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Weekday Escape N°375

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Hi! Weekday Escape and Weekday Puzzle are here!

Besides the bigger escape (three rooms!) by tomoLaSiDo we have two 3D games - a short story by wanco about a naughty dog and a small adventure game by blackgobygames. Then we have two puzzle games - an idle cute clicker by kindanice and an excellent puzzle platformer by Robert Alvarez (rob 1221).

Have a good time and enjoy!

Escape Challenge 180: Room with Dorayaki

doryaKI.pngTomoLaSiDo prepared a bigger portion of puzzles than usual - the apartment you are in has three rooms besides the toilet and that means three times more puzzles - great! The goal is to leave the apartment of course and you can take one dorayaki with you.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

Escape of Naughty Dog


3D escape by wanco tells the story of a (very) naughty dog and his attempts to get out of the apartment. You have to think for the dog and also take into account that he can only take objects in his mouth - he doesn't have little hands, right? Under your guidance he is obedient and will do whatever you want. Don't mind the disaster that remains in the apartment. After all, what do you expect from a naughty dog who was left alone.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, three endings. The game saves before the end so you don't have to repeat the whole game to get to different endings.

Serpent's Island


This short 3D game from blackgobygames is in the style of an Indiana Jones adventure, and your mission is to get away from an island full of snakes - thankfully inoffensive - where there are the remains of an ancient civilisation.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.


ufo.pngIn the clicker game by kindanice you need to kidnap as many people as possible (for research purposes of course). Actually all the people in the area. There are a lot of them and new ones keep coming but as the number of people you kidnap grows you can get different upgrades. Can you win?
Controlled with mouse, no save option, one ending.



This game by Robert Alvarez (rob 1221) is not demanding on speed or skill, but requires you to think in combinations. The blocks you have available have different shapes and to exit you need to transport only one. But you can't do that without the blocks working together and you need to figure out how to use their shapes.
Controlled with WASD/Arrow keys, X/Space bar to switch, R to restart, autosave, 24 levels.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


UFO Clicker is actually quite easy and quick:

Just purchase one—and only one—of each thing as soon as you can afford it. Otherwise, just wait and let the game handle things itself. With minimal interaction, I got a time around 22 minutes.

The only thing that sucks is that the game is aware of window focus, and halts operation when it doesn't have focus. So unless you know a trick or two (😉), you actually have to be watching the game for it to progress.


Escape Of Naughty Dog is adorable!

The weight atop the chair is tricky, but the clues are in plain sight.

Note the chew marks—our schnauzer has been busy! A few more chews, and that chair will surely fall.

More importantly, note the chew marks on the table legs.

The table legs give us a sequence, if you understand how to see it.

Consider each visible face of each leg to be a different number. We see that the left leg has three chew marks. The front/middle leg has a single chew mark on one face of the leg, and four marks on the other. And the right leg has two marks. This gives us the numbers 1 through 4.

These numbers give us a sequence of legs: front/middle, right, left, front/middle.

Let's have the dog chew this pattern on the chair! Chew the front/middle leg, the rightmost leg, the leftmost leg, and again the front/middle. Over it goes! Pick up the weight, and take it with you.

And as we discover from the note inside the credenza…

Our little dog is named Shuna (or using the cutesy version here, Shuna-chan). 🙂


Wow, the last puzzle of Escape Of Naughty Dog is tough!

Note the wood box sitting in the floor to the left of the credenza. It has five round pits for something.

As we explore, we come across curiously round dog toys.

To the right of the credenza is a blue basket of toys. After discovering how to turn it over, we find a blue elephant, a green frog, and a yellow duck.

After figuring out how to open the recycle bins in the kitchen, we find a yellow bear in the largest bin.

We can take all these toys to the wood board and drop them into the pits. But how do we find the order?

The clue we need is found when our naughty dog gets onto the kitchen counter.

Click on the green recycle bin, and our dog will climb the bins to get up there.

Translating the Japanese reveals that this is an information sheet for garbage collection/recycling in the Nishi Ward of Inuko City. The sheet shows what types of garbage are collected on each weekday. None of this information is important, but the pictures of the collected garbage is!

Let's look first at Monday, which is the Japanese character 月. The pictures of garbage collected on that day show a very distinct red package with yellow characters. Have we seen that package elsewhere?

Why, yes we have! There's a package just like it in the largest recycle bin. So what's intriguing about those bins?

The bins seem to be color-coded. From smallest to largest, the bins are green, blue, and yellow. Is there a hint there?

Of course, there's a hint! Since we found that red package in the large bin, it must be associated with the color yellow.

So Monday must be associated with yellow.

Okay, so now that we have that one, what about Tuesday (火)? We see that illustration is of PET bottles.

This one's easy. The middle bin contains a number of PET bottles. And this bin is blue. So Tuesday must correspond to blue.

So now we're to Wednesday (水). This one shows cardboard boxes, bundled newspaper, and clothing.

Hmmm—we don't seem to have anything like that in the bins. So let's skip it!

On Thursday (木), we see that they are picking up the same things as they do on Monday. Sure enough, there's that distinctive red package in the illustration. So Thursday must also be associated with yellow.

The last pickup day is Friday (金). Here, we see cans and bottles.

Another easy one! The left bin contains beer cans. (A lot of beer cans—are we really sure our doggy caused her to fall off that chair? 🤔) The left bin is green, so Friday must be associated with green.

Wow, that's a lot of things to associate! Here's what we've come up with:

     Monday = Yellow
     Tuesday = Blue
     Wednesday = (Nothing?)
     Thursday = Yellow
     Friday = Green

Now we have to make another association. We have five days' worth of (or lack of) colors. Might this information be useful somewhere else?

Hey, we have colors of yellow, blue, yellow, and green. That matches those toys we've been finding!

Something else to note—we only have found four toys. So maybe that's all we're supposed to be concerned with.

Perhaps the missing color for Wednesday means we skip that. So it could represent a yellow toy, a blue toy, no toy, a yellow toy, and a green toy.

We must be on to something here! Let's revisit that wood board with the five pits.

The red and blue dots look suspiciously like the days Sunday and Saturday on that collection/recycling sheet. So maybe the pits in between them represent the weekdays.

Now that pattern makes sense! We need to place the toys in the pits in the order we've struggled to decipher. We can start with the blue and green toys, since we know those go in the pits representing Tuesday and Friday. As the middle pit won't have a toy, it's not hard to figure out the placement of the two yellow toys.

You can easily find that placement, but it's the bear in the Monday pit, and the duck in the Thursday pit.

Finally, we open that box and get the item inside!

I'm dying of curiosity—anybody know what the red package with yellow print in the largest recycle bin was? Google Translate can't pick the characters clearly enough to make it out.  ☹️


The three endings of Escape Of Naughty Dog are kinda anticlimactic after everything else in the game:

The endings are determined by whether Shuna-chan has urinated on the floor, defecated on the floor, or done neither. The endings are easy enough to trigger—just click the white button on the end screen to return to the game, and do an impossible action which makes Shuna-chan frustrated. I clicked on the table with the remote control and beer can until she did a "bad" action to get the two "bad" endings. For the "good" ending…

…just take her immediately to the sensor door as soon as you have the sensor key from the wood box.

Cute game—I hope we get a whole series of similar pet games from Wanco!


Oh man, tomoLaSiDo making us hungry again…  😋


Escape Challenge 180: Room With Dorayaki is certainly one of the weirder ones tomoLaSiDo has done. Certainly was not expecting…

…to be time-traveling on a toilet!



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