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Weekday Escape N°284

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Weekday Escape

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Another week is over and a new Weekday Escape arrived!

This week we have another opportunity to enjoy highbman's style of creating. After them comes Migiula's simple escape from experienced devs who were known earlier as Puxupo - and then with Icyoak you set up for a journey into snowy woods. Neat Escape locks you up in a small guest apartment with hidden two escape routes.


Have a good time and enjoy!

Escape from the Laboratory


The first game by highbman we got before Christmas and now they are back with another great escape. This time you ended up locked in not very high-tech laboratory where you are supposed to get the door code - and on your way through work some chemistry magic! There is something very satisfying about the way the devs construct puzzles - the small twist makes them refreshingly original and reminds of the quality games which were common not so long ago.

The cursor isn't changing, no save, one ending. Don't worry about Japanese texts. Just ignore them. You are a brave escaper and you can do it without them!

Whale Room

2021-01-11 (2).png 2021-01-11 (3).png

Migilua (earlier Puxupo) haven't changed much - the clean graphics style is easily recognisable and the small bell's sound as well. You are trapped in a room and you want to get out of there...can you?

The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

Winter Tales - the Tree

2021-01-14 (2).png 2021-01-14 (3).png

In Icyoak's game you aren't escaping - in their short point and click adventure you need to get a tree. Before you can go outside to the woods, you should get proper winter clothing. It's freezing out there. If you decide to go out without it, your strong and loyal cat Theodor later drags your frozen body inside and let it defroze by the fireplace...so you can start again, wiser for experience. Getting a tree isn't as easy as it may seem (even in warm clothes) - outside are more puzzles waiting to be solved!

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Escape from the Attic

2021-01-14 (1).png 2021-01-14.png

You woke up in a cosy guest room in Neat Escape's friend house and almost immediately find out that they trapped you. Oh well. It's obviously escape time so don't bother to try to get someone's help and help yourself instead - just start to look for clues and items and try to open everything. As usual, there are two endings which depend on using one key. Warning - the second ending is for nimble and sporty players only who aren't afraid of heights. The escape route leads through a window and remember, it's an attic you're escaping from!

The cursor isn't changing, autosave + save button, two endings

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


paulmashtv January 20, 2021 3:21 PM

looking forward to the walkthroughs for these.

vashstrife January 20, 2021 10:02 PM

whale room is fairly easy, but frustrating because the background has the same items you need to escape, but are not collectible.


The Weekday Escape banner links to WE #280, not #284.

paulmashtv January 21, 2021 8:58 PM

As Icy Oak is one of the games here, i checked and there have been 2 Icy Oak games in here before and neither one have walkthroughs. I hope someone can fix that.

ExtremelyEvilBob January 22, 2021 2:01 AM

Escape from the Laboratory
(Partial walkthrough)
Nine Button Box (Top shelf, left)

Click on the left & right side of pipes on each wall to change view and see input pattern (The red rings on pipes).


The stacks of boxes in each corner of room tell you the button order

Press the buttons in this sequence: Top-right, Bottom-left, Top-left, Top-Right, Bottom-left, Bottom-right

Laptop Code

Use paper on the "spilled liquid" on (desk next to filled vial & flask). Look at paper again for code.

Locked Box (Top shelf, right)

The book has clue and be aware that the key you have is currently unusable due to rust.
Also steps need to be performed in a very specific order.

Fill beaker with water.
Use eye dropper on flask full of red liquid on desk.
Use eye dropped on beaker.
Use key on beaker.
Put beaker on Bunsen burner and ignite it with matches.
Take beaker & use it on sink to get clean key.
Unlock box.

Door Keypad

You can change the color of eye dropper.
When you get the code, pay attention to the symbol on cover of book and the fact the keypad colors are ordered differently.

Use red filled eye dropper on blank pages in book (click book twice).
Use eye dropper on sink to clean it.
Fill eye dropper with blue and use it on book.
You now have a code.

The code in book is upside down so enter: 691E


hope walkthroughs are coming soon.


Escape from the Laboratory

(See ExtremelyEvilBob's comment if you just need help getting through the main puzzles.)

This is your own lab, but you're locked in and have somewhere else to be.


You start off facing a table and a shelf. The table has a burner, some spilled liquid, an uninteresting test tube and a flask full of something blood-like. The shelf has three locked boxes and you can take a beaker from it.

(Also, there's a pipe running across the walls, and you can click it to zoom in.)

Turn right. Between stacks of cardboard boxes, there's a sink (the game tells you the water supply works) and a locker.

Turn right to face a locked door and its keypad.

Turn right to face a bookshelf and a laptop on a table. Just clicking on the bookshelf gets you a book from it, while the laptop requires a password.

Around the room

You'll need clues that appear all over the room.

For the left box on the shelf:

On each side of the room, you can click the top corners to get a closer look. Some of the connections of the pipe to the wall are outlined in red, while the others are just white.

Clockwise from bottom (i.e. from the door):
R-R RR- -R-

Take a matchbox.

For the locker:

The cardboard boxes around the room appear in stacks of different quantities. For example, the one beside the bookcase has 3, while there are two stacks beside the laptop having 1 and 4 boxes.

Keeping in mind the layout of the room (the left side represents the door), you can count from 1 to 6:
3 14
25 6
Click the ⌝ ⌞⌜⌝ ⌞⌟ buttons.

Take a paper towel.

Use the towel to wipe up the spill on the desk, then use the rusty key. Hmm, that's not useful in its current state.

Two codes

Enter the code from the towel into the computer.


Then enter the code from the computer into the bottom-right shelf box.


Take a dropper.


Fill the beaker in the sink, and use the dropper in the red flask, then add the red fluid to the beaker and drop the key in.

Now you can place the beaker on the burner and light it.

You can immediately pick up the hot beaker, but it's too hot to reach the key inside.

Empty the beaker into the sink, and pick up the key that remains.

Use it to unlock the top-right shelf box and get a bottle of blue liquid.


You can empty the dropper into the sink, and fill it with either red or blue liquid. But if you try the previous recipe again the game won't let you do anything with the pink solution.

Where else can you use the dropper?

The book seems really short, so use both red and blue liquids on the blank pages.

If you try to enter that clue in the door, you'll find that

red and blue are in the wrong positions. But swapping the digits around doesn't work.

Instead, you have to read the clue upside-down to get the code

Click the unlocked door to escape!

whale room

Notice that text under the game? It's not Unity, and that means it can do fancy tricks like run in your smartphone browser and fill your browser window when you click the second button at the top right. (To shrink the game beyond its original size, you can resize the browser window.)

Being designed with mobile in mind, it's also worth noting that all three mouse buttons count as taps.


Don't worry about anything you can't zoom in on. Just enjoy the whale banner above the bed, the desk with locked drawer, and the six-digit box.

But do check under the bed to find a simple string necklace.

Turn around. There's a safe you can't use yet, and a potted plant with a key piece. The door has a hole in it you can look through, and a gap under it but the item there doesn't fit through, and of course the door also has a large chain and padlock.

Numbers / Unlock

Use the clue from the door to unlock the toolbox:

The bookshelf next door is divided into six compartments (in three rows). Counting the books, you get
6 4 3
2 8

You find a pair of scissors, and also

something is going on with the inside of the lid.

Now you can cut the necklace into its ring and string. Combine the "ring" with the key piece to get a complete key, and use that to unlock the drawer.

You find a magnet and a pencil case which hides a torn clue under the pencils.

(In case you're wondering: the scissors goes into the pen holder on the table.)

Attract / More numbers

Tie the string to the magnet and use it on the hole in the door to get the handle that was trapped behind.

Attach the handle to the safe and use the pencil case clue to unlock it:

Note the direction of the pencils. You need to turn the dial
left to 3,
right to 5,
left to 2,
right to 6,
right to 9,
left to 7.

(You could also solve this by trial and error and much patience.)

The safe is full of treasure but also a screwdriver and a small box with 9 buttons.

(And since you're done with the pencil case, it goes back on the table.)

Unscrew / Grid

Unscrew the inside of the toolbox lid to release another torn clue. Combine them and then unlock the box you're holding:

You can click the clue to rotate it until the circle is on the left. Push every button/square the red line passes through.

Top, Center, Left, Bottom, Bottom-right,
Center, Top-left, Top, Top-right, Right.

Take the key.

(And since you're done with the clue, it goes in the trash.)

Use the key to unlock the door and leave! (And click the end screen for a bonus message.)

Escape from the Attic

After that comfortably large room, it's time to return to a more tight one.


You can look out the left window at the town. The chest of drawers along the left wall has a fish tank on top, and two locked drawers (the middle lock is three square colored buttons), and the top drawer seems empty but contains a long pipe.

In the corner of the room is another chest of drawers. The bottom one is locked but you can take a handle from the middle one. You can check the bed but there's nothing under the pillows. There's a mirror on the right that's completely covered in dust.

There is something under the bed though.

Turn around. The cupboard on the left is boring except for its top compartments which are screwed shut. The door in front is locked. The couch on the right has a book with a simple diagram. And in the corner next to a cardboard box, the small table has a small air vent with a hexagonal bolt.

Hidden / Unscrew

Use the rod under the bed to get the towel, then use that to clean off the mirror and find a clue with purple squares.

Use that to unlock the bottom drawer under the fish tank:

You need to push the buttons in the order of the digits from 1 to 6, but since the clue is drawn on a mirror (and on the opposite side of the room) you'll need to flip it:
25 3 4 16
Push the 4th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st, 4th buttons from the left.

You get an orange box that contains a hex wrench. Use that on

the air vent in the corner to the right of the door

to get a screwdriver.

Hmm, you still have the box. Perhaps you should check it thoroughly.

While the box is shut, click below it to flip it over.

You can unscrew the bottom to reveal a red key.

Use the screwdriver to unscrew the cabinet, and play with the TV inside to get a clue.

Exploration 2

It's a bathroom! The toilet on the left has something hidden behind its lid, and you can open the panel above to find some clockwork. To the right of the locked door, there's another wall panel missing a handle, and you can look in the bathtub to find some neatly dealt cards.

Use the handle on the right wall panel and open it. You can shift some toilet paper around to find a utility knife, and also check out the locked box below.

Three digits / Three colors

Enter the code from the TV into the three-digit box in the bathroom.

If you carefully drag out everything you see, you'll end up with the code Eh9.

Since you need digits, read that upside-down to get

Pick up a toy with square shapes.

As instructed by the book,

place the toy in the fish tank to view some colors

and then unlock the drawer under the tank:

From outside in:
Yellow Green Blue
(5 7 9 clicks)

Take a T-shaped handle.


Use the knife to open the cardboard box in the first room to get a gear.

Place the gear in the clockwork in the second room, and use the handle

on the top-left gear, and turn it to make the bathtub rise up and reveal two more locked boxes.

Numbers and letters

Use the clues from

the toilet and bath

to unlock the right box under the bathtub:

The arrow on the toilet bowl passes through 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, and those cards have the suits
Club Spade Heart Club Spade Club

Take a yellow key, and use it to unlock

the bottom drawer in the bedroom.

Hmm, this tablet seems to be telling you something. Use that clue to unlock the left box under the bathtub:

Each button on the tablet shows you a different set of red shapes. You could try to piece them together, or click the buttons rapidly to make the result more visible, or you can just guess the word:

Take a blue key.

Save your game, and proceed to the normal end:

Unlock the bathroom door. You get to enjoy "eating" a glass of milk.

For the second ending:

(Load your game.) Use the blue key to unlock the panel above the toilet bowl.

After flipping the switch, you can turn the handle again to make something pop out in the first room.

There's several letters, a hook and a button that opens the window where you started.

Use the letter clue to unlock

the right box under the bathtub again.

The cards J K Q A have suits
Diamond Spade Heart Diamond

Take a rope.

Combine the rope and hook, and use it on the window to escape!

You enjoy a nice breakfast.

paulmashtv February 27, 2021 5:17 PM

Thanks KK. Great job as always.


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