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Weekday Escape N°325

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Hi, the week is over and the newest Weekday Escape here!

This week we have two Amajeto's games and both are very nice and satisfying. Good and intuitive puzzles, reasonable lenght and georgeous graphics. Then comes tomoLaSiDo with their living room where you need to solve few puzzles and collect two torsos, and the last is nullelement's surreal and strange game - maybe not for everybody but definitely original.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Winter Win


Christmas decoration aren't cleaned up yet - though a box for them is ready in the attics - and Amajeto decided to take advantage of it one more time and clues for some puzzles created with a help of Xmas decorations. This one is a good one, again, and hopefully they will stick with their new graphics style - it's really eye pleasing.
The cursor isn't changing, save option, one ending.

Sweet Winter


We've got one more escape by Amajeto (yay!), still wintery, with a lot of sweets we feel we need to keep ourselves warm. No tiles this time, you are supposed to collect candies and you need twelve of them to get the key from yard gate and leave a house where you were imprisoned - it was quite a nice prison, though.
The cursor isn't changing, save option, one ending.

Escape Challenge 153: Room with a Torso

torso.pngThis tomoLaSiDo's escape is good with nice puzzles with one exeption. I wasn't able to find a hint for the puzzle with two fighters and therefore watched two walkthroughs on YT which does show a solution but doesn't explain. So, if you get stuck on this puzzle look for a walkthrough. If you figure it out by yourself, leave a comment please. I'd like to know.
The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

Coming Home (The Toki Ponist on the Mountain)


Last week we had a black'n'white eerie game by nullelement and this week we've got another one. This game's style is again surreal and original, though the theme is more serious and not a kids play. Puzzles do have logic. It's their own logic, though, and you may or may not resonate with it...
The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending. Playing the game enlarged on the full screen is recommended (the icon in the lower right corner).

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


…And I definitely do not resonate with Coming Home: The Toki Ponist On The Mountain.  Even after consulting a cheat sheet on the constructed (made-up) Toki Pona language and what appears to be the developer's own commentated walkthrough, I'm still unable to make any sense of things.  Assuming this is indeed the developer's own video, he's talking about numbers in base 12 tied to the Dewey Decimal system, and glyphs whose usage is never quite explained.  Perhaps I'm being overly harsh with my opinion here, but I really don't find this to be good game design.

Happy that I chose to do this one first.  Now I can move on to a tomoLaSiDo and a couple of Amajetos—those are always fun, well-crafted, and wonderfully satisfying.  🙂


No clue on the fighters puzzle in Escape Challenge 153: Room with a Torso, chrpa. I thought it might be one of those puzzles where you have to construct a scene (kinda like you have the individual panels of a comic strip and must put them in the logical sequence). There might be a cultural aspect we're missing. That large character under the O/X puzzle might also be a clue, but Google Translate can't "see" enough of it to translate.

I'm also intrigued to know how you figure this out. For anyone who doesn't want to bother, the solution is:

4—2—5—1—3, with the buttons numbered 1–5 from left to right. This corresponds to flash, helmet flying off, Japanese character, dash, ellipsis.


Amajeto pulled a sneaky trick on us with Sweet Winter!  If you are stuck with solutions but no puzzles to use them on…

…check the door.  For a change, the door to the outside has been simply left unlocked!



I must be getting stupid. I cannot see the logic or reason on the O X puzzle. Even when I consulted a video walk through, it makes no sense at all.

jF January 19, 2022 11:25 PM replied to 4red3s

The O/X puzzle is actually quite simple—don't overthink it.

There are two pictures associated with this puzzle, and you've already seen one.

The first picture is the figurine with the sharkskin top and tiger skin bottom. The picture is displayed on the front of the machine, and you've probably already seen it in your inventory and elsewhere.

The second picture is seen only once you begin the O/X puzzle. It's an athlete in a bright orange loincloth.

With each turn, the device shows you an image in the window. That image must match something.

The image in the window may or may not match the picture of the figurine on the device.

The image in the window is a zoomed-in portion of one of those two pictures, either the figurine or the athlete.

You need to select O if the image matches the figurine, or X if it doesn't (and therefore matches the athlete). After six correct responses, the device will reward you with the key ball.

stuckinabasement January 21, 2022 10:27 AM replied to jF

Thanks, jF... I overthought.

As for the 4-digit code, I underthought. Had to resort to a walkthrough. When I saw the solution, I felt that the clue was so subtle, I would never have figured it out without help.


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