Hyper Frame

HamuresuHyper Frame is a new puzzle game offered by Shockwave.com that combines 3D graphics and an engaging soundtrack to create a compelling interactive experience.

The goal of the game is fairly simple: connect each pair of same-colored blocks with an unbroken line that does not cross over, or use the same space as, another color.

Control is entirely with the mouse. Click on a colored block and drag along the empty spaces to create a line that connects the pair. An Undo button exists in the event a mistake is made in the process. A Reset button allows you to restart the current puzzle from the beginning.

Controlling the 3D cube can be a bit awkward at times, and it is easy to make a mistake in the process of drawing a line. It is a byproduct of the choice of a 3D interface, which can be viewed as both a plus and a minus for the game. There will likely be some who find the game difficult to control.

The game features two different modes of play: Speed and Mind. The object of Speed mode is to complete as many puzzles as you can within the time alotted. There is no time limit with Mind mode in which the game presents puzzles that must be solved to move on to the next. There are four (4) difficulty levels to Mind mode offering even more depth to the game.

Hyper Frame makes excellent use of Shockwave 3D to create a compelling puzzler that offers two different modes of play. Together these features combine to extend replay value, and to appeal to a broad casual game audience. Click.

Thanks to Tobey for suggesting the game (though I had plans to review it today anyway =)


Wow, somebody's been reading the B3TA newsletter. Or if not, it's somewhat of a coincidence...

Hey jay this is one of my favorite games and im so glad that you posted it =)

As they say, Wulfo: "what comes around goes around." =)

This game is brilliant! I like the control, although it does freeze up sometimes :\

utterly stuck on L11. the answer is staring me right in the face -sulks- bah!

bah. just done it. [/noob]

I don't think the controls are so much of a problem.. It would help if the cubes got a little bigger as the number of subdivisions increased. Once you get to 8x8 the controls become a little cumbersome.

Still only one more level to go..

i like the control too, but maybe it's not the best sort of control for me at the moment. i actually gave myself motion sickness and had to stop playing which sucks, because i was only on the 12th level.

I played this game on shockwave a little while back. I loved it. It's challenging but really imaginitive and original.

You know what that screen cap reminds me of? That game The Dark Room. Remember that one? :)

Yes it does, Jessica! I was thinking the same thing earlier today.

And who could forget that game? It's still one of my favorite puzzle games ever...

The Dark Room

Anyone able to figure out MindCube 32? It's the only I still haven't finished...

am i the only one whose browser crashes on this game (both IE and FF)? i've had this problem very often with (apparently) advanced flash games. Has anyone got the same problem or knows the solution?

btw Jay: fantastic site, love it that you've gone to a .com, much easier to find now ;) just keep ruining my study with those fantastic games

Monkey, I still can't figure out level 12. <:(

Jaap, this game is not Flash game.

Macromedia has 2 products: Flash and Director. Flash produces movies which are played in Flash player, stuff made with Director are played with Shockwave player. Director is more complex, more powerful and costs more, its player is also bigger and buggier then Flash player (but of course it is possible to make bad games with Flash too which can crash your browser).

To confuse honest people even more, many years back, when Macromedia bought Flash it was called FutureSplash Animator and MM already had "Shockwave Director", so they renamed new product as "Shockwave Flash" to give it promote it with Director users. Because Flash has been more popular then Director, they have silently dropped the "Shockwave" from Flash and like to call it simply Flash now.

So, in short form:
Flash - good
Shockwave - bad

P.S. I hate the way cube moves. I refuse to play it until they make cube stay or at least add option to make it still. There is no point why it has to move anyway unless it rotates fully in later levels.

I don't think I would distill it down to those simple terms. Both Flash and Director have their share of pluses and minuses.

Director offers a nice 3D implementation and Flash does not. However, 3D does require a bit more horsepower than non-3D applications do, and therefore compatibility issues may arise on systems that do not meet minimum requirements for the Shockwave 3D engine.

Macromedia published (a long time ago) minimum system requirements for Shockwave 3D. Anyone having trouble viewing Shockwave 3D content should check to see if their systems measure up.

I think this game is awesome...gets really challenging.

As far as the controls, I don't know if this would help you or not, but you can just click the color box, then click the grey boxes one-by-one; you don't have to click and drag.

Anybody got any pointers on 15?

some pointers, or just an out-and-out screenshot solution for 15 would be good. I keep staring at it and it reminds me of A-level Algebra; less a system and more some kinda sleeting inspiration that seperates you from a fail and lifts you to a a pass :/

so, yesh. still stuck at 15 [and waving my axe impotently at the zombies in urbandead]

Zipped right through 1 to 14...
number 15, well, that proving to be a hell of a speed bump.

For those of you stuck on level 15:

whew - got it!

I've gotten them all in mindcube up to 29, except 19, 22, and 25. on the master levels I've only gotten # 38 solved

beautiful!!! how did I not see that? thanks tobey

ok, i have all of the mindcubes except numbers 35, 36, and 40. I've solved all the rest. I can probably even solve them again and post Screenshots or solutions for those who REALLY need help. Just ask

Level 35:

Level 36:

Level 40:

Anyone able to give a hint on level 32 PLEASE?
Jay, sorry for the mutiple posts I just learned how to read after a couple of hooked on phonics tapes.

I feel like such an idiot... but could someone give me help on level 12. It's driving me insane.

jay, my comment about Director being bad was meant as a joke. I did not intend to insult anyone with it, only tried to explain that it is not Flash player that crashes the browsers.

Sorry if the comment sounded bad :(

P.S. I could write even worse things about browsers crashing with java, but I am nice :)

No worries, Tony. =)

It was an attempt to provide some help to anyone who may be having trouble with Shockwave 3D games like this. As I recall, there were a couple of similar comments made when I posted the review for No Brainer, which is also a game that uses the Shockwave 3D engine.

I was also giving Director a few props, as I've created a few things with it and have learned it's quite capable, if at times a bit quirky.

And so far from what I've seen from Flash, it is a bit quirky, too. lol

Anyone knows the answer to level 12?
Very very stuck

having trouble with level 11 ... can't get my head around it, any hints?

19 is impossible.....please prove me wrong.....I'm about to jump out the window

Hey mjs. Bring your orange on the bottom left up to the top and follow the edge over to the end point. Then have the yellow go along the back edge, downt the bottom right, over to the bottom left, and go behind the red to the end point. This leaves a clear path for the red. Now that you have 11, help me with 12 ;-)

Nevermind, just found 12.

Green = starting bottom left, right 6, up 10

Orange = starting bottom left, down 1, right 4

Red = starting bottom left, up 3, right 4, down 1, right 1, down 1, right 2, up 3

purple = starting top, South East 1, NE 1, SE 1, down 2.

blue = starting top, NW 1, SW 2, SE 3, NE 1, SE 1

yellow = fill the remainder

My god, thank you so much tjay! o_O That was really bothering me. I actually was so frustrated I skipped twelve and went pretty easily through 13-15. I'm on 16 now... let's see how we go from here. :D

So glad I'm not the only one who was stuck on 12. Got 15 in no time flat but SOOOOOO stumped by 12!

-Eyebrows (longtime reader, first time poster)

you so hot, Tobey. I had something similar that wasnt working. just kept getting the same [non-working] pattern stuck in my head. bah. muchos thanks.

can anyone help me with level 11, i just cant get it!

I'm stuck on 11 as well. Help, please!

How do you get past cube 17. plz plz plz plz plz plz help me yes i am desperate.

I know how to solve 19 but I dont know how i would go about showing you people.... a little help??

Level 11

Level 17

I would help with level 19 but I can't do it anymore..

Cherry, as you solve the puzzle, keep the mouse button pressed down so that the game doesn't go to the next cube. Then press the print screen button on your keyboard. Then open up a graphics program (MS paint works fine) and go to edit>paste. Then crop, save and upload.

I finally figured out level 19, for the second time..

Can someone help me out with 31 and 34? Those are the only last two I need to do to finish. :(

Grr. Nevermind. Why is it always AFTER you ask for help that you solve the puzzle?

im stuck on 16, can anyone give me any help?

Yeah... I do believe this is the first game that I've repetitively come back to until I was completely finished. Wonderfully addictive, and horribly frustrating... but it can be done! Great game!! [By the way, this is absolutely the only site that I make sure to check every day!]

ok level 34 is the ONLY one I havent got, if anyone has a spoiler for it, spoil, for the love of god spoil!! haha.

Hey Dan, Start with the yellow on top, come straight down, go left to the other side, and straight up to the end point. Next, orange on the bottom right, bring left to the edge, up one, then straight left to the end point. Blue on top, bring it southwest to the wall, skirt the wall to the right, down through the opening, and skirt the orange down to the blue end point. Fill the rest with the green

AACK!!! Every time I attempt cube 32 and fail, god kills a kitten. Please help save the kittens

I am getting hammered by 34 as well. I am cross eyed and drooling on myself at this point. Come on spoiler.

OK, finally got 34. I am spent. Let's just say that the purple line traverses all over the square.

ei...i can't understand tjay's solution on Number 12....can you please send a screenshot instead??? thanks.

nevermind the 12...hehhehe now i'm stuck with 13...what a lucky number

Cube 20 is driving this saint to drink! Any help please?

Here is for Cube 20...now can somebody give a spoiler for the lucky Cube 13?? heheheheh

Left Green goes 4 cubes down, 4 cubes right.
Left Orange goes 3 cubes up, 2 cubes left.
Pink goes straight.
Red goes on the right side.
Blue goes on the left side
then yellow can find its way.

Hope this helps

yes I too have finally figured out that 34th cube, but I had to go away sleep, and come back with a fresh mind-all I dreamt about was cubes, hahaha.

So for everybody else having trouble with 15:

Hook the red trail around the blue origin square on the right face, then bring it back up to the top face to connect. This technique will be useful in later puzzles too.

I love this game!! But now I have gotten all the puzzles done that I can. Now all I get is frusrtated. Have everything except 12, 16, and the master levels. Cant get any of those. Can somone help please? Maybe just hints or whatever.

I got 12 and 16. I also got 35,36, and 40. working on more. Hoping i wont need too much help. Great game. :) I love this thing.

I've made it to 40!!! NOw, what the heck?!? Little help, folks

Always after you post is when you figure it out. :-)

I can't seem to get Lucky Number 13!!! I'm almost done with the master (only 6 cubes to go) BUT I CAN'T GET 13!!!! GGRRRRR

i would REALLY like 12!

level 34

this is how to do purple... the rest should be easy after it.
start from the bottom right.
up all the way to the red.
go left until you have 5 squares (including the one under red)
on the top side of cube make 4 squares and then turn left for 3 squares (7 squares total on top side of cube)
do the same thing on left side of cube (until you reach the right side of cube again)
make 5 squares on right side.
then go down 2 square
then go back 4 squares (total of 11 new squares on right side)
now make 6 squares on right side and then go up 5 squares
now make 6 squares on top, make a right turn and add 4 more squares, make a left and add 2 more squares, another left and all the way to the wall.
another left and all the way to the left side of cube.
and then all the way to the bottom.
then go in a straight line to the other purple starting point...
fill the rest of the colors in

I cant get 15. been lookin at it for ages. even using the hint given earlier. any more hints for 15, or even a screenshot. i need to know the solution for this one.

im sorry but that spoiler you posted for 34 makes absolutlely no sense, u think for something that complicated you can post a screen shot?
i could also use help with 13 and 32

hey how do you get past level 5 i no i sound dumb but i am crap at these. PLEASE!

can any body help me with 32 or 33, these are the last two i need

For 15:

Try snaking the Red through the other color poles, and making the other colors go around it.

Dun worry, I got stuck on it too.

cheers, finally got 15.
32 is crazy, any screenshots?

HELP me pwez! no.13 is just too hard. i sound well great next to all you 34 level people

okay no.13 is done now imk stuck on number 18....u should so be able to skip some levels

HELP i need it on 12

i need help for the 31...

can someone please help me with 33 & 34 these are the only two that i have left---the one that posted the instructions for 34 i have no clue what to do once i get to the top of the cube---please explain a little better---thatnks

the one that gave the instructions for 34 can you do a screen shot

Gah...stuck on 16. ;;

w00t nvm I just got 16. ^^ Now I'm stuck on 18. ;;

how come i can't see the spoilers..i can every now and then

Diamond - the spoilers require Javascript to function. What browser and operating system are you using?

I've never experienced a problem viewing them myself. If you can provide me with more detailed information about your particular configuration and the symptoms you experience, I may be able to offer some suggestions.

Just wanted to send a quick thank you, thank you, thank you out to jeaoure, for posting the 40 showspoilers. Haven't viewed them all (yet) - am still trying to solve them on my own - but was SO stuck on level 12, and was ready to throw the computer (or myself) out of the window in frustration. Good to know that there is an answer out there for when I get that stuck!

Also - thanks to all who mentioned that they were stuck on level 12 as well - I was feeling really silly when I was seeing pleas for solutions to 30, 32, etc., when I was stuck on level 12!

I need a spoiler for Level 11 just started and I love it

thanks for the help on 11. I did it myself for 6 days and still couldn't figure it out. I finally found this page and felt really stupid when I figured out what the answer was.

I have an alternate solution for level 40. I'm not sure how many have alternate solutions, but this is the only one that is different to the 40 you have

I've never used this spoiler thing before, having only visited here after finding the game on addictinggames but i have uploaded the screenshot to my photobucket account for those who want to see the alternate solution
The solution

Hey, can anyone please drop a spoiler for # 13?


O_O Level four is confusing. Maybe i'm not looking at it right... Help?

does anyone has the solution for cube 32

level 32 ----> right order of colours from left: blue,green,purple,blue,orange, yellow :)

Interestingly, there are two ways (that I have found, at any rate, there might be more...) to do #40...

Try to find them yourself before checking my versions in the spoiler, and see if you can find some other ones !

I want to post the solution for level 22 but I cant upload the jpg file. Can you help me.

OMG! what is 16 I am going crazy???

nevermind i got it...

solition for level 4??? please??

Help with 31 please??

Solution for Number 4

Fill the purple in all along the outside edges of the cube and then up the left side of the blocked cubes until it hits the other purple. Then just fill in the blue. THis will use up all the squares of the cube.

ok help with 32 for sure!! anyone??

solution to cube 33. start with the purple on top,go down to the bottom right hand side of cube,go left to the bottom corner,go 1 sq on the left side.then up 1 Sq then left 2 Sqrs total 3 Sq
go up 6 Sq total then left 2 Sq 3Sq total up 1 Sq onto top of cubego 1Sq past the blue Sq then 2 Sq left 3 Sq total then left again 7 Sq total to the edge down 4 Sq turn right 2 Sq £ sq total go 1 Sq past the red block then down to the bottom and left to the other purple. thait is the key to this block,the rest is easy. have fun,.

I need help on level 32 also..I never use cheats, but im killing myself i have being working on it for the last day now...Help anyone...


Look at the October 9, 2005 03:35 PM post from jeaoure. Hidden behind the spoiler button are screenshots from all 40 levels.

Thank you everyone who posted some cheats. Especially jeaoure for posting all 40 levels. I'm not finished yet but Gremlin i know exactly how you felt on level 12. I'v been working on that one forever until now.

Thanx Again!:)

Stuck on #9
Can someone please help?

My god, I tried to follow TJay's instructions on #11 and I can't find out how to do it! This is so frustrating! If anyone has done level 11 pleeease take a screenshot, I'm desperate! *Bangs head on keyboard* X.x

help i am stuck on 13!! help me

#10 is not virtually possible!!

OMG TOBEY YOU FREAKING RULE.....i was going to pull my hair out before i figured that out!!

love the game but got stuck on L11 still stuck
dont know what to do?

got it
this game is addicting!

im stuck on L10...help please?

GRRRR!!! I'm stuck on level 19 in the mind cube thing...HOW DO I COMPLETE THE LEVEL???

hehe haha i love this game stuck on mind cube 17 though stumped me

Aaargh 32 pls

im totally stuck on 31.. i have no idea what im doing wrong.. and its probley smack infront of my face
please help

we just beat the game. we cant believe you people are stuck on 4 and 10. are you serious!? well good luck?? O_o

i am stuck on level 11:( i can't figure it out....

i just can't stand the advertisments

wow ... i have a different solution for level 40 than the guy who posted screenshot-solutions of all levels

i wonder if there are more solutions for each of the cubes

im stuck on eleven. can someone please help me?

level 11

with the yellow one you go left-round the red one and then down to the right onto the other yellow square, always on the outline...
from red to red you have to go beside the yellow line and orange-to-orange is then pretty obvious ;)

i really found some other solutions ... strange

34 explained in english

Starting with the purple on the bottom right.

Go up untill you reach the red. Then go Left 4 more for a total of 5. Up to the top of the square and go straight 4, than left 3. Then go Down the left face 4 and right 3 so you are back to the right face. Right 5, Down 2, Left 4. You should have made a loop around the red dot. (You can no connect red if you like as well as green and yellow). Go back to the left face and trace around the red, all the way on top around the orange, and back down to connect at the bottom.

I need HELP with cude 21

Here is the answer to lvl 32 :)

I know there are a lot of screenshots here of the levels. but i was bored at work today and created a collage of all 40 mind cubes.

Spoiler for 31

Start with green in middle and go 3R, 3D, 3L, 4D, 7L and straight up to other green. Yellow bottom left, go all the way up to top corner, 2R, back down 8, 2R, 4U, 2R, 4D. It's easy from there

Helix, you are awesome!!

Just completed the whole game in a single run with no help, but it took me 2 hours. =D

I need a spoiler for #6!!

im stuck on level 28!!! i dont know how to get off it. some one help me please!!

im stuck on L12 !!! ahh i need help!

Love the game.
Started last night and made it to 31.
Struggled with 12, 15 (22?) and 32.
Finished the remaining ones today.
Not bragging.
Just proud.


plz, I can't solved 13

grzzzz Danëlle

HELP ME PLEASE! my head has stalled on level 14! can help me get past ze level!


anybody got 22

So far i've seen 4 answers to #40,
1)in the list of all 40 screen shots
2)on the link posted by Helix to his collage
3)posted by Aidan
4)and then how i figured it out....which i don't know how to post a picture of, but i can try to explain it!

-RED on right face goes straight out to the right edge than up to its end point
-GREEN on right face makes a tight U around red, (left to edge, up two, right till hit red, up and over edge of block) than to back left edge, down left hand side to orange block, over three, up and over edge of block, and right to touch green end point
-BLUE goes over two (left)than down to end point
-ORANGE goes over two (left) down to bottom edge, than left to end point
-YELLOW goes up between green and purple, sharp right at top of purple, along the purple to the edge, down three to touch green, along green to edge, than along blue to its end point
** if someone who knows how to do screen shots can make this and then post it that'd be awesome!**

HELP ok so im al little slow and i still can't get #4 but i have gotten the harder ones. can ne 1 help?

I badly need help on 21....

I've put the sulotions for all the puzzles so if your having probles with one look here.

Juni80 -
Thanks for the hint. I got it from your color order instead of feeling like I totally cheated with a screenshot!

Solution for level 13

Blue: 5 to the left from bottom blue, 9 up, 8 down.
Yellow: 3 to the left from bottom yellow, 3 up.
Purple: 3 to the right from bottom purple, 4 up.
Green: 2 up from bottom green, 3 to the left,2up,2 to the right.
Orange: 1 to the left from bottom orange, 4 up, 3 to the right, 1 down.
Red: You need to figure it out.

This is for level 18, starting always from the bottom of each color.
U=up;D=down;R=right; L=left.







how do you beat mind cube 12
im dieing !!!

Anyone have a screen shot for Mind Cube 20, ?????

What is level 22?!

I really need help on Cube 12!!!

i am stuck on 6

I have done 40, if somebody wants to know the solution just ask.

I am having so much trouble with level 32......please help me. SOS

Can someone please post a screenshot of 12's answer?

i would really like 12 im stuck lol

thanks to juni80's advice in a previous comment, i figured out cube 32 and took a screenshot.

I finished all of the levels except #27 and #33. Can anyone please help me? Thank you.

Please note that this is simply a rip-off on the game 3d-logic
It provides new levels which is welcome, but know where the credit should go.

Hmm. If Hyperframe is a "rip-off" of 3d-Logic, then why did Hyperframe come out more 9 months before 3d-Logic did?

Now, which is really the clone of the other?

The way I remember it, 3d-Logic was nothing more than a clone of Hyperframe, albeit a pretty one, but not enough for us to feature an almost identical game several months later.

Reading note... Yeah, I hate IM speak gibberish.
Anyway, I finally beat all of them and I think 32 and 33 were the only ones I got soooooo stuck on that I was about to go crazy!
But I love this game.
It offers so many levels of challenges. you know?

i solved 1-29 except for 19,20,22, or 28

hey i love this game except stuck on level 19! can some one help?

Jeaoure, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I was stuck FOREVER on cube 12, the others have been easy after that. I've just got to work out cube 40 now :D

i got through 13, but i seriously CANT get through 12 or 15! anyone have the answers for them?

Step-by-step spoilers for #12, for those who don't want the full answer, but just a little hint!

start with top block and go down the right side, across the bottom


start with top block, go down 2, left 2, up 1, left 1, up 1, left 4, down 2


start with top block, go back 4, left 3, down 5,(down the left edge) right 2, up 3, right 2, down 1, right 1

By now you should be able to finish it on your own, but here's the rest if you need it:

start with top block, go back 1, left 2, down 3, right 1


start with top block, go down , right 1, down 2

answer for 15, please?

CrazyCube totally ripped this one off. Same exact puzzles on a lot of levels

Im stuck on number 3, someone please help!

Is there any way to reset the history of levels I've solved in HyperFrame

(at http://www.shockwave.com/gamelanding/hyperframe.jsp)

I'd like to go back and start at an earlier point without getting bounced back to the highest level every time I solve an earlier one. I found a couple of cookies on my computer, but deleting them didn't do any good.


Whats the solution to #27?

shockwave not found

[You will need the Shockwave plug-in to play this one. Check the "Platform" indicator in the game review header above. There's also a link to download the latest plug-in, should you need it. -Jay]

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