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Og Og AliveOg Og Alive is a Shockwave game that I haven't quite figured out yet, but I'm having a good time discovering what it's all about. It's an original concept game that appears to be well produced and looks like it could be quite fun. There are two playable characters, male and female Og Og, chosen when you first start the game. You are then given your first assignment: Og Og hungry, fill stump with food.

The user interface combines the use of arrow keys on the keyboard for movement, and the mouse to pick up items and manage them. The sound design for the game is quite elaborate, with a nice balanced mix of sound effects, animal sounds and music that together create a unique and playful atmosphere.

The design of Og Og Alive is an original concept created by Andy Hook. The game's beautiful and original graphics and animation were all created by Andy, and the programming was done by Immersive Productions, in Australia. Like the award-winning game Chasm, Og Og Alive was produced with the assistance of the ABC-Film Victoria Multimedia Production Accord.

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The first level is easy to figure out. The second is tough. I have found all the items (i think) and have put them together but still can't seem to finish.

I HATE those piranas!

i sat on the mammuth (or however you write it), ate everything there is to eat. found the objects, but have no idea how to put them together as i only have one thing i can hold.....help me please...

this game is sooooooooooooo good i love its randomness!!! theres so much to explore its changed my life forever

there is empty circles when you click on your guy and you drag the item from your hand into one of the circles

It's great!! I'm currently at level 3, and it keeps surprising and altering, just enough to keep your curiosity. The difficulty, I think, is about the same on every level. Level 1 is mostly difficult, because you have no clue, what this game is.
Here's a little help for the first-timers: Watch the How-to-play help carefully!! Remember that you can jump, and you can also walk diagonally. This should take you across the water and other places that are hard to reach.
Concentrate on finding, what Og-og tells you to, and pay attention to his/her hints, when you pick up something.
Good luck.

How the heck do you put the rat on the fire?
I have the hay, twigs and log on fire, have i missed something?

okay, nvm that, how do you get the sabertooth to leave you alone!?!?!

Ok, i have the rat cooked, the trap covered, and the rat on the trap, but the stupid cat wont eat it!

It's not supposed to eat the rat. Just get interested, and then your trap comes in handy. Place the log strategically.

wats og og ment 2 do with the bee hive and how does the rock fix on the end of the arrow

code 4 level 2 is lxwm

another code 4 level 2 is kelk

where is the last big leaf that is needed to cover the trap? (i have found the one on the cliff and the one on the ground near the banana tree)

how do u put the rat on the fire?

how do you get the twigs and log on fire???

How do u complete level 1 i cant find the end of the arrow

Completing Level 1 is easy u just gater as much food as possible you dont even need the arrows.Hint:Food:egg fish mammoth steak bannana rat mushroom plan ect.

how do u get around the bushes to get the bow vine and stick with a black thing on top?

how do u catch the stupid rat on fire?

i dont understand a thing!!! any body please help with level 1 step by step

how du u burn the ray

bob if you havent found the last leave, the monkey throws down many... and the end of the arrow is on the top of the cliff(cross the water)

would some one help me!! i cant make fire and i can't pass level 1 someone please give me the instructions to the levels please!!

would someone please give me their msn adr so i can ask when your on the net??? pleeeeeeeeeease???
going insane

what's the password for level 3

i'm on level 1 and i cant figure out wat 2 do now. how do i get the arrow head? the food i have is the egg, 2 fruits and the carroty potato thingies.

I'm on level 1. How do i get the arrow head and how do i kill the rat and the mammoth. Also, what other food can i get? I have the egg, the random spiky fruit thing, the yellow apple thing, the potato carrot yam thingie, but thats all. Can i somehow kill the blue fish?

for arrow heads - cross the river then climb the rock cliff to the patch of stones that look different.

i can't get across the river thing on level 1. i've gotten to the stepping stones, but it won't let me go across.

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! i finished level 1!
No longer confuzzled.

i'm on level 2 now; do i need to kill the mammoth? how do i kill the mammoth?
Confuzzled yet again.

The mammoth? I need to kill the sabretooth for shelter! IDK HOW THOUGH!

How do I get across the river? The damn thing won't jump across the last rock!

right can someone walk me step-by-step through level 2?

Grr Og-og keeps getting stuck on the cliff so I can't jump!

Ps. I got the vine and molten lava stick so nvm.

Are there only two leafs to cover up the trap on level 2!? Because I can't find the third leaf if so!

the password for lvl 3 is mxbw
no. one is simple find the food by clicking
find the bent stik, vine twig(from the lake place)
and a big pile of arrow heads in the cliffs

No. two find three leaves one is by running so that the monkey throw stuff at u (make sure u dont get hit) the other two r near the othe leaf (banana tree) and in the cliffs. sparky rok+ small rok+ hay makes fire, small fire+ small twigs under tree, then log thrown on top of the medium fire and then a dead rat thrown on top of that fire. Place the cooked rat behind the hole with leaves on it and the sabertooth will do the rest, then once he dies ake his cave and voila third lvl.

no. three is the easiest all u have to do is get the stood net the banana tree the flower from the lake and the couch near the banana tree

How do I get the egg out of the nest? I can get on the mammoth, but just can't find out what to do next

how do i do level one...i can get all the food exept the fish, honey and the rat. please help!!!!

Holy crap! Don't stand too close to the mammoth when feeding him, he just ate me!

How do you get blue and green paints? Please tell me!!!

the password for lvl 3 is rj45

the password for lvl 3 is rj45

jay is it ok that i put the post password for lvl 3

woooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! i did level 3 at last the ending was weird though

the secret password for level 4 is ogog type it in to level 3 code place

THank u very much kira
!yo every 1 just click on walkthough on KIRA's post !!!

grrr..... how am i suposed to get through lvl 3???? i have red and orange stones, bow and arrow and in my cave i have leg thing couch and rug. what now?????

my stupid little person thing wont let me jump on the stepping stones!!!! ive gottn about halfway thru but it wont jump!!!! plz help me!!!!!!

i heard that you can use the red spotty mushrooms and poison the rat, does that work?

how do you put out a fire?

how do u get the tiger to the trap thingy cos i put all the leaves on it and i poisoned the little mouse guy or rat whatever its called with a red mushroom do i need a white one? how do u make a fire? i got that big stone thingy and a small stone and some hay but when i put them together it just has a peice of hay on fire. how do u put the log on the fire do u need sticks? does the game only go up to " i typed it in but nothing happened i beat lvl 3 got my mate and whatever and the level 3 cos someone said "the secret password for level 4 is ogog type it in to level 3 code placelittle caveman dude had kids and it has the mammoth holding them! u can kill the mammoth by giving it those purple berry thingys u need to give it 2 tho or it wont let u ride it

how do u kill the stupid mammonth grrrrrrrrrr

I was playing this game all this week and still i haven't managed to complete level two because i have no idea how to organize the logs and cook the rat but other then that this game is very exilerating makes me use my mentality alot i almost feel like sympathy when the cave man gets killed by the pirana's lol well all i can add is i need assistance with level two and i tried to do the walk through but my damn computers not working so....HELP!

How can i get the tiger stop attacking me on lvl 2? It always kills me when im triing to get the leaf from the monkey.

How do u make an arrow???

I am so confuzled. I can't kill the darned rat! I can make a bow and I have, reathers, a tarred stick and an arrow head but I just cant make to arrows!! Pleeease help!


IF YOU WANT AN ARROW u need to hav the right stick, the one on the bottom island, then put the pieces together and put it on the bow


he i just wonder whats the big monkey doing in the cave i suppose the monkey in the tree is his sun and you need to geth it with him? and the tiger will never stop attacking you until you set the trap by the way there are different codes for level 1, 2 and 3 but i dont think you can geth to secret level 4 with ogog it shure diddent worked with me!

how do u get onto the wooly mammoth?

you can ride the mammoth in the first level only.

Give him two red rasberries when he is standing still (throw them directly at his face!)
there is no point in riding him, i finished the first level without him

....i DO NOT get this game!! seriously...how do i kill the tiger? how do i get the egg? how do i get a rat? how do i stop the pirahnas from eating me? HOW? HOW? HOW????

i have played ogog and got to level three now how the heck do you kill the mamoth

confused and annoyed annonamous

ok...this might help but it is a spoiler....ok here is is

first level: click a blue fish when it is nere you/ the shore or make a bow and kill the rat...if you chose the fish or rat in latter levels click the stump that you put the food in to get the one that you put in free...there are unlimated of them.

Second level: gather the hay, sticks(bundle of sticks), a rock that you did not think did anything and the rock from the birds nest (run away when you grab the feathers then come back for the cracked rock), and a log. Then put the 2 rocks together and use them on the hay (on the side of the pit that is away from the cave) then you have two choices, first to poison a rat or fish and throw it on the fire (easier) or you can get 3 leaves (shoot the tree with the monkey for the 3rd one) and quickly throw the cooked rat on the pit, the line thing will come and fall in (you may need to use bananas to make it fall in) also, if you poison the rat on the seceont way then you will be better....killing the line thing eather way. Third way, is (if male) cook fish and rat and throw it at the girl og og and she will follow you, lead her into the cave (you need more then one.) also throw the black rock at the upper wall and there will be a skech, go to the clifs and get teh two colerd rocks at the top of both of them (one on each side) and put them in a cocanut shell, found in the cave...one in one shell....one left...then the og og girl will stay.

For woman og og simply cook meat and give him it...make sure that he is close to the cave (like south of it) and he will follow you into the cave and boom you win!

(i think that you need to click inside of the box to see it) o ya....the different codes come from how you finish the level! good luck hope that this helps

how do you get to the #$%^^&** giant flower!?!?!

How the hell do you get that monkey out of your cave and how do you catch a fish

u dont need any code for the 3rd lvl just type in 4 letters right before the line and ur in

to kill the mammoth you park it under the cave go up to the top and push the stone on its head it leaves fur skull tusks and meat. the monkey plays the drums you need to find 2 hollow logs and cover them with leaves you need the mammoth 2 pick the logs up for you, i dunno how to get it across the stones though, but i think using logs you can get across?

Omgosh in he 3rd lvl i shot the mammoth with the bow and arrow and then its eyes got red and then i came close to it and it squished me.............. and i died..

(of course)

does anybody know how to beat level 3!!! uhh so hard

In level 1, how do I feed the mammoth... I have the purple berry thing and the picture pops up as the mammoth holiding it what do I do??

Level 1 - Gathering food

Fruits - found on trees
Roots - buried in the ground up towards the waterfall but not across the river (looks like little bushes)
Mushrooms - the white ones are edible
Fish - you can grab the blue ones out of the water when they are close to shore
Egg- located in the birds nest (walk on the vine underneath the branch to get into the tree)
Bananas - stand near the monkey's tree and eventually he'll throw a banana at you (bring food to eat because your life
points wind down every time you get hit)
Rats - create a bow out of the green vine, the curved twig, feathers (in birds nest), straight twigs (found on island),
and arrow heads (cross the river then climb the rocks cliff to
the patch of stones that looks different)
Honey - Taunt the monkey into throwing a coconut at you which you can split in
half with a rock and use a shell to carry honey once you've knocked the hive down (located on one of the islands)

Level 2 - Kill the Tiger

There's two ways to kill the sabre tooth tiger. One is to feed him poisonous rat, and the second is to make him fall into a pit. The first way is easier. Remember that when you cook any kind of food it will attract him, and if you're in the way he'll attack you.

For both plans, you need fire. Create a fire by gathering the strange stone located in the birds nest, another small stone, some hay, some twigs (not sticks used for arrows), and a log. Put the stones together, then hay, then throw the twigs and logs on the fire.

To create poisonous rat, stuff a rat with the red and white mushroom then throw it on the fire. The tiger will then come and eat it then die.

To kill the tiger by dropping him into a pit, you need three banana leaves obtained by shooting the banana tree across the river. Take the leaves to the pit and cover it with leaves. Build a fire nearby and roast a rat on it. Then QUICKLY pick the rat up and throw it on the pit. The sabre will smell it, try to eat the rat and then fall in.

Level 3 - Luring a mate (this depends on whether you're playing as a woman or man ogog)

If female: Feed male ogog some meat (rat, fish, mammoth meat--if you park the mammoth near the cave mouth, you can knock the rock at the top of the cave down on to him) and he'll follow you into the cave. If you don't go immediately into the cave, he loses interest and wanders away.

If male (not sure if this is 100%): Give female flowers, such as the big pink one located on the island, or for more points try the diamond located near the tar pits (reach the tar pits by jumping across stones and navigating several islands.)

There are other puzzles in level three such as the cave painting, and interior cave design. I have read that if you are luring the female ogog, she won't stay in your cave if it's not decorated.

Couch log - hidden in hushes near the rock cliff
Hollow logs - around the place, throw leaves on them to make drums that the orang-utan will play for you
Table stump - near the monkey tree

You'll need the mammoth to help you move the logs, but if you make the drums in situ, you can carry them yourself. If you get the mammoth to throw them at the bush near the entrance of the cave, they'll appear inside in the proper place.

Other things you can decorate with are:

Torch - tar pit, use fire to light
Skins - mammoth and tiger skins
Wall painting - Throw the charcoal at the faint images inside the cave wall. Find the coloured lumps of ochre on the rock cliff, put them in a coconut half to make paint and do the same (I have never found the third paint, but have managed to put water in a third coconut half by dropping it on the shallow water to the left of the mammoth berries.

wow - all i did was kill a rat and that got me to lvl 2!

how do you beat the frist part this game it is driving me crazy!!!!!! somebody help me!!!

Am I the only one who can't get back from the stick island? It lets me jump diagonally down to one stone, but I can't jump back.

I dont understand the game at all! I heard that you can kill the sabretooth by feeding it a poisonous rat, which is obtained by stuffing a rat with a red and white mushroom. But how do you stuff a rat? and how do you make fire? And where do the arrows come from? and also, what is the password forl level 3? If anyone can reply, I thank you, and I hope i can get some help.

I can't play this game! I don't know why but for some reason it only moves once every 50 or so presses on the arrow keys. Most of the time it just won't move, even though there's nothing wrong with the arrows themselves. Has anyone else had this problem?

This game is awesome, I just bludge in IST (computers) and play this. Yeh Nikki I feel your pain. Also the Ogog password for lvl 4 doesnt work please help, aldso in lvl 3 i cant ride the mamoth although I keep giving him grapes.

Does any body have any idea how you can kill the mammoth? I keep shooting arrows at him, but he keeps killing me. So help me out if anyone knows.

i have completed the game it was so easy thanks

j jay

Complete Walkthrough for Level One

Do not read if you want to solve this game yourself.

Level One
Ogog hungry-
fill stump with food!

Fruits:Orange and spiky fruits, found on bushes.

Roots:Found west, near the waterfall.

Mushroom:The white one is edible. Under sabertooth cliff.

Egg:Up in the tree near the roots.

Banana:Tease the monkey so that it will throw stuff after you. Watch out! You will die the third time you're hit. Make sure you eat. Take banana when it comes.

Honey: Tease the monkey and obtain coconut. Use coconut with a normal rock. You will get two halves, navigate to the island with beehive. Throw a rock at the tree until it falls down, or shoot with bow and arrow. Use coconut shell with beehive.

Note: When you put a fish or a rat into the stump, the game will finish. Make sure you have put all the above before you put in meat.

Fish:When a blue fish is near the waters edge, simply click on it, until you catch it.

Rat:Take the rope and bent stick and combine. Obtain feathers in the nest, stick on an island south-east and arrow head on the cliff on the other side of the river. Combine these things, and you'll have bow and arrow. Shoot a rat.

To tame the mammoth, give it three pink mammoth berries in a row. You may ride its back.

Does anyone no the lvl 4 password

if u dont get the bow and arrow in level 1, how do u get 1 in lvl 2? if u do get a bow and arow in lvl 1, do u still hav it in lvl 2?

cool!!! in level 3 i just click the stump and all this food just comes outta nowhere!

how do get the mammoth across the water? i cant get him over to get the wood for the furnature (in the third level)

I didn't really like the jumping portions in this game. The jumping is very poorly aligned, so you sometimes need to move back and forth around a ledge/stepping stone and try several different angles to be able to get somewhere. In light of this, the pirhanas seem juuust a bit unfair.

The throwing trajectory is similar, and I didn't really like wandering all around trying to throw things from all different angles in level 3 in order to just do a simple task such as making a drum or dousing a fire.

Otherwise, I liked this game. I enjoyed having to figure out a way to achieve each level's goal.

what is there a level 4???
what is the code for level3

If you want to know how to get through level one,press the spoiler:

Lvl 1:

In order to get through it,you have to find all kinds of food and put it in the stump.There are fruits from the tree,fish(get it by clicking on a blue fish that comes close,watch out for piranah),egg,rat(you have to get the bow and arrows before getting the rat and place it all in the stump

Does anyone know the best code for the levels? (like one with all the evolutions possible and bow and arrows)

What Is that stick with the black thing on for? also I am Sooo stuck on lvl 2
that stupid sabertooth wont leave me alone

how do you get the guy to like you and go in the cave I dont get it!!!!!

Too many pirhanas I may be horrible at Og Og alive but theres too many pirhanas. I know I can beat the game without the pirhanas bothering be but there is just way to many pirhanas.

you walk into the opening in the cave and you will be in it

how do you cook the rat

to get to level 3 just go on to password for level 3 and type in tiger dide

how do you get past lvl 3?

i have found all the paints on lvl 3 1 is in the cave and its black to get the other 2 get 2 of the coconuts in the cave and go across the river and up both the cliffs as hiy as you can go then put them in coconuts and go back to the cave and chuck them at the cave paintins that ar not coulerd.

to get a fish go to the water and click on a fish clos by

i made the bow and arrow on level 3 what do i do

level 3 password is tibomer

if you tipe in tibomer you get the boe and arrow free

there's no lvl 4

theres white paint too

catch some hay on fire then put it out with sea water collected in a cocnut shell half then put the ashes in another coconut half then throw it at the wall

get coconut halfs by using a coconut from the monkey tree with a rock on the ground

first of all I must say this...game...is...BRILL!!!it is so class because I have done all three levels!!!oh if you want to know how to do level three all you have to do is make the cave look really nice and then give the other og og a piece of meat (fish or rat) and they will follow and thats it. oh and if you want to know how to cook you get one of the little rocks laying around then you get a oddly shaped rock that is in the tree with the egg in. then go anywhere and find a little bit of hay click on your og og then drag and drop the hay with the oddly shaped rock and the normal rock you should now see the hay burning in front of you. then you go and get a bundle of sticks and put it in the fire then you get a logand put it on the fire it will be now blazing.

then put your desired meal on the fire and...presto...you have cooked whatever you have cooked.

ps: on level 3 try not doing the mission for once and make your cave nice (but not too nice because the other og og will go in your cave and you would have completed it) so then you can go and try living like a real caveman....which is pretty cool if you ask me!!!

if you type in


for level 3 you get the bow and arrow free, and the mammoth is already dead. idk if thats a good thing though...cuz then how do you get the stuff for your cave?

How do you get the string for the bow and were is the stick for arrow,also how do you cross water.how do you catch the logs and twiges on fire

another code for level 2 is tiger

Where do I have to stand if I wanna cross the river to find the arrow? I have tried to jump everywhere! :P Please answer

where are those hollow logs please tell me

on level 2 how do i get the string for the bow

the best code 4 level 3 is


ok read this only if you want to pass level3:

i warned you

first you give the mammoth rasberry things, and get on it. at the river top there is a thin diagonal spot with a steping stone. go across it. get(click) the table thing near the banna tree then bring it to ogog cave entrance(you might have to get really close)then drop it off by clicking on the mammoth, then come back 4 the couch thing near the bushes at the bottom then get 2leaves one at bananna tree another monkey will throw down. and cover up a hollow log it will become a drum pick up drum(you don't need mammoth for drum)do the same with log in middle of lake. now 4 the paint, pick up the obsidian(i mean the black chalk thing in cave)throw at wall with faded pictures the out line should apear now go get three coconuts and put them away for right now climb each side of the mountain there should be a stone at the top of each side get all two stones and put each on a coconut half. you need two coconut halves for the last paint but you only have one, get the monkey to throw a coconut at you then split it in half with small rock. fill one coconut with water by throwing it in shallow water(water you can walk on)then make fire by combining the big rock in the bird's nest with a small rock then combining some hay with it throw the water filled coconut at fire you now get a white rock put the rock in coconut half and now you have all three paints throw them on by one at the wall. gather all the sea shells for more beauty(optional) now feed mate meat and go into cave YOU WIN!

how do you get off of the mammoth?

how do you get an oddly shaped rock from the nest?

If you want to kill the mamoth (But you will need it in lv 3)Give it 2 of those purple berry things move him to the front of the cave get off and push the big rock on to him he gives a skeleton fur and meat

i won!!! woohoo!! you can give the cave lady the blue flowers

ok so i fill the stump with two items. but when i tried to fit one more piece of food in, og og just throws it at the stumb and thats it!

where do i put the skins?

pasword for level 3 is tiger dead

how do you do a spoiler?

[Edit: Do you see the words "spoiler help" just above the box where you enter your comment? Click it for help on how to do spoilers. -Jay]

GAH! I hate that stupido cliff!
I keep getting stuck right when I grab the sharp rock ><

woohoo i did it!

how do you get the honey into the coconut
everytime i try to throw the coconut at the fallen beehive it just sit ontop of it

Good passwords

Lv2:hzqe Lv3: F - rzat M - xzhj

Bad passwords

Lv 3: Timbomer

oops I shot the girl og og XD

if you type bxbw in level 3 you will get everything

Does anyone know how to get the crystal and the torch from the tar pit?? PLEASE RESPOND!!!

is there a cheat for getting rid of the piranha??

level 3 password is bxby

Ok here's a cheat thing for anyone who might have trouble with the tiger on level 2. What it does is it will freeze the tiger.

When the tiger leaves go into the cave untill you can't see yourself. Then wait untill the tiger comes back. It will attack you but just eat something to get your health back. The tiger will then be frozen in place. Only works for level 2 and to undo it get attacked again but make sure you run away quickly.

You know that if you type inpxk for level 2, the mammoth is dead without you killing it!!! so cool

anyone know a NON-shockwave version?

[Edit: What's wrong with Shockwave? This game is not available in any other version. Just get the Shockwave plug-in and play. If you're trying to play on an Intel Mac, then you need to run your browser in Rosetta mode for Shockwave to work. Find your browser in your applications folder, select Get Info from the File menu (or press Command-I), then click "Run in Rosetta". -Jay]

password to level 2 anyone?

Every time I walk by a spiky plant or the river on level 1 using the male ogog, it makes this weird face, turns gray, and goes back to normal. What is wrong with that?!!

Whhaaa i cant get the stupid honey ive knocked it down and have 1 half of the coconut but when i try 2 pick the hive up it wont let me and when i throw the coconut shell at the hive it wont do it

Good Passwords For lvl3:

mxbw, bxby and rzat


Twisted, timbomer

to get off the the mammoth press


is there any way to kill the fishes? the ones with big teeth

i keep getting stuck on the rocks. Can any one help with this? most the time i cant get any higher that 6 jumps. but i need the rocks. What do i do?

how do i get the sparkly thing from bushes?

how do i get to the tar pit , coloured rocks, pink flower... and the mammoth across the water?

GRR!! everytime i go to get 2nd hollow log the stupid bitey fish eat me...

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