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Weekday Escape N°287

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Weekday Escape

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We are in the middle of the week and that means a new Wekday Escape!

Gotmail's escape doesn't take long so you can move in a short time to tomoLaSiDo's room where you need to produce some cookies to get out. Not bake them, there is a device for that - you're just supposed to find the ingredients. After a year are back Maroya's kittens (still) exploring a new house and you need to help them with codes. Then you find yourself in Xavid's room locked up with a chicken. An alive chicken - can it help you?

Have a good time and enjoy!

MicroEscape #20


Pretty short Gotmail's game has one scene only - one wall in a room with a locked door - where you can zoom in on promising spots. Not all of them are active though and another active spots don't seem like they are. To be on a safe side click everywhere and you will be out soon.
The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

Escape Challenge 129: Room with Spade Cookie Cutters

cookie1.png cookies2.png

TomoLaSiDo hid seven cookie cutters in their room and wants you to find them and use one, too. There is a special apparatus for producing pastry but you need to get some cocoa beans first and this task appears to be rather complicated...

The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

Maro and New Home - 1st Floor - Part 5


Two Maroya's cute kittens keep getting familiar with their new home and seems that there's still much ahead of them in the house. They search room after room, slowly, taking their time, and when the whole house is explored there would be time to move to another one, hopefully. They need you help though since their ability to solve puzzles isn't good enough.

The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

Chicken Escape

chicken 3.png 2021-02-11 (16).png chicken1.png

In a funny game by Xavid you are trapped in a room but this time you aren't alone, a chicken is here to accompany you. Do not underestimate its presence. It has an important share on your escape. Basically, if you don't know what to do next try to feed it with anything from your inventory - now, my experience with poultry is pretty minimal but I think you shouldn't do it in real life - in the game it works. Can you escape?

The cursor isn't changing, no save option, one ending.

fireworks1.pngBonus Game: Here is Memories of Fireworks, very nice game by Shigeyuki Kawamura, unfortunately with language barrier.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.



Something strange happened. I had to check a walk through to see what went wrong.

Click no further if you are sensitive to hints, tips, questions, etc.

At the point that you put the cookie in the machine that moves the key down to the bottom, mine moved down but did not fall so I could pick it up. The walk through clearly shows that the key is supposed to fall down. I did exactly the same thing as the walk through but with much different result.


Chicken Escape

It never loaded in either Edge or Firefox, both are updated to the latest version.

Black screen with arrow tabs on each side.

The title on a pale yellow square with a blue loading indicator that never finishes.

Anyone else have this problem?


@tomolasido: I had they same problem and had to consult a video walkthrough. The solution seems to be (but I don't know why):

When you put the cookie in the machine, click on the left side of the key - it then slides down the whole way.
When I clicked on the right side of the key, it only moved down half way.


@Chicken Escape: Only tried it in Firefox and both times it practically crashed my laptop while loading. In the end I rebooted.

Wojo206 February 17, 2021 4:59 PM replied to 4red3s

I think I figured out the issue (possible glitch):

If you leave the spade-shaped cookie cutter in the cookie machine, then the cookie will knock down the last blue/white ball. If you remove the cookie cutter from the machine and have it in your inventory when you try the slide machine, the ball doesn't drop.

paulmashtv February 17, 2021 6:44 PM

can't wait for these.


XAVIDs game-just a black screen with arrows on each side, as if to move to another room.

sue February 18, 2021 12:46 AM replied to sue

tried both firefox and chrome


why do my posts keep getting removed?


There is no glitch in the tomolasido game. milkyjoe is basically correct about the solution.

You have to hang the spade-shaped chocolate on the LEFT side of the hook.

By the way, those are chocolates because Japanese people don't give out cookies on Valentine's Day; they only give out chocs.

Brf February 19, 2021 10:57 AM replied to chrpa

Comments are not displaying. The "Recent Comments" list on the right showed you had commented here, but I could not see this comment and the one after until I clicked the Update button.

Brf February 19, 2021 11:00 AM replied to chrpa

Also, the list on the right shows "2 hours ago" for Paul's post that was done yesterday. Perhaps there is something wrong with a server's time.


Chicken Escape not working for me, either. It appears the dev tried to self-close the progress tag at line 125 in the page code, and standards-compliant browsers won't like that…

paulmashtv March 21, 2021 10:26 PM

Hope walkthroughs are coming soon.

paulmashtv April 14, 2021 11:22 PM


Pulsaris April 15, 2021 2:19 AM


CerKill has produced video walkthroughs of every playable escape games on Youtube. Google it.

If you want text walkthroughs, Iphoroid has produced many text walkthroughs for Japanese games. These walkthroughs are in Japanese, though, so you need Google translate.

paulmashtv April 15, 2021 9:59 AM

i tried. nothing has come up.

paulmashtv April 17, 2021 10:29 AM replied to Pulsaris

all the bottom link did was show like 1 or 2 pics and othing else. ad yes youtube shows video walkthroughs but as i said they go too fast. i'm looking for text ones.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr April 18, 2021 3:40 PM replied to paulmashtv

Micro Escape #20

Earlier in the series, you could beat these under a minute. But once you have to turn off the scary music it's more like a Mini Escape.


Start by looking at the locked door and the weird lamp over it.

On the left are some cupboards, and you can only open one compartment to find a box chained shut. On top of the cupboards are some figurines, and clicking on the middle one gets you an eyeball.

Click the right edge of the cupboards to find a pair of cutters hidden behind.

On the right is a desk. You can't do anything with the computer, and zooming in only shows you that the desk drawer is missing a handle. However, the right side of the desk has an interesting round box with a clue written on the book beside. Under the desk, there's another two drawers but you can only use the locked one, which has two letter buttons.

Breaking in

Use the cutters to remove the chains on the cupboard box. Take a paper clip, and keep clicking to straighten it out.

Then use the straightened clip to unlock the desk drawer, which contains an ornamental metal piece.

Place the piece into the round box, and remove the lid to find a slingshot.

Combine the slingshot and ball, and use it to shoot down the furthest globe in the lamp. This drops a heart piece on the floor.


Use the clue from the book to unlock the drawer under the desk:

The book tells you that B=1, so you might expect to enter the 11th and 12 letters starting from B (which are the 12th and 13th letters starting from A.)

However, that would give you the code LM, which is already on the drawer. (A mistake, perhaps?)

Instead, you'll need to shift the alphabet the other way, entering the 10th and 11th letters starting from A, which gives you the code

Take a file, and use it to clean up(?) the heart piece into a key. Use that on the door to escape!

Escape Challenge 129: Room with Spade Cookie Cutters

To save me some typing, I'll just call them chocolate molds. The theme is the same though.


The usual! After picking up a mold from the table and a key piece from the plant, you can open the left glass door and step outside. But outside there's only a blue box with buttons you can't use.

Go back in, and turn left. A machine on the floor has a spade-shaped hole, while the machine on the table has several openings and lights. There's also a mold hanging on the rack at the top left, and a picture saying that these are duty-free.

Check under the table to find a key piece.

Turn left to face the locked door, wall clock (without hands), locked wall box, and locked drawers.

Turn left to face an empty blue bin and a large machine with a capsule inside.

Check under the machine to find another mold.

Enter the corridor leading to the toilet. Of course you can sit down, look right, look up and look left to find a drawing.

But you may also notice something teal-colored behind the toilet bowl. Click to its left to zoom in and find a switch that you can turn on. (Then click the right edge of the screen to back out.)


Now that you've turned on the light blue box, you can access it from the outside. Use the clue shown on its screen to unlock it:

The numbers 1, 1, 2 are counting something (that appears in the card suits). But even though the second and third symbol are two copies of the first, the second one doesn't count double.

That's because the two copies in the second symbol share an edge. The numbers are counting edges, but only straight ones!

The diamond, heart, club have
4 0 3 straight edges.

You get some chocolate bits.

Wall box and drawers

You'll need clues from the

picture, wall clock and glass doors.

For the wall box:

You can recognize the silvery parts of the picture as the
Top Side Bottom Side Top
views of the mold.

You get a mold and a key piece.

For the top drawer:

The blue, yellow, green digits on the clock are
2 1 4

You get a key piece.

For the bottom drawer:

While zoomed in on the potted plant, you see the colors

Blue Green Yellow Blue
(3 2 1 3 clicks).

You get a mold (item) and a key piece.


Now you can work the machine on the table:

Push the ⏏ button and place the mold in the tray, then push the button again and add the chocolate in the top slot.

This gets you a spade-shaped chocolate piece. You can also go back and retrieve the mold, but you don't need to.

Now you can work the large machine:

Using the mold on the small window will hang it on the sliding pegs, but it will fall off if you hang it on the right side.

You can solve that by clicking on the left side of the pegs when you place the mold.

You get a key piece.


Place the chocolate in the safe, which opens to reveal a heart-shaped hole.

You can put the chocolate back in the machine, but you don't have a heart shaped mold.

Instead, you can introduce an error into the molding process.

Before the process finishes, tap the machine just above the tray.

Take your heart-shaped chocolate, put it in the safe, and take 2 molds.

(If you accidentally do this step first, you can convert the heart back into a spade by putting it in the machine again.)

You can leave now that all the puzzles are solved, but don't forget to retrieve your mold item to complete your collection!

Item list

6 key pieces:

Top left: in top drawer
Top middle: in bottom drawer
Top right: in large machine
Bottom left: in wall box
Bottom middle: Under table (with the machine)
Bottom right: On potted plant

7 molds:

1 on table
1 on rack
1 under large machine
1 in wall box
2 in safe
and 1 item, in bottom drawer

And chocolate:

from blue box outside

Maro and New Home - 1st Floor - Part 5

Let's skip the intro recap, and get straight to the game. Remember that almost every object can be clicked, including Maro.


It's another traditional Japanese room. The scroll has a pretty flower pattern, and there's a decorated dish on the right above a board with symbols and a pot with a green patterned paper square. The compartment beneath has two flower buttons.

Turn left to face sliding doors that lead to glass doors, beyond which there are four types of flowers and a birdhouse. (Maro identifies the rightmost one as an American morning glory, and the one next to it as something with a strawberry name (perhaps this?))

Back out and turn left (Maro closes the door). You find doors you entered from, as well as a shelf with small cats, two pictures, and a locked compartment. The left picture has red and blue symbols, while the right has a picture of two cats (that's you!)

Komaro: These things can be opened and closed from the back.

Alas, if you turn the cat picture over it just has screws.

Turn left to find a doorway to the next room. Surprisingly, it's open.

But if you close them, you'll find an orange paper square stuck there.

Moving on! The second room has a kotatsu with a roll of sticky tape on top and a power cord on the side that you can plug in and turn on. You can then open the kotatsu to find a blue paper square in the glow.

In the background, the cupboard is locked and has locked drawers, while the right closet has a diorama above a green chest on the left, and a similar diorama on the right above cardboard boxes with a clue.

Turn right to face a locked door.

Turn right to face the doorway back, as well as a star piece that Komaro manages to knock from the top-left corner to the bottom-left.

Turn right to face windows you can't open.


The two dioramas may look similar, but they're very different. You can change the left one to match the right.

Click the door curtains, window curtains, table, chair, and left door.

You get a star piece.


Komaro: The input buttons are purple. Something must relate with purple.

Use the clue from

the left picture frame

to unlock the top drawer in the second room:

You don't have glasses that can combine the red and blue lines, but if you did you'd find that their overlap spells out

You get a purple paper square.


Komaro: There's something with the same shape just nearby.

In the first room, enter the code from the scroll into the drawer.


Take a screwdriver and (open the other door) a pair of binoculars.

Distant / Clock

Use the binoculars on the birdhouse to view a time clue.

Komaro: That mark on the small house, I think I've seen it in the room.

Use that thing in the room and the time clue to unlock the compartment under the picture frames.

At the time shown (10:35:15), clock hands point to the 10, 7, 3 o'clock positions. On the dish, the symbols in those positions are
Paw Roll Scissors
(10 7 3 clicks!)

There's a four-digit box in the left side, and the right side looks empty but contains a star piece.

Flowers 2

Komaro: The buttons above and below the numbers have different functions.

Use the clue from the garden to unlock the four-digit box you just found.

6 yellow, 5 white, 4 pink, 7 blue
(0 1 2 3 clicks for color)

Take a pink paper square.


Komaro: Pushing and moving makes a drag. Petting Komaro this way would be nice.

Place the paper squares on the symbol board, then use their clue to unlock the cupboard in the second room:

After dragging the pieces to cover each symbol exactly, the resulting code is

Inside the cupboard, you find some clothes and a locked box.


Use the clue from the cardboard boxes to do something to the clothes.

(Start with all the clothes to the left. They are orange, blue, pink.)
Click them in the order pink, blue, blue, blue, orange.

A star piece falls out!

Unscrew / Bright

Unscrew the back of the cat picture to find a weird patterned paper. It has no color, but you can turn it over to view a different pattern.

Attach the tape to the paper, then paste it on the window to view the code for the sun box:


You get another star piece.


Now that you've got all the star pieces, put them in the chest (under the left diorama) and open it to find a key.

Use it to unlock the bottom cupboard drawer, and sift through the clothes to find another key.

Use it to unlock the door (also in this room) and leave!

(Okay, some kotatsu time before the cats go on.)

Chicken Escape

This probably isn't going to be an issue for you, but some puzzles here require that you know English.


You start off facing a locked door, and a shelf which has a green safe, books obviously written by chicken experts, a caged plant, and a box with some weird pictures and holes.

Turn right to a fridge with a locked compartment (the other is empty), a couch with colors under the cushions, and a picture where you might be expecting a fourth chicken but instead you get a beetle.

And there's some cheese under the couch.

Turn right to find a chicken on a large purple box.

Turn right to find a chicken clock over a desk with a lamp (off) over an egg cup, a set of dominos, and four drawers. The left drawer is locked, while the middle right drawer has some sort of schedule.

Time / Digits

You'll need clues from

the schedule, the dominos, the couch, the picture and chicken books.

For the clock:

Roosters crow at sunrise.

According to the schedule, that's at 7:25.
Move the short hand to 7 and the long hand to 5.

You get a key, which you can use to free the plant and pick a pepper.

For the five-digit box:

The blue chicken book has five paragraphs, which have
5 1 7 3 8 chickens.

Take a lion figure.

For the four-digit safe:

The dots on the couch are green, brown, pink, purple.
The domino (halves) with those colors have
2 4 7 9 dots.

Take a fish piece.

For the fridge:

The chickens on the zebra crossing appear on pages
9 3 8

Take an ice cube with a key inside.


Use your English skills to place some of your items into the remaining box on the shelf.

You may associate the wheel picture with the cheese slice: "a wheel of cheese".

Similarly, the picture below that is a school, and you can have a school of fish.

The top picture is the pride flag, and you can have a pride of lions.

Place the lion, cheese, fish.

At the bottom, you get

some corn.


You can use almost all the remaining items on the chicken.

Feeding the corn makes the chicken lay an egg.

Feeding the beetle makes the chicken float, allowing you to take a red light bulb.

And feeding the pepper makes it breathe fire! If you placed the ice cube in front of the chicken, it melts to let you take the key.

(And if you didn't place the ice cube, don't worry! You can still pluck more peppers to feed.)

Unlock / Hatch

Use the key on the desk drawer to find a bug net.

Also place the bulb in the desk lamp, and the egg beneath it. Surprisingly, it hatches a butterfly that floats out of reach.

Use the bug net to catch the butterfly. Since it's a key with wings, use it on the door to unlock it and escape!

Patreon Contributor kktkkr April 18, 2021 4:12 PM replied to paulmashtv

About the navigation for iPhoroid: Their walkthroughs are divided sequentially into parts. Scroll down to the buttons with numbers to access them.

Each of their walkthroughs works as both an screenshot walkthrough and a full-fledged text walkthrough in Japanese, but no spoiler tags like we do here.

paulmashtv April 19, 2021 2:19 PM

KK, thanks again for the walkthroughs. very awesome as usual. Looking forward to more.


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