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Weekday Puzzle N°2

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The second Weekday Puzzle is here! Puzzle games at the beginning are shorter and easier, the last not so much. Taka wants you to open many doors, Great Cthulu Feydkin to break free from as many boxes as possible, and with Sarameya, you return to opening doors, cunningly coded (thinking out of the box is just a basic requirement). In bonus game by Milky Way you open doors on time!


Have a good time and enjoy!

Door Labyrinth

2021-01-16 (6).png

2021-01-16 (9).png

In Taka's cute and brisk game you are a blob, and your target is to get through a 'maze' and reach the red flag in each level. In beginning levels you just need to open the correct doors to create a corridor to the flag - not necessarily all doors - and in later step switches and avoid laser beams. Your reward is an orange! What a happy blob you are!

To move use cursor keys, to reset a level Q key. No save.


2021-01-17.png 2021-01-17 (3).png

Great Old One, Cthulu, unfathomably terrifying, is not amused. They imprisoned HIM! Trapped in a tight monster-hunter's-box he can't move! However, his mighty tentacles can grow and break his prison, again and again. Monster's hunter apparently underestimated the situation.Game is by Feydkin (programming) and Jaylus (art).

To grow tentacles use cursor key, to reset click the reset button. No save but you can skip any level by clicking the lowest button. The game has 76 levels. Atmospheric music and sound effects can be switched off.


2021-01-16 (16).png 2021-01-16 (17).png

This Sarameya's game is really tough though their games were never on an easy side. As the name suggests you need to open ten doors and how the door numbers increase, difficulty as well. Notice, that you can return to previous rooms by clicking their number above the game screen...and that some rooms maybe changed since you left them.

Controlled by mouse only. No save.

2021-01-19 (3).pngBonus game: Unlock by Milky Way is an unlocking action game - in a short time limit you need to open as many doors as you can using tools you get at the beginning. Some doors can be opened by your hand. It's fun and surprisingly, kind of relaxing.


Lida Kieu January 21, 2021 3:46 AM

Try out candy crush saga puzzles. It's as interesting as your game


Door Labrinth was fun, and brief!


Weekday Escape N°286 reminded me that there's an escape game in here. I had to read loads of hints to get through, so if you solve these completely by yourself it's an accomplishment.


Room 1: Tree

The door lock suggests that you need to copy symbols from six leaves. Curiously, there are six flowers below, out of all those lines…

Lines = leaves. You'll notice that the tallest lines (from left to right) match the leaves along the outside (clockwise from red). The next shorter lines match the next ring of leaves, and so on.

Which means that the code is

| X V X = +

Room 2: Cat

Possibly the easiest room of the lot! You just need to find three letters, and

one of them is a combination of pink and light blue.


The cat tails (in the order shown on the buttons) spell out

Room 3: Fish

Just like the previous room, this puzzle requires you to pay attention to those pastel colors.

The door puzzle needs six numbers, so you should look at six specific fish. Each fish gives a number.

Read the six light-blue fish (that match the door buttons), from head to tail. To start you off: the first one is Ⅲ.

That gives you the code


Room 4: Vine

Don't get too obsessed with what's on top.

The floor tiles read 8698, which tells you which leaves to look at.


The 8th, 6th, 9th, 8th leaves on each vine are darker on the RRLL sides.

Click the 1st and 2nd buttons to flip them. (Okay, this is the easiest room.)

Room 5: Birds

Looks simple. We have colored birds, a compass rose, and wavy tags on some of the birds.

The first step is direct:

The tagged birds face right, up, down, left, and on the compass those would be
East North South West

But that isn't enough to unlock the door, so there must be more to this.

All four green birds face right (East), and all five orange birds face away (North)…

So not only must each tagged bird represent a letter, it turns out that each individual bird on the line represents a letter!


Take the first letter of East, the first of North, the fourth of South, and the last of West.

Room 6: Flower

This room is insanely difficult, but at least there's lovely wallpaper to stare at all the time.

There are two main challenges in the puzzle, and knowing each one may help you guess the other.

Six of the flowers are different from the others.

Half the puzzle is figuring out which six:

Only six flowers have a stamen pointing to the right.

And the other half is figuring out how to get letters from them.

You can't really get letters, but you can get numbers.

And since the buttons have a segmented display, there are letters which look like those numbers.

But only if you read upside-down.


Those six flowers, from left to right, have
1 3 7 4 3 5 stamina.
Turn each digit upside-down to get
I E L h E S

Room 7: Balloon

After dealing with all those fish, this puzzle isn't really going to stump you.

The balloons of each color spell out a number.

But there is a question of what order the digits should come in.

The cat is a clue.

Back in room 2 (you can teleport there using the numbers at the top) the cats have pink, light-blue, yellow, purple eyes.

Which means the code is


Room 8: Mushroom

There's not much to see here until you turn off the lights.

Doing so affects all the rooms.

The glowing objects in rooms 1, 3, 7 spell I X X.

So the mushrooms should read

That doesn't really make any sense. Perhaps you should brush up on those Roman numerals.

This is the left side of an equation, which means some of those X's might be ×s.

Now, −× is forbidden in arithmetic (no expression ends with - or starts with ×), so that first X is really an X. On the other hand, IXV and IXI are forbidden in roman numerals (because Ⅸ+Ⅴ=ⅩⅣ and Ⅸ+Ⅰ=Ⅹ), so those last two occurrences must be multiplication signs.


equals, in good ol' decimal,
and if you remember that multiplication is done first:
1000−234 = 766

Room 9: Butterfly

Back to easy puzzles. The symbols you need to enter are already on the butterflies, you just need to know which ones to look at.

See that broken lightbulb on the floor? Just go back to room 8 and turn the lights off before you come back.

There, no sweat at all.

Teardrops, arrows, diamonds.

Room 2: Door

The top row of numbers looks okay, so you know Sarameya didn't just join one of the 10 types of people who can't count.

Anyway, ignoring the blue ampersand and the red not-ampersand scribbled on the wall, the other ten drawings are things you've seen before.

But you'll only need one letter from each thing.

If you've noticed the trend in room names, you may have guessed that the letter is chosen by the room number.

For example, Cat is room 2, so take the second letter of Cat.

This gives you the code


The panel comes off and the door is still locked. There's no code panel remaining on the door, but if you experiment a bit you'll find that

the previous doors can now be closed.

There are 10, I mean 2, ways to solve this. The way I first solved it by accident is a loose reading of the previous code:

To unlock the door, you'll need to produce a NOR pattern.

You can interpret NOR(a,b) as "Not (a or b)". If you only had two doors (a, and b) then you should close both. Since you have ten doors, you should close all of them.

But to understand the puzzle, you should examine the panel.

The panel shows different logic gates. The last door is an OR gate with two inputs.

Which doors control these inputs?

They are the ones with NOR gates drawn on them. If you close one of them, one light on the last door turns red. If you close both, the lock is deactivated.

So the technically correct answer to this puzzle is

to close doors 4 and 6.

Congratulations! You've beat the 10 rooms.


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