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Noahdungeon.gif R. Hunter Gough at Studiohunty has been sporadically updating Dungeon Escape, his Flash based tribute to the somewhat questionable interactive movie genre pioneered by laserdisc games such as Dragon's Lair, for the past three years. As an unnamed stick figure stuck in a prison cell, you've got to break out of a remarkably dangerous dungeon armed with nothing more than your reflexes, wits and patience.

In each room, a series of flashing ovals will tell you where to [Left click] in order to keep your stick figure avatar safe. Clicking outside of the oval or reacting too slowly will restart the current room and cost you a life. Some rooms are very involved, requiring long chains of successful mouse clicks to escape a trap or defeat a monster and move on. Though still a work in progress, the game is currently split into two sections of about 10 rooms each, ordered at random.

Analysis: The flashing oval hints remove the guesswork that plagued quarter gobbling classics like Dragon's Lair or Space Ace and as a result Dungeon Escape is relatively easy. Still, the rapid fire pace of the rooms in Dungeon Escape can be surprisingly tense, and the depth in certain areas goes beyond any interactive movie I've seen before. It goes without saying that Gough's crude stick figures aren't as pretty as the cel animation of Dungeon Escape's laserdisc forefathers but don't let that stop you; gameplay-wise, Gough's tribute is superior in almost every way, and he's not even after your change.

Thanks to Daniel for the submission!

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forgot to make the picture clickable in this post. :)

I got as far as the magic wand. The ninjas really did a number on me. Pretty interesting concept, but a bit too quick for an old guy like me.
Definitely a "funny once, Mike"

haha.. this is a cute game! just needs a pause button for when someone calls & i'm at work! :)

Ha! i love this game! I agree Kristin, a pause button would be nice. but i dont think i would be able to click it soon enough anyway!

Kristin - if you right click and uncheck 'play', it should pause the game. Right click again and recheck it to start playing again. Kind of inconvenient, but it's something.

Very first observation after playing for a few minutes: be prepared to restart this game several times. With only three lives and the possibility (and probability) of dying multiple times in one room, having to restart this game is mostly inevitable. Just be thankful that the game tells you when and where to click. Though not my favorite type of game, it is very rewarding to learn how to conquer the individual rooms. :)

I agree a Pause button is needed. The right click option takes too long and you die trying to pause. Also, the room drawings are interesting, I would like to have a second or two upon entrying a room to look around and enjoy the 'art'. The games moves so fast I do not have time to enjoy the graphics set up. Perhaps a feature where the game does not continue when you enter a new room unless you right click.

Also a word of warning to players, wait for the blue oval. If you click on the spot before the oval appears you die. Timing is everything.

Heeheehee, that was fun! After MANY restarts, I managed to complete it without losing a single life!! Go me!!

This game is so hard because just when I let my ADD kick in and look away, the oval pops up and I die.


Loved it, honestly. Of course the aesthetics are not the best, but it's a great concept and it forces you to pay attention constantly.

With more work, I'd buy it (if I buyed games...).


im stuck on the level with the swinging axes

After you finish the game, go back and delibrately make errors at various points in the game. Some of the graphics are hilarious! For example, do not click on the first oval in the cell and see the prisoner grow a beard.

When Preety Preety Bang Bang came out I checked out some of studiohunty's other stuff. I love this game! I love the reek of the amateur about it and yet it's really enjoyable and well thought out and conceived. It's really rewarding and has a great learning curve. The only downside was conquering all the rooms and getting the 'that's all' rather than some killer awesome prize (i.e. entirely fictional money).

Here's hoping he finishes it soon!

Well, I have to admit the graphics are horrible (I'm hoping it's on purpose, I'm a real stickler when it comes to liking the flashy stuff), but the same fast-paced thrill is there, just like in Dragon's Lair. Pretty unpredictible too, which I also enjoy, :).

If you suck and want to cheat..

after you lose all 3 lives and it says "try again" in the bottom right hand right click and press "play"
you can use this as many times as you want.

An even better trick

use mozilla,
tab then space always click the good place




Thanks for finding this one.

Did anyone ever notice if you time the clicks right, you go into different rooms? Well it works so try it.

this is very fun :] way better than dragon's lair...
dragon's lair for me is a synonymous of their lack of creativity when dealing with the new capabilities the videogames were gaining at the time.

You don't think Dragon's Lair is creative? When that game came out there was nothing like it and I remember it being the most popular game in the arcade for quite some time.

I agree, JRock. I was completely captivated by Dragon's Lair when it first hit the arcades and I spent a good share of quarters perfecting the moves required to make it all the way through the game. Granted it's a different type of game, but it was indeed innovative in its use of a laser disc from which it streamed high quality graphics content during game play.

The only thing I didn't like about this game.... was the fact I haven't blinked in over five minutes. OUCH!

Nice find. Love the chess pieces.

dannthemann: thanks for the tip, I wish I had thought to try that when I was trying to take the screenshot posted in the review ... :/

its really good i spent hours on it where did you get it?

sorry nothing here just want to put it in hehe

very fun game....but i'd like it better if there was a pause button

Hard. But BRILLIANT find!

i have as far as the main character step on elvelator and check-check start falling from above

here is a help!

1. the medium left click there

2. click the door

3. 3 door room click the left door

4. 2 door room click the sentre of cross then near left door and then near right door

5.robot click bottum medium then right and again right but a bit up from before right

6.blue robot under the table, blue robot,again blue robot, table,table and switch

7.one way room click the door

8.room of rabbit and giraffe left to giraffe, right to rabbit, bottum medium and door

9. scythe room at place u standing, again there , and then left of door

10.drop rock right, bottum medium, left , left up and cave

11.wand room wand,flower pot, bottum right corner,place where wand was, gate, moster, left medium ,near stairs , near rocks, rock, immideatly moster, bottum,a bit up, left corner , moster and gate.

that far i got

wow! wat a dragon! i have lead to room with dragon! (mosiac dragon)

how much long the game is???????????? i have reached the room with mummy/pharoah! (after the dragon)

ah completed!!!!!!!!!! the dragon was so hard! what did i say? hard? stupid me that was so easy!!!!!!!!!!! note:

the last level is of the level that contains a wall that have it's own eyes and nose! (u can see that screen above!

or u have seen

i really like this game. i know i say this about a lot of games, but this game is really fun. i haven't beaten it yet, i don't know if you can beat it, but i always be sure to play this game every once in a while. strange as it is, i actually find myself laughing when i die. how often can you laugh when you die in a game? massive props to this game for a job well done all around.

I got to the bit whear the hamer falls on you

I like this game but its hard and I cant stop playing it!

I got so far and then I lost!

Heres a helpful hint to new players of this game..

The patterns of the rooms you go to are different...Never the same order

Reminds me of "Brain Dead 13" for the Sega Saturn. Ah, the memories...

I beat it, after about 50,000 tries spanning a couple weeks. When I first played it, I nailed more levels than the second time. Odd.

Anyway: Great game, and I hope more from this genre will pop up soon.

i got to the dragon

A great game, works well on Wii!

this game it hard if you don't have good hand eye cordination

this game is fun i haven beatin it yet but i will soon

hello all

cool game, except for the lives thing

Ok this game is really addictive!!! I spent 2 hours trying to finish (game freak) Of course hehe

What I do not like about this game is that sometimes, your click doesn't register, and you die.

What this game really needs is a continue feature. Something that if you really get far in the game (like the last level) you can start from the tenth level or whatever.

I finally got through it without losing a single life!
here are all of the rooms in order of creation:
giant skeletons
falling rocks
mine cart
giant armor
blue ninja
crushing walls
rising muck
crumbling floor
magnet mage
rolling room
yellow ninjas
red ninja
sleeping skeleton(replacement for mallet room)


after u have got the gun and go back to near the entrance what will u do?

using the list above i realized i got only 3 from completion grrrrrrr
giant skeletons
falling rocks
mine cart
giant armor
blue ninja
crushing walls
rising muck
crumbling floor
magnet mage
rolling room
yellow ninjas
red ninja (my favorite)

not done
sleeping skeleton

btw jay ive been here a while and i love the site i am going to sign up after a while of weed pulling in my front yard keep up the good work man (yay for tower defense, room escape, webtoy, and grow games... and jay too)

its better than wasting quarters on old dragons lair machines....

Got as far as the tower with the falling stuff with the holes in it. Then I didn't go fast enough.

I am so frustrated. I am actually playing a game called "Dungeon Escape 2", but for some reason, no walkthrough has heard of it. I am stuck after getting through the second door. I am hitting the red arrows but wind up back to the same point. Why is there not a walkthrough?

I can't get to the game:(

RE: The comment about Dungeon Escape II by YHJFLASH.com

I too am haiving a similar problem. So far ...

I have taken the gem from the entry door, and put it back so I could get in the "door room".

I have peeped through the hole in the first door and pressed the button or whatever it is in the fourth door.

I have found the little ball in the second door, and used that on the plunger in the dias in the centre of the room to open said door.

After killing the monster that was released, I have gotten as far as the end of the passage way, when blood starts dripping down and if I don't back up I die.

And I can't seem to find anything in the third door to interact with.

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