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Top Ten Most Important Things I Learned From Video Games

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Picture1.jpg They say that computer games teach only bad things - to shoot, kill or steal cars, and that computer games cause aggression, deviant behavior, and personal degradation. But is it that bad? Can it be that games have a silver lining and can teach us something good? Let's look at video games from a different angle and understand the 10 things video games can teach us.

There are different video games
All games can be divided into three main groups.

MMO - massively multiplayer online games. Players travel together in a large open world, where they meet, communicate, and defeat monsters. Of these games, Genshin Impact, World of Warcraft, and Roblox are popular among teenagers.

Sessional online games. Usually, they are shooting or sports simulators in which you need a limited time to achieve the goal. There are no savings, each time the whole process begins anew. Brawl Stars or Fortnite are just session games.

Single-player games that are similar to an interactive movie. They have a story that often depends on the player's actions, characters with a character, and an ultimate goal. The most popular games in this category are The Last of Us, Detroit: Become Human, Uncharted, and The Witcher 3.

Diverse and deep social environments
Most sessions and mass online games are not about fighting the enemy, but about interacting with other people. To win, players need to work as a team, help each other, and make decisions together.

That is why a social environment is formed around video games as well as in Jeton casino: fans communicate with each other, and they have their idols and jokes that only the initiated understand. Gamers are a large community. In 2020, the video game audience will exceed three billion people.

Entertainment should be age-appropriate
Like any other content, it is better to pick up the game by age. In the ratings of gamers, there are many "shooters" or horror games with characters, from the sight of which even a person with strong nerves would break a sweat on the forehead. What to say about small children, for whom some unexpectedly jumping out screamer can open the door to the world of nightmares?

To reassure yourself, you can focus on the age limit, which the manufacturers are required to label all games the same as they do at best rated casino online. Of course, convincing high school students that they really should not play something that says "18+" is not an easy task. One option is to offer a worthy alternative, having previously studied new products and trends in the world of gaming.


Help with learning, not just entertainment
For example, Minecraft Education Edition. Developed specifically for use in schools, the project is used in teaching various subjects. Through play, students learn about chemistry, history, literature, or geography. During the lessons, they can observe different natural processes, conduct experiments and participate in historical events.

Also, the game has a programming feature, that significantly expands the player's capabilities. And let it all take place in a cubic world, the scale of the platform application is impressive.

You can download ready-made worlds and find a lesson plan on the project website. Of course, to apply the game to teaching you need an equipped classroom and teacher training. This kind of learning, however, will bring new experiences for both students and teachers. It is not only computer science, but also many other school subjects. The solution is ingenious in its simplicity - to take what children love and give knowledge through it.

Other games specially designed for schools also exist
For example, GTA is said to be used for teaching traffic rules, and Subnautica for exploring the underwater world. Elite is for exploring the universe.

While playing, it can be not only fun but also useful. This may be the skill development or the horizons broadening. Someone learned English thanks to the games, someone mastered the skills of correct and fast typing on the computer.

Computer games have long ceased to be child's play
Of course, there is no denying that about 90% of children play computer games daily, but that does not negate the fact that the average age of a video game player is 33. It is an out-of-age pastime that can also delay the aging of the brain. This phenomenon is as massive as watching TV, which most young people today give up altogether.

The results of some studies show that computer games not only do not cause destruction in the parts of the brain but even help to develop such properties as multitasking, concentration, and others. But still do not forget that all is well in moderation.

Сyber threats to gamers
One of the main ones is cheaters, who are on a real hunt for accounts. As the player advances to new levels, buys game equipment, and collects loot (in-game values obtained in virtual combat), and the blogger gains views, the accounts become particularly valuable - the account can easily be sold on the black market. According to studies, one account in entertainment or streaming services, including Twitch, is worth between $0.5 and $8 on the darknet. The main way to avoid this threat is to use strong passwords.

Games are getting more and more interactive
Virtual reality helmets provide a new level of immersion for players, and for developers, they are new tools and opportunities that can also be used for educational purposes.

Video games have many properties with positive effects on brain plasticity, learning ability, attention, and even vision. It is necessary to study such influence to create games that will contribute to education in the future.

It is not possible to say that all games are equally useful
Different video games have different effects on people, and to know for sure, how this or that game changes the perception of reality, it is necessary to conduct a separate scientific laboratory study on each of them. One thing is certain: video games are a powerful tool, and you have to learn how to use them properly.

Optimize your playing space

Poor posture is a curse. A seat with a straight back will make you "more focused on the game". Investing in a sturdy gaming chair will help your back and your game, experts say.

At the same time, an Ohio State University study found that posture also provides more confidence in your thoughts. It shows how our posture can change not only how a person thinks of us, but also how we think of ourselves.

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