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Weekday Escape N°278

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Weekday EscapeThe new Weekday Escape is here to brighten long, dark, winter evenings!

Amajeto wishes happy birthday to you but if you don't have any these days you can play too. Nice. Then you get trapped in tomoLaSiDo's living room with many caskets but won't get anything to drink. An island point'n'click adventure by Scriptvile follows. It's a nice reminder of old school adventures which we don't get often. In Rinnogogo's latest game, beautiful, clever and joyful, you need to track down ten mice and put them back into their cage.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday from Amajeto to whoever's having one this season! The birthday person from the game is lucky indeed - so many beautifully packed presents! Hopefully the content of the presents is beautiful (or useful) too. Others (not celebrating birthday) can play nice game at least...

The cursor isn't changing, no save, one ending.

Escape Challenge 123: Room with Wine Corks

<br />
Escape Challenge 123: Room with Wine Corks<br />
 <br />

It's not just corks what tomoLaSiDo wants you to find; around their room are scattered some bottle caps, too. Besides obligatory capsules with key parts, of course. Both corks and caps go into the same items slot and you're supposed to get ten of those. Bottle stoppers are many and casks of various sizes are also numerous but not even a small bottle can be found! Maybe they were there before...and the stoppers and empty casks are all what was left....you know, you're not the first escaper from this room...

The cursor isn't changing, no save, one ending.

Clickventure: Castaway

2021-02-26 (1).png

You woke up on the coast of a small island and all you can recall is a furious night storm. Your small brave boat brought unconsciousness yourself to the dry land and fell apart then...just few planks are floating in the tide. From this moment you're on your own - you need to explore the island and figure out how to leave it. The path to the island's core heads north and if you're brave enough follow it but be prepared for anything. Everybody knows that deserted islands could be hiding anything including extinct life forms and the Scriptvile's one isn't an exeption...

The cursor is changing, autosave, one ending.



Rinnogogo's little old man - yes the one with the passion for costumes - is in trouble. His ten mice escaped. You decide to find and catch them as the reward is the key from exit gate...seems you have no choice anyway. The place you need to explore is quite large and the ten mice almost as cunning as notorious Escape-Men...and are intensively enjoying their life outside the cage, most of them seem happy in the moment you discover them (not so much after the captivation). Their freedom for yours...

The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

The game is available for Android too.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


looking forward to these


A little help for Castaway, right click to view inventory


a cool flash game once you've found the keys

paulmashtv December 25, 2020 2:45 PM

hope the walkthroughs are on it;s way for this set of games.


Happy Birthday


Yay, balloons! There's a purple square tile next to some cupcakes, and two locked compartments below. Open the door to the next screen.

There's a lot of presents above four locked cupboard compartments, and also a gumball machine.

Next room. Under a picture missing nine tiles, a large cake is surrounded by four swirly drinks, and the table on the left has lots of small square cakes. Also, the door here is locked.

Two compartments

You have clues for two of the compartments on the second screen:

the presents and the drinks.

For the second compartment:

The straws on the drinks point
Down Right
Left Down-right

Take a square tile.

For the fourth compartment:

The "Shoes" label can be read the other way as

Take a square tile and a key.

Exploration 2

Use the key to unlock the door in the third room.

Four bears sit under the TV. On the left is a stack of presents on two locked drawers. The door is locked of course, but it certainly looks like an exit door.

Two colors / One symbol

Use the clue from the


to unlock the left compartment on the first screen:

The colored half-hearts are (from left to right)
Green Green Red Red Green Red

There's a square tile and a pink heart marking.

Use that heart clue and the

grid of cakes

to unlock the third compartment on the 2nd screen:

The hearts are at
- - - -
- H - H
H - - -
- H - -

Take a square tile and a coin.

Place the coin in the gumball machine, which spits out four gumballs.

Four symbols

Use the clue from the gumballs to unlock the top drawer on the last screen:

The cupcakes with yellow, red, blue, green signs have the symbols
Heart Star Pentagon Hexagon
(7 2 4 1 clicks)

Take a square tile.


Use the clue from the

stacked presents

to unlock the left compartment on the second screen:

Match the order of the presents by clicking the red, green, pink, purple bars
0, 2, 3, 1 times.

Take a square tile and remote control.


Use the remote on the TV to view a message written in a grid.

Then use it again to view some digits in a grid.

Letters and squares

Use the clue from the TV to unlock the right compartment on the first screen.

The numbered squares read

It has a square tile and a word clue.

Use this clue to unlock the bottom drawer on the last screen:

On TV, the letters DIRT are
Green Gray Purple Blue
(6 8 4 5 clicks).

Take the last square tile.


Place all the square tiles in the picture on the third screen, and rotate the tiles until they align:

3 1 1 2
2 2 1 3
3 2 3 2
1 3 1 2

Take the key and unlock the last door!

Escape Challenge 123: Room with Wine Corks

Your celebration continues with wine… if you can find and uncork it!


A large wine barrel rests under the window, and you can take a key piece and cork from it. The potted plant has a small barrel full of green stuff behind it.

Turn left. A table has lots of small barrels and a cork, while the machine on the left has a trapped key piece. The wall box has three colored shape buttons, and the picture on the right advertises corks and caps.

Turn left. To the right of the locked door, there's a wall clock, a wall box and two locked drawers. To the left is a knob with text on it telling you that it's one of those caps.

Turn left. A large barrel on the right doesn't seem to do anything. A wall shelf has four corks/caps in a glass case. The blue bin beneath has a clue paper. The large machine here has a very long numbered cork you can almost pull out all the way.

Under that machine, you find 2 blocks.

Enter the corridor leading to the toilet. After you sit down, look right, look up and look left, the wall tells you about that fabulous screw-cap opening posture.

Puzzles near the toilet

For the machine with the numbered cork:

After all those clicks, the final code is 223.

You get a cork (item).
For the wall shelf:

Viewed from the front, the corks and caps have the shapes
Rectangle Square Circle Circle
(3 2 0 0 clicks)

You get 4 corks.

Puzzles near the door

The clues are all over the room:

The blue bin, the wall clock, the table and the picture frame.

For the cap beside the door:

Follow the clue in the bin by clicking

For the wall box:

The square appears at 1 on the clock, and the pentagon at 4, so the shapes on the buttons represent

Take a key piece.

For the top drawer:

The barrels on the table are in groups of
3 5 4

Take a key piece and cap, and view a shape clue.

For the bottom drawer:

The gray circles on the picture are on the

Take a key piece and cap, and view a color clue.

Puzzles near the table

There's just one clue

in the drawers.

For the machine:

You can dislodge the capsule by using the long cork on the right hole.

It falls to the left hole, but is too big for it.

No problem! Use the long cork on the left hole too. The capsule rolls to the right but not far enough.

But in this position you can just pick up the capsule to get the key piece.

For the wall box:

Combining the clues in the drawers, you find that the circle, triangle, square appear above the colors
Red Blue Yellow
(2 3 1 clicks)

Take the horn.


Place your items on the huge barrel beside the toilet entrance:

The blocks go on the two lower small squares, and the horn goes on the top-right small square.

Then use the clue from

the room

to solve that puzzle:

Counting the barrels, you find
Red: 1 on table
Blue: 1 on table, 1 outside toilet
Yellow: 2 on table, 1 on drawers
Green: 1 on table, 1 behind pot

which adds up to the clue

There's some fanfare, and then you slowly collect the last cork while the wine gushes onto the floor.

Leave with the entire key piece and all the corks!

Item list

6 key pieces:

Top left: In top drawer
Top middle: In bottom drawer
Top right: on big barrel (under window)
Bottom left: in wall box
Bottom middle: in machine near table
Bottom right: in machine near toilet

10+1 corks:

1 under window
1 on table
4 from wall shelf (two of them are caps)
1 beside door (it's a cap)
1 in top drawer (cap)
1 in bottom drawer
1 from huge barrel

1 item from machine near toilet.

And 2 other items:

Blocks under big machine
Horn in wall box above table.

Clickventure: Castaway

Since this instruction is only available before you start the game, I'll repeat it once more: Right-click to open your inventory.

Starting out

You'll notice that there are eye icons on most things, which may or may not produce a description when hovered/clicked. On the other hand, a gear icon means the object is usable.

So for example, on this screen the tree and planks will certainly be important later, but for now you can only pick up the salt rock on the left.

But that's not all! There's an exit to this screen at the top.

The homestead is just two houses and a well. And you're not even allowed to hop in the window!

Go north to an empty campfire pit beside a tree root above a deep hole. Take a knife and wire.

From the homestead, go east to an area surrounded by thorns, some of which are blocking a bright red toadstool. An adventurer seems to warn you away from a dark cave, and you manage to search him to find a key.

Right-click for inventory, and use your key to unlock the right house.

There are three tables in this house, one with a mortar, one with a pot and a pan, and one with a bag full of onions. The game only lets you take one onion.

Don't miss the key on the right windowsill.

Along the walls you see drawers with matches in them, an empty vial and a bottle of olive oil, and a long wooden brush leaning against a bookcase.

Use the new key to unlock the left house.

Next to an empty table, a spider has set up a web beside a pile of rubbish. Take the axe from the right.


Use the brush to clear out the rubbish, revealing a locked trapdoor.

This leaves the stick and hammer on the floor.

Use the stick and wire on the table in the left house to craft an improvised hook.

Use the improvised hook in the well to pull out a bucket of water.

The game insists that you not just pick up the whole thing, so use your knife to detach the rope from the water bucket.


Tie the rope to the tree root, and descend into the pit.

You find some dried vegetation, an unlit torch, a miner goblin, and

a broken ladder in front of it all.


Empty your bucket into the pot (in the right house), then use it to pick up the dried vegetation.

Also use the axe to cut down the small tree on the first screen.

The log is too heavy to carry, but if you pick the axe up and chop it again, you get chopped wood that fits better in your inventory.

Place the dried vegetation on the campfire pit and light it with the matches, then add the wood.

Finally, you can light the torch on the fire.

One last step: you don't want to be carrying the lit torch around the cave.

So use the torch on the thorn nearest to the entrance, which holds it for you.


Fear not, the beast is trapped safely behind a rock cave-in for now.

Take a wooden box and dead bat from the ground and a sickle hanging on a chain. The only feature remaining in this cave is a crack in the wall on the left.

Deadly / Lively

Use the sickle to remove the thorns blocking the toadstool outside the cave.

Also use the box to scoop up the spider from the left house. Phew, it's dead.

Mix a soup with the water (in the pot), the spider and the toadstool.

As indicated by the name, you'll need to pick the pot up and place it over the campfire to cook it.

And since it's super-dangerous, you have to scoop it up with the vial.

Now you know what the other four ingredients are for the dish.

Grind the salt in the mortar and add it to the dish.
Also throw in the olive oil, onion… and a dead bat. Whoever said this was for humans?

Okay, let's not mess up these two. The nutritious meal goes to the goblin, who puts his pickaxe down.

The poison goes to the beast, who vanishes after taking a sip.


Use the pickaxe to clear out the rocks where the beast was. It's another cave entrance!

This cave path immediately ends at a wide ravine with water below.

The bottom-right pebble on the left is a loose rock that hides a key.

Unlock the trapdoor in the left house. There's another empty table, and you can pick up some nails and a bug net from the ground.


Use the net at the shore to get the floating wooden planks.

Then place the ladder, planks, nails and hammer on the table in the basement.

Take your fixed ladder and use it to bridge the ravine.

And you're out the other side! Unfortunately, the boat is missing a paddle.

Maybe you can find one in the tent?

A shirt, a sock, an apple, a shoe, some paper, the other sock, some dynamite, the other shoe, some pants, and the rest is rubbish.

Wait, what was that in the middle? Take the explosives!


Use the explosives to blow up the cave wall near the beast, and light it with the matches.

Boom! (That's quite the short fuse.) Take the gold that falls out.

The gold is useless to you, but you can give it to the goblin to fulfill his rich dreams.

He rewards you with a shovel.

That's an adequate paddle! Use the shovel on the boat, and escape.

I decided to check out the official walkthrough video for Castaway, just because. Turns out it's a pretty impressive speedrun of the game.

It's approximately 3 minutes long. My personal best is 15 seconds shorter.

paulmashtv December 27, 2020 5:18 PM

Thanks KK. walkthroughs were awesome as usual. Canlt wait fr the Rinogogo one that;s left



Find the 10 escaped mice.

(And don't skip any of the puzzles, or you might lock yourself out of some of them!)


The old man (in a large mouse outfit) gives you the quest, and the game reminds you to take the cage from him.

Turn right to find a white door and a slider box with a bamboo pattern.

Turn right to find two signs pointing to different colored doors. On the ground is an empty pool with three buttons.

Turn right to find a blue door, a bucket, an apple tree and some small bamboo.

Click on the sign with the green and yellow doors, and you end up facing green and yellow doors. There are some plant pots on a wooden rack with a clue.

Back out and click the sign with the red door. There's a bucket of dirt beside the red door, and on the right is a beautiful rainbow-colored stained glass door.


💡 bamboo button, pool water

Use the bamboo clue for the bamboo box.

(You'll need to click the top part of each button to extend it.)
2 3 1 2 clicks

Take a jar with a key inside. It's too tight to open.

Use the clue from the six potted plants for the pool.

Follow the arrow from right to left:

Fill the bucket in the pool.

💡 bottle with a key inside

Give the jar to the man, who can only offer you a button box.

The design of the box tells you to

water the six potted plants

which gives you the code

Top, Bottom-right, Top-right, Bottom-left, Top-left.

Take the jar opener and open the bottle to get a key. Since this key is white, unlock the white door.

(The man is gone. You can't even use the bell to call him back, as it's empty.)


A neat room with a couch and empty table.

Turn right to face the bed and a record player. Click the record to find a mouse.

Turn right to find a picture of the room, and a closet with three colored buttons.

Turn right to find the doorway back, and a water cooler with a keypad.

💡 room with white door ①

Use the clue from the record for the closet:

When the record is opened:
Green Green Yellow Red
(R R U L)

You find a code and a stove. Enter that code in the water cooler.


Weird, you get another keypad! And the water cooler has a lemon in it.

When you examine the lemon, the corner of the screen reminds you of the code you just entered (52431).

To get a melon, you need to swap the 1st and 3rd letters of lemon. Swap the 1st and 3rd digits to get

Take a claypot.

💡 room with white door ②

The picture tells you to start a hotpot.

Fill the claypot in the water cooler, then place the stove on the table, light it, and place the claypot.

Wait for it to boil (which means turning right/left and turning back).

There's a mouse enjoying a hot bath! Save the mouse by capturing it.

The water's too hot for you, so turn off the stove and "wait".

The pot cools down, and you can take the yellow key.

As you're about to leave, the game tells you that there's nothing else to do in this room!


There's a table and two chairs in front of a numbered window. The left chair cushion hides a mouse. The shelf on the left has many items and a mouse getting drunk.

Turn around. There's a picture of the screen you just saw, as well as a cool painting with a box under the palette, and a locked black cabinet along the left wall.

💡 room with ocher door

Use the window and shelf clues on the box:

The numbered window panes (from 1 to 6) match shelves that have their items on the

Take a note with a clue on it, and use that clue

with the picture clue to unlock the chairs.

Click the LRRRLR chair cushions.

A plain key falls out. Use it to unlock the cabinet.

Use the clue from the painting to unlock the cabinet panel:

The path in the painting is covered in things that are
Red Yellow Brown Blue Green Pink
which appear on the palette as follows:
1 2 5 4
- - 3 6

Take the green key. Before you leave, you can turn towards the window for confirmation that the room is cleared.


There's wine in this room too, but you can't drink it.

Turn right to face a bed with part of its blanket stitched up. On the bedside table, the cover on an energy drink hides a mouse drinking it.

Turn right to face a table with a flowery cup. The wall looks very green, but you can only zoom in on the locked bin and the sink with a mouse behind the plate and glass.

Turn right to face the door and a framed picture over some drawers that won't stay open.

💡 room with green door

Use the number clues to unlock the bin:

Take the 1st digit of the wine clue, 2nd of the energy drink clue and so on:

Take the note and use that clue to unlock the drawers:

The code is coffee:
⌝ ⌞⌜⌜⌟⌟

Take a pair of scissors, and use it on the bed to get a red key.


On the left of the room: a glass table, a couch with a screwdriver under the right cushions, and a flowery tilty picture.

On the right: a pumpkin display and a screw panel.

Turn around to find a locked fridge with

a black cane beside it.

On the right wall is a two-button box hanging from a chain, too high to reach. It hangs over a tree that

hides another mouse.

💡 room with red door ①

The screwdriver is not very effective! But you can still remove the screw panel using the couch cushion clues.

0 3
1 2 clicks

Inside, you find a clue and a comfy-looking mouse.

Click the picture corners as indicated, and the whole picture comes off! Click it until you get an empty sandbag.

Unlock the fridge using the pumpkin clue:

Each red shape is a digit with a different number of pumpkins. From 1 to 4 pumpkins:

Take the cheese and place it on the mousehole.

When you back out and look at the mouse, it's gone.

But turn around twice, and the mouse is back for the cheese!

💡 room with red door ②

Use the bag to scoop up the soil just outside the door.

Then use the hook and bag to bring the red ceiling box down.

Then use the table clue to unlock it:

Dividing the colored strip into equal-sized squares:

Take the blue key.


There's chocolate cake on the table! The window has something with a red handle but it's too high to reach.

Turn left. There's a curtain that doesn't stay open beside a table with one locked and one unlocked drawer.

Check the chair to find a mouse resting there.

Turn right and turn around to find a juicer on an orange shelf.

💡 room with blue door

Use the cake clue to unlock the table drawer:

In the order of the arrow:

Take a rope, use it to tie up the orange curtain, and take the ladder to reveal a button panel.

Use the ladder under the window, then climb up and get a knife.

Also pick up the ladder and use it under the apple tree, then climb up and pick an apple.

Slice the apple and put it in the juicer, which squeezes out a mouse with the juice.

Finally, use the juice clue to unlock the button panel beside the desk:

Write the letters TO into the grid:
- O - O - O
- O - O O O

Take the bell clapper.


Attach the clapper to the bell at the start. You should have all 10 mice:

White: record mouse, bath mouse
Yellow: wine mouse, chair mouse
Green: energy mouse, sink mouse
Red: mousehole mouse, tree mouse
Blue: another chair mouse, juice mouse

which means you can click a button to ring the bell and end the game!

paulmashtv December 29, 2020 9:41 PM

Thanks KK. Appreciate your hard work as usual.


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