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Weekday Escape N°294

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Another week is over, another Weekday Escape is here!

Amajeto continues in their trend of several scenes' games - this one consists of stylish one-scene rooms and you are supposed to find eight tiles there to get the key. Jim-Ar's miniature offers few quality puzzles, and tomoLaSiDo's escape is on a bit easier side this time - not a slightest language barrier. Neat Escape's latest escape is quite long and if you play the second ending, definitely longer than their standard. Very nice from them! Bonus game by Selfdefiant.

Have a good time and enjoy!

4 Colors Room


We've got five scenes game from Amajeto this week. Stylish and colorful, with many little drawers hiding secrets and many puzzles which we are used to - you know what I mean, four letters/symbols/colors codes. Good solid game, again.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

Miniature6 - door to countryside


Jim-Ar's mini escape may have only few puzzles but also may keep players busy for some time. They are clever as all previous games. Pleasure to play.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

Escape Challenge 134: Room with the Big Strawberry


You are supposed to get two strawberries to fulfill the game's objectives. Not find them, considering the size they can't be overlooked, but figure out the way how to reach them. It's possible to leave tomoLaSiDo's room with one strawberry only (big enough to feed a family) since the key is complete while the second one is still stuck at its place. The last optional puzzle is complex and doable, and when you solve it, the effect is entertaining.

The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

Trapped Friends

friend1.pngIn the latest Neat Escape's game are the roles reversed - you aren't the unfortunate guy who ended up locked in his friend's empty house. Someone else is trapped there. You are the one who is supposed to rescue him and find the way how to open the house from outside. First you need to overcome the yard gate, and then solve several puzzles around the house and get inside. As usual, there are two endings, and as usual, both worth playing - the second ending offers new areas to explore and more good puzzles to solve. Notice, that this is a long one.

The cursor isn't changing, save option + autosave, two endings.

farm1.pngBonus game: here is the latest Selfdefiant's game in 3D: Sneaky Farm Escape 3D.

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Hi SD!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's good to see you and I look forward to playing your game.

paulmashtv April 28, 2021 10:28 AM

can't wait for these.



Does the remote ALWAYS need batteries???


Hmmm. I got the "Normal Ending" in Trapped Friends. I think I missed where the branch point was -- I gather it hinges on where you use the blue key, but I didn't see another place to try it. Will try again!

mearcstapa April 29, 2021 1:23 PM

Trapped Friends
2 Endings

Front of the House

What a lovely house! Let's take a look around. Oh, what a pretty kitty! Typical. It's ignoring me, but it seems to see something down below.
Let's look in the bushes below the kitty. Ohh! we found TRACK.

Now, if we look at the Front Gate: yup, needs a Code. Figured. With nothing else to see or do, let's turn around.

If we look at the pile on the left, it appears we're going dumpster diving. But at least it paid off! We've found a TOY to go with the TRACK! Let's close this up.

Now, if we look at the Large Objects waste area, we see a table, and some...stuff? Let's check out the table.

On the table, there is 2 bits of train track with the middle section missing. Let's fill that in with the TRACK we found. Perfect! Now add the TOY, obviously.

Awww! the kitty likes the train! But....don't we get something for this? No? Darn. What now?
As we turn around, we see the kitty has moved, and there's something on the wall! Is it a code?
Grid Puzzle

A 3 x 3 box, with A B C and D instead of numbers. But which numbers? There's a pattern.

All lines add to 15

A = 1
B = 7
C = 9
D = 2

Use the code on the Front Gate.

We're in! The Front door! Let's get him out! Oh...it's locked. Of course. What do we see here?
A Sandbox, with
An Elephant in the back left, with an X in the sand. We know what that will mean!
A very pretty Sand Castle.
And what appears to be some dirt on the wall, between the centre and right windows. We can't scrape it off, so let's leave it for now.
If we back up and look beside the door, we see a Spigot, and on the ground beside it, is a Locked Grate. Hmm. What's that above the door? A red button, way up high. There's no way we can reach that. We'll come back.
As we turn to the right, we see a Pergola and a Little Table. There's nothing on the table, so let's check out the Pergola.

What a lovely table. What's on it? A Cel Phone! Let's call our frien...why do they ALWAYS need charging?
There are Cabinets on the left and right. Let's check those out.

Opening the middle left, we can get a BUCKET. Examining the top left shows we need a puzzle piece to open it.
The right hand middle one has laptop - but we can't do anything with it. Pretty sea picture though. The Right Top also needs a puzzle piece.

Nothing else. I wonder: can we go around the house? Yes! More to explore!

What pretty flowers! What overgrown GRASS!

I notice a Grate on the wall - problably need a screwdri...it opens! Sweet! And we get PARTS! Just like the shape on the Cabinet.

More flowers ahead, with a Box hidden behind them on the ground. Darn. It's jammed. Let's look at the bench at the end of the path.

The Box on Left needs a 4 colour number code, and has a picture of a Square above it.
The Box in middle has a Tablet that shows the parts we saw on the cabinet.
The box on the right is a Puzzle Cube!

The rows don't rotate
There's 4 colours that correspond to the Box on the Left

Count the number of each coloured cube within the Cube.

Red = 6
Yellow = 4
Grey = 7
Blue = 9

Use the code on the Box on the Left: 6 4 9 7

Another PART! Nice!
Let's go back to the Cabinets
Cabinets (2)

Put the PART in the top Left. The dot above changes to Blue and we get a UTILITY KNIFE! Why we don't carry these by default in these situations is beyond me...
Put the PART in top Right. The dot changes to Green and we get a SCOOP.

What should we do now? Well, we have a SCOOP, and there's Sand...

Head to the Sandbox
Click on the Whale
Dig on the X to reveal: a Red KEY!

Does the key work on the Front Door? Nope. Where else was a keyhole. Ah, right! The Grate!

Unlock Grate, and turn on the water.

Now we've done that, let's check out the Spigot.

Turn on spigot, and put bucket under the water. The bucket fills. Awesome!

What needs water...plants, but they look healthy.
Castles need moats! Hmmm...didn't work. Maybe we need to look around again.
Wait...there is dirt on the wall behind the sandbox, between the centre and right windows.


Let's pour the Bucket of Water on the wall. Symbols! Yay!
Hexagon, Triangle, Square, Octagon

I hate an empty Bucket. Let's fill it up again.
There's something nagging at us. We've forgotten something. Wait...the Tablet that had the 2 puzzle symbols! Let's go.

Blue and green...Oh! the pieces had blue and green lights above them. The T was blue, the L was green.

Press R L L R L L R

A MOBILE BATTERY! Finally, we can charge the phone!

Head back to the Pergola Table

Plug in the BATTERY, and turn on the phone.
Online store! What don't we have - A CROWBAR! But we need a login.

The Login is green. We've seen green before: the symbols on the wall.

The number of sides equals the number in the Login.


Ordered! Delivered! What speed!

Look at the table: check out the box. It's sealed. Time for our handy dandy Utility Knife! TaDa! Crowbar!

We know where to use this! Head to the Box on the Ground.

Use the crowbar, and get some pipes? Why not.

Put them together! Sweet! A long pipe!

What could we use that for, I wonder. Aha! The button!

Use the long pipe on the button above the door

Nice! A table with a key!
Grab the key!

save the game NOW

Unlock the door!
Yes!! Time to - wait - no friends? What gives???

End of Ending 1.

Ending 2:

Load the game

Wait...are we sure we're all done? Let's look around again. Hmmm. Nothing seems to have changed. I bet our friends would like me to bring them their cat, if I can ever get inside.
Hey! No garbage, no cat, no table, no large objects. But what's on the wall? A slot? let's pry it open!

Use the crowbar on the hole in the wall to get the BOX

What kind of puzzle is this? 6 Bars, up and down? Man, am I sick of puzzles! Let' just throw it in the garbage. Hey! The garbage is gone too!

And at the bottom, we see a keyhole. Well, let's give it a shot.
Use the Blue Key to get the SICKLE.

Did we see overgrown GRASS? Yes! Beside the house, under the air conditioner.

use the SICKLE on the grass to reveal: A secret entrance! Open it up.

Oooh...we're in the basement. Looking around, we see:
A closet with a bright light, and a hole in the ceiling; a black display; a Green Dot puzzle box; an Eye Puzzle box; a cupboard under the stairs; and Planters on the wall.
Green Dot Puzzle

The green dots seem to go up 5 bars. There's something familiar about that...oh! The Planters!

They are at 5, 3, 4, 2, 4. Try it on the Green Dot Puzzle box...success! A HOOK?

Perhaps it goes on the pole? No...the pole comes apart. Cool. Maybe in the closet?

Yup! Right in the ceiling. Maybe something hangs on this HOOK. Well, we have a bucket with water. Yeah! Now, what has changed...

Cabinet Under the Stairs

The door has opened to reveal: A machine? With a shiny button! Press it! Press it! Nothing.
Look at machine. There are 6 blocks, and we have 6 pieces of the pole.

Select the Pole, click on left top corner, and the poles appear in the boxes.
Now push the button. Rods are down, up, up, down, up, down.

Where have we seen that pattern? The Metal Box!
Metal Box

Put in the code we just saw d u u d u d

As we open the box, we are treated to: an extension cord!
Maybe that black display is a tv? let's see if we can plug it in. We have crawl under the table, but we managed. Now, what's on TV?


Is this some kind of test pattern? Floating squares of Yellow, Red, Blue, White, and Green? They seem to overlap each other, but some more than others. What could that mean?

Let's examine the Eye Puzzle Box.

We see an eye, then an arrow through 5 different boxes, each that can change colour. 5 Boxes, 5 colours. Hmmm..

The colours from the TV overlap. The one on top of the other four is first, the one on top of the remaining three is second, and so on..

Green is overtop all, then blue, white, yellow, red. Or, for the colour impared, 2 clicks, 1 click, 0 clicks, 4 clicks, 3 clicks
Green Key!

Head up the stairs, and unlock the door!


mearcstapa April 29, 2021 2:21 PM

Miniature-6: door to countryside

What a quaint room! Let's see what we have...
A Bookcase with: a Square and Circle Puzzle Box, and a little Man with Give Me a Clue above him. So, Give me a clue already!

His left hands go up twice, then his right go up twice, then his left twice. Interesting.

With nothing else to do right now, let's check out the other part of the wall.
We have a door, which, no surprise, we can't open, and we have two more boxes: one has Left Middle Right on it, and the other has two Circles and Two Sticks. Those sticks look like the arms of our Clue Friend.

What if we click on the circles below the sticks? Oh! The sticks move!

Let's try 2 left, 2 right, 2 left, and press Enter. Ch-CHING! We're in! Let's grab the REMOTE, and look at the numbers in the boxes.

Left Middle Right

The box below is looking for Left Middle Right. Well, we have 3 numbers in each box to choose from. What to do?

Let's try the Left of the Left, the Middle of Middle, and Right of Right.

7 5 3

Open! And what do we have? BATTERIES and a SQUARE. Right on!
Well, we know where BATTERIES go, right?


Which brings us to the other wall, with a TV and another Red Box, this time with...moon phases on it? Neat!
Let's try out the REMOTE, shall we?

The first channel is, well whaddaya know, moon phases! Channel 2 has repeating numbers, 04404, and Channel 3 has Red Trapezoids with white dots? Hunh?

That's No Moon

Okay, so it may actually be the moon. Or the phases of it. But it's strange. The first symbol on the TV shows a 3/4 moon, but there is no 3/4 moon symbol on the red box.

There is a 1/4 moon, however.

Let's try 1/4 moon left, New Moon, Half Moon Left, Half Moon Right. Bingo! A ROUND BUTTON.

So where did we see a Square and a Circle? Oh yeah! The bookcase!
Square and Circle Puzzle

Let's put the BUTTONS in the holes, shall we? Now, what order do they get pressed in?

A Square has 4 sides, a Circle has 0.

The TV told us 0 4 4 0 4, and TV doesn't lie, does it? Let's try it. BOOM! A KEY!

Well, KEYs open doors, so let's try it! Wait, what? It didn't open. Two Buttons appeared, and the door seems to swing.
The Way Out

The top comes forward when I press the top Button, the bottom when I press the Bottom.

Channel 3 says the Top is bigger, Top, Bottom, Top, Bottom, Top.

Again, let's trust the TV. We'll press the top, top, bottom, top, bottom, top Buttons on the door.

BAM! The door's open, and we're free!

Well Done Indeed!

mearcstapa April 29, 2021 3:00 PM

Miniature-6 EDIT!

I forgot to mention that you should grab the SQUARE BUTTON just after you take the BATTERIES! Sorry!

4red3s April 29, 2021 4:56 PM replied to mearcstapa

Thank you for the walk throughs!

4red3s April 29, 2021 4:59 PM replied to mearcstapa

Self Defiant

What a delightful game. It's so different from your others. I still forgot about the up arrow for navigation. I took my time and really enjoyed the game. I look forward to more like these.

I hope everything is well with you in these trying times.

paulmashtv April 29, 2021 11:04 PM

Thanks mearcstapa fr the 2 walkthroughs looking forward to more from you.

Doltt April 30, 2021 8:28 PM replied to mearcstapa

Thank you for the walkthroughs!


Amajeto Games - 4 Colors Rooms

Yellow Room

Look at the drawers.

Open one.

Note it’s






your eyes.
You see

4 yellow tiles.

Pretend these are matchbook covers and you want a free art course. https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2F4.bp.blogspot.com%2F-VL_Vr5YE64g%2FTyeqm16uAMI%2FAAAAAAAAG_c%2FWQ0IeOo4L_4%2Fs1600%2Ffadrawme.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

Remember the symbols.

Green Room


You need 4 colors.

Yum! A bowl of fruit.

How colorful!

It’s a good assortment.

G 1
Y 2
O 3
R 4

Enter this in the drawer. Take the key.

Nice picture.

Look at the corners.

1 2
3 4

Red (Scarlet) Room

Drawers. You know the drill.

Nice painting.

Look in the lower left corner.

Three squares, a circle, and two triangles.

Cool red table setting.

Card suits on the china.

Upside down club, diamond, upside down spade.

Blue Room

Drawers. You know the drill.

A TV but no remote.
Look at the

white arches on the shelf

Triangle, square, circle.

4 Color Drawer Room

7 6 3 5 on the wall.

Note the

colors of the drawers

, specifically the

shape of each block of color.

Upper left drawer, L/R puzzle.

What color are the buttons?

Go back to the

green room and look around.



look pretty suspicious.


Upper right drawer, four letters

Where have we seen letters?

Go to the red room.

Which letters?

Which clue could indicate the position of the letters?

What about the number on the wall in the last room?

7 6 3 5 refers to the letters


2nd drawer down on the L, four colors
G Y R(or S) B blocks. You can change their height .

Look at your notes of the position of the drawers that opened in each room.

G – 4, Y – 1, R-2, B – 3 .

Great! Here’s the remote. Take a look at the TV.

2nd drawer down on the R, three buttons
Look in the

blue room

at the


The figures are triangle, square, circle. In what order should we enter them?

Combine this with a clue from the

red room.

Look at the


The order to press the buttons is

M M M R L L.

3rd drawer down on the L ,four color buttons
B Y R G buttons that need to be pressed in a certain order
We saw these colors

on the drawers

in the

last room.

It’s time to turn on the


The shapes tell us to press the buttons

B R Y G B.


3rd drawer down on the R, four numbers
There are four


in the

yellow room.



gives a

numerical value to each shape.

Add the values in each tile.

7 7 1 4

4th drawer down on the L, four dials
Go to the

green room.

Look at the

painting with the numbers in the corner.

Point each dial

towards it’s number.


4 drawer down on the R, 3 shape buttons
Do any of the shapes look familiar?
How about

the card suits?

Look at the

table in the red room.

Don’t forget

the suits are upside down.


spade, diamond, club.

Place the pieces in the puzzle and give them a twist.
It’s a painting of

3 trees, the middle one of which has either a nice handlebar mustache or 2 blackbirds sitting on a branch.

Take and use the key.


paulmashtv May 1, 2021 6:17 PM replied to Doltt

Thanks again Doltt. Looking forward to the last 2.


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