it's likely you've seen and played The Asylum: Psychiatric Clinic for Abused Cuddly Toys before. The game puts you in the role of a psychiatrist as you attempt to cure each adorable yet disturbed little animal. It's one of the most creative and engaging Flash games we've ever seen or played.

The game is actually a brilliant marketing campaign for real plushies that you can purchase via links within the game. Each patient is available for purchase, and the creators continue to add new animals to cure (and to buy) from time to time.

The Lilo plushie in the picture above was recently delivered to JIG headquarters, except the doctor is way too busy to take care of it, so we're giving it away to some lucky visitor with a JIG Casual Gameplay account! All you have to do is leave a comment here on this entry by signing into your Casual Gameplay account. If it's a valid comment, our little mascot (the JIGsterJIGster) will appear next to your name. That's all there is to it!

We will draw one lucky name at random this coming Friday (February 29, 2008). Be sure your email address in your profile is up-to-date and valid, as we will be sending you an email to confirm your account and to request a shipping address to send you this cute, adorable little Lilo. Good luck! =)

Update: Congratulations to Skarlath, the new owner of The Asylum's Lilo plushie!

Be sure to keep checking the site, as we'll be giving away another Asylum plushie again soon!

If you're playing the game again (or perhaps even for the first time) and need some help, you might find some helpful hints, tips or even a walkthrough on one of our previous Asylum reviews.


Wahoo! First post!

So cute! I never got to grasps with the game though. I seemed to mess up the patients more often than I cured them.

Here is my valid comment! :)

You just need a little patience with them. I remember to work with a crocodile was a lot of fun.

So cute! I love the game, too!

hi - vaild comment

That plushie is so cute! wish I could have it..and the rest of them. Never did figure out how to cure him.

Lilo, my precious! We wantsssss it!

i found this site because of that game

I would love to console that little buddy.

Oh, Lilo, you are the reason I found JIG! Asylum was my very first online game love. Thanks for the fun contest, Jayzos!

Oh, she is so fuzzy!

Ooo ooo me me!

love the game trying to help the snake was kinda trippy tho

Yay for plushies!

love the game

Oh my goodness- I would LOVE to have my very own Lilo!!!

Wow, I can't believe so many people have commented already!

What a cute little plushy. Would love to win him.

i think i always identified most with the dolly, the sheepy dame. i always had to exit off and try again if it got to using shock treatment, it's just too sad :(

Well, assuming overseas applications are allowed...

If Lilo gets to meet my kids that would explain how she ended up in the clinic!

What a cutie! I like getting things in the mail, so...

Pick me! Pick me!

Ohhh! I want to help all the animanls at the Asylum! Excellent game and an excellent give-away!

I loved this game...Especially this little guy! I have always had a thing for Hippos...:P Here's to hoping I can possibly win him :)

I love this game. I once spent almost a whole day playing it. Go cute demented plushie patients!!!!

I'd like to give little Lilo a nice home here :)

I absolutely loved this game and I would love to own a Lilo!
*Hopes she is picked*

Okay, Jay, I get the hint. I have finally forsaken Typekey and registered at the site. *gasp*

This comment is valid


i <3<3<3 that game!!!

at first, in the RSS, before I saw the pic, I thought it was Lilo & Stitch's Lilo, and i was like, whaa?? :P

That plushie is so cute :)

Thanks for introducing myself and so many others to so many fantastic games :D

um, ok so those hearts didn't work.. it was supposed to say i (heart)(heart)(heart) lilo! but i guess the less-than sign messed up the html. :(

heyheyhey :D

i will KILL for this plushie .___.


did anyone order the valid comment?

I quite enjoyed The Asylum. I'm not sure I understood it fully though.

I hope I get this plushie!
I've been wanting one ever since I played, but I don't have a credit card......

I created an account just for this. Lilo has always been my favorite at the Asylum!

dus this count? :)
sorry for the bad speeling

I win.

Awww, cool. I love the game and would put this plushie to great use in my classroom.

One of my top 5 casual games ever. For those who had difficulty, you do need patience (as well as patients). Think of it in terms of a Hapland or Grow game, where you need to do things in the right order, only in this case you can make educated guesses based on the psychiatrists notes, dreams etc.

Sounds like the perfect JIG companion. He likes to solve puzzles!

so this one time, i went to the gas station on the way to work for a quick breakfast. and there was this sign that said that the cash register needed more $5 bills. my items cost about $3, and i paid with a $20. i got three fives as part of my change.

Oh wow, this would be soooo cute to have! I've loved this game from the first time I saw it! Good luck to everyone (and me!) and congrats to whoever wins!

Lilo is awesome!
I especially like his tetris-like toys and his dream of stopping them with a game-boy, before they crush him.

I always wanted to store my money in a depressed hippo. They laughed at me, but who's laughing now?

No way! I LOVE The Asylum! Lilo was the very first case that I completed, and without any of the doctor's help too!

Well, here's hoping that I get it, and congratulations to the person that does if it's not me! :)

this is great!

must! have! it!


Psychiatry: it is neat.

Oh my god, this little thing is so cute. I need it. I need it o_O

I must win that toy for the sake of cuddlyness and all things fluffy!

I loved the games and so does my whole family. I would be so excited to get one of these. Also with my sister's birthday coming up it'd be a great gift. I just might buy one, thanks for the reminder Jay.

Here's my valid comment! I love that little guy so much, I hope I get picked!

I am new to your website buy only a few days, this little plush lilo is so adorable, if I win this is going to my little niece!

Do want!

All the animals are so cute xD

He has a red tummy :D

This is a great game.

I love that game, Lilo was the first I managed to cure by myself!

This is my first post, love the website, you rock Jay!

this is a valid comment?

Ah, I remember treating this little fellow. Was quite an experience, and I certainly wouldn't mind bringing him home as well. =P


I remember trying this game, and I think im gonna try it again. And leave a valid comment. And im gnna rite leik dis, nd bother. Free plush ftw!

(pick me pick me pick me pick me pick me....)


I want Lilo's soul. I will eat Lilo's soul.

I approve this message.

I don't want the plushie but out of curiosity, where is the JIG headquarters. I've been visiting the site for ages but I still don't know where you're based.

Yay, plushies! I love plushies! ♥

Great game, great plushie! Gimme!

ahh this is so cool! i was just thinking the other day how cool that game was and how i wanted one of plushies! i want it!

I love this game! Lilo was the first plushie i treated!

Oh god, so awesome.

Wow -

Really brings out the lurkers when you offer something free.

Is this comment valid enough?

oh i do love that game! i still haven't figured out the turtle guy- (not that i've been trying terribly hard).

That is AMAZING! I love JIG!

I love that game. I'm glad you posted it again if there are new characters to play with!


Worth a shot; very memorable game.

I love this game. And you're right that they've got a captive audience for actually buying the disturbed little plush toys. You, meanwhile, must be getting lots of notes from "lurkers" like me who've finally bothered to register for *your* site after enjoying it for quite some time--in hopes of getting Lilo home for free. Smart move :)




Valid comment!

Ooo...found JIG recently, and just had so much fun playing in the Asylum (and Lilo was one of my favorites, too). Thanks for the info and the fun contest!

Great game; love the way there are different methods available at different times. I think I've done irreparable damage to the hippo and the sheep, though...

thats awesome!

Valid post

personally, I'd rather have Kroko or Sly, but hey, free plushie! And support for Die Anstalt!

man, I remember when there were 4 characters and only 3 could be bought... toot toot!

i would really like to get this... lets see what happens...

well, nerts. My previous comment was signed in with Typekey, not Jig. Fixed!

I've been a loyal member of the JIG community from since it was just Jay doing all the reviews, and the words Casual Gaming hadn't even been invented! I remember when The Asylum came out. Fond memories...

That thing is adorable! Me wants it!

Heh. Hope there aren't any crazy surprises in her mouth.

That plushie is absolutely adorable! I love this game so much!

Jay is awesome!
Yay for plushies!!!

Loved playing this game (I found Lilo one of the trickier patients to cure). Thanks for a great website Jay!

I absolutely loved that game. Here's hoping. :)

And I thought there is a 3d asylum version to play now! Plushie huh :)

Cute! I want one!

that was an awesome game...truly great characters. so fun.

Oh! I loved that game~ and I want Lilo so much I don't even know what to do with myself!

Well, at least you got me to stop lurking. :)

HAHA he's so cute, hw can i resist? i'm going for a go too!

This game is a true favorite of mine, so! Throwing in my lot with the rest. Thanks, Jay & Co, for providing us with endless entertainment and fun.

Nice. I like this game. I even made a Kroko image on the flash lite-bright thing that JIG linked a while back (though I had nowhere to upload it and thus couldn't share)

oooh! He's so super cute!

Jay, I did it! I mean my doctoral dissertation. So, like Lilo, now I really need to visit shrink ;)

Aw, so cute!

I loved this game :)

and this is gonna be for my sister :)

I was new to this game, and loved it!

Thanks for another winner, jig.

Regardless of the super cute incredible plushies this game is the best game ever!!! I love curing these cute animals with creative and interesting ways!!! Thanks Jay for this great contest intstead of keeping this gr8 plushie!!

This has been one of my favorite games. Number of times I have almost ordered one or two of those characters. Let's see if I win Lilo :)

And those who still have not played this, remember to look under the...


OH!!! Poor Lilo! I will love you forever and ever! He looks so fluffy.

This game is just so amazing. The imagination in this idea is astounding. Whoever made this game is a genius! I fell in love with this game the first moment I started playing, and I cried the whole way through. As a possible future psychologist, this game just spoke to me. All those characters are so real and lovable, they should make a movie about it! Oh, if I win Lilo I will be the happiest person in the world!

There's currently a 0.3% chance of winning :O

A Lilo plushie? I've been hankering for one of these for YEARS! Count me in!

I love Lilo! Can you actually put stuff in her mouth?

@ Mimi - I do believe so. It's mouth definately look like a zipper.

@ Jay - Few things in here, since I wanted to get more attention to this:
- Support JIG puzzle on left marginal does not redirect to this site using Opera browser.
- More banners wanted :P Where can we find CG/JIG banners in case we want to add them on our own sites?

I wrote: "Support JIG puzzle on left marginal does not redirect to this site using Opera browser."

I was wrong! It works over here, but not on my blog :( I have to check the code again...

Choose this one Jay! :D

Awesome, I've been going to this site for months, but this has at last convinced me to make a commenting account.

Look forward to commenting on other topics soon.

I love this game, havent gotten them all cured yet, but working on it.

Sure, sign me up!

Am I too late for this promo?

One of my favorite games!!!

wow, great comp. worth signing up just for the chance of winning! Love the game, characters are so individual:.

Aw, Lilo is so cute! I love this game, and I'd be honored to give this plushie a good home. :)

Lilo was one of my favorite characters from the first edition of the game. His story was one of my favorites.

DUDE! I've wanted a Lilo sooo bad, please sign me up!

By far, my favorite flash game. Lilo, please phone me!

I sure would love this little plushie - my word, it is cute!

I hope this isn't too late. I have a six year old who loves this place and plushies. If I don't win one here, I will have to buy one or two or three or....

Barnacles! I missed it and was too late. Darn it. Maybe next time.

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