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Weekday Puzzle N°52

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Welcome to Weekday Puzzle!

The first game with letters by rubyleehs is fun and you can spend A LOT of time with it - notice, that it doesn't have a save option so reserve enough time for it. Then comes a beautiful ethereal labyrinth by jcGyo where you got lost and need to find your way through. The last is very unusual platformer by baba_s where you don't need jumping skills much - creative mind is more important.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Start With Nothing


An awesome scrabble-like game by rubyleehs is basicaly playing with letters and creating words. At the beginning you get nothing, precisely letters n, o, t, h, i, n, g, and you can start. Any word having three letters at least is acceptable and counts; your count grows and certain words change the gamescreen...remember, everything is a letter. EVERYTHING. Your ultimate goal is the victory!
Controlled by a mouse, no save option.

Thanks to jF for recommending this one!

Selene's Labyrinth

selene.pngIn jcGyo's puzzler focused on spatial skills you guide a red hooded figure through a strange labyrinth consisting of flowing islands. You can't fall down from any island - your protagonist just stops at the edge. There are blind ends, but you can return a move or restart and try again from the last save point - don't forget to activate any purple flower you come across.

Controlled by WASD/Arrow keys, X for action, Z to undo, R to restart, autosave.


baba.pngPuzzlers by baba_s are strange - they do look like a generic platformers where you need to perform quick fingers and quick thinking but they aren't. In each of their games comes into play some unusual mechanics that make the game more fun and less stressful. The controlling of the game isn't simple but with an absence of a time limit it's fine - you just need to figure out what and how to do in starting levels. Also, each level has more than one solution and they are very creative! Controlled by WASD/Arrow keys and a mouse, autosave, 25 levels.


in start with nothing, can you get any new letters with


or is that just a cool effect?

Patreon Donator Krizpy January 21, 2022 12:48 AM replied to Krizpy

seems like it's just an effect! same effect pops up with


jF January 21, 2022 2:55 AM replied to Krizpy

Certain words will trigger changes in the game. Had not come across that one you mentioned, but I do know that…

…"song" causes a lovely melody to start playing.

No telling how many the developer(s) probably put in there!


start with nothing (non-comprehensive) walkthrough

i think synonyms might also result in these


gold, die, cone, silver


lens, bow




bow, sing, song


snail, die, colon


sing, song






victory, win






inch, hot, die, write


sing, song, mail


sing, song, win, pants


noon, gear, die, win






tool, gun, die


coin, die, snake


tool, hilt, die, shirt


gold, die, win




king, win




thong, die, stick, win



fun extras:

"glitch" and "flaw" cause a brief glitching effect.
music-related words like "sing" start the music, and silence-related words like "mute" will turn it off.

it took me 1527 words to get every letter. no particular end, you can just keep on going.


Start with nothing

This game escapes me.
What am I supposed to do??
I had to consult a walk through to learn that I have to "move" the available letters n o t h i n g to create other words. The faint number behind the now scrambled letters is 4. Just how many words can be made with nothing???



How / where are the other letters that EVERY ONE else has access to????

This is very frustrating and not fun at all. Think I will wait for my daily Wordle.


everything is a letter. EVERYTHING.

No it isn't!

What does that even mean???

20 is not a letter! That is how many words I have found with N O T H I N G. What is the point?

The letters on your keyboard don't count. Hey, those are letters too. So not EVERYTHING!


staring intently into my screen wishing for the letter S so I can combine it with H I T. One of the words I found in N O T H I N G. Now that is a word.

I did find that the word

HOT deposited a thermometer on the right side of the game. Apparently this can be used with I N G and THIS is considered a word. Then n o t h i n g!

No more extra letters to make "words".

jF January 22, 2022 7:41 PM replied to 4red3s

Certain words create things. The things that are created can be used as letters. For example, that thermometer you found…

…works as the letter L. Try combining it…

…with the letters H, I, and T and see if you can create something else useful!


Found some comments from the developer, who says that the words may be from 3 to 9 characters in length, and are all found in the official Scrabble dictionary. And the game can be won in as little as five moves (I won after way more than that!).


I had 800+ words before

I got the letter V

but never did get all the letters. Also had a little trouble

with one of the the musical notes working for me. The 'd' and the double notes were good, but the other single note which I thought was an 'f' didn't work. Either that, or I had the letter wrong.

Otherwise, a clever, terrific game! In other words -- I spent way too much time engrossed in it before I realized how much time had elapsed.


All I can say is ...


What beautiful mind did this?

It's going to take me weeks to play this.

Thank you!


I think you were on the right path, jcfclark.

Those musical notes all correspond to letters.  The half note is a D, the eighth note is an F, the two beamed notes are N, and the three beamed notes are M.  There is also another thing from the world of music to find.

A flat symbol representing the letter B is also in there, but is triggered separately.

4red3s January 23, 2022 12:36 PM replied to chrpa

I did that. OMG

Thank you. What a good laugh I had this morning!!


Thanks, jF. So then, for some reason,

the F (and sometime the N) wasn't working for me.

Probably my PC -- it gets glitchy sometimes.

Have returned for another bout with the game today and will see if the same problem occurs. As for "winning the game in as little as five moves" I don't know ... already I'm at 100 and counting with a minimal amount of letters. I may be 'Starting with Nothing' for weeks to come ;)

4red3s January 23, 2022 8:12 PM replied to chrpa

It was so hard for me to wrap my brain around how starting with nothing worked. But the moment I did ... the fun began.

It helps to understand what EVERYTHING means AND the fact that you use the mouse to move stuff around in the game area.

There are certain "trigger" words that will deposit a "thing" in the game screen. To get you started:

My first "trigger" word was

hot - which gave me a "thing"


which is a long vertical shaped thing like the letter "L" lower case.

Now you have an extra letter to make more words out of n o t h i n g. l (thermometer)o n g gives word (long) and quite a few other words. The hard part is figuring out and remembering what "letter" a "thing" represents.

I found 41 "things" - I had help. This is a good group game. Walk away and come back game. I've never seen anything like this. What a joy.


One thing I did notice about the game was that you had to be careful about what was around the word you were spelling. For example, if you were going to take the word "flea", remove the F, and add D to make "lead", you had to make darned sure the F was well out of the way. If it was still close, the game thought you were still using it to spell something.

I found it helped to move all the letters out to the periphery of the game frame, and move them to the middle when spelling things. A bit more effort, of course, but it made things a little easier to manage and visualize.

I wish the developer would revisit this game and change it over to a typed entry method (sorta like how Text Twist works) instead of mousing. It would also be fun to see more and new animations and objects. (Mind you, I think this was impressive as hell for a game made in just 72 hours.)

jF January 23, 2022 8:51 PM replied to 4red3s

That was my "trigger word" too, 4red3s. But it took me forever to figure out what letter the resulting symbol was. As far as remembering what was what, I resorted to sorting all the symbols alphabetically, putting A-L on the left side of the game frame and M-Z on the right. I found that made it a little easier to see if I had a letter for something I wanted to spell.


One other cool thing not mentioned:

Create the word "show"

4red3s January 23, 2022 9:44 PM replied to jF

I did the same thing too. I attempted to sort the "things" on one side and
n o t h i n g on the other. The most difficult part was figuring out what letter a "thing" represented. And then realizing that sometimes a "thing" didn't always work as the letter it represented at least in a particular position was kind of weird.

What a glorious challenge all the same.


LOL—that was cool!  I was a tad disappointed that "disco" didn't produce anything!

Noticed something interesting.  If you spell a certain word in singular form, you don't get as much from it as you do by making it plural…

…"note" only gives you a half note (D) and sixteenth note (F).  But as the plural "notes", you also get the beamed notes corresponding to N and M.

kksl1der20 January 24, 2022 3:12 PM

When you line the letters up, they pulse, even if it's not a word. It helps to tell when other unwanted letters are interfering in your word (except it doesn't work with the black letters like the music notes).

I got

night - C
coin - S
cog - O
hot - L
school - 2xL, V
tool - R, T
thong - Y
victory - you win

and a nice blue background from 'cool' and 'cold'


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