winterbell.jpgJohnBAt long last, a new game has been released on Ferry Halim's! It's been just about a year since the last game, but as always, it was worth the wait. Every flash title on Orisinal oozes with beautiful artwork and gorgeous music. They're like playable pieces of art that are astonishing to the eyes and ears and just happen to be fun to play as well.

Winterbells is a very simple wintertime game with the same elegant presentation of all Ferry's work. In Winterbells you control a snow-white rabbit who hops onto falling bells as they drift down from the night sky. Use the mouse to move the bunny left and right and time your jumps to keep moving upwards. The longer you stay hopping the higher your score, and pouncing on a bird gives you a nice bonus. It's a wonderfully atmospheric coffee break game that's perfect for this time of year.

Play Winterbells

If you like Winterbells, be sure to try more of the excellent games on Orisinal, such as A Dog for all Seasons, A Daily Cup of Tea and Bugs.


YEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!! He's still alive! WOOT!
I had been checking the website the past week hoping for updates (since it hadn't been updated for more than a year). Hooray!
Now time to play!

Lovely little game, I had a great time playing this. P.S. I never knew bunnies weren't afraid of heights.

nice game!
is there a high score list?
i got 60750

37630 so far.

340,000. The bells get tiny, but usually I don't mess up until my mouse leaves the flash window. :-/

Cheers for a new Orisinal game! Jeers for them still resizing your browser.

And, how do people get those insane high scores on Bubble Bees? I can get five or six thousand tops.

Very nice!

I like the way you can either decide to go for maximum points by jumping on every single bell, or just go as high as possible as fast as you can.

Fun game! I got 158000.

Rob - most modern browsers have an option available in Preferences to disable sites from "Changing, moving, or resizing windows".

YOUHOOOO!!!! He's back he's back he's back :D

Rob: Patience, I guess? They don't seem too insane to me, I just got 26000 on my 3rd try.

Cute, pretty, good music. Definitely amusing, and hey it's from Orisinal! What's not to love?

Oh, and Rob? Boredom. And lots of caffine.

I spoke too soon (in my previous comment, which is under moderation). 360820!

I love Orisinal games: They don't have complicated controls, they're not hard, but they're endlessly entertaining.

classic Fun and i got 188370 my god the bells go small

148840 was my high score. This is a cute little game ^^.

I've been checking, and wondering...

and now there's one!

I love ferry halim's games, for me, they are the perfect example of casual games...

Nice, i just hit 1 million.
i played about 30 times, then quit, came back about 2 hours later and bam over 1 mill.

oh and my best score was 707500

Wonderful! Orisinal stuff is always lovely.
Got 18million ... naturally, the birds are the key.

Yay! I love Orisinal... if I ever need some elegant and relaxing fun, I just stop by. This is probably one of my favorites.

oh thank god! I love orisinal and have been checking their website constantly for new games. What a wonderful holiday gift. :]

I love the Orisinal site so much, and this game was so cute! The music was delightful too. Glad to see a new game up on their site :)

my high score is 242,510

This has to be the best game on JIG for ages! I am glad good flash games are still to be found on the WWW. Cheers for finding this, hoping there are more good games to be found.

Yahoo! And I thought Orisinal was abandoned. Guess I am wrong!

fun game.
The bells start to get VERY small and far apart the higher you go.

Try to maximize (ie get all) of the easier lower bells at the beginning since all of the points will be compounded several times with all of the doubling birds

How does he keep doing it? Yet another amazing Orisinal game...

The music is as brilliant as always...I've always wondered where ferry gets the music from. It's so calming and sophisticated. Is it original or does anyone recognize the artists?

Like all Orisinal games, this one is absolutely beautiful and a pleasure to play simply for the visuals and music (the music is absolutely wonderful). It succeeds as a casual game as well, with simple but engaging gameplay and intuitive controls and goals. Ferry has produced yet another wonderful game.

Of course, none of this changes the fact that I suck at it. I won't embarrass myself by posting my current high score. :)

Then again, I've always been the type to play Orisinal games for the experience rather than high scores. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Cute little game and seasonal to boot.

The music sounds like it's based on Pachelbel's Canon. The melodies are different, but the chord progression is similar. Beautiful, and also a wise choice for music that has to go on and on and on. :)

OK, here's a scoring challenge for all you bellhoppers out there: 81 million!

YEAH ! He's BACK !

Actually, make that ... 8.6 billion!

That's amazing, Valarauka. :)

Last night, I didn't stop playing until I had about 12 million, and I thought that would save me the top spot on the highscore list for a while, but I was utterly wrong. ;)

The good thing is, as an Australian, Val's score doesn't seem that big. After all, it's only eight thousand, six-hundred million.

Heheh .. the game's not really that hard, once you get into a good groove. As far as the score goes, it's just the amazing power of exponentiation at work .. every 10 birds you grab multiply your score by 1024, so the numbers quickly climb into the realms of ridiculousness. A thousand to a million, a million to a billion, a billion to a trillion - just 10 birds every time...

Which leads to a tip:

The bells are really worthless, in terms of scoring, so just use them for climbing. I tend to go up as fast as I can, skipping over almost every other bell on the way; this also leaves a handy 'backup trail' in case I miss a hop.

About Valarauka's tip:

The bells start to disappear towards the bottom, so don't rely on the 'backup trail' too much.

An absolutely beautiful game. Fun, but not too hectic or stressful

I got 778100, high for me, but not compared to some of the other scores. I will work harder!

P.S. Does the time that it takes to fall to the ground when you lose really change depending on how high you manage to get?

Sheesh - 8 billion points! I did a bit of spreadsheet tinkering and based on hitting 15 bells between each bird, I reckon that you needed to hit about 30 birds (and 450 bells or so) to accumulate that total, so very well done, Valarauka.

I, for one, have only managed to get to 3 birds twice after about an hour of trying (max score about 70,000), so I don't think that I am in your league quite yet. I find that the concentration needed to hit the smaller bells across the larger gaps around that height is too much for me and inevitably fall back to earth.

Lovely game to play though - Thanks Ferry

I played for so long that I had to keep track of how many digits were outside the "digit box"(it could only hold 10 digits and part of another digit). I ended up with:
drum roll....


It might have been one more place value, I dunno.

It took me 10 minutes, and the bells were worth about 7000 near the end. I just got bored after that, so I moved my mouse back and forth randomly.

Other than that, two facts about this game:
1. Assuming 3ft. between bells, and that I got 3/4 bells, I was 28,000ft. high. This is approx. the height of Mt. Everest, and it would be impossible to jump like that, since the air is so thin. Also, it would be impossible for birds to fly.

2. Eventually, if you go high enough, the rabbit would escape Earth's gravity, and would float up and up...

Thanks, bigdaftal! As for yourself, keep trying, it's not that hard. Don't worry about the size of the gaps, the horizontal movement is fast enough that it's hardly an issue. If you try to hit bells before you reach the apex of the hop, you climb a whole lot faster; it's almost like swimming upwards.

lopsidation - nice score you got there! on the other hand, I don't think anyone really expects physical realism from a game about a rabbit hopping on bells hanging in the sky ;)

It is incredible how much easier this game is with a mouse instead of a laptop mouse* (I use the joystick thing in the middle of the keyboard and have no clue what the/a proper name for it is.) From being lucky to get 10,000, I got 179,930 on my second try.

I love the music, even if it repeats quickly. (Cello = beautiful!!!) This is wonderful game, just like all of the Orisinal works.

* You should have a tag for mouseless-friendly games! I frequently look around for games that don't require a mouse when I'm using my laptop and some kind of tag would make that so much easier. That's probably just me, though.

Linz - excellent suggestion, and I'll keep that in mind when adding new tags or editing older entries.

Tags are still not ready for prime time, but I'm working frantically on them to make them better than ever. Hopefully soon you will even be able to create your own tags.

my high score is 2,909,940!

8.77 Billion ;P

Did a friend of me. Actually best on this commentpage. But im sure its breakable ;)

And I thought 903,680 was kinda high! Lol. Oh well that's my high score with a touchpad mouse on my laptop. I think this game is much more easily played with an actual mouse and lots or room to move around. I usually lose because my mouse leaves the game area or my finger reaches the edge of my touchpad before I can finish the jump.

I love this game though and this site! It's my one stop for fun new games. Great job on it!

Artemis =oD

What an absolutely adorable game. Usually whenever I play a game I find it difficult to stick with it and get bored quite easily. But for some reason I've become utterly addicted to this adorable little Winterbells game. hmmmm.... my high score is 10,180,060.
I'll have to try some of the other Orisinal games now and see just how good they all are.

what music is used here? It's soooooooooooo beautiful! and I love the game too ;)

The music appears to be heavily based on Pachelbel's canon...

Is it just me, or are the other games not working?

Now for some showing off: beat this :)

I love this game! i think this is my new favorite orsinal game. a lot of the others can be kind of frustrating. but this one is relaxing and fun at the same time. plus its the only orsinal game where i feel good about my scores. usually. i just got my newest high score
I know others have done better, and I know I can too. My bells were only worth about 4500 by the end.
One thing I noticed which is useful if your main goal is pure points... after a certain point it appears that the bells stop at a minimum size. Once you're there you don't need to try to hit every one of them so much, you can just try to keep moving up to get more and more birds.

My friends, 7'252'647'310 points.

Birds double your score.

I don't know any of the other games on this site, but love this one.

So, I know the Orsinal games don't really have stories, but I've decided this one does... at least in my mind. In my mind, the rabbit is one of the rabbits from japanese mythology that lives on the moon. He's trying to get back. This drive to get that poor rabbit home pushes me to play the game harder.

strangely, i beat my high score, getting 2 billion... but when i fell, the game didn't recognize it, still saying my previous score of 1.5 billion was my best. Odd.

This is also a semi-good game for Tablet PCs (sadly the space bar is used to start the game).

Sounds like another potential tag to me...

> "strangely, i beat my high score, getting 2 billion... but when i fell, the game didn't recognize it, still saying my previous score of 1.5 billion was my best."

The game seems to track large numbers correctly but only display the first 10 digits. Your previous score was probably 15 billion, or 150 billion, or...

THIS IS AN AWESOME GAME my high score is
1328996225 points pretty good eh'!

I seem to be having trouble accessing this game from the link above in Firefox at the moment. Earlier the link worked but now it doesn't. I'll try to access the game from elsewhere.

Ferry's entire site is offline at the moment. I'm sure it's only temporary. Try again a bit later. =)

Hey people,

Sorry to hear that the site is down, you had me intrigued by your highscore... tried to play again because this awesome game makes my day :-) so simple but so addictive :-)

anyway, my score is 5'691'527'281


this game is soooo fun i managed to get 586780 points.. to bad in the end i lost.. anywayz this game i so fun to play

got 8'476'345'173 :)
just missed the next bird... :(

I thought my 19050 was high until i read this review but never mind! that rabbit is absolutley adorable

24.207.592.027.427.918 Points

Chinese freaks :D

high score to beat: 7,531,195,809,589,061,900,000

my score was 17 billion, but considering how it limits the high score to only 10 digits it could have been 170 billion. who knows :)

this game is incredibly addicting, and my friends and i have been playing it non stop to get us through exams. my high score as of now is 50,555,035,921,065,317 i played for about 10 minutes straight to get there, and i have a picture on my friend's phone to prove it, but i have no idea what that number is. what comes after a trillion?

That would be "quadrillion".

(Perhaps you should be studying instead of playing?) =p

i got

the score counter was only able to keep up with me to 17 digits. i had alot more points than that, and every bell gave me over 18k. thats when i got bored and intentionally fell.

good game and nice

Apparently you can't go over 1 billion, I had well over a quadzillion points, it looks something like this 1025960115094454623. The picture I uploaded only shows 10 of those digits

I have the same problem, I thought I scored 144 billion, but then I looked at the high-score and saw only 4 billion. Then this happened : )

hope they fix this :D

This man is my hero. Seriously. This is a fantastic game. Absolutely fantastic. And so beautiful!

A big tip for all those people asking how you get those ridiculously high scores. Try playing it on an old computer. I played on my work PC, and could only get around 26000, got home, played on my brand new computer with good laser mouse, got over a million. Then played on my 4 year old computer with optical mouse. Everything was slow all the way up to 56 000 000. (hehehe), of course landing on the pigeons helps as well.

Awesome Game!!!

hi my hiscore is ~2750,000,000,000,000,000,000! just kidding:P, buy my real hiscore is abot 20 billions


Ridiculous! <3

this game is wicked addictive. my current score is 12360206630. owww, it's hard.

Got 62mill first time, second time i tried to beat and i fell at 60 mil

Well, I'm sad, i have 98 quadtrillion points ^_^

It's some what addictive, but I'm done with it now, lol.

i was at 94597831978995096043
wen i died, i strngled my brother!

I got three-million-some-odd and then my computer wanted to download some sort of browser update and it messed me up.


is bilions!!!!


My highscore is about ....


I got 947 151 408 555 400 after a few hours of practice. Darn those Chinese people!

haha noobs, i got 17458413310.. piece of cake really, just get the bird and stay focused. my best tip is: take it easy,,


Anyone played the Bumble Bee game? I get scores around 5000 on a good day. Any idea how to get the huge scores that you see in the high score chart? :)


This game is great, my hi score is around the 9 billions...

Now mi hi score is 94 billions

I just hit 12 quintillion...I have no life

I got 38 161 934 343 217 520. By then you start to want to fall down..

my record : 2 198 298 339 769 544 482 839 421 182 310, beat that please ^^, btw : 17 NUMBERS IS THE MAXIMUM THAT SHOWS, SO GET A FRIEND OF YOURS TO START DOING THE MATH AS YOU TAKE THE BIRDS. and PS : 2 198 298 339 769 544 482 839 421 182 310 = 0.21 goolon, wich is more than trillion :)

googol* btw, i have no life :P

My highscore wasnt showing the right number, so I found the program options file for winterbells and it showed my score as 9.75924641416644E31.. anyone have any clue what that is

lol. E31 is scientific notation; it means *10^31. Since your score was 9.75E31, let's approximate it as 1E32, which is 1*10^32 - that's 100 * 10^30, or 100 nonillion points.

For reference: One, thousand, million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion.

That's one heck of a lot of points.

btw booiii: That's nowhere near a googol - googol is the term for 10^100, or a 1 followed by a hundred zeros. Your score is also in the nonillion range, which is only thirty zeros.

since the first time i went to orisinal, 32 games have been added... this one is probably my favourite, my highscore is 76 quadrillion

Does anyone else scream when the bunny falls?
It feels like it should splat at the bottom.

my highest so far is 238 quadrillion... it could be more but it onlt shows 17 digits on the screen..

such a sweet game ... found it yesterday

what is my score if i i had token all birds and the last bell was around 15000 worth? i could only see 17 desimals:(


I really love this game. Great to play just to calm down. My high score at the minute is 7,569,710, which isn't bad.

This isn't a very difficult game, but it's extremely addictive. My high score is about 750 million.

its weak that this game has a score cap but my top game was about 1500 bounces (determined by 10 points per bounce) mark your scores by bounces from now on

Nice scores guys...mine is 1.31x10^47

Ehhhhh this game is too easy.... so far my high score is: joking

ehhhh score is: 1386849839

25000 per bell ;)

people should look at the bottom of the page before sending ridicoulous score... sam lockwood... you arent good so dont say dude thats e-z no joking.

I got approximately 2700 bounces, including 148 of the first 150 bells

i luv it
cool luv the music 2
well the sound could be improved but over all the best game i've ever played
keep up the good work

YES!! i have 1.030.040 realy.

My high score is 16, 245, 232, 713, 940, 415.

It May Be More but as some of you have said there is a limit to how many digits you can see on the high score board.

I got a highscore of 704 quattourdecillion. That is over 27,600 points per bell. It took me a long time to get that high!

I now have a highscore of over3.12 octodecillion or around 32,000 points per bell

I got 163314734511760 xP

The music is perfect,the rabbit is cute, everything is great. however, it's more beautiful if the bells ring out with colorful stars!

just got 4897840! nice!

i thought my score of 10 800 000 000 was good until i saw the freakin integer overflow.

my life is officially over

Hi! I've been playin' for a while and I think my personal best is quite nice so enjoy :P

hello fellas, IMO you can see only 17 digits because the best scores are exactly 17 digits long. But in fact i think they are better.

For people with ridiculous scores, the scores eventually transition into scientific notation (probably once you cross that 17 digit barrier, dunno for sure). The last two digits tells you how many digits there are, so a hypothetical score of 12345678901234567 would be 1.23*10^67, thats a 1 with 67 digits following it. You know you're in scientific notation when the last two digits don't change for a really long time and if your number ends in anything other than 0. Dunno what happens if you hit a googol.

lol, a friend just got 24 xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx high score. its so dumb that you cant see it on the high score =/ anyways, he got 11.6k per bell :P..

(my record is: 89.539.374.302.751.316 :P )

58 quadrillion thats 58,000,000,000,000,000
i was hitting each bel for around 10,500 when i fell Took about 20 minutes and i missed 1 or 2 birds on the way up. the high score is higher but the box is not big enough to fit all the didgets in. im not sure about the top left hand of the screen but didnt look at that.
hitting bells for about 7000 and the heart pace picks up arms start shaking pretty bad :'(

great game :) like all orisinal games!
my only critique is that the mouse cursor is really distracting, i wonder if there is any way to hide it.. and sometimes it got off the screen and you loose control over the bunny.

Heey, very well. My best record is 38 979 282 162 941 516 :D I'm a KING

i had this wonderful number^^ 10 billiard

I took a break from this game for two months. Then, I started playing it again. After a few attempts, I got a new high score of 7.054x10^72 points. The bells were worth over 42,000 points each and it took over an hour.

The game can only show 17 digits, and it only shows 17 digits on the previous high score.

Yessss 11.5 million. That is the best score I've ever gotten on a game. XD

Hi guys i got 1.75 trillion that is 1,700,000,000,000. if you dont believe me than i can post a picture of it

That's nothing, i was going up as fast as possible just hitting every bird and was at 19,400 per bell.

HEY on winter bell i just got 77,515,736,754,790!!!

I love winterbells, but I'm not good at it. My highest was only 4000!!! Can you give me some tips or pointers? Please help me!!! - Holly

My highscore is 181,272,820 points.

I have trouble playing the game because I'm easily distracted. If you look away for a moment, you fall.

Hmmm... I've been playing for about a year and have noticed the same thing some of you guys are noticing; the game can display scores no higher then 17 digits. I've emailed Orisinal about the problem.

The more emails the better! Get to it! :)

Hey, everybody! The score board now shows more digits! It happened this night! I now have a 14-digit hi-score up in my game! I hope it works for everyone else too!

I think this game is really neat. It reminds me of the children's book "Runaway Bunny" that my grandma read to me when I was little, so it also has somewhat of a sentimental value for me, as well. Really fun and enjoyable.

haha this is a fun game.... my high score was also 17 digits.... heres the score i got... 78,237,552,938,895,119

got 19 million and something. ;) its all bout the birds it took me like 3 mins to get to that. (after some hours of getting used to the game)

Sorry dudes, I gotcha all beat (except for MCM) My bells were worth 39k. Good job MCM.

such a great game I can't believe that it has been year since I last played it before. I remember it just like it was yesterday

my brother did this:
25167329435120 on winterbells
this is more than 25 milliards

400,000 with very little practice.

I dunno what My highscore is but since you only can see 17 digits, it's hard to know :P, My record in this game is about 25600/per clock, and since you start from 10 I guess that's quite a lot xD

I love Winterbells, but it will no longer load for me. I can play other orisinal games, but for some reason winterbells won't load.

Does anyone know why?

Kathy - try emptying your browser cache and reload. If that still doesn't work, try reinstalling Flash Player. There's a link to Get Flash in the sidebar.

The deletion worked... than you Jay!


YAY! I got 25,861,657,585,081,617. (That's 25 quadrillion!)

Just missed the next bird, too. :(
Only reason I got this high, too, was that my computer was laggy at the time, so I decided to give the game a try again. The game ran much slower, which helped in timing the landing on the bells and birds better. ;o)

Hey, this is such a great game, but does anyone know the song?

I played this game for hours on end. Sadly I only had a high score of about 50 billion. There is a site that has the winter bells music though.

Hey, I played this game a while ago and I loved it. Now I want to play it again, but it won't load. As Jay said above, I've tried emptying my cache and reinstalling flash player. It hasn't worked on either internet explorer of firefox. Can anyone help? I'd appreciate it.

I'm a big fan of all of the orisinal games - my favorite ofthe lot though is the bee game, though can never get more than a 1000 points :-) Anyone know what triggers time extensions other than catching the falling clocks?

How do you turn off the music?! Its so annoying!

if you get a high score and then fall, it registers only 10 digits in the "your score" section but if you go "play again" then get one bell and fall your score will be shown with more digits. for example. i got a score of 2.somthing somthing billion but, when i restarted it, it showed it later under the "previous high score" section as my true score which was 512786982320.

Lovely, but much harder to control on a laptop mousepad. Not one of my favorite games but it's not bad.

For the longest time I thought Winterbells was a Nintendo game.

I love the rabbit though. The game gets so difficult after awhile. Enjoyed the post.


I think the music on that game is Pachelbel - Canon (in D). Sounds pretty same, but I'm not absolutely sure.

not too shabby. first time I played on my new computer too.

Yea, it's a shame that the screen has only 17 digits. According to the screen i got 87 quadrillion with ringing 13 000 bells, although i got 94 quadrillion with just 7000 bells. So my record is 13 000 bells :)

This was mentioned before, but once you get past the trillions in points, your score gets displayed in scientific notation. For example, if your final score is 29589753196784324, then your score is 2.95...x10^24.

Anyway, there is a guy on Youtube showing that he reached 75,000 points per bell. It took me over a week but I finally reached a higher score of 78,000 points per bell and a score well over a googol. My score was 6.53..x10^131. It took me roughly two hours to reach that point.

fun game - 17 million

31323410. my best yet

I got bored of the game, but left it going in the background for the music :P

Now I'm really curious what the music is definitely isn't pachelbel canon like mentioned above, but some parts do sound pretty similar..

625,000,000 is my top score

My high score is 266,595,520! Some of you are good...

i just hit 44,498,810!!!
insane game, pretty addictive :)

I got around 10 million two years ago. Lost the exact # when we got a new computer, mbut it was awesome. No joke!

12b yes finally love the birds :D

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