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Weekday Puzzle N°33

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Welcome to Weekday Puzzle!

In unique platformer by mmatt_ugh is only one key needed and you can still jump a lot. Then comes an interactive fiction by Fulmen where your heroes stand against a bunch of zombies and without your wise leadership they wouldn't survive - well sometimes they don't but you tried, the game has multiple endings. In soft horror point'n'click game by WinRawr you are to discover a dark company secret and can play with time and consequences of your actions in time.

Have a good time and enjoy!



Platformers tend to have a bit complicated controls. Not the one by mmatt_ugh - you need just one key to move around. You have to to push it quite frequently but still, it's one finger you need to get through 18 levels.
Controlled by Space bar. Autosave. 18 levels,

9pm (Fulmen)


In Fulmen's interactive fiction you find yourself trapped in the lab you work at - together with a bunch of zombies! What now? You decide...for each step you get two or three options and your choices will affect your future and the fate of your fellow heroes. Survive...or don't!
Controlled by a mouse. 14 endings.

A Day in the Office


It's your first day in the new job and right from the beginning you can see that the company is a bit strange. The answers to your questions are vague and your collegues don't seem to be comfortable with them, but you need to know what's going on! WinRawr's point'n'click horror adventure doesn't take long after you figure out the mechanism of the game; it takes a while to do so, though, and it's fun!
Controlled by a mouse.


a day in the office and mole were both really fun! for mole, i love timing platformers with limited controls. the controls were smooth and nothing seemed ridiculously hard -- the challenge level increased gradually :)


A Day in the Office Walkthrough

Start in a dark office. The door behind you is locked. Walk to the right. There's a bulletin board, but it's too dark to read. Keep walking to the right and go through the door at the end.

Main Office

Another dark room. Walk towards the cubicles.

You're frozen. A tall nightmare-like creature begins moving towards you. Just as you think it's upon you, the lights flick on. Turns out it was just your new boss, Mr. Clockhart! Silly you.

He recommends you get to know your coworkers. You have to wait for him to walk away before you do so.

There are three people in the office: Simone, a grumpy guy, and the elevator technician.

Simone welcomes you to ask any questions you might have. If you ask, she'll tell you the office is open Monday through Thursday, and closed Friday. Also, Thursday is potluck day! If you question the boss' appearance she scolds you.

Grumpy Guy won't talk to you because it's Monday.

Further to the right, the elevator is out of commission. The technician says he needs a soldering iron, but the part comes in on Tuesday and he's off the rest of the week. Oh, well.

Head back through the door you came in.

Clockhart's Office

If you talk to Clockhart, he'll tell you the company mission statement: "By solving our clients' past problems, we ensure that future ones don't occur."

He also recommends you look at the calendar if you're unsure of the date.

Click on the bulletin board. It shows Monday through Friday, with a pin on the current date. But... huh. There's no Saturday or Sunday. Maybe Clockhart can explain.

Turns out he implemented a four day work week to increase "employee morale and productivity". However, it was cutting into profits so he just took away the weekends. Smart!

Since there's nothing else to do today and the door on the left is still locked, maybe you should look at the calendar again. Hey, look, that pin is interactive...

Put the pin on Tuesday. Exit the bulletin board and go to the main office.

Tuesday, Main Office

There's a box! Didn't someone mention a package getting delivered to the office...?

Open it and take the soldering iron.

Go right. Dang, it looks hot out today.

Grumpy Guy lives up to his name. He won't talk until he gets some water.

Simone says there used to be a water cooler in the office, but it spilled and some of the computers actually exploded.

The technician is gone. Exit to the left again.

Tuesday, Clockhart's Office

Clockhart mentions the water cooler incident again. Guess he really was mad.

Click the bulletin board and move the pin to Thursday. Go to the main office.

Thursday, Main Office

It's potluck day! Check out that spread!

And grab the empty water bottles on the table while you're at it.

There's no real need to talk to anyone today.

Go to Clockhart's office, click through his dialogue, and open the bulletin board again. Put the pin on Wednesday. Exit to the right.

Wednesday, Main Office

Oh jeez, it's dark again. Looks like the storm knocked out the power. And the windows are open! Aren't they worried about exploding computers?!

Simone is in the dark by herself. She says everyone else went home, but she stayed to listen to the rain. She also mentions she used to drink rainwater as a kid. Speaking of drinking...

Click the empty bottles in your inventory, and then a window. You now have full water bottles!

Go back to Clockhart's office. Click through dialogue again. Click bulletin board, put the pin on Monday. Exit to the right.

Monday, Main Office

Walk to the elevator.

Click the soldering iron, then the technician. He thanks you, and mentions the job should be completed Friday.

Go back to Clockhart's office. Bulletin board, pin to Tuesday. Exit right.

Tuesday, Main Office

Walk to Grumpy Guy's cubicle.

Click the water bottles, then Grumpy Guy.

He takes one, and as thanks he lets you in on a Chronos Inc. company secret: for some reason, there haven't been any clients for awhile. Yet somehow they're still getting paid. He also mentions he'll be resigning on Friday. For more info on Chronos Inc., he tells you to talk to Simone.

You ask Simone about the clients. She asks if you can talk about it later, alone.

Clockhart's office, bulletin board, pin on Wednesday. Exit right.

Wednesday, Main Office

Talk to Simone.

She fills you in on the weirdness around the office. She knows time is passing, but she also can't remember anything besides being at work. She snooped around Clockhart's office and found a distressing news article. She hands the newspaper to you.

Click on the newspaper in your inventory. Apparently on May 27th, Chronos Inc. went bankrupt, and then all 87 employees vanished.

With this distressing news in mind, go back to Clockhart's office. Click the bulletin board.

According to the calendar, months have passed. Put the pin on Friday. Exit to the right.

Friday, Main Office

Everyone is off today, so the office is empty and dark. Go to the elevator.

Click the keypad. Input the passcode.

Hint: time is key in this game. Can you think of any important dates?

The newspaper mentions May 27th.

The code is 0527.

The elevator is unlocked. Click on it. Say yes.

Friday, ?????

You exit the elevator into some sort of unfinished room. There are wires hanging everywhere. Go right.

You come across some damaged equipment. Keep going.

Oh, god, is that -- Grumpy? Crap, it is. Looks like his exit interview didn't go so well.

Click on him.

He's been seriously beaten up. You find his two weeks' notice. You read it, and then turn it over: "I SEE YOU" is written in blood.

Click away from the notice.

Clockhart is here.

He rants about his company, and then goes for the kill. Oh god, is there anything you can do?!

There is. Click the water bottle, then the damaged equipment.

Clockhart is electrocuted, the screen whites out, and Clockhart, Grumpy's body, and the equipment are gone. You're alone.

Go left, exit through the elevator.

?????, Main Office

You're back in the office. It's covered in cobwebs. Go left.

There's another dead body. The name tag says Simone.

Go left. Exit through the door.

?????, Clockhart's Office

The room is dark. You're alone. There's nothing to do but keep walking. Go left, exit through the door.

You survived.


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