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Kyhkyh_zakari_title.pngOh look, it's a cute bunny doll! Aww, isn't it fuzzy? Wait, what the... who would do that to a stuffed animal?!! Come on, folks. It's Detarou. Did you really expect anything different? That's right, they've sprinkled some more of their bizarre escape game magic in their latest title, Zakari. Can you blame them, though? It's like we can't get enough of the craziness. I mean you, not we... I, uh, only played it because I had to. (That was believable, right?)

You'll have a changing cursor to help you identify hotspots and an inventory to interact with, as is usual in Detarou games. And of course there's the all helpful save feature, which will assist you as you discover all three endings (assuming you remember to use it). While their humor isn't for everyone, those who do play it are promised some code deciphering, ninja kicking and Panda revenge!

Play Zakari

Walkthrough Guide

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Zakari Walkthrough


  1. Examine the picture of the king.

  2. Click the picture and something will fall down.

  3. Back up and examine the chest of drawers.

  4. Open the top drawer and collect the piece of paper, making note of the clue.

  5. Back up and open the middle drawer, making note of the clue.

  6. Examine the bottom drawer and make note of the symbol by the lock.

  7. Back up and examine the pink bunny doll.

  8. Lift the doll and collect the silver key, making note of the clue on the chair.

  9. Collect the remote out of the bunny.

  10. While examining the remote, flip it over and remove the cover to see that it's missing batteries.

  11. Turn right to face the bed.

  12. Examine the armoire and open the top doors.

  13. Make note of the man in the picture, the symbols surrounding the photo and where they're placed.

  14. Back up and examine the drawers below.

  15. Open the middle drawer and collect the knob piece, making note of the symbol/number clue.

  16. Now back up and open the bottom drawer.

  17. Lift the middle-left shirt and make note of both clues.

  18. Back up and turn right to face the curtains.

  19. Open the curtains and make note of the clue on the left glass pane.

  20. Turn right to face the tv.

  21. Examine the bookcase and make note of the color of the books.

  22. Now examine the topmost shelf and notice the familiar pattern of the books.

  23. Make note of the code you get from it.

    • Examine the piece of paper to see the book pattern.

    • The numbers on the paper tell you the order of the numbers from the book.

    • The computer symbol on the top tells you where to use the code.

  24. Back up and examine the second shelf down.

  25. Click the books to move them around and see an equation clue.

  26. Now back up and examine the tv stand.

  27. Open the doors and click the left area.

  28. Enter the code you deciphered earlier.

  29. 5963

  30. You'll see a green light come on to the right, so examine it.

  31. Click the button to open the dvd player and collect the brass key.

  32. Back up and turn to the right to face the door again.

  33. Use the brass key (from the dvd player below the tv) on the lock and click the door to step through.

Ninja Room

  1. Turn left to face the boy and man-in-box.

  2. Examine the box and make note of all the symbols (where have we seen the spade before?).

  3. Head back into the bedroom.


  1. Examine the bottom drawer of the chest and enter the spade code.

    • From the man-in-box, we get that the spade code is: heart/sword/boot/diamond.

    • Heart: from the second bookshelf (boot+pentagon)

      • Boot: 4 (from the glass door)

      • Pentagon: 3 (from the bottom drawer of the armoire)

    • Sword: from the middle drawer of the armoire

    • Boot: from the glass door

    • Diamond: from the chair under the bunny

    • 7246

  2. Collect the gold key and make note of the symbols.

  3. Return to the ninja room.

Ninja Room

  1. Turn left and examine the man-in-box's head. He looks familiar.

  2. Using the clue from the armoire, click his left/right ears and lip in the correct order.

    • The armoire showed a certain set of symbols in certain places along the picture.

      • Sword and star on the left.

      • Pot, pentagon, boot and diamond on the right.

      • Heart below.

    • The numbers associated with the symbols gives you the order.

    • The placement of the symbols tells you where to click.

    • (right/left refers to your right/left and not his)
      right ear, left ear, right ear (x2), left ear, right ear, lip

  3. Collect the piece of paper and make note of the clue.

  4. Back up and turn right twice to face the ninjas, making note of their color and order.

  5. Using the clue from the paper, kick the ninjas in the correct order.

    • From the shape on the paper, you can see that it's referring to the bookshelves.

    • Each shelf represents the color (of the books) while the numbers give you the order.

    • red/black/green/yellow/red/blue/red

  6. After the cutscene, return to the bedroom.


  1. Open the top drawer and collect the batteries.

  2. Examine the remote and put the batteries in it.

  3. Turn left to face the tv.

  4. Use the remote on the tv and make note of the animation.

  5. Head back into the ninja room.

Ninja Room

  1. Examine the lock by the door and enter the code from bottom chest drawer.

  2. diamond/pentagon/sword

  3. Hit the button.

  4. Click the door to step through.


Bad Ending

  1. Turn left to face the two doors and speaker.

  2. Step forward for a trapdoor and Panda.

  1. Examine the panel and use the silver key (from behind the king's picture in the bedroom).

  2. Collect the knob piece and make note of the warning (against the bad ending).

  3. Combine the two knob pieces.

  4. Turn right to face the lone door.

  5. Examine the stand and use the gold key (from the bottom chest drawer in the bedroom).

  6. After the crown button has been depressed, use the knob on the spot.

  7. Press the buttons in the order indicated by the tv.

    • Counting left-to-right, the tv gives us: 4/3/5/3/2/2/1/5

    • Use this in conjunction with the order of the ninjas in the ninja room: black/yellow/red/blue/green

    • blue/red/green/red

    Good Ending

    1. Head through the open door

    Best Ending

    1. Re-examine the stand and remove the knob, making note of the symbols that appear.

    2. Head back into the bedroom and examine the king's picture.

    3. Click the corners of the picture as indicated by the stand.

      • The first four symbols show the shape of the corner.

      • The last symbol indicates to do them in reverse order.

      • lower-right/upper-left/lower-left/upper-right

    4. Use the knob over the crown symbol and press the red button.

    5. Watch the hilarious cutscene and head back into the hallway.

    6. Feel free to turn left and gloat over Panda.

    7. Turn right to face the lone door and head through. Congrats!


I find this one fun, i've gotten very far in it... but i'm stuck near the panda door.

jason9045 July 3, 2012 10:40 AM

Have you

pulled the guy's ears yet

Hint is in the top of the cabinet by the bed.




REVENGE on the evil panda


HAH! Muay Thai kicks Power Ranger ass! It's true!


confused on the ending

although a screenshot on the shapes toward the ending would be good, the problem is after i get the combination right, i thought it said examine the stand, so i clicked the stand and i fell down the bottom. when i reread the walkthrough it indicated clicking the right door or something ike that. so i click the right door and again i fall through the door. Am i doing something wrong?


Actually, the wobbly-picture puzzle is a little simpler:

The arrow means "do these from right to left", so only the second half of what's in the walkthrough is necessary.


Rangers kicking a** is strangely rewarding.


Not a fan of this game. A bit to slow for my taste.

Sumaleth July 4, 2012 11:09 PM

Here's a news story from yesterday. If it doesn't leave you unnerved, you haven't played enough Detarou games:

lycyfyrsam July 10, 2012 4:44 AM

i love all this guy's games to everlovin death, including this one, but right now i have one of the stupidest questions known to gameplaying humankind:

how do i stick

the batteries into the remote

i know it's dumb, i know it is, but i've tried dragging dropping clicking holding the shift-key down & clicking clicking in different areas @ different lengths of view:
NOTHING works.

would someone be so kind as to enlighten me?

also about

the crazylady who appeared out of nowhere for about four seconds. unless she comes back. i havent read the walkthrough past where i am so i have no idea. she has, however, disappeared & not yet reappeared no matter what i do. lost in the ether.....

elle July 10, 2012 5:27 AM replied to lycyfyrsam


First, double-click the remote in your inventory to examine it more closely.

Then, click on it once to turn it over. Click on the battery cover to remove it.

Next, click once only on the batteries in your inventory to highlight them (a blue glow will rotate around the item's icon).

Finally, with the batteries highlighted, click on the battery compartment on the back of the remote to insert them.

If that's not working, try saving your game and reloading.


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