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Weekday Escape N°318

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Hi, the new Weekday Escape is here!

With Selfdefiant you visit shortly Colorado and Connecticut, and then comes Amajeto with their latest game in a new style - it's bigger and more attractive with more complicated puzzles. Then you find yourself imprisoned in a house with two cute penguins in Detarame Factory's escape and then in tomolaSiDo's room. Bonus game by Tiberina is clever and original, with a small language barrier explained in the description.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Hooda Escape Colorado 2022


Hooda Escape Connecticut 2022


During a short visit of Colorado Selfdefiant wants you to find three arrowheads - if you get them, you get back the key from your SUV. What a good deal!

In Connecticut the dev wants you to get a slice of pizza - the best pizza in the state they say - and only then you can get aboard aboat and head for Delaware!

The cursor is changing, autosave, one ending.



Amajeto's rainy november escape is a good one. Their games are getting longer, there are more locations to explore and the puzzles are more cunning - to find all hints in this one and deduce from them a solution is more difficult then before. Enjoy!
The cursor isn't changing, save option, one ending.

Penpen House3

penpen1.png penpen2.png penpen3.png

In Detarame Factory's Penpen house live two cute penguins now and both do the same cute sounds - penpen, penpen! Here is a translation: "We won't let you go until you give us two fish shaped waffles!". Making the waffles is the last task, though. You need to find another items first, then open the kitchen, make a waffle batter...much to do before you get the green key from the green door!
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

Escape Challenge 149: Room with a Handrail

rails1.pngAnother cunning game by tomoLaSiDo wants you to get seven parts of handrail. Most of them you can see but not take because they are screwed to the room's walls or furniture - and for the first time (as far as I remember) you need to find a basic item in escape games - a screwdriver! With it the game turns into a much easier one.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

space.pngBonus game by Tiberina is a very good game, unfortunately with a language barrier. In Space Escape you run across two texts in Japanese and you need to understand them. The first text - red - in the book from Neptun room says: "There is a key to the moon beyond the four suns and the five reds". The second text - green - on the picture in Mercury room (you need to activate the picture first) says: "Escape from the celestial body closest to the Earth". With the two hints you should get through easily.
The game has three endings - bad, good and the best. Notice, that for the best ending you have to play the bad ending first because you get a hint there.

The game has a save option as all games published on Dasshutsu site - once I described how to save games there but I don't remember when and where, so once again - to save your progress, click the button in the lower right corner of the gamescreen. A menu appears and you click the first upper button, then ok. To get back to the game, click the last (lowest) button. To restore a game, refresh and push the second upper button.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Small bug in Hooda Escape Connecticut 2022—the navigation arrow to the playground scene disappears when you come out of the pizza parlor. Just go one scene down and back up to make the arrow return—the game can still be completed.


Got a bit of a cooking lesson from Penpen House 3. Had never heard of "weak wheat flour", but apparently it's a type of flour low in gluten (as opposed to bread flour, which is high in gluten and "hard").

Curious about what was in the blue/purple tube, though. Those Japanese fish-shaped treats are taiyaki and I'm guessing the tube was anko, a sweet filling made of red beans that is usually inside them. But Google Translate couldn't figure out the Japanese characters on the tube, apart from something mildly obscene… 🤭



The four-digit wall cabinet in Escape Challenge 149: Room With A Handrail is going to be unfair for some players:

You'll need to really zoom in to make out the thickness of the grey lines around the numbers, as well as the fact that there are two second hands on the clock.

And that last puzzle—wow. Had to consult a walkthrough for that one, as it puts together three things which I'd never in a million years have connected. Not like tomoLaSiDo to use something so cryptic…


Saved the best for last—I just love Amajeto games!

And boy, that was different. Red herrings in multiple places, clues like I've never seen Amajeto use before, and even some puzzles which will have you standing on your head.  🙃

Love the rain effect! (Although I'm still wondering what that is that flits across the top of each exterior scene as you navigate.) I do like that it's still quite minimalist—the rain is the only sound throughout the game, and it's soooooo soothing. I hope Amajeto continues to do these "mood pieces" like this one and the Halloween one. The ambience is awesome!

(Only one problem now—how do I get that damned Guns ’N Roses song out of my head?  🤘😝🤘)



That was impossible. I gave up. Even after checking a video I still could not get the spinny thing.


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