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You Are Lucky!

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Ms.45You Are LuckyYou Are Lucky! (or "Untsuku", thanks Graig and tom!) is a gorgeous little game, created by Shuichi Oshida ("Ossy"), that is a cross between a point-and-click game and one from the Grow series. The aim is to uncover all ten of the characters (who look a bit like WarBears with pastel coloured poop on their heads). Unlike Grow, you don't have a list of items to check off — simply click things and see what happens. Mostly, the sequence seems to be fairly logical and linear (I can't give details without spoilers), but it's entirely in Japanese and I'm not sure if being able to understand the text makes any difference. It's often hard to tell if you've backed yourself into a corner, although you will know when you've lost — unlike Grow's generous "booby prizes", you'll get an embarrassing "Wa-wa-wa-waaaaaaa" sound and the logo "YOU ARE LUCKY!" in huge letters.

It's a gorgeous, fun and challenging game that's filled with charm, and I've only managed to uncover eight of the characters. Won't someone please tell me how to reach the acorn?

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I believe the name is 'Untsuku'. Don't know what that means though....



un means (luck) or (poop)

and tsuku means (to stick)


it's making kind of a joke with luck/poop with these little creatures that supposedly stick to you giving you luck but has a poop look-a-like on their head


So slow! I solved the first few puzzles, waiting what seemed like eons for the little bear creature to waddle around. And then I experienced a hard failure with one of tasks that relies on luck... Argh!


how do I get the monkey number five?

lonetrombone December 3, 2007 1:16 PM

I know that this game is Japanese but

The test thing is partly in Mandarin, I can only tell a few characters (I've only been studying it for a little while).



1. pink -

click the arrow in the tree. click the heart.

2. yellow -

plug in the tree. pull the red lever. click the gold purse. click the coin.

3. green -

click the pen on top of the tree. click the blank piece of paper.

4. dark blue -

click on the book at the library and correctly answer 3 questions. if you don't speak japanese, keep trying until you get 3 without japanese in them.

5. red -

click on the dice and keep trying until you get snake eyes.

6. black -

click on the shovel in the graveyard, and 4 glittering mounds should appear on the main island. dig up the 3 leftmost mounds and bring each item back to the graveyard by clicking on the skeleton-thing. then click on the skeleton again.

7. light blue -

click the green lever. click on the arrow near the forest to build up logs underneath the meat. aby now a glass jar should have appeared near the pink person floating in the water. click on the jar. click on the orange and blue ghost in the graveyard to catch it. bring the jar over to the logs to make a fire and cook the meat.

8. purple -

click on the light blue guy. click on the big rock. click on the key that comes out. click on the keyhole in the tree. grab the camera. take a picture of the purple alien floating above the forest.

9. grey -

wait for the big black bird to land. click on the egg. click on the acorn. bring it to the purple guy. take the new piece from the purple guy. bring it to the pink guy. take the new blue knob to the blue middle lever.pull the blue lever.



I agree -- the speed (or lack thereof) really takes away from the game.

For the fifth character:

Click on the ham and see what it tells you it needs -- you'll find it in the woods. You'll need otherworldly help to finish it


To get the acorn, you have to

just wait for it to ripen. When it's swinging, click it


I did it!


I got the camera, now what do I do?




Great looking game, though a bit slow. I some how lost after digging a hole with a sppade I found in the graveyard?!? I had six charecters unlocked.


Isn't the one with the "ichi"s and "a" a tea ceremony saying? That'd be in older kanji that are closer to how they originally came over from the Chinese.


Cute little (but very slow) game...

I've managed to get the first eight animals, but now my little "poop-bear" won't walk anywhere! I'm stuck!


Woo hoo! Got 'em all!

Pink character:

Pick up the arrow sticking in the tree and click on the heart.

Yellow character:

Click on the plug on the right side of the tree. Click on the red and green levers that appear. Click on the purse that fell and then on the gold coin.

Green character:

Pick up the pen in the top of the tree and click on the piece of paper.

Red character:

Click on the dice and roll a pair of snake eyes.

Dark blue character:

Click on the stack of papers that appears after you get the red character. Take the quiz and get each question right.

Brown character:

Pick up the shovel in the graveyard that appears after getting the dark blue character. Dig in each sparkling mound EXCEPT the first one closest to the graveyard. Not sure if order matters here, but I clicked on right, top, then bottom. Bring back each part to build the brown dude.

Light blue character:

Click the arrow next to the forest to get a bundle of wood. Grab the bottle that falls in the water next to the pink character. Click on the bottom-left ghost (orange/blue) and take it to the wood to set it on fire.

Purple character:

Click on the light blue guy to pick up the heavy rock which reveals a key. Use this key on the keyhole in the side of the tree to shake out a camera. Click on the camera and take a picture of the UFO.

White character:

Use the small stone to move the crow and drop a feather. Click on the acorn and bring it to the purple UFO dude. Take what he gives you and click the pink character to wash it (you may have to click on the UFO guy to get him to disappear before you can move). Take the blue knob and put it on the last lever. That's all!


I have a jar that I can't do anything with, and the ufo just flies away or fades out when I click it.


OK. I talked to the UFO/? Bear-thing...and my blue bear disappeared and I can't do anything. Anyone else have this problem? I had all but the last character unlocked. Guess I'm not lucky...


Cute and charming, but ultimately too breakable. I didn't mind the slow pace until I picked up the acorn too early, and have noone to give it to. Not worth my time to play through it again to finish the game off!


Fuzzboxer, your walkthrough is great, but some places lack a bit of detail, and some people might not understand what you mean by things like 'snake eyes' for double 1s. :P

I'll post another one, and hopefully between me and fuzzboxer you'll be able to complete the game. (You'll get more thrill doing it by yourself though)

Full Walkthrough:

1st TurdBear (Blue & You):

Press the green leafy type thing to begin, and believe it or not you already have the first turdbear!

2nd TurdBear (Pink & Love):

Click the arrow which has been lodged in the tree, then click the heart to shoot it and get your second turdbear.

3rd TurdBear (Gold & Money):

Click on the plug/socket to make some levers appear and then click on the red one to release the purse/wallet. Click that and then the coin and you will have your third turdbear!

4th TurdBear (Green & Businessy):

You can now click on the pen (in the tree) to get it and then click the paper to write on it, this will make your fourth turdbear!

You can't get the fifth turdbear yet, continue
6th TurdBear (Blue & Intelligent):

Click on the exam paper by the books and then get three questions in a row right. This'll give you the sixth turdbear!

7th TurdBear (Red & Gambler):

Click on the dice above the roulette wheel and roll them until you get a double one. You should now have your seventh turdbear!

8th TurdBear (Black & Creepy):

Click on the shovel and go around digging up the sparkly hills EXCEPT for the one nearest you. This will make you lose the game and you'll have to start again if you want to complete it. Take the things you get (Eyepatch, tail and mummy boots) to the white blob in the graveyard. Then you will have the eigth turdbear!

5th TurdBear (SkyBlue & Monkey):

Click on the green lever now and then the arrow by the forest and you'll come out of the forest with some wood and you'll stick it under the meat. A jar will now appear in the heart pond so go and fetch it. Then click on the little orange and blue worm (the colour is important) by the graveyard turdbear who will then go into your jar. Go click on the logs and cook the meat! This'll turn the creature into the fifth turdbear!

9th TurdBear (Purple & Alien):

If you click the fifth turdbear, you can get him to move the rock, and out comes a key! Take the key and put it in the keyhole on the side of the tree. You'll now have a camara, and you can take a photo of the UFO above the fifth turdbear. You'll then get the ninth turdbear who comes down from this flying saucer!

10th TurdBear (White & Old):

Click on the stone which fell out (when you got the pen) to remove the crow when it has landed and it will drop a feather. By now, the acorn has ripened, so go get it by clicking on it (It'll be swinging on the left of the tree), and click on the ninth turdbear. He'll take it and swap it for some sort of ball. Then take that to the second turdbear who will clean it up for you in her wonderful pool (even though she just stands there) and it will turn into a blue sphere! Stick it on the end of the middle lever and push away! That will move the boards below the tree and cause a hand to move out and grab the feather which will make the tree sneeze. This'll remove some of the clouds and reveal the tenth and final turdbear!


In case anyone is interested, I translated the names. As far as I'm aware, they don't meant anything except for the last one... but then my understanding of Japanese is much smaller than minimal.
White turd- Kumanchi
Pink turd- Rabinchi (Rabbit?)
Yellow turd- Wasochi
Green turd- Mosochi
Light blue turd- Gosochi
Dard blue turd- Pasochi
Red turd- Nyasochi
Black turd- Akunchi
Purple turd- Najinchi (Alien? Jin means person...)
Grey turd- Soma-/nori-chi (Either way means wizard/hermit)

How board am I, you ask? Very. Very very.


The answers.

The first new companion after your starting character is simple.

Take the heart arrow out of the tree, then click the floating heart.

The second new companion is a bit more convoluted.

First you have to plug up the electrical cord, then you push the red lever to make some ladders in the tree to appear, and a purse to drop from the tree. Take the purse to the coin, and there is the next companion

The third companion is again simple.

Simply climb the ladders to get the pen, and shake a stone loose from the tree. Once back down, draw on the paper to get your third companion.

You cannot get the fourth companion at this moment, but you can go ahead and get the fifth.

Real simple, click on the test next to the books, and answer three questions right in a row.

The sixth companion is arguably both the easiest and the hardest.

Click the dice, and click again to roll them, you must get both with one dot showing.

Now you can go aquire the fourth companion.

Push the green lever, once the tree is forming a new path, click on the arrow to get some wood. This will cause a jar to fall into the heart pool, go pick up the bottle and click on one of the spirits wandering around the graveyard. They dissapear when you are near, but your character sets down the jar and leaves it alone. One of the spirits enters, and you pick up a jar with a spirit. Now click the pile of wood that you layed under the ham, and watch it cook. A shadow pops out and munchs on the cooked ham, and turns into your fourth companion.

Number seven, I would say is perhaps the longest to aquire...

Start by grabing the shovel/spade. Ignore the lump nearest to the graveyard as this will end the game. Instead dig the lump just a ways away, and the two on the other side, you get the tail, what appears to be stockings, and an eye patch. The catch. You have to dig them up and bring them to the white tomigachi one at a time. But this turns into the seventh companion, and drops a boulder.

The eighth companion is perhaps the least straight forward.

First, go talk to the fourth companion, the one you got from cooking the ham, and talk to him. He jumps over to, and lifts the boulder, making a key to come out. Once he puts the boulder down, you can grab the key and insert it into the keyhole on the right side of the tree causing a camera to fall down. Most people seem to get lost here with the camera. You click on the camera, and take a picture of the space craft hovering around in the upper right corner of the game panel. This causes a landing pad to appear, and the craft materializes the eight companion, and a bird to fly in.

The nineth and last companion is directly continued from the eighth.

You can either go ahead and click the acorn that has been growing, or click the eighth companion to find out he wants the acorn. By now the acorn will have ripend and be swinging, click it and it will fall into your hands. Take the acorn to the eighth companion and he gives you some sort of object. Take this to the heart pool and have your character wash it. It turns out to be the blue knob needed for the middle lever. Place it on the lever and push, this causes those planks on the door to wedge open. Now pick up the stone that was knocked loose way back in the begining, and your character will automatically toss it, hitting the bird, making it fly away, but not before it drops one of its feathers. With the planks wedged open, whatever is inside the tree, grabs the feather, and tickles the tree, making it sneeze, revealing the nineth and final companion.

Thats it, you have just finished "You Are Lucky!"


Wooo-hooo! The first game from the maker of "Grow" that I completed without help.

I, too, had the problem with doing some things too early and my bear not reacting anymore. The first time it happened was when I tried to get the two red dots at the game of dice and decided to quit for the moment and come back later. Still, restarting the game was totally worth it for me.

Thanks for the translation, Craig!


Groogokk - it's not by On of Eyezmaze, even though the graphics have a similar charm as On's work.

This one was created by Ossy (Shuichi Oshida). :)


Why do they write "MENU" on the menu-tag when opening it everything is in Japanese?


Can it happen that I haven't solved everything, I've got bears to discover, there are no game end messages still I can't do anything? I couldn't beat the bear in the dice toss (would be pretty hard to do - i don't even know what I'm supposed to roll out...) and there i am, can click on lots of things but nothing happens, altho i only found like 4 or 5 other bears.


One really important hint if you're trying to finish the game without using a walkthrough is:

if you click on many of the objects, they will tell you what they need to be turned into "companions." For instance,

when you click on the dice after getting the yellow companion, a picture of two dice both showing "1's" appears. This simply means you need to roll two "1's" to get the dice to turn into the red companion.

Other "answers" are determined in a similar way. Not all are quite so straightforward, so you might have to get inventive anyway.


Oops, forgot to mention... I found it annoying that I glitched out twice in the same place: after giving the Purple companion the thing that he asks for in his thought bubble. One time it just froze so that things that I clicked on wouldn't respond, even the thing I was supposed to click on next. The other time, as soon as he handed me the orb, I disappeared!!

Other than that, nice, fun, and easy.


I got eight with no help; the speed didn't bother me at all. Just needed a little hint on 9 and 10. This is an adorable game! Love the combination of point-and-click and Grow.


OK, i finished it.

It was an OK challenge, though tediously slow at times and felt way too infant while plying...

Belive me, if I was able to finish it in a short time without any help, anyone can.

By the way, do i understand they are actually animals with shit on their heads? Lovely - no matter what it means in the Japanese culture...


I think they're advertisements for little lucky charm toys. If you click on the characters, it tells you what each one does.

Kumanchi (blue one) - +5 luck in friendship, -3 luck in study
Rabicih (pink one) - +5 luck in love, -3 luck in money
Unchi (yellow one) - +5 luck in money, -3 luck in friendship
Monchi (green one) - +5 luck in your job, -3 luck in love
Gonchi (ugly little kid) - +5 luck in health, -3 luck in gambling
Panchi (panda bear) - +5 luck in study, -3 luck in health
Nyanchi (cat) - +5 luck in gambling, -3 luck in your job
Akunchi (zombie) - +5 power in escaping bad luck, but reduces every other kind of luck just a little bit
Nazonchi (alien) - +5 random luck, -3 random luck
Senchi (old man) - +10 whatever kind of luck you want, -10 the opposite of that luck


By the way, people who are confused about the poop, "luck" and "poop" are pronounced similarly in Japanese, so it's a joke.


This is the absolutley most frusterateing game. I can't beleive I played for 30 Minutes just trying to light a fire. I pick it wrong, and I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. Then, when I look for help, everyone tells me to pick up "The Blue And Orange One" Well, if you FRIGGIN LOOK AT THE GAME, THERE ARE TWO BLUE AND ORANGE ONES! I can't believe I wasted my time with this horrible game.


Oh, and of course, when I finally get the monkey guy, my player disapears. Yup. I don't know what happened, I just pressed the seed after putting in the key. Geuss what! I HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN.


Odd. I managed to solve the game the first time without any problem or having to restart even once.


Yeah, the game's really buggy. The player character disappeared once and the game froze three times. I've tried to play it four times at this point, and I'm not sure I want to go in for a fifth try. :/


@ jay: Thanks for reminding me that On =/= Ossy. I just skimmed the first few lines of the review and was off for the game, yelling "Yay, another Grow game!!11" without reading on. I thought something was wrong when the game didn't play the sound you always hear in Grow games when you get a key (I love that sound).

@ the glitches/restarts: Well, it just depends on when or if you try to do something that is not planned to happen at that time. If you never quit the game of dice, for example, you never have a problem with it. Keep in mind that most events are stable; the problem has only occurred to me when I
* quit the game of dice (as I said above)
* tried to get the acorn too early.


it can be a bit buggy.

If you click on the acorn before the crow lays an egg, the pink bear (who is walking round the back of the tree toward the acorn) doesn't reappear from behind the tree, & you're stuck without an explanation.

Great game but not fully beta tested for release. An "Oh noes you failed!" message in Engrish during these accidental mishaps would at least let the player know to try again instead of clicking everywhere with no response for no reason.

But I did have fun playing it. Cute designs.


Okay, my character disappeared for no reason. I already had to start over once because apparently I dug in the wrong place, when there was no indication that that would be a bad thing to do. I really don't feel like starting again. This game is moderately charming, but it's just not worth it.

Boston Gamer December 3, 2007 8:35 PM

Yep, my character disappeared and/or I could no longer interact with the objects on a couple of run-throughs, and it's not worth playing again. Too bad, cause otherwise it was cute.


Yeah, I disappeared just before getting the last companion, too. Too slow to dig through it all again.


Darn it, every time I give the skeleton something-I get stuck in the graveyard. It just won't let me move...Frustration.


This game is cute and relatively straightforward, but I've found it very frustrating to have to start over twice after getting two thirds of the way through the game. The first time, I chose the wrong pile to dig and a dialogue appeared in the upper right hand corner. I clicked it, and the game started over. The second time my character disappeared altogether when I went to pick up the bottle. I don't think I'm going to start over another time. This game is just too slow to play a third time, especially with no guarantee I'll be able to finish.


I understand that shit and luck are pronounced similarly in Japanese still I find animals with shit on their heads very disgusting. Full stop. And i don't want to find out in another "cute" Japanese game what other words are pronounced like "vomit", "saliva" or "urine"...


Japanese uses Chinese Characters (called Kanji) and syllabary (called katakana & hiragana) to write. Kanji are pronounced differently in Japanese (and Cantonese also) but they sound the same.

These are my translations... pretty much the same :D

White - Kumanchi Bear-chi
Pink - Rabinchi Rabbit-chi
Yellow - Wanchi Woof-chi (dog)
Green - Monchi Monkey-chi
Light blue - Gonchi Gorilla-chi
Dard blue - Panchi - Panda -chi
Red - Nyanchi - Meow-chi (cat)
Black - Akunchi Demon-chi (Akuma literally)
Purple- Nazochi Enigma-chi
Grey- Senchi Hermit-chi


Graig, your translations are very nice, but I think you go the so/n katakana characters mixed up.
If you look closely at the second katakana character for the 9th creature, it is tilted more vertically than the very similar character in the 3rd & 4th creatures names. The one that is tilted up more is "so", or actually "zo" in this case because of the two diagonal marks above it.

So you would get instead:

(sorry if the katakan/kanji comes up wierd on someone's computer)
White - Kumanchi - クマ�"ち
Pink - Rabinchi - ラ�"�"ち
Yellow - Wanchi - ワンち
Green - Monchi - モンち
Light blue - Gonchi - ゴンち
Dark blue - Panchi - パンち
Red - Nyanchi - ニャンち
Black - Akunchi - アク�"ち
Purple - Nazonchi - ナゾ�"ち
Grey - [soma/nori/sen]chi - 仙ち
I couldn't figure out this last one without the translation you had already given. Thanks!

This actually makes a little more sense, because with these pronunciations of the creature's names, their names become relative to the creature they look like.
The easy ones are:

White - Kumanchi - kuma - kuma means bear
Pink - Rabinchi - Rabi - from rabitto, meaning rabbit
Yellow - Wanchi - Wan - Dog (dogs in Japan go "wanwan" rather than "bark", or "woof")
Green - Monchi - Mon - from monki, meaning monkey
Light blue - Gonchi - Gon - possibly a pun on gorilla; I'm not very sure on this one
Dark blue - Panchi - Pan - panda
Red - Nyanchi - Nyan - from nyanko (kitty)

The last three are little bit harder.

Black - Akunchi - "aku" probably comes from the word aku, meaning evil.
Purple - Nazonchi - "nazonazo" means a riddle or puzzle
Grey - [soma/nori/sen]chi - soma/nori/sen (仙) - wizard/hermit; this one is neat because the grey creature sits on top of the tree by himself, like a hermit.


Ok, I had to start over again and again, mostly because the game got stuck, and after some ten times I simply have had it. It looks nice and I like the cuteness, but this is too much. I've had it.


Yes indeed, I was well wrong with the so/n business. Been to Japan 3 times now, and still get buggered by kana.
I'll try harder next time!


Not sure if you got my email or not Jay. But HBB sweetie! :-)


This game makes me so happy i pee my pants... im stuck, how do i get the acorn in the tree?


Had to play over and over again before I finally got the key, but then my blue bear just dissapeared into thin air.. and I've had it. Despite of all the cuteness, it pissed me off =='


Hmm. Tried 3 times to end this game, and 3 times it either froze, or it reset itself. If I was 5 years old, it might be more entertaining.

BTW, anyone notice the crosses each character is wearing? Are those a Japanese character or are the cats Christian?



it's a plus sign. You can see more clearly if you select the first item in the menu. Bigger cute characters, with bigger poop, LoL.


Cool game, poop head bears are cute as poop head buttons ~ If it was in english think I could probably finish first time hints and the slow movement f my character would not be so bad ~ BUT ~ in Japanese it gets old not understanding what I did wrong to be so unpoo ~ I mean unlucky and having to start all over again. That's when the tedium sets in.

Oh well, I think I'll give it one more run with a walkthrough step by step just to reach some poo bear closure...

PlagueRat January 28, 2008 4:33 PM

Honestly, this is an interesting game. Very cute and fun. However, I have played through this about two dozen times only to get to the graveyard and subsequently have the character freeze and refuse to dig up more mounds forcing me to restart. I think it's a cute game, certainly worth a play through, but unfortunately, it's got a handful of glitches that seem to stall the game and with as slow as the characters move, it is an exercise in frustration.


there's a little old man on the tree... and know the little blue bear is on the tree...
is it done???


what about the boards in front of the door to the tree


I believe it only gets buggy if you open other windows/tabs while playing it. I've had quite a few bug issues. However, it's absolutely brilliant; I love how Japanese things are absolutely bewildering if one hasn't lived in Japan since childhood. Also, it does remind me of Shimajiro, the Toilet Training Tiger (if you still don't know him, please search "Japanese Toilet Training" on Youtube - you can be sure it's worth it).

HydraRancher August 21, 2008 11:31 PM

The reason why you keep loosing at the graveyard is because you don't read the description. It says if you make an error there will be a big waaaaa-waaaa-waaaaaa and say YOU ARE LUCKY.


it was moved


I was almost finished, then my blue guy disappeared.


I cooked the meat, and this black monster (with no poop head) came out, and he ate the meat, and then got sick. Something chinese or japanese went up on the screen, and now I don't know what to do. I have 6 unlocked. PLEASE HELP!


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