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Pixel FieldIn a world filled with bad pixels, it helps to have someone with whom you can trust to provide your daily dose of fun without all the fuss.

And when it comes to Flash games, there aren't many you can trust like Tonypa. He selflessly creates games out of the kindness in his heart, and provides them free for anyone to play on his website. And the best thing is that he keeps making his games better.

With so many excellent Flash games getting sequels this holiday season, it seemed quite fitting to learn that Tonypa has just released a new and improved version of what I believe to be one of his greatest game creations: Pixel Field.

The object of this action strategy game is to move your red triangle base around the mine field collecting all the blue energy pixels in the fewest moves possible. To move, simply click to where you want the base to move, but be careful! The base has an elasticity to its legs that will cause some overshot, so plan accordingly. If the 3 dangling pixels touch any of the green bad pixels, or even touch the walls of the pixel field, you will lose a life. The game is over when you lose your third life.

Tonypa has increased the size of the play field slightly and added 15 new levels to the game bringing the total now up to 30. In addition, bonus levels are awarded by completing sequences of 4, 5, 6 and 7 consecutive levels without losing a single life. To top it all off, he has made each level individually selectable, so there is no need to play each level in order from the begining.

Aesthetically, little touches have been added that make use of the unique new features of Flash Player 8. The base now leaves trails behind it so you can see at a glance where you have previously moved. This comes in handy on some levels that have you backtracking around areas and dead ends.

A great game made even better with all the additions and improvements, and yet not everything has changed. The same classic gameplay that made Pixel Field so great remains intact, as does the soothing soundtrack by Dog, and the charming "chigga-chigga-chigga" sound effect the base makes when it moves around the pixel field.

And just like Pixel Field, Tonypa makes many other wonderful games that are simple, accessible, and fun to play. And on that you can trust. Click.


Thanks, Jay, for wonderful review :)

Little more info which is perhaps unclear:

*there is another leaderboard for best players finishing each level with fewest moves. It will show name of last player to finish level with that number of moves.

*to get to bonus level, you must finish 4 levels without losing a life. In bonus level you wont lose a life, but you only have 1 move so think before moving to get maximum points. Next bonus level is opened when you complete 5 levels without losing a life, third will open after 6 levels and 4th after 7 levels. In theory you can get 4 bonus levels in one game. Exact layout of bonus levels is chosen each time randomly from 5 different layouts.

*if you have at least 500 points and you have less then 3 lives then you can get extra life after completing any level.

*if you complete all 30 levels, you get 1000 points, plus 100 points for each life you have. Plus special "game finishing" music and animation.

Thanks again :)

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Awesome game Tonypa. I always enjoy your flash games. Helps make server rebuilds at work less boring :)

If you're looking for some new music, let me know. I'm hoping to get into music for flash games more. My website: http://www.eonbluemusic.com

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Any chance of either lightening the text or changing the background on your site. It's borderline impossible to read.

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lord kuragari November 23, 2005 12:11 PM

hey ummmm i cant find the game .. i click the link and i see nothing that says pixel field... am i blind?

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Tonypa - oops, I completely misunderstood about the bonus levels. I will update my review with the correct info. Cheers!

TPB - There is a stylesheet switcher you can use to switch the color scheme to a lighter one. Just click the small purple & green button in the sidebar. I posted an entry that introduced the feature earlier this month.

I will be introducing a new color scheme at the end of the month. Until then, the stylesheet switcher is your friend. =)

Lord Kuragari - Pixel Field should be at the top of the list when you click any of the links above.

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Haha, I was just about to suggest this one to you.. I guess people beat me to it! Great game. It took me a while to figure out exactly how to play, but once I did..

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Tony, can I be in your fan club?

LOVE it! Love all your games. Remake Save the Shoppers next. :D

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Hi Eyebrows, its very nice to hear you like my games :)

I dont plan to remake Shoppers game any time soon mostly because I have no idea how to improve or change it. If you have some suggestions then please let me know, I love to hear feedback from the players. Whenever I feel sad and think my games look ugly, have no originality and nobody wants to play them anyway, I read the players comments again.

I have about 10 older games currently offline which I think might be interesting enough to be worth of remaking. And I would like to make some new games too. So little time, so much to do...

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Oh man, I really am super-addicted to pixelfield. It is SO fun. I love the style, excellent job tonypa, I love your games so much, how could you think they are unoriginal, ugly, and no one wants to play them!? They're flat out excellent!

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Tonypa!! I love your games!! My favorite is definitely shooot.. but this one's just as great as the rest. You pick the perfect music too.. my favorite music is from NeliNurk.. Anyway...Keep 'em coming!!

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Hi Tony, thanks to Jay for this great review as usual.
I have a question for you Tony, why don't you provide a direct link to your games? I would like to add a lot of your games to my directory but I can't find the link. I guess you want to have all the links to your home page and I respect your choice but I would like to understand the reason :)

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Ive never played this until now... So it's kinda new to me.

Muahahahahaha this is not a spoiler!!!

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Dustfinger August 6, 2007 3:08 PM

Haha, I couldn't beat level two, but I could beat level 30 :D.

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Couple of years have past so i thought it would be nice to rewrite the game (again). Also added 30 new levels and made some little adjustments.

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