My Diamond Baby

My Diamond BabyMy Diamond Baby is another single-room point-and-click game, this one was created by Project C-Time! and Haruo Seto.

You start off as someone on a motorcycle on his way to give an engagement ring to his girlfriend. On his way he is involved in a motorcycle accident. When he regains consciousness he finds himself locked in a room without the engagement ring.

This game is unique in that there are multiple challenging puzzles within the game, that you have to solve in order to progress further. At least one of the puzzles changes each time you play.

This is by far the most challenging point-and-click game I have ever played. Imagine Crimson Room, Viridian Room, and the Blue Chamber all rolled up into one. One thing that makes this game more difficult than others is the very tiny areas you need to find and click on in order to progress. Some areas only giving you a few pixels.

My Diamond Baby is definitely for the point-and-click gaming pro's. It will test your wit and intelligence, and ability to think "outside the box". It's definitely not for those who get frustrated with the easier point-and-click games such as Escape the Room.

This game was just recently translated into English, making it a little easier to play... but not much. When I first played it, it was still in Japanese.

The ending to this game is, in my opinion, one of the better endings to many point-and-click games. I know it's hard to create a good ending to these type of games, but I think My Diamond Baby does a good job, especially if you watch all the way through the credits until the end.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

This game is great, especially the ending and the casting!
PS: the casting is so great that you should not miss it!!

The door scene:
steel stick - on top left hand corner of the scene, just below the "AHI"
electronic chip - inside the "AHI" box

The computer scene:
wire cable - beside the right hand side of drawer, there is black area poked out a bit

The TV scene:
screw driver - beside the CD boxes
paper- between the wooden box and the orange paper
key A - click on the left hand side of the TV table, where it merged the bed
music A - The ANDES song, located in the magazine beside the TV. (it is not a physical object)

The bed scene:
key B - underneath the pillow
key C - move the pillow 4 times, and it will fall out
key D - click on the floor underneath the bed, use the steel stick to get it

usage of the keys:
folded paper - Use key A to open the wooden box located in the TV scene
pen - Use key B to open the second drawer located in the computer scene
music B - (Not a physical object) Use key C on the pink musical box located in the TV scene
marble, remote, doll - Use key D to open the drawer located in the bed scene and completed the mini game (whenever a marble jumped over another marble, the one being jumped over disappear, and you will end up having only one marble.)
Hint: it is not as hard as you think, just don't isolate any marble, try it a few times, and pray…. ^_^

Use the "screw driver" to open the CPU located on the computer scene, put the "electronic chip" into it, connect it with the "wire cable" (PS: there is a cutter inside the CPU, remember to take it)

Put the "paper" into the print and turn on the computer by clicking the CPU, a blue screen will appear and you need to enter a password. Go to the bed scene and place the "folded paper" on the table and use the "pen" on it, so you have the password. (mine is 347192)

After entering the password, you got the paper printed with a pattern on it. Put that piece of paper onto the picture frame located on top of the TV. Cut the picture with the "cutter", and now you have to solve a mini game again…You have to move the pieces in order to join the colour line…see appendix A for the completed picture…
(Hint: THIS IS VERY HARD, but starting from the bottom to the top will make a bit easier…once again…damn it , it is hard…) if you think the marble game is hard……I suggest you give up right now… ^^b

Once you finished, you get an "electronic ladybug". Use this "ladybug" on the wire located "where you got key A", and you will get a disk.

Use the "remote" on the ceiling fan located on…hm…there is an upper arrow on the "wall with the power outlet on it"…double click the center of the fan and you will get Key E…

Use Key E to open the last drawer located in the computer scene and get a CG and a video tape. (PS: don't miss the video tape, you can hardly see it because it is black and so do the drawer)

Put the "disk" into another CPU located beside the TV, and you will know the "security safe" is active… Go click the left side of the brown wall located in the computer scene and you find the safe (in case you don't know where it, see appendix B)…….So, how to open the safe??

1) take the marble and put it under the microscope
2)look into the microscope and copy down the image on a piece of paper
3)turn the paper by 180 degree, so that the line will under the "L's" (cause the microscope turned image around)
4)those "L"s are the password, each corner of the L represents the position of the button on the safe, so press the green buttons following the order of the Ls.


In case you don't understand, mine is: AHDDIG (if this does not work, the position of the Ls may be random, so you must figure it out by yourself)

now you got a "bottle of C8H7N3O2", check it out with a magazine on the bookshelf located beside the TV.

Put the "CG" on the hoop located on the top of the bed, use the "C8H7N3O2" on the CG.. (PS: Key F will appear on the cardboard box. If you can't find it, you must have forgotten to close the drawer after the marble game! So close the drawer and you will find it on the cardboard box)

Use Key F to open the first drawer located in the computer scene, and you got a hammer. DON'T CLOSE this drawer, and go to where the safe located!! There is an AV cable at the back of the drawer!
Put the "video tape" into the VCR, connect it with the "AV cable", click on the TV and you will find some codes with music C.

Use the doll on the…….the white air-conditioning window, and you find a brown bottle…Apply this bottle onto the wall, just a bit under the bottom right hand corner of the air-conditioning window, click it a few times and some words appear.

Break the mirror beside the door with the "hammer", there is a color wheel that require password…

1)Turn off the light, you will find letters one wall and numbers on the other wall.
2) Each number on the wall represents a letter. And each letter is the initial of a colour to be entered onto the color wheel.
3) Use the numbers on wall to find initials by matching it with the numbers as seen in the TV and the letters on the wall.
4) You will have six letters representing six colour

After you solved the colour wheel, there is another challenges, in which you find something similar with the piano inside.

Remember music A, B, and C? Enter the music notes according to those three pieces of music!

? B
? A#
? A
? G#
? G
? F#
? F
? E
? D#
? D
? C#
? C

C C G G A A G (little stars)
A A B A A B (sakura sakura)
C# E Ab F# E F# Ab (ANDES)

Whenever you finished enter a song, press the switch on the top in order to start another song. (Since not all of us are musician, I attached the answer on appendix C)

Alright!!! You find a ring!!! And there is the ending!!! Put the ring on the lady's hand and wait for the amazing casting!!~~~~

And……please……if you find this walkthrough useful, please leave a message. I spent an hour to translate the walkthrough from Chinese to English. (and…if there is any error in the translate causing a failure on the walkthrough, please let me know)

Appendix A (puzzle)

Appendix B (safe)

Appendix C (music)


Nice game. I've got as far as opening the small plastic safe but can't work out what to do with what is inside...

I'm stuck with the marble game. Anyone can help?

It's well done, but there are some things that make sense that you should be able to click on, but are covered by the scene change arrows (IE power cord)

i got stuck on the marble game too...i did it over and over again but i could only get itdown to three marbles

i got stuck on the marble game too...i did it over and over again but i could only get it down to three marbles

What marble game?

The misterious paper should be put on the stand near the microsope and colored with the colored pencil.

Does anyone know where I can find the start-up disk?

Wow you guys are farther than I. I just got the computer running with the printer and the paper in there and just have a knife and a color pencil and see the splooges on the wall when the lights are off. I need something long to reach teh key under the bed, but can't find the right thing.

Alright well foudn the thing in the box and did the coloring thing then printed I'll see what I can figure out from there.

Well i found the long thing and got the decorative key, time to move on. Just letting you guys know where I am if you need any help.

Good game... finished in an hour or so... I hate thase move-the pieces puzzles!

oh yeah I am pretty much stuck at the marble game right now too guys. If you can figure it out help me, cause it seems like one of those puzzles you find at like that country restraunt and to get only 1 left your like a genious or something.

Finally got the marble game if you need to know how I'll send you and e-mail so not to ruin for others.

Got the marble game also. Damn it was pretty dizzying. Whatever. Now, what do I do with that robot?
This game is making me feeling quite dumb.

Adina you mean that doll?

Remember its a puppet and there fore something you can wear on your hand to touch something very hot. Hope that hint helps you.

Marc, at the marble game you get a magnet tracer robot... so it says. I clicked on everything with the robot in my hand nothing happened. My finger already aches. But I have one more question: what long thing did you find and where???

So I have the tracer robot the spatula and the weird incription on the marble... I put the tape into the VCR but apparently its not hooked up... hmmm

This so far is by far the most thinking intensive game ever and I am glad I am doing it myself thus far.

You're bragging now. I need some help, as it seems i can't do it alone. Or I can... hm, didn't use any clues up to now....
anyway i found the safe but don't know how to turn it on.

So please do me a favor and tell me about the long thing... so i can move further... cause i'm completely stuck.

were is the long thing - the thing that gets the key out from under the bed????

I got the robot also, but haven't yet find out what to use it for. Is that long thing that black thing on computertable? how do i get it.

Yeah, that one! Where is it??? do i turn the computer on? it must be something obvious i'm missing, as none of you all seemed to be having problems.

Adina, Louise, mikku the long thing is in the view by the door. If you look on the very outter edge you will see a box in the top make sure you don't make it click to the next screen but click on the box and there is an item to use to turn on the computer, the long thing is in the same view and is the center bar of the shelf the box is on.

jessica you need a graphic board. it's in a box you need to reach it carrefully.

Marc, I love you already. tx

Just to help you guys out with the marble game. The marble game changes in every game. You never start off with the marbles in the same pattern, so it's impossible to give you the specific moves you need to make in order to beat the puzzle. My only advise is to work from the outside in. Trying not to leave any marble stranded by itself.

jessica: you need power to computer..and if you open the PC you'll find out that there is missing something..

i can help with the key under the bed by the mirror on the wall in the top left corner the is something red if you keep clicking at it you will get a sliver stick

hope i help

so I have the tracer robot no idea what to do with him and the darn spatula, no idea what to use that on.... the hero talking isn't helping much anymore.

Oh what...i can't take any long things from that very small area to touch or did i misunderstood?

Mirkku, it is a very small area, if you look there are three bars on the shelf click the center one, its hard to click its like 2 pixels thick, just be careful not to turn left.

i can help with the key under the bed by the mirror on the wall in the top left corner the is something red if you keep clicking at it you will get a sliver stick

hope i help

oh my..I feel really really stupid..i just can't get anything out from there. What third bar..the short one in the middle?

Marc, you seem to have more items than me. The spatula thing seems very interesting. WHAT THE HECK IS IT? ANd more importantly WHERE?

This game is giving me headache. And I am at the office, working overtime due to it. I don't want to do the marble thing again, so I MUST finish this game today. And it's 6 PM in Romania right now... Damn.

By the way, got the stick from the shelf,but the bed doesn't cooperate. :D. Any hints?

Still love you Marc..

ook...after i accidently closed my browser and had to start all over, i'm afraid i'm still stuck at the computer. what is this start up disk?! i already put in the graphics card...

I found what the spatula does and now I have this huge matrix of letters, it prolly has to do with the symbols on the marble... hmmmm.... I had to randomly click almost eveyrone to find thise out. Now dunno what to do.

romania! yeah for romania! are you in bucharest? or cluj?

Bucharest, And a Steaua fan!!! And I am pretty upset for the game last night. But we'll go in the Champions league next year... HA

Adina, try clicking under the cone shaped bed wrinkle in the sheets, right underneath that.

Jessica, did you get the power cord from behind the black filing cabnet by the computer?

hey it's bit over six also here in finland.heh. But luckily i'm at home.
But the long stick is really making me mad..i don't wanna paly the marble game over again please help me finish this....guak.

steaua is awesome. and yes i have the cord, but that goes to the other computer, right? i already printed, but can't get the other computer to cooperate

Don't understand the logic of the game in the drawer near the bed... with those green lights.
Do you have to turn all off?
Played a similar one before but that was easier.

how do you put the little green thing inside the pc

Adina, what you have to do is click the one you want to jump another marble, it can only jump horizontal and vertical. To do so click on the first one you want to jump it turns green then click on one next to it to jump it and tada, the goal is to get down to only one marble left and then you recieve that one.

Louise open up the pc (click on its left side)
Mirkku, read Marc's explanations. They worked for me, but now I'm stuck on another puzzle... damn.

I think Marc's hating everyone right now. He's helping us all, and no one helps him.

Sorry, Marc... but you are smarter and luckier than us...

is the long thing a grey bar or what? buhuu...i have clicked everything around there and many times..

And what's the deal with the robot?

yes...what robot? i finished the marble game, have the puppet, marble, spatula, and remote. but no robot (and for that matter, no clue what to do next.)

there are 3 bars on the shelf. pick the one in the middle. but CAREFULL! so you don't click on red arrow and get to another view

the robot makes us crazy also, didn't figure it out yet...

How do I print? I figured out how to get the computer on and it's asking for the file number? Any hints anyone?

Mega, when finished the marble game, there was that stupid pink or purple round thing. didn't you get it? That's the bloody robot.

Malka you need a misterious paper and a pencil. U put the paper on the stand near the microscope and use the pencil.

there is definitely a pile-up after the marble game; i am stuck there too...and i have no clue about the robot

no i didn't! there was nothing there that was pink or purple! (not the little round thing in the puzzle above the tv, right?) oh man, i hope i don't have to restart

Ok, now i have to ask you to not to get mad when i tell you this..hmpf..i had teh stick all teh time..taht's why i didn't get anything from there and bothered you with several questions..Earlier i said that i felt stupid..well, now i know i am. But thank you all...I just didn't try to get the key close enough with the stick..i'm really sorry.

the little round thing in the puzzle above the tv, that was it

I've got a pencil, a cutter and spatula, that mysterious paper seems to be eluding me, so mysterious...

the robot is used on the screen you get to by clicking near the foot of the bed. put the robot on one of the cables on that close-up screen.
No, can someone advise how I use the circle with the numbers to solve the color game behind the mirror?

Alright almost finished now I have some stupid thing behind the mirror i broke and it has some color code that has to do with the writing on the picture i hung after splashing the stuff on and the letter chart... maybe the letters and the numbers on the chart work with eachother? but they aren't in the right size matrix form...


Marc, did you find out what to do with the spatula?
Now I have the crystal ball from the puzzle, the picture, the spatula and, of course, still the robot.
What now? Any hints?
Mirkku, don't bother about it. didn't get mad at all. I am just sick of this game, but want to finish it.

And besides, fell in love with Marc in the meantime. I hope he gives us more clues :D.

did anyone find the power cable to get the TV/VCR running (not the power cable for the PC)?

i the robot has been there the whole time, right? nothing about it changed after i did the marble game, and i can't get it out of the puzzle. mega, is that your problem too?

Jay how in the world did you get past the beetle puzzle? I am completely stuck there.

Just to help generally.. there are a few screens in the game where you switch camera angle any aren't obvious straight away. One is the one to the foot of the bed, left of the desk. Next is under the bed when you're looking at it straight on. One is behind the computers. You can also see the ceiling from one of the room views. Don't worry if you can't do anything in any of those places yet. I'm just giving general advice to save your clicking fingers ;-)

Okay safe behind mirror open but the music thing is confusing me what am I suppose to do, play the right tune to turn on the color bars at the top?

How am I suppose to know how to do that?

Where is the A/V cable for the TV/VCR????

can anyone say wich marble i start with? so i could even start it..

Oh and to save some confusion from an incorrect comment up there ^

You do NOT get the robot from the marble game. You get the purple robot from a different puzzle (the one above the tv that you need to get the printer working to start to solve ;-) )

Oh and I am behind the mirror with the colours also.

Wow - just found the A'v cable - that was the hardest part so far. If you want a hint, the a/v cable is retreieved in the screen with the safe behind the computers...

hey i'm still stuck on accessing the robot. i can't get it out of the puzzle.
mirkku, it changes each game, so there's no specific start point. i'd say start with some outer ones, and move towards the middle - try not to isolate any one group of marbles as you go, always move towards other groups when you jump

Ok, First of all I'm glad you all are liking this game. I was hoping when I posted it, that it would be quite the challenge for you all.

Secondly I think it's time I gave you all 2 big hints.

Hint #1: Try using the spatula on empty wall.

Hint #2: If you noticed the little purple robot followed the line on the picture when you finally got it put together... Try using the robot on a "different type" of line.

The beetle puzzle takes some time, but you'll get it.

Jessica, the robot you have to get by putting the paper from the printer over the thing it is in then using the pocket nife on the paper then its a sliding puzzle you ahve to finish to get the robot.

msw: I got it you have to get the key to the top drawer to open it then go behind where teh safe is and the cords are in the indent when the drawer is pulled out.

Adina, teh spatula you use on the wall by the vent to find some writing and stuff that glows in teh dark, you'll need the table later.

The marble goes under the microscope and you get a pattern used to open the safe behind that door by the desk. First to turn it on you need to go next to the desk by the window place the robot on the cord and it pulls out the start up disk, then you can go to the save input teh code form the marble and you get the chemical.

I know more but that should start you guys off.

how do i do the music puzzle behind the mirror anyone??? I am completely lost on how I am suppose to know what it is! was it that music that played when I opened it? how am I suppose to remember that song?! NOOOO I hate being stuck, I am almost certain this opens the door!

I found the mysterious paper! Thank you so much Laura!

marc - you need to remeber the music and "play" it.
One of the best point and clicks ever!
thanks Jay!

chirst. just went through this whole thing. actually cant figure out how to put the code in the safe. but i dont have audio! so no way i can do that musical puzzle.. oh well.

WOW that last thing was hard... Man took me prolly an hour just for that. Good Luck everyone great game.

Dear all,

My computer just crashed, and had to restart. Now I have to start all over. Saw some good hints that were posted in the meantime. I think it will be easier for me tomorrow. Cause now, I really have to go home, because my mom probably wonders what the heck I am doing at the office so late...

Enjoyed your company today. Those of you who finnished the game: Congrats! Those who didn't, good luck. Hope I'll see you guys tomorrow...

Regards from Romania!
Great site Jay! I visit it every day (and my boss thinks I am working hard... hi hi hi)


Anyone had any luck translating the marble pattern to the safe puzzle? I've tried using them as arrows pointing to which ball to click, as a pattern for which order...I can't get it.

Oh..there is allways 3 left in marblegame..harder than you think huh.

He, this site is more tahn helpfull, before i even got any answers i got the marblegame right, jej!

I finally unlocked the second computer but now i don't have a clue on what to do... I got a remote a spatula and a bottle of luminol. Any hints, oh wiser ones?

The marble game (in the drawer) is about eating the marbles like in checkers, but you have to be careful in the end to leave them near so you can eat the last one. This will help with unlocking the safe and the second computer.

malka - there is a line above the arrows. what if the arrows were written on that line. (i don't know if i'm being clear so, to be more direct - it's upside down)

Bah, my lack of being able to do (and utterly hating) sliding tile games means I'll probably never finish this :(

founded letters with that a code to safe behind computers?or where the arrows you talked about are?

I've been clicking the screen with the safe, behind the computers, trying to find the av-cable but i can't find a thing! Do i need any particular item, other than a remote, a spatula and a bottle of luminol?

babs - that one took me forever too, but once i got the hang of it, it was quick. Try to go line by line, bottom up.

oh sorry, founded

and how do i get behind the mirror?

I'm stuck on the color wheel behind the mirror. Any hints?

mirkku - the arrows for the safe are in the ball you get from the marble game. Take a "closer" look...

i'm lost trying to find a cable or opening up the mirror. And i got a picture but i don't know what it's for...

if anyone wants to give the answer to the puzzle behind the mirror [the 'musical' one] i wouldnt mind. since im doing this at work and have no speakers.

Wow, that game was amazing. I am speechless. I started it like 3months ago, with a walkthrough I might add and I just couldn't figure it out. Today I finally did it and I am the 96,052 person to have finished the game. Good luck everyone, I'm going to bed now. Finally I can sleep!

Anyone still looking for the A/V cables, here's a hint: notice that on the screen behind the mirror, you can see the backs of the desk drawers...

Also, I have no idea what to do on the musical safe puzzle. Any hints for that part?

Now i'm sure i'm missing something obvious! I have used all the items in my inventory and i have letters and numbers on the walls and no puzzle in wich to use them. Could someone please give me a hint...

blue, i have tried clicking everywhere on that screen (you mean the one with the open safe, right?). Also with the drawers open, but i haven't opened the top drawer. Do i need to get it open first?

braz-I've been trying out all kinds of upside down possibilities, but I must just be too dense. Are you trying to follow a path given by the arrows?

I finally beat it!

braz: Yes, you need to open the top drawer. I think the key to the top drawer was on the cardboard box.

malka: You press the button corresponding the the direction the arrow is pointing.

Got the safe open! Now I'm stuck on the color ring.

where is the pocket knife? and how do i get into the top drawer?

thanks blue, i done already (took a peak at a walktrough). I don't understand why would a key appear out of nowhere, that's why i was stuck...

malka - for the color ring you have to work it out between the two writings on the wall and the tv.

I'm trying to figure out the second puzzle in the mirror. I put the first part of the song and a yellow light comes on, but when i put the second phrase, nothing happens...

craig - the pocket knife is in a screen that you access in the tv and video screen. Click between the wall and the desk, at the end of the bed. There's a lot to do before you get to the top drawer... like printing a paper to start.

I found the knife - not in the tv. I found the disk but it asks for an unlock command?

Try coloring the board. You can also find that most such problems are solvable by a relatively straightforward method involving a misplaced modulus. Honestly, I'm *way* too lazy to explore this for you guys and come up with a nicely-packaged LaTeX proof of this, or even to think about particulars or the distribution of such arrangements among all games of this nature algorithmically solvable, or anything. Or even formulate one of the many avenues this comment could be describing. If you guys look at the marbles problem and find something nice, please speak up. (This is the main point.)

I opened cardboard box by using . Now I can't get key! =(


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