Link Dump Friday

Link Dump Fridays

JayFriday is a day of much rejoicing as it signals the end of another work week and the arrival of a glorious fun-filled weekend soon to come. It is also an indication that a Link Dump Friday feature may appear at any moment on JIG, and it doesn't get much better than that. Commence fun and frolicking. So get out your banana peeler and limber up your clicker-finger, and let us know which of these selected games deserves a proper JIG treatment.

  • Click Maze 2Click Maze 2 - An avoid-the-walls maze game in which you click to move the small red pill through the maze to the goal in the fewest number of clicks possible. Similar to the original Click Maze but with a much requested improvement: the cursor is unaffected by walls and objects. It's somewhat like Tonypa's Pixelfield, but not quite as nice.
  • Elv is Black: Save da HoleElv is Black: Save da Hole - Chase the bunnies by clicking the mouse, Elv will follow. Then just drop them into the hole for points. Keep the hole open for larger combos. Push the big monster by jumping over it. Collect power-ups. Commence fun and frolicking.
  • MentalMental - A puzzle game similar to Warbears in which you must get 3 different characters out of a mental health hospital. Use items to perform tasks individually that will ultimately help all of them to escape. Oh, and do it as fast as you can, too.
  • Blockslide 2Blockslide 2 - An action puzzle game in which you must navigate the android toward the goal by moving or destroying boxes, and other gameplay elements. Tyler says this is "by far the best puzzle game" he's ever made.
  • Newton 2N3wton - Based on Newton's 3rd Law, "for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction", knock your enemies out of the arena before they knock you out. Trouble is, while your turret behaves according to Newton's 3rd Law, your enemies do not.
  • JayJIG Poker Night - In case you haven't heard, JIG Poker Night is back(!) every Saturday. So grab your chips and a chair and join us every weekend for some classic Texas Hold'em poker fun at Triplejack, where pies are a certainty, perhaps some surprizes, too. ;)


Mental is a fun Warbears like game ... not too tough. I wish you could see more of the screen though, you have to keep backing out to make sure you are not running through a door into a bad guy. But a fun distracation if you liked Warbears.

Whee, see you in the poker lounge!

in Mental, Im at to a part where

i just got some balls in a room acessed by rope

any help?

I would just like to say that the "Elv is" game has the weirdest, coolest loading screen that I've ever seen. That is all.

now i need help after i

drop the plant

Hmm... I must say I didn't find the intro quite random enough. However, seeing as Jay is new to this game, I will give him another chance. ;)

I know, sorry. ;_;

This was my first LDF, and as much as I tried to be witty and random, it just didn't come out that way.

I think I should leave it to the LDF regulars next time. ;)

My favorite LDF so far, with Triplejack back, and N3wton being a zany sumo asteroid shooter.

HUZZAH! Triplejack back?! It's a dream come true!

Phhhewwww, I really have to vent my frustration now. N3wton is a really cool game, but it totally S*CKS going out of the window with your cursor...

Thanx! ;)

Click Maze is great! All of you without a single nerve cell to burst, aboard! :)

I'm enjoying this game a lot.

Argh. How the hell do you do level 9 of the blockslide tutorial? I have almost convinced myself it's impossible...


Don't explode every single block. Leave the leftmost one in the row of 4 where it is, then move it onto the button revealed after the explosion.

I feel the need to point out that neither Mental nor Blockslide 2 are point and click games. They both have an interface that is predominantly keyboard-based. Not that they aren't cool games, mind you... but I don't think "point-and-click" is really an accurate term to use to describe them as that generally tends to imply that the game can be played using only the mouse.

Thanks for pointing that out, fnord. You are, of course, correct and I'll update the descriptions accordingly. Cheers! :)


Jay, I like the fact that you're not random, we know what we're getting with you! You are witty enough and to be honest sometimes I just think the LDF intro are just a little stupid, but that's just me, I like things nice and simple! Don't go changing Jay and keep on doing your intros, seeing your picture always makes me smile! ;-)

Blockslide 2 is cool. its my 2nd day playing it and already , i like it :)

i know how to beet the 9th level, the bombs on the right. leave the first 1 alone now push every one to the other bombs, member, except the first 1 on on the right. now explode them with dynomite. then push the stone blocks at the end of the line. then the gates will be out, and ur all set.

i know how to beet the 9th level, the bombs on the right. leave the first 1 alone now push every one to the other bombs, member, except the first 1 on on the right. now explode them with dynomite. then push the stone blocks at the end of the line. noe get the left over bomb and put it on the button then the gates will be out, and ur all set. put

Hey I need help with

level 11

how do you do 11 on blockslide2?

I know,
11 on blockslide2 is: (1)
(2) (3)
(4) and push it

how do you do 24 on block slide2?

how do you do 13 (set A) on blockslide2 ?

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