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Zombie Cats

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ChiktionaryZombie CatsI was recently shocked to discover during my internet wanderings that Zombie Cats really do exist! And they're not pretty. So it's no surprise that there's a game about them, possibly as a warning to the casual gaming population about this new threat to civilization. It may just appear to be a simple point-and-click puzzle game, but the threat is real, I tells ya! You may scoff, but with the onslaught of zombie games pervading the internets, we should be taking this seriously.

Use your mouse to click on objects and interact with the environment to help...um, let's call him Butch, to eradicate the Zombie Cats and to save the rest of civilization. This is important work people! For a simple point-and-clicker, this game presents more of a cerebral challenge compared to games like Adam & Eve, with more challenges that require timing, although the ending feels a little flat in comparison. But hey, you gotta feel good about serving your community by squishing a few zombified cats.

Zombie Cats seems to borrow some of its themes from the cult movie Pulp Fiction; mass slaughters backed by surf music, except without the Royales with Cheese. It's easy to play and almost atmospheric in a cartoony kind of way, but it's a game that leaves so many questions unanswered. Like what is being done by the authorities to rid our world of this new pandemic, and why does Butch turn into a zombie for no apparent reason? And why aren't there any Royales with Cheese in this game? And even more importantly, why doesn't anyone believe me that zombie cats are real...?

Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Play Zombie Cats

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Zombie Cats Walkthrough

Opening Scene

  1. Click on the gate.

  2. Click on Butch.

Traffic lights

  1. Click on the trashcan.

  2. Click on the car.

  3. Click on Butch.


  1. Click on the toolbox upper left twice to release the key.

  2. Click on the door of the crane.

  3. Click on the switch inside the crane.

  4. Click on Butch.

Getting in through the window

  1. Click on the crate to the right.

  2. Click on the hammer in the crate.

  3. Click on the fence paling.

  4. Click on Butch.

Vacuum Cleaning

  1. Click on the electric cords, bottom right.

  2. Click on the vacuum cleaner.

  3. Click on each of the wooden crates.

  4. Click on the trapdoor.

  5. Click on Butch.


  1. Click on the wheelbarrow.

  2. Click on the power box.

  3. Click on the lower switch.

  4. Click on Butch.

  5. Click on the upper switch.

Rooftop with Owl

  1. Click on the brick just right of the chimney.

  2. Once the bats have flown out and woken the owl, click on the owl.

  3. Click on the power cord connections.

  4. Click on the switch.

  5. Click on Butch.

Rooftop with Satellite Dish

  1. Click on the satellite dish receiver.

  2. Click on the switch below.

  3. Click on the crate that lands via parachute.

  4. Click on the grenade inside the crate.

  5. Click on the upright trapdoor lid, upper left of the screen.

  6. Click on Butch.

Rooftop with Laundered Clothes.

  1. Click on the trapdoor lid just right of Butch.

  2. Click on the two short posts revealed by the trapdoor.

  3. Click on Butch.


  1. Click on Butch to get him onto the tractor.

  2. Click on the top brick, to the right of the screen.

  3. Click on the toolbox.

  4. Click on the axe.

  5. Click on Butch.

Tractor Ride

  1. Click on the axe.

  2. Click on the zombie cat at the front of the tractor.

  3. Click on Butch.

Underground Part 1

  1. Click on the two top stone pieces, left of Butch.

  2. Click on the key in the upwards passage.

  3. Click on the remaining blocks to remove them.

  4. Click on Butch.

Underground Part 2

  1. Note the 5 dynamite detonator boxes and their colored lights.

  2. In order, click the Green, Light Blue and Pink detonators.

  3. Don't click the Yellow detonator.

  4. You can click the other Blue detonator at any time to blow-up the zombie cat.

  5. Click on Butch.

Underground Part 3

  1. Click on the innocent Ginger Cat and watch it being devoured by zombie cats.

  2. Click on the metal trapdoor.

  3. Click on the pick-axe.

  4. Click on Butch.

Car wreck lot

  1. Click on the metal barrel top right.

  2. Click on the tyres surrounding the zombie cat.

  3. Click the left switch.

  4. Click the right switch.

  5. Click the left switch again.

  6. Click on Butch.

In the Car

  1. Click the wrench.

  2. Click the left sparkplug.

  3. Click the new sparkplug in the box.

  4. Click the left sparkplug cover.

  5. Click to the left to close the car bonnet.

  6. Click Butch.

Zombie cats having a drink

Click to have Butch drive through and plow down the zombie cats.

Two Refrigerators

  1. Click on top of the wooden hut to get the fridge handle.

  2. Whatever you do, DON'T OPEN THE FRIDGE ON THE RIGHT!

  3. Open the left fridge and click on the oil can, and then the key.

  4. Click on the wooden door.

  5. Click on Butch.

Bathtub and Safe

  1. The combination to the safe is:

  2. 2 4 6

  3. Enter the combination and click on the safe lock.

  4. Click on the key inside the safe.

  5. Click on the door of the pink crate.

  6. Click on the portable stereo inside the crate and make sure it falls into the zombie cat's bath.

  7. Click on the piece of wood inside the crate to add it to the ladder.

  8. Click on Butch.

Zombie Cats watching TV

  1. Click on the TV volume.

  2. Click on the tyre that's on the roof.

  3. Click on the wooden crate.

  4. Click on Butch.

Metal Detector

  1. Click on the metal detector.

  2. Click on the shovel.

  3. Click on the toolbox that's revealed.

  4. Click on the key in the toolbox.

  5. Click on the door unlocked by the key.

  6. Click on Butch.

Barrels of toxic waste

  1. Click on the plank of wood leaning against the wall.

  2. Click on the button exposed by the plank.

  3. Click on Butch.


Click once to watch Butch, who is now for no apparent reason a Zombie Dog, enter and annihilate the Zombie Cats. And now, for some indeterminate reason, Butch the Zombie Dog wants you..!!!!


Patreon Crew SonicLover April 19, 2011 10:18 AM

The game's not showing up. It just doesn't appear at all; all I see below the "More games like this" text is the purple squarey background.


Works fine for me here. I liked this game a lot... as Chik says, the ending is sort of... odd... but it's surprisingly quirky.

Night Stryke April 19, 2011 11:38 AM

Not showing up for me, either. Same thing as SonicLover.

Patreon Crew SonicLover April 19, 2011 11:42 AM

It's up now. Must have been a low bandwidth problem or some such.


I'm having the same problem as SonicLover and Night Stryke. I tried several other games as well, and I can't get anything to show up.

[Hi Daisy, we have a support FAQ that addresses this issue with a variety of troubleshooting measures to try to fix the problem. All our game pages have been tested on both Mac and Windows on all the major browsers and all games are loading without issue. -Jay]


That was... interesting. I guess I'll need to add catnip to my arsenal for the zombie apocalypse.


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