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Room 31: With You

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castle2.png castle4.png

Another Friday, another big good escape arrived! Only a week after a version for mobile devices (MM N°287) Ichima Coffeedo released a version for browsers, too. After several very well made remakes of their older games (originally in Flash), we've got completely brand new game. New place, new puzzles and new soundtrack! Enjoy!

castle5.pngThe place where you find yourself seems like a well kept quad. The castle is gone long time ago, only a tower stands in the corner, but walls are in a perfect state without a crack or a missing stone. The gate is locked. Well, it's time to look around and start with exploration - for the beginning, it would be great to get closer to the tower and to get in. Maybe you could see more from its top. The quad is divided by a small creek and though it might be easily forded, the game doesn't let you as you are supposed to figure out how to operate a small footbridge. Before you are able to cross the creek, you need to solve several puzzles and get few items, and when you finally explore the tower and open the gate - a nice surprise is waiting for you - you are in the first half of the game only! The second part is waiting for you!

castle6.pngThe Ichima Coffeedo game's graphics is clean and uncluttered, puzzles not difficult but it may take a while to figure them out, and the atmosphere and the style reminds of old escape games. Awesome game. It's completely controlled by a mouse and has autosave.

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I wish the piano from the second half played throughout—so peaceful. :)

barbara June 27, 2021 4:11 AM


Pick up initial items

Turn left and pick up the candle on top of the table.

While you're there, click on the trees and pick up the ball.

Notice the grate to the left of the table. We can't do anything with that yet.

Back out and turn left twice. Don't stop at the river yet.

Pick up the grate.

Open the door

Remember the grate we saw when we picked up the candle?

Go back there and put the grate we picked up on top of the fixed grate.


Click on the bench to the left of the door of the house.

Enter the number and get the key.

Open the door.

Inside the house

Pick up the yellow box in the top left corner.

Click on the table and place the candle on the plate thing.

Click on the orange flowerpot near the picture of the dog and pick up the coin.

Use the coin to open the yellow box and get the matches.

Use the matches to light the candle.

Leave the candle and then go back to pick up the key.

Use the key to open the red box. Take the wire cutters.

Go back outside.

The wheel

Use the wire cutters to free the wheel.

It will roll away. Back out and go right until you see the wheel lying in the grass.

Notice the numbers around the edge of the wheel.

Also notice the colour of the flower for each number.

1 red
2 red
3 red
4 yellow
5 red
6 blue
7 blue
8 yellow

The box with the three coloured dots inside the house

The buttons from left to right are red yellow blue. Click them in the order indicated by the wheel.

red red red yellow red blue blue yellow

pick up the white square thing.

At the river

Click on the sign-thing near the river.

Place the white square thing.

Go back inside the house and look at the pattern on the ladder.

Go back to the river and click on the squares that match the pattern on the ladder, top to bottom.


Across the bridge

There's a 4x4 grid. Or rather, a 2x2 grid of 2x2 squares. We've seen several 2x2 pictures around the place.

There are two on the picture of the dog, bottom left and bottom right.

There is one inside the box in the house, top left.

There is one on the table in the house if you move the big pot, top right.

Notice which squares are coloured black in each 2x2 grid.

Back across the bridge, click on two squares in each 2x2 grid.

- B | B -
- B | B -
B - | - B
B B | B B

The stone door opens.

Go up the stairs.

Pick up the ball in the window on your way up.

When you get to the top, look over the side and click around until you see some big green letters.


Go back down the stairs.

At the place where the canal goes under the wall

Click on the right-hand control for the grid. There are some letters we can click on.

Çlick on all the S, C, F letters.

Click on the lever.

Back out and get the bottle near the steps.

Open the the bottle and get the spyglass.

At the top of the stairs

Look over the wall and use the spyglass on the flag in the distance.

Go back to the top of the tower and solve the arrow puzzle using the directions to go through the maze.

up right up right
down right up left
up right right up

Get the ball.

Through the gate

Go back to the initial scene and click on the gate.

Place the balls in the plinth.

Outside the gate

Go in the door and then through the doorway to the left.

Turn right and look up at the white bars.

There are different numbers of cross-bars in the sex sections.

2 5 6 4 3 1

Go back to the room with the staircase and click on the table, then click on the white boxes in the order indicated by the cross bars.

Get the G button.

Turn left to the room with the dog.

Open the box on the table and click on the word GAURFE until the box closes. Remember how it turns.

Upside down

Go into the room with the white bars and click on the box on the table. Open the box to see the puzzle with the 'G's.

Set the 'G' button in the top slot.

Set the 'G's so they match the positions of the previous box.

straight, upside down, up, down.
Get the bone.

Place the bone on the dog bed where the other toys are.

Get the key from where the dog was.

Up the stairs

Go up the stairs and use the key at the top to get onto the roof.

Turn left and click on the white bars. There's a grabber to the left of the stone thing (the red part of the grabber is showing).

Go back a bit and turn right to see the chair. Click on the window above the chair, and use the grabber to get the green thing.

Go back to the left and place the green thing on the stone thing.

Go around until you see the semicircle cut out of the floor. Click on it until you can see down.

Press the button on the left side of the semicircle cutout. A pattern is showing.

I didn't understand the pattern, but on the youtube video, it looks like we're supposed to see numbers. 1 0 4 7 1. Ok, I guess I can see the numbers now that I know what to look for.

Go back downstairs.

Downstairs again

Go through the doorway and turn right, and go to the picture. Enter the numbers.

1 0 4 7 1

Get the bone and turn on the power supply.


Go back upstairs and go to the handle that turned the top room around and click it so you see the chair again.

There's another dog bed. Place the bone on it.

Click on the chair. Then click on the handle.

And we're out!

Graceland9 June 28, 2021 2:55 PM

I loved this beautiful escape game that leads from one puzzle to the next. Great find!

paulmashtv June 28, 2021 7:42 PM

Barbara, Thank you for the walkthrough. I hope you can help out with past games without walkthroughs yet. and to everyone else, i hope you are not mad at me over asking for walkthroughs all the time. I apologize if i upset anyone. Talk to you soon.


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