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TrickyWorldgateOctober 21, 1888. The Wyoming Territories. A scientific excavation discovers a perfectly spherical chamber fifty feet deep in solid rock. The chamber holds a mysterious device, apparently capable of generating electricity from thin air. It could change the world. But even more fascinating is the metal frame nearby, which, when powered in the proper way, opens up to reveal a corridor that can only be described as... otherworldly. Who made these devices? Are they safe to use? One thing is for sure, though: it's time to explore. Worldgate is a new point-and-click adventure game by William Buchanan, developer of The Free Will Cycle series.

At the start, you may choose whether to navigate by mouse or by keyboard, and whether to display direction arrows on-screen. Using the [WASD] or [Arrow Keys] or clicking the arrows with the mouse, you'll turn left and right, and step forward and backward to navigate around the landscape. Click an object onscreen to examine, manipulate, or add it to your inventory. Once an object is in your inventory, you may examine it by clicking its inspection icon in the lower right, or click to select it to use with an onscreen object. Some objects can be adjusted or combined once examined in greater detail. In general, it's best to visit the options menu to customize your experience.

WorldgateAnalysis: It has been fascinating to follow Buchanan as he develops his CHARM adventure game engine. His willingness to listen to and implement feedback from players is admirable, and the result is an upward trajectory of quality that one hopes will never be interrupted. The navigation problems noted by our charmingly handsome writer in the Freewill Cycle Volume 2 review are nowhere to be found, save for a little inventory muddling. Combined with Buchanan's prodigious world-building talents, this make Worldgate an atmospheric piece of science fiction in an attractive package.

Puzzles are generally of the "encounter mysterious machines, then figure out how they work" variety, which may frustrate the less gadgety minded of our audience, and there is little explicit plot. Above all, Worldgate is a game of exploration: of stepping through doors without knowing where they lead, of connecting wires to objects and hoping they won't explode. Unlike many science fiction game, the player-human is not at the mercy of the larger world. You play a scientist who investigates the unknown by choice. There's a cool technology clash between the 19th century tools you have and the advanced alien world you interact with. If your curiosity kills you, than at least you'll know where your towel is, and that is a quite empowering feeling.

Play the entire Worldgate series:
WorldgateWorldgate 2: Contact

The big question is, of course, where does Buchanan go from here? His CHARM engine has demonstrated its proficiency in presenting empty, ominous, technological worlds, but will it work as well for lived-in, welcoming, organic worlds? Will we ever get to meet the creatures who make such wonderful toys? The ending of Worldgate implies that the story is nowhere near finished, and frankly, whatever direction the story takes, it's worth waiting all the time in the world for another wonderful adventure. Though, of course, if you Buchanan could get Kurt Russel to sign on for the sequel, we wouldn't, y'know, mind.

Play Worldgate

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Worldgate walkthrough

General information: There are a few documents sprinkled about, which, while not strictly neccesary for completion, will help you understand the plot.

A Scientific Expedition

  1. Pick up your leather journal from the table. Examine it to read through and get a few hints of what to do next.

  2. Turn left and pick up the brass key from the cot. Turn 180 degrees, and use the key on the locked chest. Open the chest and take the woolen shirt, leyden jars, dynamite and lighter.

  3. Turn right, walk forward, turn left, and examine the wooden table with the wire leaning against it. Put the leyden jars on the table, then click the wires to connect them to it. The lights in the passageway will now be on.

  4. Back away, turn left, walk forward and turn left again. Walk forward through the passageway, all the way up to the room with the circular frame. Pick up the wand on the left side of the circular gate.

  5. Turn right. Pick up the whiskey bottle and click the cabinet to open it. Click the purple pentagonal gemstone to pick it up. Examine the wand in your inventory. Use the purple gemstone on the wand. Back out of the examine screen, and turn to face the circular frame.

  6. Click the wand in your inventory and use it on the holster on the left side of the circular frame. The Worldgate should now be activated. Click the portal to walk through it.

Through The Gate

  1. Walk to the end of the alien corridor and turn right. Click the large fuse on top of the control cabinet to pick it up. Turn 180 degrees, and walk forward as far as you can. Turn right to face the caved-in corridor.

  2. Click the dynamite and place it on the caved-in rock. Examine the lighter in your inventory, then click it to light a flame. Use the lighter on the dynamite. You will automatically (and intelligently) walk away from the blast. Turn 180 degrees back to the now not-caved-in corridor.

  3. Walk forward as far as you can into the room with the marble pillars. Turn left to face the Water Repulsion Device. Click the access panel to open it. Click the large fuse and place it in the docket. Click the plug attached to the wire, and it will attach itself to the repulsion device. From the now-drained pool of water, pick up the adjustable keypad. Click the power cable to detach it, then click the Water Repulsion device to pick it up.

  4. Turn left and wall forward up to the railing. Turn left and walk forward all the way up to the control cabinet. Click on the cabinet to examine it.

  5. Examine the keyplate in your inventory. Click the various circular knobs on the keyplate to rotate the bits on the plate to make a mirror image of the slots on the cabinet, so that the plate will fit in to them. Click the top left circle once, the top right circle once, the bottom left circle zero times, and the bottom right circle three times. Click away from the examining screen, then use the keyplate on the control cabinet. Open the cabinet and click the lever so that the flow is directed to the green tube.

  6. Return to the room with the marble pillars. Once you walk in, turn to the right to face the globe-like container. Press the button to open the container, and take the battery inside. Return to the portal and click through to return to the mountain.

Return To Wyoming Mountain

  1. Once you have returned through the portal, walk forward till you are out of the cave, then turn right and examine the table with the leyden jars and wire. Disconnect the wires from the leyden jays, click the battery on the leyden jars to charge it, then reconnect the wires.

  2. Examine the water repulsion device in your inventory. Click the battery and use it on the device to give it power.

  3. Back away from the table, turn left, walk forward twice, then turn to the right to face the pool to the left of your base camp.

  4. Click the pool to examine it. Click the Water Repulsion device in your inventory, then wave it over the pool until you find the pickaxe around the upper left. Click the pickaxe to pick it up

  5. Back away from the pool, then navigate yourself back to the portal, and click through to the alien corridor.

A Bit of Mining

  1. Go as far forward as you can then turn right to approach the control cabinet. Open the cabinet and click the lever to divert the flow to the red pipe.

  2. Turn around 180 degrees and walk forward. As soon as you've walked down the stairs, turn right to face the large green crystal. Click the pickaxe, then use it on the crystal to get a crystal chunk. Turn left and advance to the Pillar Room.

  3. As soon as you walk into the pillar room, turn left and note the sequence of shapes on the plate. Turn right, walk forward, and turn left to face the furnace.

  4. Click the furnace door to open it. Examine the woolen shirt in your inventory. Click the whiskey and pour it on the shirt, to make a whiskey-soaked shirt (which, Btw, is in the running for my favorite adventure game inventory item of the year). Click the Whiskey-Soaked Shirt in your inventory, then place it in the furnace fuel compartment. Use the lighter to light the shirt on fire.

  5. Close the furnace door, and press the hydro-solenoid button. The gate at the end of the room will open, and you will turn to face it automatically.

  6. Walk through the gateway. Turn right to face the strange container. Click the container to examine it.

  7. Place the chunk of green crystal in the green inset to power the container. Click the shapes in the order they were on the nameplate: Hexagon, Triangle, Square, Circle. Use the lighter to melt the ice. Pick up the core and back away from the container.

  8. Navigate your way back to and through the portal. Once through, move forward once and turn to the left to face the alcove. Click the series of receptacles to examine it. Click the access panels to open them up. Click the core in your inventory and place it in the receptacle. Back away, and enjoy the ending!


So just want to chat about this, not use the walkthrough--once you get into one of the worlds, do you have to finish all the puzzles there before you move on? If not, how do you get the wand back to get into another world? I'm not finding everything I need for the first world, so either it's somewhere else, or I need to look harder!! :D


Only one world in this game...sequels to come... ;-)


Outstanding game! Can't wait for the rest of the worlds to be added.


Wow, really standing out amongst the Myst clones; looking forward the continuation.


Other than one really dumb moment on my part (something I thought was part of the setting turned out to be a very necessary object) this is a beautiful little start to the world. I look forward to more.

Tiny quibble: When you hover over your inventory you have a woolen shirt, but when you examine it it's a cotton shirt. Not *quite* the same thing, even if it is totally irrelevant to the story

unless you want to get into the comparative combustibility of either substance with or without the whiskey :D


^ lol. Yep, a typo.


Great start so far. Good combo of story and puzzling thus far.

Not a fan of the background music personally but definitely looking forward to the completed version of this. Hopefully the puzzles grow harder or more intricate as well.

Patreon Crew SonicLover November 5, 2012 3:48 PM

Love this game. Look forward to the next in the series.

One change I'd make regarding the engine: I'd alter it so that when using the keyboard controls, W/up can be used to zoom in on something in front of you the same way S/down can be used to zoom out. It just feels weird using the mouse to step towards something (like that little table you put the leyden jars on) and the keyboard to back away.


I love this. I'm a big fan of Myst, so this brings me back but without feeling like a copy. It feels more like fresh re-telling.

I hope the designer will go through and clean up some of the typos (like "chuck of ice") and little glitches that can take you out of the world.
(...like words that sometimes flash when you're holding an item and

the reflection of the water repelling device in the water after it has been taken


Besides those minor things, this was a really enjoyable game and I'm looking forward to the next one.


Great beginning to an interesting looking series!
PS. Jay- It is extremely annoying that upon clicking to play MANY of your games, instead of running a normal ad that plays before you hit start, there is audio from an invisible ad that you have no control over. I cannot find the source of the ad audio and it often times keeps playing after I start a game, so you hear both the game music/sound AND the annoying ad.

[I'm sorry you're experiencing this. I can't replicate this issue, however. Perhaps it is due to a browser extensions conflict. Try disabling your browser extensions. Try updating your Flash Player to the very latest version (11+). Try a different browser. -Jay]


I agree that this is more of a retelling of Myst than a rip-off, and in a most marvelous fashion. The music is perfect and the mood is simply astonishing. This felt like a warm-up exercise, to have us players provide feedback so the creator can sweeten the design even more in the future.

I am REALLY looking forward to sequels.


^ Spot on.

And no one should hesitate to e-mail me any comments if you don't want to post them here (see Information from the main menu).


i can't get past

the treasure chest at the beginning. walk through says after collecting everything in the chest, backup, turn left, forward then left again and i have gone everywhere i can and i can't find this circular gate. there's a circular hole but when i try to go in it won't let me, and there's something about a wand but i see no wand. i'm stuck.


^ have you

Restored electricity to the lights in the mine? Use the Leyden jars...


forget my last request but i'm having trouble with..

the keyplate. i followed the directions but it doesn't seem to be working. is there a screenshot someone could make?


sorry if i am spamming but has anyone figured out this part? i really need help.



The shapes on the keyplate have to fit into the lock. But remember if you're looking at the back of the keyplate, you are seeing the reverse of what will be inserted into the lock (like a mirror). Just follow the walkthrough exactly if you are unable to flip it mentally.


Everyone is talking about Myst, but I kept thinking of Stargate while playing this.
Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the other worlds.


The controls were a bit buggy, but other than that a thoroughly good game! I was never a fan of Myst, but I did enjoy this.


OK, here's a weird question--I was nearly through, but had to go to rehearsal earlier, so I saved the game and quit. Came back just now and wasn't able to resume the old game--it forced me to start over. Any ideas? I am playing on a MBP using Chrome. I have my settings such that I always allow unlimited saved data from JiG.

[My apologies, dsrtrosy, that was my fault. I changed the file name of the game to stop other sites from deep linking to the game, and doing so may have disrupted your save game. There is a way for Flash devs to provide a name for the shared object save games, thus preventing this situation from happening; if a name isn't provided, then the file's name is used instead, which must be what's happening here. Again, my apologies. -Jay]


Steampunk Stargate... great idea :D


I've completed the game. I admit I had to use the walkthrough - because I didn't realize that you can take water repulsion device with you. But maybe it's just me :D

As for controls - I was skeptical about keyboard movements at first but then it felt really convenient, perfect for 360 degrees of freedom in this game.
I would only change 2 things:
- when examining objects, clicking outside the popup window while holding an item should close the popup.
- sometimes when moving item around the screen fast enough, I had the 'examine' label visible for a fraction of second. This should be fixed as it looked like I was hovering over something important with mouse cursor, while it only was this little glitch.

All in all it is really nice, enjoyable game :) I like it!
Nice ideas, logical puzzles and great general theme.

Looking forward for the sequel - Indeed!


^ Each of those points make sense, can be addressed, and I will be addressing them in my next project. Thanks.


it's hard to line them up. as i said i followed the walkthrough for that part and nothing works.



After dialing in the key's shapes, you are attempting to use the keyplate on the lock, right? In other words, you are leaving the zoom-in of the keyplate, and then using the item itself on the environment? Sorry, that's the only thing I can think of, the walkthrough is correct.


we;; put a screenshot up, please. it might be less confusing. :)


Wyloch, this is a really good start! One comment I would make is that the font of "Back" on the Information page is different from "Resume" or "Begin".

MsInterpret November 6, 2012 9:44 PM

This game reminded me so much of Myst...and the puzzles and atmosphere were great...by far one of the better games that I have played in a very long time.


Really enjoyed this one. Looking forward to the sequel!


Just to offer encouragement to others: completed without a walkthrough. Note that for items in your inventory you can 'examine' them by hovering and clicking on lower right corner as opposed to 'using' them by clicking anywhere else.


Hey, no worries, Jay. Thanks for letting me know, tho!

knotofnine November 8, 2012 12:49 PM

Hi all,

Lovely game, gameplay feels very natural, music is nice and atmospheric without being obtrusive. Main complaint - the bloody keyplate. I'm mildly dyslexic, so 'mirror visualization' is doomed from the start, and the walkthrough description only works if you haven't already tried to fiddle with the keyplate. I've re-started the game just so I can get through that bit. Its an irritant in an otherwise soothing game. Either a screenshot or mention of how the pie shaped wedges are supposed to face would be very helpful. Many thanks - Des

JetSetVegas November 9, 2012 8:18 PM

Nice. That's all I can say. Very nice. Beautiful scenery, calming music that fits right in with the atmosphere, logical puzzles, and easy exploration. Can't wait for the other chapters.


Incredible!!! Absolutely beautiful grafx, hypnotic and serene music with straightforward puzzles. I am hooked 100% and am very anxious for the next installment. Thanx for the great find Jay and thanx for the game Wylock.

One observation...when trying to use an item the exam button was so big I kept opening the window instead, and when combining it would just switch items instead of picking it up.

malone.audrey November 12, 2012 12:33 AM

I can't wait for the rest of the worlds to come out! I'm going to bookmark this game and check back on it periodically.


All I think of during this game are Myst and Riven. Myst was amazing. And I never managed to finish Riven. This was a lovely piece. A little easy for me, but I loved it all the same with the seeming throwbacks to the directing of steampower from Myst and Riven. 10/10 for me and I can't WAIT for the sequels. :)


What a lovely adventure. I'm surprised at how do-able and actually enjoyable the combination of keyboard + clicking was. I'm so looking forward to the next chapter. The music is just beautiful. And as someone who came late in life to games, and never really knew what Myst is, I'm excited to go find it now. Thanks, kiddies!


^ Thanks. I knew the keyboard would be a hard sell, but if you give it 2 minutes to acclimate, I truly believe it is far superior for a point-n-click as long as you're in first-person and strictly adhere to a "four views per node" standard (turning 90 degrees each).


OK, the first time I started playing this game, I could get the keypad/keyplate into its' slot. Now, when I play it, I cannot.

The set up SHOULD be the mirror image, so that the keypad/keyplate is the reverse of what appears.

I have done that, and I cannot get the keypad/keyplate into the slot. I have a screenshot of my setup, if this will help.


Please disregard my problem above! I figured it out, and got going again! I'm enjoying this game!


A teaser, for anyone who still stumbles onto this page at this point...



I'm a bit late to the game, but as a frequent point-and-click/escape gamer, I have to say I really liked being able to move around with the keyboard. Like another commenter said above, I think, it would be great if there were keys for examine too!


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