Scary Scavenger Hunt

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Scary Scavenger Hunt Scary Scavenger Hunt is a cute point-and-click adventure set in a haunted house and stars Garfield, the famous and mischievous cartoon feline. It is a well-produced adventure with smooth animation, lots of great scary music and sound effects, and plenty of harmless yet frightening situations.

On a quest to find the confectionary pleasures from the sponsor of the game, ghosts and ghouls will jump out at Garfield if he examines the wrong things. Move Garfield around using the arrow keys or by clicking the arrows on the screen with the mouse. Click an item to talk to, read, open, or otherwise examine an object. The game's puzzles will challenge just about any casual gamer, young and old alike, and can provide a worthy diversion this Halloween.

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I can't find the flashlight.... Help?

Did you try the Kitchen, Silja?

i cant find how to get out of the basement its too dark help help help!

O.K., Now I'm stuck. I don't know how to use the cheese to get the last dessert. Can anyone help??!!

i dont know what to do in the music room.....what do you do with the books in the library...i dont understand the puzzle

hey sija,its in the middle cupboard in the kitchen

hey,rach.go into the master bedroom(the one with the blue door) and the bookcase on your left ,click on it.It should slide open.Step into it and give the mouse the cheese.

Simmone,In the music room click on it.Then the game plays an have to click on the same instument.In the libary click on one of the bookcases and you have to put the books in alphabetical order

you have to look very closely for things in this game!! alot of the times things are right in front of you. Pay very close attention!!!!

I found the flashlight - but what is it for???

The flashlight is used in the basement which opens up when you get the books in middle shelf of he library in alphabetical order.

i don¥t now how find the muffin, can anyone tell me please?

I can't find the red and blue keys.

George (age 7, posted by his older brother)

what do you do to find the blueberry muffins? it's all i need

walk to the far end of the dining room and look on the plate for the red key, to find the blue key go upstairs and into the bedroom on the left. look under the pillow.

what do u do in the actic theres bats but i don't know what word is it can u help me

where do u find the muffin to give to the muffin luver?

I click on the instrument that begins playing first in the music room; however, I can't figure out what to do next. All I get is that scream with the "WRONG" in red. Can you please help me? Thanks!!!!! Lauren

I can't find the shovel..!! Any help?? -.-

I cant work out the number code in the red room - help!

i am having the same problem with the music room, i do not know what to

musicroom: First there is one instrument that plays. Just click it. Then the're two playing instruments. Click them in the right order. then the're three and so on...
Shovel: Did you try walking around the house? Go to the right from your startposition, then you'll find the shovel. Go to the left and you'll find some graves around the house. there you can use your shovel. One of the tombstones shows a combination for the safe behind the red door.
Safe: the Combination is 61978, Garfields birthday.
Bats: Spell the word "Garfield" (surprise!)

where is the attic!!! please help its my last desert left

what to do with the book alphabetical in the libary?

go ALL around the house
the numbers for the safe are on the grave stone
put the books in alphabetical order
lyman is in the basement

the characters give you hints on where to go next so pay attention to what they say


About the attic:

You have to flip a switch somewhere upstairs.

I can not get through the music room Help

in the music room all you have to do is click the instruments in the same order as the game does

can someone help me? what to do at the fire place when the fire is out?

i cant find the bobble heads in the scavenger house 2

how do u put the fire out??

hey how do u get past the last room with the spiders? i can never get it right and it always screams "WRONG!!" what do i do?
can u shed any light? thanks aloT!!!

Ok,here I am again. I have every desert (have passed no room with Spiders, Amina), and I'm in the red room. I have clicked the picture and revealed the safe. The tombstone is through the window, and I have not yet clicked on it. I know this is the last thing to do, open the safe, but I click and click and nothing happens, and then when I click on the tombstone outside the window, Garfield freezes in place and the game is stuck. he turns side to side when I click arrows, but does not move. No safe opens. The music just keeps going and I've lost all my progress. ANY HELP, ANYONE?

And, miraculously, I post the glitch after it froze on me twice, and the second I go to the game again and click the safe out of frustration, it goes to a zoom in and I win the game. AAAAAAAAAARG.

I know now that this is all I need for online games; I get stuck, I give in and post, and then my problem disappears. Unreal.

.........................................................Fun game; I love Garfield.

Please Help me with the muffin.Where do I get the blueberry muffin for the muffin man?I wish someone help me...:(

i dunno how to get the blueberry muffin ne1 plz help!!

Y A H O O !

i finish the game i'll be in contact to help u cya!!!

where r the mini cinna donuts? have been thru entire house and cemetary. please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried the music room in #1 and I click them in the right order and when the third introment is over and I click the frst one I screams WRONG! its so annoying

can't find green key!!!

Okay, I went throught the whole game. I had one thing left on my list....and found it. BUT my list still shows that I need Mini Cinnamin muffins..I thought I just found them? What do I do now?

the only ones I can't find are the sour cream doughnuts...where are they!?!?! I'm hungry! hehe

I can not find the red key will you tell me where it is

Hi yes i am enjoying it but i need hints or tips to figure it put...... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I got every thing just about. Can someone answer these 2 ?s for me. Where is the muffin? and I know you have to put the books in abc order but how?

were do I find the bobble heads and what do they look like in scary scavenger hunt 2? What do I do When I have the books organized and Im ready to go on scary scavenger hunt 1?

where can i find sour cream donuts???????????????? :(

To find the sour cream donuts you have to first find the shovel wich is outside and the east edge and then go to the west side of the garden to the cemetery and then click on the grave next to the one with the numbers 6-19-78! There you go, you found the Sour Cream Donuts!

How to arrange the books?Please help me

One:how do you put the books in the libary in alphabetical order?
Two:where is the muffin for the muffin lover?
Three:where are the mini cinnamon donuts?

in the attic in scary scavenger hunt when you enter the attic click the clown and he says that the bats cant spell can you help them ???
but what word are they trying to make ?????

i can't find the chocolate donuts plz somebody HELP!!!!

OK what the??? i almost beat it all i need is the chocolate covered donuts and i know it has something to do with the bats but nothing happens when I click on them! Where am I supposed to click?!

i am stuck and i cant move someone help!

[Edit: It would be helpful to those who may wish to help you if you would include a bit more information than this. Like, where are you stuck exactly? -Jay]


doh! it took me ages to see the bat anagram was



Thanks, people!

I really appreciate the help!

how to arrange the book left right or right left

Tl get the muffin for the muffin lover, you have to talk to him and go to the kitchen.Then the fridge door should be unchained.Then open it and get the muffin

Thanks Jaya. i had no idea wat 2 do with those books in the libary

how do u get past the dog? im really stuck. HELP!

Where is Lynel? he disappeared

How do you find the chocolate covered doughnuts in the second
How do you find the bobble heads
How do you open the bookcase
All in the second game, PLEASE HELP!!!!!

(on my knees)

emily, for the dog you must get a bone from the cellar, on the point with the big scary oven

gia, the chocolate covered donuts you can find when you walk through the mouseholes a couple of times, just try
the bookcase is opened when you find all of the muffins
what are bobble heads? I'm dutch i dunno :P so I cant help you with that

I just finished the game, if you are stuck getting into the cell in the basement and feeding Lyman and the empty fireplace here's how...

the muffin lover is in the basement and you can only get in there by putting the boks in the library into alphabetical order. You must give Lyman (the muffin lover) a muffin. This is found in the fridge in the kitchen. When you give the muffin to Lyman he tells you to look into the fireplace. The fireplace is empty and when you click on it it says, "Where has the fire gone?" or something like that. Walk Garfield into the fireplace and you come ouside. There is a pile of leaves on the grass. Step on them and you fall into the cell in the basement that is locked from the inside. Get the blueberry muffins and you have finished the game!!!!

How to get the blueberry muffins?

Hey, i found out where to get the blueberry donuts: when the fire in the fireplace is out just walk in the fireplace and you will see a pile just walk on it and you will fall and see the blueberry donuts but remember you have to have a flashlight before you go there.

Can you please help me find the chocolate covered doughnuts because I don't know where to find them ......please help......(K) thank you and maybe if you give me your email I can msg you and maybe get to know you(L)

where is the flashlight. i looked in every room.

I just finished it thanks to you people
and now i'm going to try no.2.

Thanks Again People
from Rodders

the muffin is in the fridge. go to the shelf and put the books in alphabetical order and go down. go to the left and it will say i heard something in the kitchen. go up and go to the kitchen. open the door and poof a muffin. p.s. garfield loves to eat why doesn't he eat the muffin?

in the libary you have to put the books in alphbetical order, but you need the flash light before you can go down the steps.

how do you find the chocolate covered donuts? common i need help im depressed!

[Edit: Try reading the comments above, this question has been asked and answered many times. -Jay]

wheres the muffin?

what it is the switch for anyway??

I can not, by any means find the flashlight! I have already looked every where in the kitchen and the scareometre just goes up higher, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

I found the flash light, but where are the cinnamon doughnuts? i cant find them and i have looked through all the comments and there have been no answers! Help

Where are the chocolate chip muffins?

hey! where is the flashlight?

i need it for the basement.

plz tell me!

hi! It's me again if you dont know what is the code, its


thank you everyone for your help , i couldnt have done it without you

now i need to do scary scavengerhunt2


where is the flash light? please some body tell me...

help for garfield scary scavenger hunt 1 :

1. go right click the box,you will recive the front door key, go right and take te showel
2. go left 3 times and up utill you are in a grave yard
go right and note the code (6-19-78)and dig into the fresh place (Mmm sour cream donuts)
3. go back in the front of the door and click it to open
4. go right 2 times and take the cheeze.go up and right and click the white space on the painting (yay you found the green key)
5. go left down and 4 times the green door then go in click the piano (now solve the puzzle.You must copy the muzic)
6. when you are done you will find donuts
7. go down , 2 times left,2 times up,and the plate(you found the red key) go right 3 times and click the midlle cupboard(wow a flashlight)go in the place where you found the cheeze
8. go up click the red door and go in
9. click the picture then at the safe put the code 6-19-78(you can see it by the window)
10. go in the place with books and go the midlle bookcase and put the books in alfabetical order(beefs up,furry tales,garfield gets cookin',how to draw garfield,insults and...,never acept...,party...,stupid cupid) and go in
11. go left up then talk to the man
12. go back in the kitchen and take the muffin from the fridge
13. give the muffin to the man
14. go trough the fireplace(in the room where you unlock the green door) and go trough the leaves take the goodies(muffins) and go back in the library (you can unlock the door)
15. go down then upstairs go to the room to the right and click the bottom right thing
16. go times left and click the pillow
17. unlock the blue door and go in click the drawer and go in give the cheeze to the mouse
18. go left 2 times and click the swich go left , down and go trough the new stairs
19. go right click the bats then slove the puzzle (click them in this order G-A-R-F-I-E-L-D
20. grab the dounuts and you win

signed MR.HELP

garfield scary scavenger hunt 2 help:
1.. You begin in the basement. It is dark, and you need to see (no surprises
there…) so move left one screen and pick up the matches. While you're there, get
the empty box too
2. Move right twice and light the furnace
3. Pick up the bone by the furnace
4. Go left again and click the crooked candles on the wall
5. Head to the next cell and collect the key from the wall
6. Use the key to open the cell and head up the ladder
7. Give the bone to the dog and go inside
8. Get the remote from behind the cushion in the couch
9. Head all the way along to the left and go past the staircase. Before you get
to the room at the end, pick up the chocolate donut from by the door. Keep an
eye out for these as you go
10. In the next room, use the remote on the tv and get the donuts. Make sure you
pick up the chocolate one too
11. Go up into the hallway. Here you can get some hints
12. Head right one screen and grab the donut
13. Go left and up into the next room. Get the donut and take careful note of
the wall. WRITE IT DOWN. Be sure you know where each of the dots are on the
14. Make your way back to the staircase and go through to the dining room
15. Click on the tray on the table and you'll find some donuts. You need to play
the skeleton first to get them. Keep playing him if you want to, but you only
need to beat him in a best of three to get the donuts
16. Make sure you get all of the chocolate donuts from the dining room

17. Now head upstairs and into the room on the left
18. Smash the mirror and then complete the puzzle to get more donuts

19. Go through to the master bedroom and get the hairpin from the head on the
20. Move right into the bathroom, picking up the chocolate donut as you go, and
get the newspaper from the floor
21. Go back to the landing and into the room on the right. Here is where you
need the music that you copied down earlier. Hit the spiders with the newspaper
to play the notes. If you get the order right you will get some more donuts

22. Go upstairs into the attic and play a game with the bats. If you catch all
of the muffins you get to keep them

23. Head down to the kitchen. You can unpick the lock on the fridge with the
hairpin. When you hear the noise, make your way back upstairs into the master
24. The dresser has moved and you can go through the wall. Play a game with the
mice to get more muffins. Make sure you catch the muffins and not the mice

25. Now that you have everything, you can go down to the library and out through
the bookcase
26. Find your way out of the maze, which is easy enough as it doesn't have many
wrong turns
27. When you come to the end, hit the clowns to get the code
28. Go up one screen to the gate and enter the code you have been given

You are out!

wheres the newspaper

There's a bug in Scavenger Hunt 1: if you max out your scare-o-meter and restart, the safe doesn't get reset, it's already opened and you can't get its contents.

it's driving me crazy...i can't figure the puzzle in the music room. i read same replies..but i need examples. like when piano plays when you click it, what next?? i tried different combos but get timed out.
this is a fun game,

I can't get in the library, the door is stuck and won't open, how do I open it in Scary #2

this is an awsome game but im stuck!!! i need to know where the shouvel is and the red key is under which plate??

Thank you for all your help! put books in abc order first click the book that starts with A, there is no A book so click the B book, And so on. Just click on them in abc order

In SS2, you can only open the library hidden door when you've got every doughnut on the list.

HOW do you get muffins in scary scavenger hunt?

Since the safe hasn't reset(chocolate chip muffins), does that mean I have to start over. Darn cache lol.

What a nice game. I like how Garfield smiles when you find an object. He's so cute!

i've done both SSH there really easy

I can't find the safe.

In SS2 where are the chocolate covered donuts?

This game is five years old and still amazes me each and every Halloween!

where is the stupid shovel at! i cannot find it anywhere! PLEASE HELP! :(

I have beat the game {the 1st one} it is really easy some where hard but now i'm stuck i just have to get the choclate covered donuts please help thank you

Just Fİnished the game yeahhh thanks :))

i need help fiding the mini cinnomon doughnuts in garfields scary scavenger 1

wow I played this when I was in junior school. It's memorable.

i cant find the green key in ss1 help

can someone pleas help me, i don't know how to play the musical instruments in the green room, can someone pllleeeaaaasss help me????

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