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Weekday Escape N°283

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Weekday Escape

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Hi, it's escaping time!

One more game with holidayish theme by Amajeto opens this week's WE. Following games by Fluffy OFF and Nijiiro Kurome have nothing to with festive season - after all it's three weeks after Christmas - and both are very well done escape games by new developers with slight retro feeling. The last comes tomoLaSiDo who wants you to collect various rings - even steal rings from cows! Dare you?

Have a good time and enjoy!

Escape in 2021

2021-01-05 (8).png

Inside Amajeto's stylish apartment are still hanging Christmas decorations and the tree is standing, too. Good. Without the hints which decorations provide you wouldn't be able to leave. You need to find two keys only, and it doesn't take long. Can you escape?

The cursor isn't changing, save button, one ending.

Hut with Holes

2021-01-05 (11).png2021-01-05 (12).png

New Japanese developer Fluffy OFF created very nice escape game in retro style. To start playing push the upper button under the game screen - as in all games from Dasshutsu Games - and only then choose preferred language option. You find yourself locked in a strange room without any door, only with few holes in the ceiling. Through them can be seen pieces of blue sky...will you set yourself free and see the full sky?

If you coincidentally push the rightmost button and want to get back to the game, push the lowest one then. For save, push the rightmost button and then the upper one. Your game's saved. To open it, push the second button from the top on the starting screen.

The cursor isn't changing, save button, one ending.

Escape from a House Furnished with IKOA-like furniture

2021-01-05 (4).png2021-01-05 (6).png

Nijiiro Kurome, another new Japanese developer, locked you in a half empty room. If the gamescreen is too big for your monitor you can reduce it (try to push and hold Ctrl key and push Minus key). So, now is your gamescreen ok and you can start with exploring - since the graphics is clean and the room not crammed, you can get every hint easily - but you need to figure out how and where to use them.

The cursor isn't changing, no save, one ending.

Escape Challenge 126: Room with Rings

2021-01-11 (1).png

Nicely repapered tomoLaSiDo's room has a direct access to a yard. That's great but you don't get opportunity to spend some time on fresh air since all devices and coded cabinets are inside. Your goal is to find six key parts and for pefect ending eleven rings (10 + 1). The three cows seem quite happy when you take their rings from them - and we are happy we don't need to try to take away the ring from Minotaurus in the bathroom...

The cursor isn't changing, no save, one ending

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Hmmm. I'm stuck on Hut with Holes, near the end I think. I have

a sheet of paper with a picture of the holes (which I've already used), a bag of birdseed, and a bucket with a rope. The yellow bird is still in the branch in the rightmost window.

I haven't used the tree root in the left room, and still have one locked drawer (the one on lower right) in the right room.

I don't seem to be able to combine anything, or throw anything through a hole. Anyone know what I'm missing?

nelliel123 January 13, 2021 2:07 PM replied to Billy-o

You can reuse, some of the items in your inventory.


Hmmm. I've used the

code on the slip of paper

twice, if that's what you mean. I don't see a way to use it a third time.


The Ikoa game

I managed to get through the game with no help, mainly because this game only shows up here and there are no walk throughs yet.

The puzzles are straight forward. I was confused with the empty match box.

At the very end, the clue is

not part of the game. It's in plain site though.

You won't see the clue until you swipe the card.

A very satisfying game. I hope they do more.


Finally out! That was a bit frustrating -- Hut with Holes has a pixel-hunt near the end, with no hint to clue you in.

kksl1der20 January 14, 2021 11:55 AM

@Billy-o agreed it's not clear

where to use the birdseed

ValuesHere January 15, 2021 9:26 AM replied to Billy-o

Get the bird to come back down. You have something he likes

Place the seed under his hole

paulmashtv February 14, 2021 9:40 PM

Hope the interviews fir this one are on it;s way.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr February 20, 2021 7:53 PM replied to paulmashtv

Escape in 2021


You start off facing two locked cupboard compartments. One of the tree ornaments is yellow and sparkly.

Enter the left door to the bedroom, which has some perfectly normal picture frames, some drawers on the wall with present boxes on top, and a table with five round slots in a tray.

Go back and enter the right door to find a row of small houses. There's two more locked cupboard compartments here, and a tree with a greeting card under it. The door to this room is locked.

Bedroom puzzles

The clues are in the right room.

For the left compartment:

The snowflake on the greeting card has branches on its spokes that look like arrows. Four spokes point inwards, while the other four spokes point outwards and have different numbers of arrows on them.

From 1 to 4 arrows, these spokes point

For the right compartment:

The windows on the small houses form the code

You find a key, a snowman and a clue with four pictures.

Exploration 2

Unlock the door of the right room.

The snowy view outside the windows tells you that this locked door leads outside. Only two of the cupboard compartments are accessible, but they are locked. There are two boxes wrapped weirdly on the table.

Puzzles in first room

The clues are

the weirdly wrapped presents, and the ornaments in the left room.

For the left compartment:

The presents have red arrows that (from left to right) point

For the right compartment:

Match the heights of the hanging ornaments in the left room by clicking the bars
0 2 3 1 times.

You find a snowman and a colorful clue.

Puzzles in second room

The clues are

the ornaments in the last room and the present in the left room.

For the left compartment:

Match the heights of the ornaments by clicking the buttons

For the right compartment:

The presents with 1, 2, 3, 4 red ribbons have the shapes
Hexagon Circle Octagon Square

Take 2 snowmen.

Puzzles in last room

The clues are in each room.

For the left compartment:

Count the stars appearing on the
Tree wallpaper: 5
Flower pot (left room): 2
Moon wallpaper: 9
Left present: 4

Take a metal grid.

For the right compartment:

There's a yellow ornament on the tree in the first room. Use the grid on it to get the pattern
- S S -
- S - -
S - S S
- S - -

Take the last snowman.


Place all 5 snowmen on the tray in the left room, and place them according to the clue from

the right compartment in the first room.

The clue shows you 5 cups, so you'll need to turn it upside-down.
Purple Yellow Red Green Blue
(3rd 5th 1st 2nd 4th starting positions.)

Swap the snowmen to form the sequence.

Take a key and unlock the last door to win.

Hut With Holes


You start off facing a cage with a rope and candle inside, as well as a base for something. There are two holes in the ceiling, and one of them has a chest hanging by a rope.

Go right to find a locked birdcage weighing down a note, two holes in the ceiling, and some locked cupboards with a mirror on them. One of the cupboard compartments contains a glass sphere, but the other two are locked.

Between the cupboard and the right wall, you can take a bucket.


Place the mirror under the light beam, and the sphere on the cage platform.

This burns the rope (in the cage), which releases the chest and the rope it hangs from.

The chest contains a key, and if you keep clicking you'll find a small hole in its bottom.

Unlock the (big) cage, which gives you access to the candle and tree root.


Use the note on the candle to reveal a clue, then use that together with the clue from the holes to unlock the bottom-left cupboard compartment.

Note the arrangement of circles/holes. There's one row of four, and then there's one circle below them (4), or one hole closer to you.

Looking in the row of four holes and then the closer one, you see:
1 = Plane
2 = Branch with leaves
3 = Branch without leaves
4 = Clouds
5 = Sun
(5 7 6 3 2 clicks, and then click the handle)

Take a little key, and unlock the birdcage, and click the bird to make it fly off.

Let's do it again!

1 = Nothing
2 = Branch with leaves
3 = Bird
4 = Clouds
5 = Sun
(1 7 4 3 2 clicks)

This time, the whole drawer opens and you get a hammer.


Use the hammer to smash the sphere. Among the shards on the ground you find a smaller sphere.

Place the sphere in the bottom of the chest, and you get a bag of birdseed from it.

Empty the birdseed onto the ground in front of the cupboards. The bird brings down a key.

Use it to unlock the remaining compartment and get a photo.


Use the photo on the candle to reveal a hidden spot:

The arrow points to the base of the birdcage, and clicking there moves the cage aside.

Looking through the hole, you see a pool of water.

Tie the rope to the bucket and lower it into the water.

Finally, pour the water on the tree root, and click the branch that appears to escape.

Patreon Contributor kktkkr February 20, 2021 10:39 PM replied to paulmashtv

Escape from a House Furnished with IKOA-like furniture

This room may be more spacious than your average IK○A, but you might still have trouble getting out.

(You may have to zoom out to see the whole game.)


To the left of the locked exit door, you can check the shelves to find some books and two locked boxes. There's also three locked drawers, with a locked(?) glass case on top.

To the right of the door, there's a wall box with screws and a cardboard box with tape. For some reason, the whole room shakes violently when you fail to open these.

Turn right to face a dining table and a painting of flowers, and a lamp which doesn't work directed at a couch with a yellow spade under its cushions, and a table with a scratch card on it.

Turn right to face a blue wall. You can only zoom in on the blank chalkboard on the left and the cupboard with two locked doors on the right.

Turn right to find a TV over what appears to be a card reader with a piece of chalk beside. There's a large tree in a plant pot. On the right of the screen, there are four candles beside another cupboard with two doors.

Exploration's done! Looks like there are several places you can start.

Written, Floral, Flame

Use the chalk on the blackboard to get a clue, then enter that into

the cupboard door beside the candles.

Take an empty matchbox.

Also use the clue above the dining table to unlock the left cupboard door on the blue wall.

White Red Blue Yellow
(3rd 2nd 1st 4th buttons from the left.)

You get a pair of scissors. Use it to cut

a leaf off the plant.

Examining that, you get a clue for the middle drawer beside the door:

Yellow Blue Red
(4 0 3 clicks)

Take a matchstick.

Combine the matchstick and matchbox, and use that to light the candles. After they burn down, you can use the clue to unlock

the right cupboard door on the blue wall.
2 3 1 0 clicks

Take a box cutter, and use it to unwrap the box beside the door. It may be a big box for one book, but you can use that book

by placing it on the shelf beside the others.

Use that clue to unlock the

right cupboard beside the candles.

Green Purple Blue Red
(3 0 2 1 clicks)

Take a screwdriver tip.

Treasure, Dish, Screen

Use the spade to dig in the pot near the TV, getting you a coin.

Use that on the scratch card. Looks like all you win is a clue

for the bottom drawer beside the door.
Square Circle Triangle

Take a remote control. Unfortunately, it's missing batteries.

Also use the clue from the plates to unlock the black box on the shelf.

Click the buttons
2 0
1 3
to match the plate sizes.

Take a screwdriver (-), and use it to

Unscrew the glass case above the drawers.

Take two batteries.

Insert the batteries in the remote, and turn on the TV to view a clue for the gray box on the shelf:

Make the arrows point

Take a lightbulb and insert it into the lamp, which shines a clue on the wall. That's a code for

the top drawer beside the door.

Take a screwdriver handle.

Unscrew, Exit

Assemble the screwdriver (+) and use it to open the wall box. Take the card from inside, and place it on the card reader under the TV.

Doing so activates the card reader but also gives you the clue for it.

You don't have to go anywhere to find the clue.

It's the top-left menu button, whose lines are now
Long Short Medium

Take a key, unlock the door and leave!

Escape Challenge 126: Room with Rings

Nose rings, actually. In case you haven't worked out the theme yet: it's the year of the Ox.


This screen is themed like a traditional Japanese room, but you can still identify the window, table and potted plant. The plant pot has a number clue, the table has a lottery box hastily renamed from "capsule machine" to "fortune slips", and you can step through the window and take a seat on the bench.

Turn left to find a table surrounded by two boxes. You can click the middle thing to get a ring (item) from it. There's a framed picture on the right wall, and two switches control a panel on the left wall.

Turn left to find the room door, wall "clock", wall box and chest of drawers.

Turn left to find two machines and a wall box.

There's a clue under the left machine.

Enter the corridor to the toilet, where you can sit down, look right, look up and look left to appreciate Minotaurus.

Two boxes and a panel

For the left box on the table:

Place the ring at the bottom. Only three circles match its size. From white to black, they are
Yellow Green Blue
(1 4 6 clicks)

For the right box:

Match the picture nearby by making the dials point

For the wall panel nearby:

Use the ring item to hold down both switches.

You get 3 key pieces, one from each puzzle.

Two drawers and a box

You'll need clues from

the plant, the lottery and the clock.

For the top drawer:

The plant pot reads 870.

For the bottom drawer:

Follow the left edge of the lottery box.

For the wall box nearby:

Combine the solution for the right table box with the numbers on the clock.

You get 3 pieces, one from each puzzle.

You can leave now, but there's more to do!

Two machines and a box

For the left machine:

Click the middle area to make a ring appear.

Either by trial-and-error or by reading the clue under it, you find that you need to click the
URUUR buttons.

For the right machine:

At any time, two cows are looking at the other one.

Click the cows on the

For the wall box nearby:

As the buttons indicate, you need to enter three odd numbers.

Count the regions enclosed by the rings:
1 3 5

You get a total of 10 rings.


Open the door, and you'll pick up the coin that drops on the floor.

Use it on the lottery box to get your fortune.

Now that you've completed everything, you can leave through the door.

Item list

6 key pieces:

Top left: in top drawer
Top middle: in bottom drawer
Top right: in wall panel
Bottom left: in wall box near drawers
Bottom middle: from left table box
Bottom right: from right table box

11 rings:

1 item from table

1 from left machine
3 from right machine
6 from wall box near machines

and 2 items:

coin, from door frame
fortune, from box


Thanks again KK.


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