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Wooden Path

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Rating: 4.3/5 (206 votes)
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PsychotronicWooden PathAnyone who has ever tried to ford a stream by heaving huge rocks into it will surely appreciate a drier and less strenuous alternative. Enter: Wooden Path, an attractive, isometric block-shifting puzzle game about patience, spacial skills, and not getting your feet wet. All you have to do is position the wooden blocks so that they form an unbroken path from one bank to the other.

Other types of blocks will mostly get in your way, but sometimes you'll need to use them for special purposes. Colored gates must be connected by pieces of the corresponding color in order to make blockades disappear. Golden star blocks will vanish when you bring all of them in contact with each other. Some levels feature independent regions linked by teleportation, and I don't know why, but it gives me a kick to see a long chunk of bridge slide into one portal and come out the other portal rotated 90 degrees. That's just neat.

Wooden PathSome levels can look overwhelming at first, crammed with dozens of blocks of different types and sizes. The key is to solve individual sections of the puzzle one at a time, and tackle problems in sequence. There aren't a lot of tricks after you learn the basics—just pure, solid puzzle-solving, with the incessant twitter of birds in the background... which I'm sure is meant to be relaxing, but after about five puzzles, I was grateful for the option to silence the little darlings.

Wooden Path includes more than 50 levels, divided into two difficulty maps and a score of individual regions. Whenever you reach a new island, you get access to all the bridges connected to it, which strikes me as a really clever and gratifying method of unlocking new levels. In the end, this is just a bunch of block puzzles, but the serene setting and the long, rectangular shape of the puzzles give the game its own character. A lovely way to while away some time indoors, and this way, you don't run the risk of slipping on some wet moss and ruining your "waterproof" cell phone. Waterproof, my Aunt Bethany's kiester.

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Wow, after the first set of levels these puzzles start getting really hard!

baalazmon October 23, 2008 1:00 AM

amazing overall game, great puzzles that require just enough thought, and multiple paths, only criticism is its difficult to tell if blocks are connected or just touching, but no limit, so its not a major problem


A quick comment before playing the game;

One does not HEAVE rocks into a river, except for initial hauling. Careful placement is what gets you optimal results.

I say this having become far, far too good at it, and having enjoyed it far too thoroughly. :)


I enjoyed this game much more than I thought I was going to! I've only done the beginner levels so far, which still took quite a long time. It was good that I only had to restart a level a couple of times due to being completely stuck.

One improvement would be to give some indication of the minimum number of moves required for each level - this would increase re-playability as you try and find more efficient solutions.


I love puzzle games and this is better than most. But, I agree with jimbog, there does need to be something else for replay value.


I stumbled across this game last week and spent plenty of time completing the "beginner" levels. It's fun, but not for the faint of heart. A great puzzle game.


Very nice puzzle game. Completed Beginner's, and will now play the Adventure. Would love to see a sequel. :)

stupidcheeseboy October 23, 2008 1:42 PM

I am having a lot of fun :D

But level A 06?

I can't get any of the switches to dissappear the wall? I have made a connection with every combination of switches I can think of, except all 4 at the same time which I believe isn't possible...help?


I've tagged this game, but when I select it from the favourite games menu I get this error:

The requested page could not be found.
Page not found - /archives/2008/10/wooden_path.php


Thanks for the heads-up about that, Temp. There was a typo in the URL. It's fixed now.


FYI: The link in the RSS feed links to https://jayisgames.com/archives/2008/10/wooden_bridge.php (instead of wooden_path.php).


Yep. Already fixed, boyhowdy. Same problem as the one I responded to earlier. Thanks. :)


One note about the color gates: If there are four color gates of the same color, you have to match the two that have the ring facing the same way (up-right/down-left or up-left/down-right). Once you connect the color gates, the ring above them will no longer have the color of the block (i.e. a red color gate, after being activated, will not show red in the ring anymore). Unactivated color gates will continue to have the color in the rings until activated.

stupidcheeseboy October 23, 2008 6:10 PM

Well I have read through your comment EMDF but I still cant get level A 06 to work.
From what you are saying, it looks like I need to connect the two gates on the left together and the two gates on the right together...nada...?

steppenwolf October 23, 2008 6:18 PM

there is a glitch in A 03 that makes a red block
freeze there is a wood block that appears on land and freezes a red block so you cant solve it.


The title screen music is ripped off of an rpg...I can't seem to remember which one though.


Whoops, I was wrong about the orientation of the rings; they face the squares nearest them, and don't really tell you which ones need to be connected. I don't know what made me think the orientation of the rings mattered (they should have some sort of identifier as to which ones need to connect to each other, but apparently they don't).

The part about the color in the rings is correct though.

For A-06, the ones that need to be paired are:

bottom to the right, and top to the left (essentially the two that are on the same side of the gray squares)


I am having the same problem as steppenwolf--on A03, a red block mysteriously appears on the grass and I can't move any pieces close to the portal...it's so frustrating! I've restarted 3 times, but it still doesn't work. Anyone know a fix? Game creator?


It is possible to solve A03... Once you identify the block causing problems, move it as little as necessary and you can avoid triggering the glitch.

Great game. I'm about halfway through Adventure and almost every level makes me think 'They can't possibly be serious' when I first see the layout. Good times. =)


Posted by: Steve
The title screen music is ripped off of an rpg...I can't seem to remember which one though.

uhm... Maybe Final Fantasy Tactics? I'm not sure....


I've tried every possible combination on A 06 -- North ring to East, North to South, East to South, East to West to South... no joy. The accursed wall remains stubbornly in place. Between this and the unable-to-teleport/random-bridge-bit-on-shore thing in A 03, I'm about to ditch the whole thing.


A-21 has given me such a headache for the past couple of days...


About A-06, I finally got it by connecting all of the green portals to each other at the same time. There aren't enough green blocks to do a full circle, so don't bother.


Is A-09 possible? I can't get the last magic square to disappear. I think I've made all the possible gate connections (two different pairs of gray, one red, one green). There aren't enough gray blocks to be able to make any other possible pairs.


BlackCat, how did you connect them all at the same time if there aren't enough blocks to reach them all? And LSN, you are *not kidding* about A 21. I'm at 1055 moves and still flummoxed.

darlingdestruction October 26, 2008 2:39 AM

Wow, definitely not a game for those who are tired and easily annoyed, both of which I am. I completed the beginner's map, and 1 level on the other map, but by the end of the beginner's map I was biting my knuckles out of annoyance with myself for being too tired to figure this stuff out logically. I will definitely have to tackle that other map tomorrow, when I'm more awake and less irritable. Fun game, though.


Is the server down? I'm getting a "Failed to Connect" error.


Ok, sorry about A-06. I meant U-shaped, to connect all the portals. I should have been more clear.

A-09 is possible, I've finished it. I don't know why your gates aren't disappearing, all I can suggest is try all combinations again.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck on 15, 18, 19, 21, 25, and 26. I liked the beginners map better, I wish there was another one of those.


Ooooh, I only have 9, 11, 14, and 21 to go!


Oh great, now all I have left is 21....


Okay, after a couple of failed tries I somehow figured out A-21:

I 1) switched two small bridge pieces from the bottom for two grey blocks from the top; then 2) constructed the bottom half of the bridge, maneuvering all the extra pieces I could off to the right side, and leaving only a two-block long space in front of the portal; and then 3) sent two-thirds of the nearest red block on top through the portal. This left me enough space to work the two small bridge pieces and one larger one into the center.

There was a lot of backtracking and swearing in between each of the steps, of course, but it is possible to solve in the end.

Now I just have to deal with 19 and 30...


Holy molies, I finished both maps!!



Here's how I think I did A-21:

I moved all of the greens to the right side. (That's a main part of my general strategy: put the larger, less flexible pieces where they won't get in the way.) Then I arrange the rest of the blocks around there so that there was a column of 3 empty spaces right in front of the teleporter. I put the nearest red there and arrange the blocks in the top half in such a way that I could move the red back up there then switch two of the single grays for two of the single browns through the teleporter.

I then figured out some way to get both a red and a long brown down to the bottom half. That freed up a lot of room in the top half. The rest I played by ear.

I tried to make sure that in the bottom half all I had to do was have two vacant blocks so I could slide two of the long grays out from blocking the path through the center, which then allowed me to slide the single browns into place.

Solved in 588 moves.

Nanci Barbosa October 29, 2008 2:24 PM

(Very crazy game of this puzzle, I finished the stage B, but you have to think well and have a great reasoning ... 10)

Muito louco esse jogo de puzzle, consegui terminar a fase B dele inteirinha, mas tem que pensar bem e ter um ótimo raciocionio...10

AngryBuilder October 30, 2008 1:48 AM

I'm so angry!
On A-21, I've nearly got the entire bridge made.
There's only one bridge space missing.
My issue is that I can fix the side that has one missing, but that makes one go out of place on the other side!


Anyone have A-29 done? It's the only one I have not completed. Thanks.


Wow, A-21 is painful. LSN's comment was helpful, but I think it could be made clearer:

In the lower right area, move all of the long greens to the upper-right of the area, collecting all of the single-square blocks in the bottom half. Don't worry about completing the bridge here yet.

Open up a four-block gap in front of the teleporter, move the red block into that, and then rotate small blocks around and into the upper area until you can slide the red down to the bottom of the area. This gives you just enough room to slide a long wood platform into the teleporter.

In the upper area, move the blocks around so that you have two short bridge pieces next to the old bridge with a long piece ready to slide into place to complete it (but don't complete the bridge yet). Slide the long wood back through the teleporter to give you room to complete the lower bridge, and then you should be able to free up just enough space to slide the long piece to complete the bridge in the top section.

Hope that helps.


David, thanks so much! I was totally stuck on A-21 and your tips helped a lot.
Now just for A-29 and A-30...



You need to get one of the square pieces to the right edge.

What I did was pack everything tightly in the big square areas in order to leave the "corridor" as empty as possible.

Then I brought one of the square wooden pieces to the right (there was a lot of shuffling small green pieces back and forth along the corridor to manage this).

After that I got the other part of the bridge done: moved the square and the rectangular wooden pieces in place and packed the whole area next to them with bricks. Bring the long pieces (both the bridge piece and the long red brick piece) to the middle, next to one another and use the remaining wooden pieces to connect to the square on the right.

I hope this made sense...

Now if only I could figure out A-27...

I'm trying to get the green pieces in a row, to no avail.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :)


Ah, the power of the post! I got A-27 right after I posted. Both maps done.


Stuck dead on A-19 for 3 weeks! Anyone have a solution? Help?

PyroDragon November 8, 2008 8:17 PM

I only need three more to complete both maps:
A 18, A 22 & A 27.
If the answers are posted in the next ½ hour, I'll reward you all with a walk-through of both maps by days end on 11/9/2008.
If the answers are posted in the next 2 hours, I'll reward you all with a walk-through of the Adventure Mode map by days end on 11/9/2008.
If the answers are posted in the next 4 hours, I'll reward you all with a walk-through of the Beginner's Mode map by days end on 11/9/2008.
If the answers are posted in the next 12 hours, I'll post a walk-through of the three hardest (imo) Adventure Mode levels (other than 18, 22 & 27).
If the answers are posted in the next 24 hours, I'll post a walk-through of the three hardest (imo)Beginner's Mode levels.

PyroDragon November 8, 2008 8:30 PM

Nevermind, guys. I figured out A 18.
~~WARNING! The following link contains SPOILERS~~
The other ones have walk-throughs on YouTube.


Can anyone help with A07 in the Adventurer's Map? I know I need to connect the red switches but I can't get all the red pieces free.


A big THANK YOU to PyroDragon for the YouTube link!

Wikiwikiwoo March 4, 2010 1:00 PM

Can you show the cheat for B - 05 please?


i need help on level L-09. its impossible. i also need to know which block to explode. help help help.

Trinity July 12, 2011 6:43 PM

Amazing, I don't understand how they make these puzzles. They seem easy at first, but then they start to get on your nerves because they are so dang hard. But now I'm almost done with my second set..... if you count skipping half of them.

Lily-Kate December 6, 2011 9:34 AM

Does anyone know the solution to E-06?


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