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Hi! It's Wednesday again and the latest Weekday Escape is here!

The situation about new games sadly haven't changed and only two new games were released in the last week - standard tomoLaSiDo's room where you look for pestles (apart from the capsules with key parts) and very good (and quite long) Kamonosoukutsu's chotto escape featuring cute animals. No pandas, though. Pandas can be rescued in retro game by Vitamin Hana and the change on their faces after you liberate them is really fun! Bonus game by chibikone is a standard escape.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Escape Challenge 144: Room with Pestles


This tomoLaSiDo's escape is suspiciously easy - just ignore the texts in Japanese unless you understand them. It wouldn't be tomoLaSiDo if there weren't one hint (at least) for one code a bit difficult to find (not to understand)...not impossible, though. For perfect ending with red ribbon you need to get six pestles.
The cursor isn't changing, save option, one ending.

Chotto Escape 015 - Secret Maneuver of a Mouse

mouse2.png mouse1.png

The last Chotto Escape (at the moment) was released some time ago for Android users, but only now Kamonosoukutsu transferred it to pc. It's cute, clever and fun, and quite long with many puzzles. A joy to play (if you don't mind sweet games). Notice, that the name of the game is a hint for finding one location...
The cursor isn't changing, save option, one ending.

Notice, that (most of) Kamonosoukutsu's games are still playable.

Free the Pandas!

pandas1.png pandas2.png

Vitamin Hana's cute pandas are sadly sitting in their cages, patiently waiting for rescue to arrive. And here you are! Without a file or hecksaw but with all your wits and that's not a small thing! You need to solve few puzzles to open the cages and their broad grateful smile is your reward. Also, you don't leave any mess behind you this time, just three pandas cuddling with Hana.
The cursor is changing, no save button, one ending.

chibi.pngBonus game: Escape from a Locked Room by chibikone is a short and nice escape - unfortunately, with a lot of text. You don't need to read it, just click it away, but the playing is less comfortable and leaves questions in players. No, you really don't need to understand and the game can be easily finished without understanding.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


So strange to have a tomoLaSiDo game without bathroom graffiti! I do like the new focus on observation—took me a minute to notice

the change of the sprocket bar when flushing the toilet a second time.

Caught the other clue nearby right away, though. Nice!


If you get stuck on Chotto Escape 015, you might be overlooking two puzzles in plain view. In the opening scene, the cabinet on the right has two levels of puzzles. Felt quite silly when I realized I had simply missed them in the busy scenery. Fun game, though!

On Escape From A Locked Room, be sure to zoom in on items in your inventory. One of the clues you receive is easy to misread!

Specifically, the number 5 looked like a 6 for me when the symbols/numbers clue was sitting in the inventory. Zooming in made it clear.



I'm stuck.

I have gotten all three keys.
I have looked at them in my inventory and have the shapes.
I have the clue with the three colors that I assume are the order to use the shapes in a puzzle I cannot find.
I also have a clue with the shapes and assigned numbers for another puzzle I cannot find.
The only puzzle is one that appears to need text that is typed in. For a password perhaps?

I answered my own question.

Indeed the last puzzle uses everything in your inventory.
The three keys give you the shapes.
The clue with the colors give you the order.
The clue with the shapes assigned numbers and the color order give you a three digit number to type in the text field.

Very simple and cute little game.

Patreon Donator operagypsy September 17, 2021 3:01 PM replied to jF

Tomolasido does, in fact, have bathroom graffiti; you just have to click on the right place (the toilet seat lid)


Ah, missed a hot spot! 😄


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