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White Room

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White Room

elleIt's always a pleasure to encounter a game designer with a signature style. Whether it be cute characters or strange themes or quirky scenes, when we can distinguish a game's creator by its attributes and idiosyncrasies, the resulting familiarity invites greater immersion. This is just as true for White Room Escape because Noprops' teasing personality is ever present, even in this stark, minimalist design. So, look closer in this monochromatic setting to find a satisfying abundance of clues to decipher and puzzles to solve before you can make your escape.

White RoomNavigation is perfectly intuitive: just tap around the room on anything that bears further investigation and use the arrows to change views. What is less intuitive is how to solve the puzzles because noprops characteristic subterfuge is all around. Red herrings and slight of hand tricks might divert you from solutions, but if you're diligent about exploring all areas and items, you'll soon enough find success. This trickery could frustrate some players—logic is at play here yet it doesn't quite operate by reality's standard. While a bit less surreal than noprops' 3 Small Keys, there's still a feeling you're in a magician's parlor, as his special guest, and the end result is an entertaining delight.

NOTE: This game was played and reviewed on the iPad 2. Game was available in the North American market at the time of publication, but may not be available in other territories. Please see individual app market pages for purchasing info.

Walkthrough Guide

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White Room Walkthrough

  1. When you begin, you're facing a plain white door, locked.

  2. Turn around twice to face the opposite wall. Here you see the numbers "5" and "4" on the wall above a plain white table...

    • The drawer is locked, but look underneath the table....

    • With careful inspection of the table's underside, you find a HANDLELESS SCREWDRIVER. Take it.

    • Back up and try the drawer again and it opens:

      • Get the STICK.

  3. Turn right to face some shelves with some colorful ornaments of various shapes. Next to the shelves is a purple BALLOON. Get it.

    • Examine the BALLOON in your inventory and use the SCREWDRIVER to pop it.

      • Now you have a HANDLE. Use it to complete the SCREWDRIVER.

  4. Examine the items on the shelves:

    • Zoom in on the white box on the middle shelf to look underneath it. Use the SCREWDRIVER on the screws that hold the box in place.

    • Then, lift up the box to get a ROD.

      • Examine the ROD in your inventory and make it expand.

    • Now use the ROD to reach the SMALL WHITE BALL on the top shelf.

  5. Turn left twice to face the wall with two circles on it: one is made of concentric black'n'white circles while the other looks a bit like a face...

    • Look closer at the circle that looks like a face and something appears to be missing from the right "eye."

      • Examine the STICK in your inventory and take off part of its top.

      • Then, examine the WHITE BALL to find a hole in it. Add the STICK to make a LEVER.

    • Now put the lever in the right slot.

    • Pull down. Nothing? Let's look around just to be sure...

  6. Turn around. Something actually has changed...

    • The numbers above the table changed when you pulled the lever down.

  7. Go back under the table...

    • Tap each of the four black squares to change the numbers.


      When the lever is up, you get the first and third digits. When the lever is down, you get the second and fourth digits...

      5 2 4 8

    • When the correct 4 numbers are entered, a tiny panel will open in the wall...

      • Take the BUTTON.

      • Examine this button more closely to separate it into two pieces: a WHITE RIM and a BLACK BUTTON.

  8. Turn back around to face the black'n'white circles and examine it more closely.

    • Use the SCREWDRIVER to remove the center piece.

      • It's a WHITE BUTTON.

    • Now, just for fun, put the BLACK BUTTON in the center of the circle to see what happens...

  9. When the black'n'white circle panel opens up, another puzzle is revealed...

    • This one needs 3 digits. There is a circle, triangle and square above each digit.

    • Tap the black squares to change the numbers and enter the correct code.


      The answer is on the shelves: count the number of circles, triangles and squares there to get the code.


    • When the code is right, another tiny panel opens up and you can take the BLACK RIM.

    • Back up and reclaim the BLACK BUTTON from the center of the circles.

  10. Now look at the face circle again...It holds two keys needed for escaping:

    • In your inventory, fit together the circles and rims...

      • you'll end up with a WHITE COIN and a BLACK COIN.

    • Put the WHITE COIN in the left "eye" slot to get a WHITE KEY.

    • Put the BLACK COIN in the right "eye" slot to get a BLACK KEY.

  11. Now turn to face the white door...

    • Use the WHITE KEY on the first door.

    • Use the BLACK KEY on the second door.

  12. Now you're standing in front of a pink door...but with no pink key.

    • Look closer at the walls.

    • There is a hidden panel on the left wall. Open it up to see a clue.

    • There is also a hidden panel in the right wall. Open it up to see three buttons: circle, triangle and square.

      • Press the buttons in the proper sequence.

      • SOLUTION:

        Look at the shelves in the other room. The clue to the left of the pink door tells you to start at the circle and make your way around the shapes to the center. That gives you this sequence:


      • When correct, you'll hear the sound of some mechanism in action.

    • Back up and grab the PINK KEY from the wire dangling in front of you.

  13. Use the PINK KEY to unlock the pink door and escape!



Patreon Crew SonicLover July 19, 2013 7:54 PM

If I'm not mistaken, this is a remake of Noprops's very first escape game. I remember playing the original.


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