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Rating: 3.7/5 (108 votes)
Comments (64) | Views (4,559)
ArtbegottiWiclimoFresh from the Tonypa laboratories, we find ourselves with Wiclimo, a puzzle game of experimentation and discovery.

Scattered across each level is an array of shapes in varying colors. As you move your mouse across the shapes, you'll eventually find one that will give you a "ping." This will be your starting point. From there, keep moving from shape to shape, finding the pattern of shapes that will give you more "pings." If you get a "whoops," you've made an error and need to start back at your first "ping" shape. As you find the "pings", a bar at the top will shrink, and eliminating it means you've cleared the level.

But this game isn't entirely trial and error, and Tonypa makes sure you're well aware of it. Every time you get a "whoop," you lose a life, and once you get 50 "whoops," it's game over ("wah-wah-wah-wah"). So how do you know where to go next? Well, just about every level has some sort of logical pattern that when followed correctly results in the correct path of "pings." I don't want to spoil the nature of some of the puzzles, since the fun of this game is in the discovery of the solution.

Play Wiclimo

Cheers to Casey for suggesting this one! =)


I like it. ^_^

One thing I would change, though. Since moving the mouse outside the limits of the play field is a miss, it would be very helpful to actually be able to see that boundary.

Other than that, another awesome simple idea puzzle from Tony! Well done! :)


JayIsGames is now on the High Score table!


Puzzle three has no solution... as soon as I move from the start it whoops on me.


I agree about the boundary line. It took me forever to figure out why I was getting neither ping nor whoops on the third level, until I moused-over my first spot again in sheer frustration.

Of course, I also gave up on the third level after I killed myself a half-dozen times by a slip of the mouse.


Thanks for the review :)

Sorry Jay, I completely forgot there is no border, uploaded new version with border now.


Pretty fun. I like that it randomizes the levels each time you play.

That said, I have absolutely no idea what to do on the level with the 16 spokes of orange dots. I used 46 misses and still lost, and I only got 5 pings into the sequence. I had ideas (something with binary? 16 spokes, each one gives 4 bits, but there's lots of repetition), but none of them worked. Maybe I'll change my mind once I learn the solution, but I really think this level breaks the game.

With very few exceptions, though, the level design is excellent. For the most part, knowing where the initial ping is and looking for patterns on the board is enough to get through with no misses. Only a couple levels I encountered (the one with the white and purple triangles, for instance) actually required trial and error to get through.

OrigamiMarie August 20, 2008 2:57 PM

Ouch. I don't think I'll get good at that, they are not always intuitive enough for me. Those high scores must have come from some serious practice and memorization (or score board hacking). Perhaps a more soothing little sound would be nice? Bing bing bing bing bing ouch. An interesting little game and concept, though. And with the random level order, and general abstractness, it will be difficult for people to post any kind of concise walkthrough :).


I was really really frustrated by this. It was just not fun at all, the sounds were irritating and it was too difficult for my poor brain.

Anonymous August 20, 2008 3:31 PM

it would be nice to have a more linear layout and save points at each level. these kind of games where you only have a certain number of lives just tend to lose my interest quickly. good concept, though.


I like the abstract concept of figuring out the rules for each level - but I don't like games that rely on steady mouse movements- my mouse is fairly jittery and one little jitter near the end of a level is really frustrating.


Grah. Losing lives by going outside the boundary is not fun. Such made me quit in frustration when I

encountered a level that *requires* you trawl near it for the beginning.


Finally managed to beat it, and got the highest score. My grievances lie with only four levels:

- The orange dots. I still don't get it. I only won due to 20 lives worth of trial and error.

- The grid of white squares. Laaaame.

- The purple and white triangles. Not a bad mechanic, but it's only one of several equally reasonable permutations.

- Pink crayons. Not enough information to beat it in one go, since

sometimes you have to go clockwise, and sometimes counter-clockwise.


Some of these I get, others are pretty hard. I died on one with orange circles and a spinning triangle in the middle. It looked like a clock where numbers were in some kind of binary, but I couldn't figure out anything past the first two pings.


Orange Circles W/ Spinning Triangle Land kills me every time, too. My main strategy for the game is to not get randomly handed that level.


Oh wow, I just figured out the orange circles with spinning triangle

There are 4 rings of circles. I'll call the outermost one ring 1. Start at the topmost circle. Go around ring 1 in the same direction as the triangle and look for where the first gap in ring 1 is: the circle right before it is the second in the sequence. The circle on the other side of the gap is the third in the sequence. This is the basic pattern for the whole thing.

If you imagine that the gaps are like gaps and the non-gaps are like continuous platforms, then it's like you're only touching the ends of each platform.

Once you've touched all the ends of the platforms in ring 1, move inwards one ring to ring 2. The first platform end you get to is the next one. DO NOT EVER go against the direction dictated by the triangle's spin, and DO NOT EVER skip a platform end on your current ring.

Keep doing this until you've done all 4 rings and you're done!


Wait, now I solved it. I don't know how I was supposed to figure that out without extensive trial and error.


Woops, I must amend something from my previous post:

In the final ring (the 21st circle in the sequence, I think), the one you want is the end of the 3-circle platform. This actually skips over the beginning of that platform.


Wow, so the first level I got is a bunch of triangles, squares and circles in black and white, arranged in rows. I can get the first three pings and then I am totally lost. Used up all my lives trying to figure it out. I can't see any sort of continuing pattern, I've tried black circles surrounded by white pieces, black pieces of any color surrounded by white pieces, white circles surrounded by black pieces, any white piece surrounded by black, positional similarities ... no pattern that i can guess at lets me progress. There are far more pieces on the board than lives granted, and frankly playing a dozen times just to memorize the sequence isnt my idea of a fun game.


I might enjoy this game more if you could just click on things rather than having to navigate a maze of shapes. It just seems kind of like something that was arbitrarily added to make the game more difficult, and doesn't add anything fun.


Hey I just noticed he left a hint on one of the puzzles...

Russell Scott August 20, 2008 6:58 PM

I beat level 30. I guess thats all the levels. pretty sure none repeated. A modification to LSN's orange circle and spinning triangle level walkthrough:

At the end of a ring, you go down to the end of the first continuation of dots of the next ring from where you started. You get stuck at the end of ring 2 if you try to go directly to ring 3 using the line you started on.

Patreon Crew SonicLover August 20, 2008 7:23 PM

Level 6 is driving me nuts. The only thing I've noticed that might be a clue is that

the black triangles always point up, and the white ones always point down. The first ping is the black triangle alone with the white square near the lower right, but then what?



I think people are getting turned off by the random difficulty. After the first level, which introduces the game's concept really well, it's possible to hit a really hard level right away and get destroyed before one has a chance to start enjoying one's self. I think something like the partial randomization you used in Cobacoli would have worked better. You know, make sure there's a learning curve, even if the player doesn't encounter every level on a single play-through.


Hint for SonicLover:

Are all the groups the same size?


Got almost all of them, but Anyone figured out the one with the letters made out of squares with the one black letter?

Patreon Crew SonicLover August 20, 2008 7:33 PM

Ah, I passed level 6.

Down, up, down... smallest to largest.

Now I'm stuck on level 15, with all the brown triangles and squares.

The first "ping" is the third square from the left in the top row, but then what? Does it have something to do with following each triangle to the square it points to? Because the first square seems to be the only one that doesn't have a triangle pointing to it...

Patreon Crew SonicLover August 20, 2008 7:36 PM

Oh, never mind, got it.

Every square but one also has a triangle pointing AWAY from it. Follow the arrows.

Now for level 16...

The first ping is the thin rectangle sticking out at the far bottom, but I haven't gotten any further.

Patreon Crew SonicLover August 20, 2008 7:39 PM

Ah! Got that one, too.

Follow a repeating pattern across the overlapping shapes.

Level 17 and I'm running out of misses...

The first ping is the darkened circle in the upper left, but there's nowhere to go from there.

Patreon Crew SonicLover August 20, 2008 8:01 PM

Hey! Nobody told me that the order of the stages was randomized. Anyways, I finally did it.


an interesting concept, but a very irritating game.

Gryphon78 August 20, 2008 8:28 PM

I don't understand the one with the black circles with letters in them. I know the first one is the circle with

an i in it

But I can't get much farther then that.
I might have it!
one second...

Gryphon78 August 20, 2008 8:38 PM

I thought I had it, but the pattern changed...

I, IV, V, X, and I can't figure out why it went to x or what to do next

PandaKnight August 20, 2008 8:50 PM

Gave up when the level with the black and white circles, squares, and triangles failed to produce consistent results. Going to go play something fun now.

OrigamiMarie August 20, 2008 9:24 PM

Hint for the black circles with white letters in them:

Think roman numerals.

So I = 1, V = 5, X = 10, L = 50, C = 100, and M = 1000. If you need to, ask Google for a refresher course on how the order of the letters in a given number matters.

And not all of the circles are used, so don't worry that A, B, and a few others have nothing to do with roman numerals, those are just there to mess with you :).

Gryphon78 August 20, 2008 9:42 PM

I figured it out! For anyone needing help with the letters in the circles:

They are roman numerals, go from lowest to highest

I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500, M=1000. Start at the highest letter. If another lower letter is to the left, that number gets subtracted from the higher one. If another lower letter is to the right, add the numbers together. If they are the same letter, add the numbers together


How did I not see

the Roman numerical pattern?

That should have been obvious to me!


I am so amazed at how I figured out a lot of these my first try. Maybe me and tonypa are of the same mind :D

OrigamiMarie August 21, 2008 1:01 AM

Oof, I tried again and it just has too many components of hard. Twitchy stuff that requires precision with speed. Lose a life for every try until you get object number 2, then it all works fine. A lot of it is really neat, but then I slam into one I can't do, and give up. Heh, and actually I can do a lot of them without the sound on if I pay careful attention (a requirement if my husband is at home, he can't stand computer speakers).

fuzzyface August 21, 2008 2:56 AM

I might enjoy this game more if you could just click on things rather than having to navigate a maze of shapes. It just seems kind of like something that was arbitrarily added to make the game more difficult, and doesn't add anything fun

Exactly this.



Yes I tried it both ways, with random levels like now and with levels increasingly more difficult. The difficulty, however, is very subjective, specially for me when I always know what the solution is. The orange level with spinning triangle which looked to be problematic for many for example was something like level 15 so in game where you have to finish everything in order it would stop many players halfway through.

I agree with you about partial randomisation, something similar I used in PixelField too, but in this game its the problem of deciding what is easy and what is difficult.

I tried to combine both skill and puzzle solving in this game, thats why it involves levels where the solution may be obvious but actually doing it is not trivial. So you could play it through for better score even after you have figured out all the levels.


Ok, anyone got hints for the level with the black bars with white dots and boxes at either end? I thought I had the pattern but it broke and now I'm on trial-and-error and it makes no sense.


I do not get the one with the circles and the spinning triangle even with the above instructions. Can anyone else explain it another way?

Moving purple rectangles of different sizes. Purple rectangles of varying sizes in the middle and all the same sizes on the left and right. The moving one that is the second size from the smallest seems to be the start. What to do?

Circles with letters

Repeated from above. Roman numerals in order
I=1, V=5, X=10, L=50, C=100, D=500, M=1000
So I, V, X, L, C, D, M
A smaller number behind is subtraction IV=4
A smaller number in front is addition VI=6
There are letters on the board that are not roman numerals.
Follow the pattern from smallest to largest, watch for the smaller numbers next to them to determine the pattern. Write down all the ones that are roman numerals if you have to and figure out the order from there.

5 sets of 4 circles and spinning squares, outer circles with one black all other circles white.

Find the start point; it should be one of the black outer circles. Go from there to the center white one that is adjacent to it and then the next one is in the direction of the spinning squares. Not the one in the same spot in the center, the one that is directly across from it in the center, basically if the squares were not in the way you could draw a line to it without crossing over a circle.
Outside black, inside white, order of rotating squares.
Do not touch the squares.

Circles and triangles with circles moving across the screen (purple); lines between sets of circles and triangles

Find the starting point. Go in the direction of the triangle, touch the triangle and then the other circle, then move over to the next row. If you are on the top start on the top or vise versa. This may change if the triangle in the next row makes you go the same direction as the previous row, you can't go that direction if you are already at the end.
Do not touch the lines or the moving circles.

Triangles in center with moving triangles and squares (blue)

Find the start it may be left to right or right to left. Start with the first triangle then touch it's moving matching one then go to the next and then touch its moving matching one and continue with the other two.
Do not touch the squares

Triangles, squares and circles in vertical rows; some black, some white

Find the starting spot; it is generally a black circle. The next should be the row with two blacks, touch that black circle. The next will be the row with three black, touch that circle and continue on in numerical order.

Grid of white and black squares

Find the starting square, should be black. From there go to the next black square that is in the same row as it whether it be left right up or down. Do the same for the next square, but do not go back to the previous square.

Grid of white and black circles; similar to grid of white and black squares.

Find the starting circle, should be black. From there go to the next circle that is in a straight line at an angle from it. It may have no spaces and be at a direct angle or up to about four white circles between. It is in a straight line at an angle. Continue on from that pattern, do not go to the next circle and go backwards.

Reddish rectangles in four rows that have small black lines between. They are spaced to the left, to the right and some centered.

Find the starting point. It seems to be one that is either to the left or to the right between the black lines. If it is at the bottom go up. If it is at the top go down. There will be one in the same position in each row above or below it. Go to the one in the same position above or below it. If you start at the bottom go up, if you start at the top go down.
Hit the other end?
You are not done yet. Now go the other direction following the same pattern. Touch the rectangles that are to the other side.

A sort of circling pattern of rectangles, triangles and circles that are black and white; all touching; they do not look like they are in a pattern

Find the beginning. It tends to go in a pattern of three so go where you can to be able to continue the pattern. Mine was rectangle, circle, and then the triangle.
Example if you go from rectangle to circle and cannot get to a triangle you will be stuck and have to start over again.
Be careful of the order.

Black circles and moving black circles

Find the start. It is small to large, avoid the moving circles.
Do not touch the moving circles.

Brownish squares and triangles in a sort of grid

Find the start. To find the next square, in a straight line from the square you are at there will be a triangle pointing away from it. Basically pointing at the next square in the pattern. Continue by looking for the triangle from each new square you move to.
Do not touch the triangles.
There can be two triangles between you and the next square, only one will be pointing in the right direction. The one in the right direction may have one in front of it or behind it or both or a few that are pointing in the wrong direction.

Squares in the shape of letters

In alphabetical order. The spot to touch seems to be the upper left square on each letter.

Purple triangles on the end of purple rectangles

Find the starting point.
Counter clockwise pattern.
From the start find the next one that is slightly at an angle but almost looks the same as the first.
If you were to look at a clock that has hands, say the rectangle is connected to the center and the triangle is at the pointing end. So the pattern is a counter clockwise of that the angle slightly varying until it comes back around to not quite the same angle as the first.
There are approximately 12.
Do not touch the rectangles

A grid f white squares

Sorry this one is a blind pattern you just have to find it.
The outside row seems to be out of bounds.

Green incomplete circles made of circles with a smaller circle in the center

Find the start. The next is the next one in the direction of the opening. It may be right next to it. It can also be on the other side of the board if the one you are on points out and is on the edge.
Do not touch the larger green circles

Sea foam green/blue moving circles and squares; circles are of different sizes

Find the starting circle. It will be large to small or small to large depending on which is the start.
Do not touch the squares.

ThemePark August 21, 2008 6:39 AM

Solution for black bars with white dots and boxes at the end:

Start with the bar that has 7 dots. If the majority of those dots are on the left dots, touch the left square, otherwise touch the right square. Repeat with the other boxes, counting down the number of dots.


Here is a full walkthrough (at least I hope so).
Please refer to this image as to what level is which.

General advice

- Look for patterns, even across levels (some levels are very much alike)
- Dodge! It's a bad idea to touch anything at all, except from the things you mean to touch.
- Usually the variation in the levels is that they're rotated, so your playing field might look a bit different from the images you see.



Move over the static circles from smallest to largest.
Dodge the moving ones.


Move from one circle over the connecting line to the other circle.


Find starting square.
Look at the triangles that are either horizontally or vertically of it and follow the direction of the triangle that is pointing away from the square.
Move to next square (don't touch triangles).


Move over starting circle.
Move over black line to next circle that joins the line. (don't leave the line!)
Repeat till end.


Find starting black square.
Move over the black square that is either horizontal of vertical of it (without touching the white squares).
Repeat till end.



Move from the biggest to the smallest circle. Dodge the squares.


Move from the smallest to the largest bar.
(or a clockwise spiral)
Here is an image with the numbers.


Start on square with the circle.
Move according to the instructions at the bottom, starting from where the circle is. (the triangles point in the direction you should move)


Move from the smallest to the biggest bar.


Starting symbol: one of the inner circles.
Next symbol: move to the circle to which the opening points.



Find starting square (2nd from bottom, in left column).
Follow instructions (the triangles in between the columns say how much to move vertically) to move to next column, so:
second column: 3rd from bottom
3rd column: bottom one


Follow the pattern visible in the bottom-right corner.


Find the horizontal starting bar (one of the four in the corners).
Note where the vertical grey is located (at the left or the right).
Go to the next row and move over the bar where the grey is located at the same position.
Get to the final row.
Move over bar where the vertical grey is located at the other side than where it was so far.
Move back to previous rows.


Targets: the squares at the side.
Mechanism: find the row with the most circles and move over the box that has the most circles at its side.


Move over static left icon (triangle up)
Move over moving left icon (so a moving triangle that is pointing up)(
Repeat for other icons, from left to right.
Note: the order can be reversed (starting from right icon, finishing at left one).



Find starting square.
Don't move your mouse away from the boxes.
Use the moving boxes to cross the open spaces, don't take detours


First take a look at this image.
Starting position: ring 1, intersection with vertical green bar.
Mechanism: move along the ring in the direction of the triangle, only touching the circles that are next to a gap.
When you are at the end of the circle start with the next circle (at the intersection with the vertical green bar), again only touching the circles that are next to a gap
Note: circles to move over have a yellow dot in the image


Find starting symbol
Move to symbol that is of different colour and of different shape (without leaving the shapes with your mouse)
Here is an image with the path to take (playfield is sometimes rotated).


Move over starting triangle (the one pointing down, or up).
Find next ones by finding the one that is closest in rotation going counter-clockwise.
So the second one is pointing slightly to the bottom-right (or upper-left).


Only touch moving bars.
Move over the moving bar that is also shown in the middle column (either the one at the top, or at the bottom).
Move over the moving bar that is next in the sequence in the middle, repeat till done.



Only touch static icons, dodge the moving ones.
Find starting circle (either in the left or the right column).
Move over triangle.
Move over circle that the triangle points to.
Move column, go to circle at same height
go to triangle, etc.


Find starting triangle (a small one).
Move to triangle of opposite colour that is slightly larger but is rotated the same.
Repeat till done.


Starting symbol is one of the black circles.
Next is the circle in the middle that is closest to it.
Move to next black circle (in a counter-clockwise direction, the direction the squares are moving)


Move over the circles in order of the Roman numerals, starting with the lowest. The right order is:
I, IV, V, X, L
LI, XC, C, D, DX


Mechanisme: move over the black circle in which the most white symbols are.
Image (with numbers of the correct order)



Move over the moving symbols (the line at the top, or the bottom, tells in which order)
The middle icon is what symbol and the triangles show if the symbol is moving horizontally or vertically.


Starting symbol: first letter you come across in the alphabet (an A), the square in the location that's coloured black (top left one).
Next symbol: next letter (alphabetically), same square.


Do you really need help on the starting screen?
Ok, here goes: move over the right black square, move over the left black square (seriously, is your IQ 20?)


Find first symbol (triangle of smallest group)
Move to same symbol in the group that has one element more (triangle is reverted and of different colour).


Find starting circle (a black one)
Mechanism: move to the black circle that is located diagonally of it.


For the one with the 3 columns of purple rectangles, left and right of equal size, middle rectangles vary in size, and there are rectangles moving across the screen and up/down the screen.

first one: is about the 2 blocks wide rectangle (where the square one is a single block wide), moving either from up/down the screen ,
whilst avoiding the other moving blocks .

2nd one is the one about 3-4 blocks wide, moving across the screen , at a slightly faster pace

3rd one I'm not 100% sure, but it's a small block moving up/down.

My guess is that it's ordered according to speed of movement of the moving blocks, but I haven't completed that level yet.

nextorniquete August 21, 2008 10:31 AM

tried to arange them in a comprehensive guide:


thist is always the same: right black square and then left black square

Orthogonal full grids

-Green squares, some small triangles in the middle.

Find the starter square in one side. Touch only squares. Proceed to the next column skipping as many squares as suggested by the triangles/arrows in the direction the suggest also.

-Squares, some black some blank

find the starter black square (its in one of the corners). and follow a orthogonal (only up/down/left/right) path touching only black squares.

-Circles, some black some blank

find the starter black circle. and follow a diagonal (chess bishop like movement) path touching only black circles.

-Just a blank gride

You have to find your path arround the grid. The shape you have to follow is drawn in the right-bottom (kinda lame as someone pointed out before). Start at the second brom the bottom, second from the left, go up 4 squares, right 2, down 2, right 2, down 2, right 2, up 4, right 2, down 4.

-3x4 grid with a black dot and set of shapes along a line on the top or bottom.

start with the dot and touch the twelve blancks in the grid following the instructions in the set outside the grid (triangles work as arrows, starting from the only dot on the side).

I see letters

-Black circles with letters in a grid

They are roman numbers; follow them from lowest to highest:
I(1) IV(4) V(5) X(10) L(50) LI(51) XC(90) C(100) D(500) DX(510) M(1000) MI(1001) MX(1010) ML(1050) MM(2000)


Touch the upper-left corner of every letter following the aplphabet: ACFGHLMOPSTU

Something is moving

-Squares with a black outline. Some are fixed, some move and some strecht.

You have to find a path. Look for the starter fixed square, its next to the horizontal strechting one. You'll have to move from a fixed square to a moving/strechting one

-Four squares move in some sort of circle in the middle. and there are some dorts arranges in groups of four.

find the starter black dot, then the closest one of the group in the middle (if the starter one was in the upper-left corner, proceed with the upper-left corner blank dot in the middle. The next one will be a black dot following the direction of the spinning squares and keep doing the same until having touched 8 dots.

- 6 columns of blue horizontal stripes

Only moving shapes are to be touched. Follow the pattern suggested by the column in the center.

-Circles move along the screen over a grid of nine shapes (circles and triangles) and some straight bars

You have to touch the 9 shapes and no others (no bars, no moving circles). Start in one corner, then go to the triangle up or down from in and then the circle in the same direction, go to the middle column, see the direction of the triangle/arrow and follow circle-triangle-circle in that direction. Do the sama with the final column.

-8 gray shapes move along the screen, some are squares, some are circles.

Go from biggest to smallest circle; avoid the squares.

-Moving black circles against 8 also black fixed circles

Avoid the moving ones while traveling from smallest to biggest black circles.

-Black and white, big and small circles and sqaures cross the screen. Theres a fixes set of shapes in the upper or bottom of the screen.

You have to touch the moving shapes. Starter will be a blank square. If it's big the four first shapes will be big and the other four will be the smaller ones. Try to follow the set of instructions in the fixed shapes.

-4 fixed blue triangles in the center and some triangles and squares same colour crossing the screen.

The starter one will one of the fixed triangles (either right or left one), then the moving triangle with the same orientation. Then comes the adjacent to the first one in the fixed set and the moving one in the saame fashion. Touch the 8 traingles and you are free to go.

Circuit like structures

-Black circuit-like with 5 dots

Start in one dot and follow the circuit, touching only the circuit, following from the starter dot go vertical through the circuit, then horizontal, reach a vertical line, go to the dot in it, go back in vertical, go horizontal, reach a vertical line....

-Blue circuit like with 2 big dots

Start in one big circle and go to the other following the circuit.


-Triangles, some blank some full, some facing up, some down.

The starter one is the smallest blank triangle, follow from small to bigger, alternating blanks with full triangles (see that they allways face the same side).

-Apparently random set of triangles, circles and squares in black and white. All of them overlapping.

Find the starter blank squares, look for the adjacent blank circle, then a black triangle; follow square-circle-triangle, alternating black and white ones.

-Twelve pencil-like shapes

Only the tips (triangles) of the pencil work. Find the starterr vertical one and follow in a clock or counterclockwise pattern (think of the shapes as a compass or a clock). Deciding clockwise or counterclockwise is tricky, but it seems like the second shape is always to the side (left or right) of the screen, not the other possible one which will be rather closer to the starter one facing to the upper or lower side of the screen.

-Eight dark rectangles, different sizes, some vertical, some horizontal.

go from smallest to biggest shape. See that they are arranged in a kinda clockwise (or cunterclockwise) path.

-Groups of black and white circles, squares and triangles.

start with the black triangle in the set of two shapes, then the blank triangle in the group of three shapes, then the black triangle in the group of four and so on.

-9 rows of 4 horizontal gray bars in beetween small vertical strokes.

The starter shape will be in one corner. See that it is left or right aligned and find the only same aligned shape in the following row. Once you reach the bottom (or the top if you started from the bottom), work your way up (or down) touching the bars aligned the other way. Center-aligned bars are not to be touched.

-Squares and triangles all same colour in a grid.

You only have to touch squares, all af them though. Look for the starter one; it will be adjacent to another square either top or bottom of the screen. The final square will be the one it is adjacent to.
The path to follow is dictated by the triangles: once you arrive at a square look for another square orthogonal to it having one triangle pointing to it (forget avery other triangle in the way and find the only one that directs you to a square. Only pairs of two squares "joined" bay an arrob are to follow: the arrows don't show a turning point but rather a midway path to follow.

-6 vertical coloured bars

Touch them all fromm smallest to biggest

-7 columns of triangles squares and circles in black and white. Every column has she same shapes aranged in the same fashion.

Touch the seven black circles starting with the one in the column with only one black shape (the circle itself), then the black dot in the column with sho black shapes and so on.

-7 black stripes with white dots in them. small blank squares by the sides.

Touch only the little squares. Starter one will be in the row with 7 dots, and the side in whicht there are more dots. Next is in the row with 6 dots, also on the side with more dots (opposite from the starter in this case). Next the one on the row with five dots (this time also on the side opposite from the starter) and so on.

-10 sets of 7 circles arranged arround a smaler circle each. Every arrangement has one gap.

You have to touch the ten small circles. Find the starter one. The following one will be in the direction of the opening/gap in the set of big circles. If the gap points outwars it means the following shape is on the other side: if you are in the rightmost circle and the gap points right it means the following shape is the leftmost.

-Set of circles wit a spinning triangle in the middle.

Ok, this one is tricky as hell.

See that the circles are arranged in 4 rings. You start in the outer ring either in the upper dot or the bottom one. You'll have to work your way arround the thing in the direction the spinning triangle shows. See that in evey ring there are some gaps.


You have to touch only circles adjacet to those gaps. The whole secuence works like this: find the starter, work in the direction the triangle spins touchin dots adjacet to gaps, once you are to touch the starter one againg dont do it and proceed to the following ring. The starter for every ring will be the first dot adjacetn to a gap you find after ther stater dot for the previous ring. This should work for the first three rings, as the four is kinda different, as the starter dot is the one right before the starterr of the third ring.


Let's see ring by ring: the first ring (outer one) has 3 gaps, that (for now) means you'll have to touch 6 circles. Find the starter dot, see that it is adjacent to a gap and (the triangle will be spinning the other way btw) and 4 dots (including the starter one) in a row before the following gap; so touch the starter one an then skip 2 dots and touch the next one (which will be adjacent to a gap). Then comes the gap, touch the circle right after that gap. That one dot will be the first in a row of 6 dots, so after touching that one dot skip 4 and touch 5th, then comes the gap. Touch the dot folloing that gap. That one starts a set of 3 dots, so you only have to skip 1 and touch the 2nd. Now the following dot should be the starter one, so dont touch it and proceed with the second ring.
The second ring is composed of 4 gaps, 3 sets of 4 or 3 dots and a single dot. This time 4 gaps dont mean you have to touch 8 dots bout only 7, as the onle single dot works as border for two gaps. The trickiest part is finding out wich circle to touch forst in every ring, but for this one its easy as it will be always the closest to the starter one. So touch that one, then comes a gap, touch the next dot, skip 2, touch dot, gap, dot, skip 1, touch dot, gap, here comes the single one, touch it, gap, touch following dot, skip 2, dot, now see that if you skip the 2 following dots you'd touch the starter dot for the second ring, so we are done with this ring.
This ring has 4 gaps. One of the sets of dots is a single dot, hence, 7 dots to touch. The starter one here is hard to find. See that the starter dot for the first and second rings are placed in the middle of a set of five dots in the third ring. The starter dot for the third ring will be on the far left or far right of that set (see the direction of the spinning triangle. Touch the dots in the saame fashion as before: start, gap, single dot, gap, dot, dot, gap, dot, skip 2, dot, gap, dot. The following one would be the starter, so next ring.
The last ring is composed of 4 gaps with one set of a single dot; that means 7 dots. The starter one will be in the set of three dots in the direction of the spinner. So start, gap, dot, skip 2, dot, gap, single dot, gap, dot, skip 2, dot, gap, dot and you are done.

If you like it more criptic-like:

-1st ring: 6 dots. Starter at the bottom or top.
start, skip 2, dot, gap, dot, skip 4, dot, gap, dot, skip 1, dot.
-2nd ring: 7 dots. Starter at the bottom or top.
start, gap, dot, skip 2, dot, gap, dot, skip 1, dot, gap, single dot, gap, dot.
-3rd ring: 7 dots. Starter at the side of the group of five.
start, gap, single dot, gap, dot, dot, gap, dot, skip 2, dot, gap, dot.
4th ting: 7 dots. Starter at the side of the group of three.
start, gap, dot, skip 2, dot, gap, single dot, gap, dot skip 2, dot, gap, ending dot.



it's ordered by the order in which the bars show up in the middle column. See number 20 in my previous post.

By the way, it looks like


is the maximum score. You get it when you make no mistakes, so unless time is taken into account as well, that is the maximum.


Sorry, forgot about the spoiler tags.
*needs edit-function*

[ Fixed. -FunnyMan ]


This game just infuriates me.


Took me a minute, but I puzzled out the origin of the name.

Much like with CoBaCoLi ("COlored BAlls and COlored LInes"), tonypa has used a kind of expanded acronym for this name.

"WIthout CLIcking the MOuse"


No one seems to have mentioned the one where there's a whole bunch of unmoving black and white triangles, squares, and circles except for one guy, who was answered by someone who mistook it for another level.

They're all the same size, completely random, and the only difference between black and white are the directions of the triangles (pointing up/down). I've already missed about 20 times, and I've only found two pings with no pattern in sight. Help? Please?


Excellent tonypa game.

I don't know what was up with the brown/orange level with the squares & small triangles... I got there a couple times and, even though I had the strategy figured out, I couldn't get past the first piece... then I got the level mirrored upside down, and it worked with no problem.


@xdrngy: Is that level where some of them are overlapping each other in groups?

How many are in each group?

You only need to touch one specific shape from each


Having to avoid the various objects and avoid the border even if you know the underlying logic is extremely cumbersome. Perhaps mouse click rather than mouse over should be better.


Sigh... I can beat all 30 but my problem is execution.

6,810pts FTL :(


I'm actually not bothered by the difficulty of the puzzles. I just wish the game would sort out it's identity.

There's a good reason why most games slot into "action games" or "puzzle games": because that's what works. Mixing the two always leads to frustration. The puzzle elements slow down the action and confuse it, and then the action elements come up and kill the puzzle before it can be solved.

Unfortunately there is no sense of achievement either, since any accomplishments the player does manage are immediately lost the moment the life counter hits 0.


8th place all time!! look for smb!

I think I can break the 7,150 record because I had 3-4 BS errors (ie mouse wigged out, boss called me in the middle of a stage).

OrigamiMarie August 21, 2008 9:52 PM


There are three shape types (circle, rectangle, triangle) and two shadings (empty and filled). You will follow touching shapes along a path, and each shape is the next in the shape and shading sequence. So if you are on a filled rectangle, you will look for an empty shape, I forget if it's circle or triangle, but whichever one you weren't on just before the rectangle. Hope this helps!


The level with the moving purple rectangles -

I've figured it out. Look at the center column of stationary purple rectangles.
Starting from the top, touch the ~moving~ purple rectangles of corresponding size when they go by.


Number 7 of the day!


arg! the moving puzzles are the ones that got me :(
brain straining game, i would call this

StephenM3 March 19, 2010 8:45 PM

Really love the puzzles, absolutely hate the mouse navigation. Once I've figured out what I'm supposed to do, it's incredibly annoying to have to redo the execution dozens of times because I'm not moving the mouse steadily enough with my trackpad.

I'd be really happy to see a "puzzles only" version of this.


Grrr Grizzly Bear Rage Mode Activate!
Alright... Let's calm down a little here...
This game is truly frustrating...

I made it past a few levels on my own (namely the "clockwork orange" level if you catch my drift), but on others, I referred to SHA's 'almost complete walkthrough.

What I suggest, is that after a few seconds an arrow shows you where the starting point is. No hints after that! Just the starting point.

The strangest thing is that when I started the game, I thought:
'Where are the instructions?"
And to my great surprise there were none, but I still managed to get past a few levels.

Anyways, pretty good experimental game (if it isn't considered experimental, please excuse me).


Ah! And a challenge for the brave:

Use all your lives on the first level, except for one, and try to get through the game with that.

Good luck! ;)


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