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Weekend Download №37

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Weekend Download

JohnBHey look! A sentence composed using only words from this week's featured games! Ok, so I added one, but you didn't notice, right? Here goes: Noitu loooove Miss Teri Tale! Danger Mouse? In the black forest, ad nauseam, with Albero and the great blue emblem.

missteritale3.jpgMiss Teri Tale (Windows/Mac, 77MB, demo) - The light-hearted crime adventure/hidden object game now has a Mac version! In a delicate departure from the established formula, Miss Teri Tale takes on more of an adventure guise similar to the recently-released Cate West - The Vanishing Files. The subtle shift from object finding to crime solving lends a lighter focus to the experience, and the game's hip soundtrack, gorgeous scenery and slightly satiric tone complete a surprisingly polished and entertaining package.

dangermouse.gifDanger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau (Windows/Mac/Linux, ~6MB, free) - A remake of the classic ZX Spectrum game based on the even classic-er Danger Mouse cartoon! The game is essentially a choose your own adventure title where you read the text and click the action you would like to take. Updated! New version now available for Mac OS X.

albero.gifAlbero and the Great Blue Emblem (Windows, 1.6MB, free) - A tiny Metroidvania-style platform/ RPG-adventure starring Albero, the little white critter who walks around gathering power-ups to help him traverse the landscape. There are a few glitches that can cause serious problems, so back up your save game once in a while. Despite the bugs, it's still a charming game.

noitulove2.jpgNoitu Love 2 (Windows, 10MB, demo) - The sequel to Konjak's intense action platformer has finally been released! Using an easy (and gratifying) mouse-keyboard hybrid control system, unleash tons of cool attacks while dispatching hundreds of foes and darting around the air as if you had wings. Noitu Love 2 features tons of "mindless action" and gorgeously detailed scenery, it's highly recommended you consume this game with calming substances such as chamomile tea.

adnauseam2.gifAd Nauseam 2 (Windows, 2.6MB, free) - A crazy shooter from GameMaker whiz Cactus, this game gives you no room to dodge projectiles, so all you can do is blast everything and hope you carve a space for your ship. Different faces pop out of the top of the screen, grow arms and/or throw things at you, and you must survive! Caution: Contains some content not intended for children.


Strangelander April 19, 2008 6:32 AM


Did anyone else with OS X get a folder with things that open Terminal instead an application that plays Danger Mouse?

Strangelander April 19, 2008 9:53 AM

I also seem to be getting only a partial download for Noitu Love 2 (tried twice).


Ditto far Danger Mouse on OSX.




I half expected commenters to try to improve on your sentence. Pretty funny.


Just do you know, you can press F4 to make Albero full-screen. It kind of makes the game playable.

And you'll want to back up your game save twice:

As soon as you meet Dark Emfly
As soon as you enter the Great Blue City


This comment is about the new Agatha Christie "End House" game. For fans of hidden object/puzzle games-- Finally one with excellent resolution & a large enough windowed version (which you must use to see all); comforting music & sounds; a real story &&&& cleverly hidden items -- not smudged into poor or gray resolution screens. Challenging & fun. Having gone through nearly all in the genre, I am for the first time, recommending this one.


Thanks for the recommendation, Boskers. We'll check it out for a possible review in the near future. I've added a link to the game for those interested in checking it out for themselves. Cheers! :)


Yea, the Mac OS X version of Danger Mouse has some issues. It's looking for a specific (open source) framework called SDL.framework that he didn't include with the file. Even when I copied that framework from another app (Owl Country from a while back) it's still looking for 'libpng' in that directory. I don't doubt that it runs on the author's machine, but he needs to package it up as an application bundle with all its dependencies before he calls it a Mac OS X program.
Looks exciting, though!


That's a bummer about Dangermouse, that's the one I really wanted to download.


Just want to quickly say that Noitu Love 2 is incredible. It channels the spirit of classic SNES/Genesis action games like Super Contra and Gunstar Heroes, and even surpasses them in some ways. Full version has three playable characters, secret bosses, three different difficulty levels. Good value for the money. An amazing game, especially considering it's the work of one person. I'm hoping it sells like hotcakes, because I want Konjak to continue making games with this level of quality.


I don't understand exactly what is obscene in Ad Nauseum 2?


I agree with Derek. What about Ad Nausem isn't suitable for children. You have to shoot little circles with cartoony-cute faces on them.


i'm having a serious problem with albero, but can't find the original developer's site for any patches, etc.

i'll talk about it generically here, then specifically in the spoiler: basically, i had to get this certain upgrade using one character, but it didn't transfer to the other character and now th upgrade is gone, so i'm basically stuck

I'm at the juice tree or whatever, and i do the second time trial, which doesn't have a key, it has a power-up for the goo shooting fellow (fourth character that you pick up, shoots water or fire goo).
the upgrade, which Rusty the bowlerfly picked up, said it would allow the goo-shooter to carry BOTH water and fire. however, after i get the upgrade, the other character still can't pick up both goos, no matter what combination i try.
so i can't go any further and i can't exactly go back to a previous save point. what do i do???


I am really enjoying Albero
Tom, press C to change between the tanks for water and fire goo.

Myself I am having problems directly afterwards
I've killed the boss and now am just sitting in the room with no way out or a way to change characters. IS that all to the game or hae I found a bug?



Are you talking about the boss you kill by shooting fire goo at him? And you're stuck in the room where you fought him? Well, that's a bug I've never heard of before.


The Linux version of "Danger Mouse" doesn't work properly either. I was able to hunt down the actual z80 files, though.


Chamomile tea with Noitu Love 2? Maybe after you're finished, but during play I'd recommend something a bit more stimulating or you'll get pwn3d!

Very fine game, though. And quite accessible too - it doesn't take an outrageous skill level to complete on Normal. (Not managed Hard yet... and then there's the unlockable characters!)


Noitu Love 2 is ruined for me because of introduction of mouse control. I prefer keyboard-only control in my side-scrolling beat-em-ups.

That said, Noitu Love 1 is a damn fine game. Its only problem is that the later levels are much better then the early ones, so one can give up too early and not see some pretty cool stuff (zombie disco and the maestro boss fight being my favorites...).


Noitu Love 2 is 100% pure win for me. The control setup is great and the addition of things like the shield make for fairly innovative and fun game play. Well worth trying.


what are the controls for noitu love 1?


thanks for the help, drackir!
i have the same problem -- you beat the boss, and then you're left in this room with no exit.

i *think* it can't be the end yet, because there were a lot of stuff that i saw but couldn't get to (because I hadn't beaten the boss yet). i guess we've got to track down the developer for albero.

favorite thing about albero -- the little dude in the tower/lighthouse that talks about "some b*tch" stealing from them. totally didn't expect random cussing. love it.


For those having problems with Danger Mouse, I would appreciate your help. I do not have a Mac or a linux box to test it on, so have been solely relying on the inbuilt compiling engine of the language I use.

Please feel free to contact me through my website with as many details of the issues as you can provide, and I will pass them on to the author of the language, and then hopefully these issues can be resolved.

Since all my future games, I would also like to release on Mac and Linux too, any assistance you can provide to get things up and running properly would be very much appreciated.


Meepo and Derek:
Sure, at first it's cute little circles you have to shoot, but after the

ASCII level (2nd)

you get

Naked women with yellow stars over thair naughty parts shooting coins, pills and needles at your pewny little spaceship


Thanks for the alert about the content in Ad Nauseum, we've add an advisory to the description above.


Danger Mouse OSX updated!

I have contacted the author of GL Basic (the language I code it), and he had informed me that I overlooked including the osx dependencies with Danger Mouse. Since I don't have a Mac, I had no way of knowing this, but I apologise to those who downloaded the game only to be disappointed it would not work.

I have now updated the file on the website to include the dependencies, so hopefully now Mac users will be able to get it up and running.

As for the linux version, the only suggestion was that if it doesn't run, it might be because you haven't got the SDL library installed correctly.

Please bear in mind that if I don't get feedback, I don't know about problems, and can't put them right (I only stumbled across this site by accident after checking through pages that had linked to me on my webstats.) I urge anyone that has issues with any downloaded game to let the author know!


Really liked Ad Nauseum 2, even though I cant get past the ASCII level (playing hard).

so I can't see the naughty ladies.....


I've gotten a fair portion of the way through albero, but...

I can't get past anuki's second challenge! Where on earth am I supposed to get the fourth emblem piece?!

I've been up and down the elevator and all over the world to no avail, and there isn't a walkthrough to be found. Help!

The Great Dane April 24, 2008 6:59 PM

I've tried installing danger mouse on my mac but it still doesn't work I'm afraid. I don't know much about the technical stuff on the mac, but it says something about Library not loaded - some SDL.framework. And then it says reason: image not found.

Hope you can make it work.


Apologies again - it seems the dependencies file got corrupted at some point in the proceedings. I have redone the archive, checked it several times, and uploaded it again, so, God willing, it should work now (please let it work now!!!!) :D


Can someone please help me with the last boss in Noitu Love 1?

I must have hit that green button one hundred times, and the old dude is still alive. His attacks seem to be faster but that's it.


So, the wonderful people in irc helped me out, and if anyone's still having trouble with albero...

You can find the answers to more than a few questions here.

Thanks everyone!



Dear Jay & all fellow casual game players,

As a Mac owner & relatively older player, I find HO games are just my speed. Is it just me, however, or do these developers need to find some new objects to hide. Given the obvious infinite number of items from which to choose, why so many: horseshoes, umbrellas, scissors, shells, swords, bells, scrolls, keys, wrenches, grapes, padlocks, saws, screwdrivers, hammers, green wine bottles, spiders, roaches, ladybugs etc. The same items show up over & over in different games-- sometimes the exact same image, like the red gasoline can. Now I know this is something of a generalization & there are developers who do strive for some originality in what seems to be an increasingly crowded genre; but I can't be the only one out here getting a bit weary of seeking out the same old stuff.

Just had to get this off my chest! And would like to hear from your following on the subject.

Many thanks for your excellent site.



(@bockers, There is an infinite number of objects in the world, but a finite number of free stock photographs of pre-cropped objects with transparent background you only need to copy, paste and resize... :) )

But anyways,

I just wanted to retract my first opinion and say Noitu Love 2 is awesome. Seriously, it rules. Once you give it a chance, it feels so much like a game from those good old 80's and 90's arcades - it is on par with the best-of-breed, especially the phenomenal Metal Slug series.

However, I think the designer messed up a few things which might hurt the game experience. Firstly, he allowed customization of an energy bar, and secondly, he has created two levels of difficulty, "normal" (which is really very easy) and "hard" (which is, well, hard). This means 95% of players will beef up the energy bar, choose "normal" and breeze through the game using a simple brute-force approach, without ever needing to master various combat techniques or trying out different strategies to defeat those wonderful bosses.

The thing is, Noitu Love 2 seriously shines on "Hard" difficulty - bosses have more attacks and are much harder to kill, there are much less healing "nuts" flying around and altogether the game is much more challenging and satisfying and rewards experimenting with various combat strategies. Sadly, with finite continues most players will realize that on hard they will have to restart from level 1 multiple times (which is unfairly frowned upon in today's gaming culture) and will never get to enjoy those higher levels - and some of those boss fights are truly epic - normal difficulty just doesn't give them justice. Last boss on "hard" in particular is pure bliss - hard as nails, exhausting but never unfair to the persistent player.

Anyways, if you haven't tried Noitu Love 2 yet, try it, buy it, but play it on hard (or at least reduce your life bar on Normal). This game deserves to be mastered, not breezed through.

Jay, give this game a proper review, please, don't leave it bundled up with these sub-par games!


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