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Top 10 Writing Computer Games for Students

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Many parents are often concerned about their children's academic performance and progress. They are often frustrated when the kid's writing skills are not up to par for their age. Students struggling with this issue had poor performance in school and lacked confidence in their abilities. However, there are various ways to enhance a student's spelling vocabulary, including online games. They are designed to increase children's creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive way. This article explores ten outstanding educational games that help learners to be better writers.

How such Games Help to Develop Essay Writing Skills

Many teachers and parents are turning to the Internet to boost their children's vocabulary and critical thinking. The online games listed in this article require students to think critically about the game and articulate their thoughts in a well-organized and coherent manner. They teach the players to organize ideas, develop a clear thesis statement, and support arguments with evidence.

These video games assist in learning how to gather information from various sources and synthesize it into a cohesive piece of writing. However, you may need professional help with an argumentative essay if you still have difficulty creating a well-structured and outlined report. Experienced experts provide assistance and guidance on research and appropriate sources to support the arguments. They also give a fresh perspective and offer insights and ideas that will give you a concise argumentative essay and increase your skills. The following are the top games that promise to transform writing while having fun.

1. Grammar Gorillas

This product by Funbrain has been widely recognized as one of the most creative writing games. It features a hungry gorilla character that can only be fed by correctly identifying parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. The writing game has various difficulty levels, making it suitable for different age groups. It reinforces your understanding of grammar rules and conventions.
● It helps in identifying and correcting common grammar errors when proofreading.
● Enhance your vocabulary and understanding of word usage.
● It might not be enough to address other writing issues, like organization, coherence, and clarity.

2. Fade Out

Language created the innovative video game Is A Virus, a website dedicated to promoting creativity and improving writing activities through various games and exercises. Fade Out challenges players to curate a short story or essay based on a prompt but with a twist. As you write, the screen gradually fades until it is completely black. This is particularly useful for those struggling with focusing on a writing task. Some top advantages and disadvantages of Fade Out are:

● Overcoming writer's block.
● Timer to increase player's efficiency.
● Practicing different types of writing, such as descriptive, narrative, or persuasive.
● Not customizable.
● Lack of feedback.

3. Story Dice

It is another resource developed by Language Is A Virus to enhance creative writing. It uses a set of dice displaying six words after it is rolled to inspire players to create unique, entertaining, and imaginative stories. The video game is an excellent tool for creating an engaging, coherent, well-structured narrative. The followings are some benefits and drawbacks of this writing game.
● Stimulates creativity.
● Improves vocabulary and spontaneous writing.
● Enhance collaborations.
● Lack of structures and feedback.
● Limited prompts.
● The image generated might not always be relevant to the topics or assignments a student is working on.

4. BrainPOP Junior

The online educational platform offers games and activities to improve players' reading, writing, and language skills. It provides a worthwhile learning experience with content that appeals to different age ranges. The video games on BrainPOP Junior are specifically designed to offer numerous advantages to players, but not without a setback. Some of these include:

● Interactive and engaging.
● Flexible learning.
● Variety of games and topics.
● Learning through play.
● Limited feedback
● They are relatively simple and may not provide enough challenges for older or more advanced players.

5. LetterLink Poetry

The title is played individually or in groups by creating poetry using a specific set of letters. It is a fun and engaging way to develop creativity, vocabulary, and writing skills. To play LetterLink Poetry, players begin by selecting a letter, which will be the starting point for the poem. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this game.

● Expand the vocabulary.
● Triggers creativity.
● Foster collaboration.
● Burdensome for novice poets.
● Time constraints.

6. Word Scrabble


This is one of the most popular games to improve writing skills. It is played by rearranging a set of jumped letters to form a correct word within a specified time frame. The game teaches people to develop vocabulary and problem-solving techniques essential to good writing. Word Scrabble also enhances the identification of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors in writing. Here are the features of the game and some of its setbacks:

● It boosts creativity.
● It enhances spelling and improves vocabulary.
● It tends not to be effective for improving other aspects of writing, like grammar or sentence structure.

7. Quill

The game enhances children's education by providing interactive and engaging prompts. It offers lessons and activities covering various aspects of brainstorming, outlining, editing, and revising. It gives immediate feedback to players, helping them identify areas for improvement. Like any writing tool, Quill has its advantages and disadvantages, and they include:

● It provides instant feedback.
● It helps in identifying and correcting mistakes while writing.
● Not be suitable for those struggling with more advanced writing techniques.

8. Plot Twist Generator

It improves players' writing ability by encouraging them to think creatively and outside the box. The generator provides unexpected plot twists that inspire you to consider new angles or perspectives on the topic. This helps break out of usual thought patterns and develop unique and original ideas for your report. The followings are the benefits of a plot twist generator and its drawbacks for players.

● It increases creativity.
● It helps in developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
● The generated plot twists may not always be relevant or suitable for a student's particular writing project.

9. Read Write Think

The online resource offers a range of tools for kids to develop their critical thinking. It provides services for various ages and skill levels, from kindergarten to high school. The following are its features and disadvantages.

● It provides instant feedback
● The video game can be integrated into lesson plans and assignments.
● Playing games on the platform might not challenge advanced or experienced writers.

10. LetterSchool

The educational app is designed to aid children's learning of how to write alphabets and letters. The video games use animation to guide children through writing each letter. This makes learning fun and easy for children, enhancing their handwriting and overall literacy. Here are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

● Multiple languages.
● Personalized learning activity.
● Positive reinforcement
● Too basic for advanced learners.
● It is only required by those learning how to write letters and alphabets.


An online game is a fun and effective way for children to enhance how they write. It boosts grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary while fostering creativity and critical thinking. Video games allow a learner to collaborate with peers, share work, and receive feedback from others. They also help in identifying strengths and weaknesses and making improvements accordingly. With this, many learners will gain confidence and learn to express themselves more effectively. These will serve them well not only in their academic pursuits but also in their future careers.

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