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Hot AirFrom Nitrome, a new media and mobile games developer, comes this delightful action game with irresistible pixel graphics reminiscent of an old-school Mario game.

The game play in Hot Air involves navigating a hot air balloon from its green starting platform to the red landing platform within each level. To succeed you must maneuver around obstacles and onto platforms, collecting keys to open gates while avoiding just about everything that will make the balloon pop. Much easier said than done.

The mouse controls a little whirling fan that will influence the balloon's movement when the mouse button is pressed and moved near the balloon. If any part of the balloon or dangling basket touches anything except for the brightly colored platforms, you must start the level again.

There are 20 levels to unlock in all. For each level you complete, the next one will unlock. Five (5) bonus levels can be unlocked as well by earning stars. Collect all of the stars within a level and then land successfully on the red platform to earn that level's star.

Analysis: The gorgeous pixelart and level design is where this game really shines and will bring back memories of old-school 2D side-scrollers from the 90's. The gameplay, however, is quite a bit different than any Mario platformer, with an extremely steep difficulty curve that will surely alienate the more casual gamers out there. Unfortunately, the game's difficulty is not its only problem. The background music loop for each level begins to overlap upon itself making the music tracks unbearable to listen to (Update: this issue has been fixed!) Thankfully, an options screen in the game's main menu allows you to turn the music off while leaving the sound effects on. Charming, challenging, and bubble gum delicious. Click.

Cheers to pixelHugger Pete for the link, and for hosting the game on Fingertime. =)


Fun game, but I really wish it would just restart the level when you lose, instead of going back into the menu. I found having to pick the same level over and over to be more infuriating than the music :)

ohlala, too many games. Not only all the jay is stuff, but now I just got Animal Crossing WW.
Heh, loosely locked levels would be nice for this game (row by row could work)

Very good point, Tonamel. While playing I was getting very tired of watching the menu transition effects.

I agree Harukio, the forced order of the locked levels severely cripples this game. If the player were allowed to play the first game of each color (row) as I believe you were suggesting, then it would have been much better.

PS - I am also playing Animal Crossing: Wide World, and I hope to have a review up about it this weekend including a page where we can all share friend codes so that we may visit each other's towns. =D

Awesome, I need people to visit, since none of my friends have AC yet.
Party at Jay's!

Damn you, Jay Bibby!

If I lose my job today, it's because you posted this game!

The music is a minor irritance, but my computer has mute for a reason.

Please don't hang that one on me, Pynchon!

Besides, if you work first then play, it makes the games a whole lot sweeter. =D

Urg... Irritating game. Not because it isn't fun, but rather because it's sometimes (well, actually, all the time) hard to control that **** happy balloon, and the music is really really really really really repetitious, just like my reallys. Hmm, by the time I get done with that balloon, I don't think it'll be smiling anymore...

Ok guys...I'm sorry...but the song on the main's freakin' catchy!! I've played it three times in a row and haven't even really played the game. *hangs head in shame* does this mean I have a problem?

Awesome site Jay...I've wasted many an essay writing hour here...cheers to procrastination!

Hahaha, no Koala, you're doing fine. I'll bet you get tired of it soon, though. =D

On commodore 64 there was a simmilar game. You were a ghost and your job was to blow a ballon from one end of the stage to the other. It was a good little game but frustrating as hell.

This game brought all those childhood nightmares of "popping the damn balloon right at the end" back. Thank you, Jay. Now onto some blowing.

OK. I've finally identified what irritates me with this game (apart from the thankfully stoppable music) - the fact there is no "Start again" button. That going back to the level select screen and then needlessly reloading the level - grmph.

how do I actually start the game from the bit were you pick the level

dad2dad - once you select a level (you have only one option when you first start, the top left corner) the level will then load.

Once the level loads, just click the mouse near the balloon to blow it in the direction you wish it to go.


What a cute little game. Brings back memories of the days of Nintendo and Sega... *sigh* I'm getting old.

THIS GAME DRIVES ME NUTS! I'm on level 4, and I wish the game used passwords! I need help!

I'm on Level 7. Can I get help?

Most annoying game I have ever played in my whole life. Almost made me throw my keyboard to dogs :P

how do you get passed level 7 i can only get passed the first wheel

volcano level = poorly conceived

I truly do feel like stabbing my hands. Thanks, jay! :D

stabbing your hands?! oh my. You're welcome?

I'm on level thirteen and I can't figure out how to time it to get to the other side! Can someone help me? Do I go when they are up or down? Of what?!?! Yikes. Anyway, any help is welcome

To finish level 13,

Wait until the leftmost block hits the ground and starts to move up, then go under it. When the second block from the left hits the ground, go over it, then quickly under the third block. Dive down, and try to get under the fourth block as it rises off the ground. That's how I managed to do it. You should get the middle two stars automatically while you're doing that.

I won. I just beat the game.

I can't get through level seven. I love this game. I hate this game. I love this game. I love this game. I hate this game.I love this game. I hate this game.I love this game. I hate this game.I love this game. I hate this game.I love this game. I hate this game. I have been almost out the other side of the third wheel and am getting so, so, so good at controling this balloon, but I ... can't ... I can't ... quite ... just a little bit more -- KA-BOOM !!!!! The words 'Oh No' appear for the zillionth time ... tears of rage turn to hope as I push the start button for the zillionth-first time ... bring it!!

Wow, this game is hard.


There, now let's play some more. Thanks, Jay!

hmm.... funny how such a cute and seemingly innocent pixel-art game with smilies everywhere could be so frustrating :P

one hint I found really helpful was to switch the music off before you play- you wouldnt believe how much it improves your concentration and reflexes :)

How do I get the star bonus for Level 21?

how do you beat octobos??

alkjsdhf: Shouldn't that comment be in the Hot Air 2 section? No matter. You beat him by landing on the six key platforms around him. Missiles will come and hit him, thus unlocking the finish.

ah god, this game can be super infuriating.

i cant get past level 24. so annoying yet so addicting!

Dav please help me how do you get in the second wheel on level 7??
or anyone please help!!!!

Must I really spoon-feed you levels?

Level 7:

I had the most trouble on the second wheel too, I'm sure loads of others have as well- to start with, wait until the wheel opening with the dent in one side comes to you

(To be sure of


and then fly in quickly, just missing the spikes on the top. Wait in there, then fly out QUICKLY, so the wheel's spikes don't kill you.


anyone kept


of how many


I've made, and


for the


I used to make a new one every

three days

or so.

ok Dav
I can only get inside the second wheel if my computer's really slow.I only got in once but never came out.

Post Videos on youtube

And yeah you gotta spoon feed me the levels

I got inside the second wheel but I never got out.

I don't get how you get out so fast.

MWAHAHAHA! Second place on the Hot Air scoreboard! ^_^ Just finished the last level for the first time today. :-D


On Youtube you just lied about your age right??? Cause if you're 16
the you wouldnt be playing games on the computer right???

And also I can't get the stars in Level 6 Hot Air and I'm still stuck on Level 7
I can't get out of the second wheel because the spikes hit my basket when I come out.

I don't understand your logic, but oh well, whatever. ^_^

Ok, level 6, go up as the mouth does, then once you hit the star, rush down and wait for the mouth to close. You should be able to get the stars without too much trouble.

Level 7, you have to move pretty fast to avoid having the wheel clip your basket. You may want to practice maneuverability on a more open level so you can get speed.

If ever you want videos of something, tell me and I'll put something on Youtube. I love HyperCam. ^_^

Ok Hydra
Since you love HyperCam
Can you post/show how to beat level 7 on Youtube?
Oh and I also want to see every other level beyond level 7 if you wanna do it that is.

Ok, I'll do level 7, but I do think you should try to do the other levels before you ask for a video.

It stinks how it replaces your score when you do that though. >_>

I didnt mean as in I try the levels I just wanna see the levels
Like I wanna see whats after level 7 cause I've been stuck on it longer than Dental Practice.

I see what you're saying, but I think you should see them as you earn them. It took me forever to earn the last level (6 or 7 months I think), and I never looked to see what it was like, and that made it all the more rewarding when I finally got to play it. Keep trying on 7, I'm sure you'll get it soon. ^_^

But I will let you know what's in level 8. It's a volcano that shoots easy to dodge fireballs. It's one of the easier levels in my opinion, as I'm able to pass it in about three seconds.

Sorry I'm late, I'd forgotten about jayisgames.

I have no idea who Hydra is by the way- I do not live in the USA anyway.
Thank you for the 'thank you' comments, I am here to help.
If he is 16 he is too old for me.
I have recently finished Hot Air too- 25th on highscores :)

People sure get scores on Hot Air quickly! I was in second for a day, then I checked and was in 7th or so! At least I'm still on page 1. ^_^ Hot Air is waaaaaay harder than Hot Air 2 in my opinion. Hey Dav, do you hate it how your scores can be replaced by worse scores? It drives me crazy when that happens. >_>

Do I hate it?

RAAAAAARRGGGHHHHHH!!!! (puts on mad face)

Well, I would prefer it without that gimmick, as it makes me afraid to try any levels again.

does anyone find lvl 13 particaully annoying? I guessed you were supposed to follow the stars to get around-but hey thats hard!

oh no! My question about lvl 13 has already been posted... :( and answered :(( sorry Jay.. and everyone else...

(p.s sorry about double-posting:D)

Dav then you help me with level 7 since I kept bothering Hydra with it I keep popping while getting out of the second wheel,can you blow your basket instead of the balloon?
Oh and about you being 16 and live in the USA I was asking Hydra cause he/she says he/she is 16 on Youtube and lives in the US.

Ooh, I hate level 13! That level bugs me. I'm glad I've collected the stars and don't have to collect them again. >_>

There really is no better way to avoid clipping your basket on level 7 other than the way shown in my video. You can not blow your basket, only the balloon.

And really, why does my age matter to you? Age online seems to be one of the least important things to me. Btw, I am male, so need to say he/she. ^_^

I don't have any other way to do it- as soon as the wheel gives you the opening, you go through and up.
You don't actually need to go mega-fast, just quickly.

The last level is much easier than the penultimate level, thankfully.

Yeah, the second to last level is the all time worst level in that game. And think, if we want high scores in that game, we're going to have to *ugh* speed run that level! Hard enough when you're going slow lol! I don't like levels where they really crowd you and there's no space to do decent maneuvering. It is a nice test of your patience (and mouse) though. So if you pass that, you know you have decent control over your balloon. ^_^

The last level is pretty simple, but for some reason it took me a while to pass. Kinda hard to react to the fans quickly enough in those small tunnels.

What's your record for it?

Level 24 - 40:06
Level 25 - 12:08

I didn't do them all that fast.

Hydra Dav i keep trying i keep tryingi keep trying

Don't worry, the levels are going to get even harder after that. The difficulty curve in that game is really steep, so if you're going to pass it, it's going to require TONS of patience. Just keep trying, you're sure to get through eventually.

And I did go crazy a few times playing that game. I don't know if it's avoidable. @_@

I shall keep playing level 7 until I'm lucky and get out of the second wheel cause of a miracle anyways
I got my password for Youtube FINALLY I shall subscribe to you.

I got past level 7 but I can't get the stars for level 9 and 12
Also, I'm stuck on level 13.
I looked through these comments on found 1 walkthrough for level 13 but to me it doesn't work .If you wanna make another video to show me your way,go ahead.

When you get to the red pad and your time is slower that the last time you played this level you can just crash and your better score will be saved.

Ok. ^_^ I think I will upload more videos. I should upload speed runs of each of the levels. That would be so fun! ^_^

Whoa I did level 13 without collecxting the stars in exactly 14 seconds
But i Dont get hot you Hydra and Dav can do levels in 3 seconds

My current time for level 13 is 5:09. My best time on any level is 1:09 on level 6. I need to start working on some more of those speed run videos. Getting the video for level 24 is going to be torture! :-P

Anyway, it's hard to know that your time is worse than the previous one until you land. When it's a difference of two or so seconds, you can't really tell until it's too late.

Hydra POST A walkthrough video showing how to get all the stars for levels 9,13,20
And keep doing those speed runs they're good

Alright, I'm still working on it. I'll get to the "all stars" once I'm done with my speed runs. Unfortunately, when I do the star completion videos, I won't be able to actually land on the pad as it would ruin my scores.

I think I'll only upload star videos when they're requested. And try not to request star runs for levels 12 and 24. They were evil enough the first time. ;-) I'll get the ones you requested as soon as I can.

Whoops Hydra make a walkthrough for level 9,13 and 17 ok?

Hydra I now agree that level 12 I HATE!!!!!!!! Today my computer is slow so and those big mouth guys turned like a millimetre a second so it took me 2:45:05 to do the level. And also Hot Air is broken.
I played it for so long (as in waiting for mouth to come and the music; it doubled up as in you hear 2 musics and it sound like it was sick or broken . Heh.

Whoops, I'm slow. 55:00 for Level 24!
I almost can't be bothered to do it all again!

Lol, the doubled up music glitch is sooo weird. I'll be playing, it'll double up, and my family will be like "Make it stop! Make it stop!" lol!

Yeah, 24 is eeeeeviiiiil, but I still have to record a speed run video. I'll try to make it in under 35 if I can. @_@ Btw, have you figured out how to get under 10 seconds in level 22? ^_^

I'm finally done with the speed run videos, so now I'll get to work on those requests. ^_^

Oh btw, I got those all star videos you requested made, so you might want to check those out. ^_^

Hydra I know why you do levels easier than me,
Its because for some reason your monsters move slower than on my computer.
For instance level 21 (Dragon Breath as it is called in Hot Air 2) I've seen your dragon move much slower and if you want me to prove it

I'm sorry I can't do it because there is no screen recording thing and it is too complicated for a video camera.

The movie on Youtube isn't the actual speed, it's slightly off. And really, I don't have an easy time beating levels. It may look easy, but that's only because it's a successful run. Want to know how many times I died on level 24 before I got successful? Probably about 50. ;-) Plus, I spent lots of time on Hot Air 1, then lots of time on Hot Air 2, then back to Hot Air 1 again. I've had lots of practice.

Ok Hydra I can't do level 23 and cannot get stars for 21,13,9,7.
I found out a glitch.

It is only for slow computers.
First when you press a level, it must not load it just gets stuck at loading. Then right click. Press play and everything will be white. You can fly around but after a few seconds, the whole blank screen turns to the level you chose.Then you should pop . When you crash of course. But dont try to place yourself near the red pad while its blank because when the level comes up, you touch the pad and you go right through it and hit the spikes below the pad.

Wow, wierd! :-O It'd be interesting to have a slow compy just so I could test that. Would you like an all star video for 21? It's one of the harder ones.

Sure thing
And you know, every bonus level is hard except for the one where you're trapped in a cage thanks to yuo that weird glitch works ad so I did the level in 9:04.

Yeah, that glitch does make it way easier. My current best time for the cage level is 7:01. Keep going for those stars. I'm sure you're going to hate level 24. It is eeeeeeviiiiiil...

Hydra ? How do you stand the blue loading thing when you press upload on Youtube?????
I'm not gonna be playing Hot Air for a while but I shall check JayIsGames almost daily.And tell me . WHich game do you think is easier?
Hot Air 2 or Hot Air?I think Hot Air 2 is easier. I could tell you if I wanted to but theres lots of stuff but I like Hot Air for the main music and that there's lots of glitches.

When uploading, I just do something else that doesn't involve using the internet. It can take a while, but there's always something else to do.

Hot Air 2 is WAAAAAAAAY easier than Hot Air. The levels might be harder to do fast, but they're easier to do slow. Plus, there are no levels where you only have about 4 pixels in which to maneuver your balloon (like level 24 of Hot Air).

Hydra how long does it take you to upload?

For me, as little as 5 minutes to as long as 30 minutes I'd say.

Oh my god
It takes me 2 hours even on my fastest copmuter!!!
Hey I'll tell you the good stuff on Hot Air 2.
When you land on any pad in Hot Air 2 you go back to the normal position when you start.In Hot Air you don't so when you blow yourself boom the basket hits the spikes below the pad.
In the first level of Hot Air 2, the big mouth is so big.On level 12 of Hot Air , the mouth is so tiny that you fit exactly inside it.
For level 13 in Hot Air 2, the lava goes all the way down and disapears(sorry if I spelled it wrong).In Hot Air, The lava doesn't even hit the bottom of the level and its suposed to be easy because its in the pink section.
In level 16 ( I think) the dragon guys go so slow and compared to Hot Air Dragons it goes pretty fast.

I don't think computer speed controls upload speed, it's based on internet speed. If you have dial-up, for instance, it's going to take forever to upload videos.

And I totally agree with #1. That is one of the best improvements. #2-4 are all based on difficulty, and Hot Air is harder than hot Air 2.

Also, they fixed the glitch for Hot Air 2 so you're not invincible while on a pad while blowing the fan. You can do some strange stuff with that glitch, like in that one level following the moving spike platform instead of running from it, and having the level reset after the walls finish closing in.

Well I don't know if I have dial-up.
I never checked.
Hydra which level are you talking about with"the moving spike platform"?

I'm referring to level 11. I was too lazy to look it up. @_@

Hydra I don't have dial-up
But guess that your videos are like under 10 seconds
and mine are like 5 minutes.

Yeah, the length of the video makes a massive difference in uploading speed. If it's really long, I can imagine it taking hours to upload.

VERRRRYY GOOOOD, i like it... <3

Even though no one has posted in a while, if anyone ever needs help with any of the levels, they can watch my videos at and can use that info to improve gameplay. I have a speedrun video for every single level in the game.

After I mastered all levels but 25, I read others comments. I too was stuck on level 7. I am ashamed to admit it took me at least 400-500 trys to master this level. I was stuck for days and days on it. But I did not give up and was rewarded for my persistence. Now I can play it with ease. Wonderfully fun game as well as Hot Air 2, which I eventually mastered all 30 levels. To be successful at these games, you must have PATIENCE. Thats the key. Vikke from Lexington

I gave up on this game long ago. Level 24 was too hard to finish while collecting the stars, being as quick as possible, and being as careful as possible. Also Level 21 is too darn hard. Bad job for your first, guys.

But I've mastered Hot Air 2! Well done for your first sequel, guys!

Can I get help with level 7? Thanks!

Yes! I finally got into first place! ^_^ I hope the other high-ranking people don't manage to knock me down.

I can't stand this game! It's horrible and sooooooooooo annoying. The music is annoying, the smiley face balloon is annoying and the fact that it is incredibly difficult to control the balloon is annoying. Eurgh I hate this game.

level 3 definatly needs a bigger passage way, its to hard to be a level 3, this is the levels where the player is trying to learn to play still

Thank you for reminding me why I hate Nitrome...

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