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Weekday Escape N°276

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Weekday EscapeHello and welcome to the newest Weekday Escape!

This week we start with Selfdefiant's short and colorful game, and finish with their long and dark one. Between them you need to find your way out from tomoLaSiDo's living room with four hidden soybeans, and then solve several very cunning puzzles in kitposition's apartment. Then you find yourself in an abandoned asylum, dark, damp, slowly collapsing building...yay!

Have a good time and enjoy!

Spooky Escape
Spooky Escape

Seems that Selfdefiant trapped you inside an old castle with several friendly ghosts (on contrary to ghosts who often occupy asylums, those are purely evil as we can see later) and several locked doors. Your goal is to get three skeleton keys and escape!

The cursor is changing, autosave, one ending.

Escape Challenge 121: Room with Edamame
Escape Challenge 121: Room with Edamame <br />

Edamame is a preparation of immature soybeans (Wiki says) so the small green balls you keep finding in tomoLaSiDo's room are apparently soybeans. Well "keep finding" isn't exactly accurate...you need to look for them and follow hints...and also find those hints. Apart from the first soybean laying in a plain sight there are four more well hidden ones. But this is a side quest only - your main target is to collect six key parts, as usual.

The cursor isn't changing, no save, one ending.

Escape from a Higher Room


Escape from a Higher Room</p>

This game can need some time to be loaded

We had an opportunity to play the first kitposition's game few weeks ago (WE N°269) and their debut was well-done indeed! Now you find yourself locked in an apartment on a high floor (again) and need to solve several interesting puzzles to escape. Three notices: 1 - you need three clues to solve the calendar puzzle and thoroughful examination of the clues is crucial. 2 - you need to find five sets of tetra blocks to be able to solve the last puzzle. 3 - you don't need to understand any text in Japanese. That's all. Now you're on your own.

The cursor isn't changing, no save, one ending.

Asylum 2020
Asylum 2020

Once again and sadly, maybe for the last time (unless Selfdefiant starts doing asylums in Unity or another engine), you find yourself trapped in a cursed asylum. Your friend went missing and you decided to look for him what's not surprising since you're very experienced in supernatural business...do you remember how many ghosts you've exorcised in past months and years? Must be tens of them! You know that floating orbs can be collected in green bottles only, that you can pay with those in a special shop and buy sacred items there, and that after you find the last blood red gem (the seventh one), sockets for inserting them appear on walls and after you place the gems, the golden skull gives you a skeleton key. Can you escape?

The cursor is changing, autosave, one ending.

P.S. Here are two bonus games. Both quite good but with some technical issues. Magic Boy Room Escape by Flash 512, and Escape from Island by Dassyutu.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Interface help for Escape from a Higher Room:
The top button starts a new game, and the second continues a saved game.
Once you're in the game, there's a menu button. The top button of the menu that pops up saves the game, the second one exits to the main menu and the bottom one closes the menu.


Hmmm. I'm stuck near the end (I think) of Escape from a Higher Room. I can't figure out the 5-digit code for the cabinet. Has anyone cracked that one?


Oh, I also haven't figured out

what to do with the paper that has Japanese writing on it (I already dipped it in the water to reveal more writing). There's also a picture in the left side of the cabinet that has a hoto of the Earth with an area circled in red above it -- I haven't figured out what to do with that.


Nevermind! I figured it out -- man, that fifth puzzle piece was hard to find.


Warning Spooky Escape was bugged for me.

If you open the green box on the bookshelves before you have seen the ghost at the top of the tower then the green box is empty.


Working on a walkthrough for Edamame, but I can't find

the bonus edamame. I found the five fake ones, but I can't find anywhere else to click.


The Self Defient Spooky

Might have a bug?

For those sensitive to spoilers and just in case you clicked by accident.

When I solved the color code and George Washington's mouth drops open with the 2nd skeleton key, I found a hot spot on the left curtain. I tried to pick it up and it told me I had too many items. All I had was the key. So went to main door and placed the second key. I went back to the curtain scene and the item behind the left curtain was gone and it wasn't in my inventory.


Self Defiant another one?

For those sensitive to hints and spoilers and / or clicked by accident.

I found the clue for the arrows. Solved the arrow puzzle ...
the box is empty.
the message "You can't hold anymore items" is still displayed.


Escape from Island
Interface tips:

I think you can complete the game without it, but you can change the view by dragging with the right mouse button or using WASD or arrow keys. You can scroll in and out with the mouse wheel. The white boxes are items. Anything that lights up on mouseover when you're standing next to it either contains an item or can be used with an item. To use an item, you first need to select it. Click "Item" to open the menu, click on the item (there's a scrollbar if you have a bunch), and click OK. To interact with something in the item menu, double-click it, then click the picture of it on the left.


Password Boxes
Most of the islands have a password box, which you can't use until you've found the clue

in the bottle. You need to combine this clue with another one to get the password.

The password screen has a picture of a vertical rock. Find this rock nearby for a letter clue.

The password is only some of the letters, as indicated by the number clue.

Blue Island

Get the coins by the house and the boat frame and the shovel behind the ... smaller building of some sort.

Select the shovel and dig on the dirt pile. Then put the dirt between the shark and the bridge.

Shark Island

Grab the fishing rod, then use it to grab bottle #1 next to the capsized boat.

Blue Island again

Open the bottle for a clue. See above for help on what to do with it; the next spoiler is the password itself.

ABCDE + 123 = ABC

Open the box for a blue treasure key. Use that on the blue box to get a blue key, which opens the door to the next island.

Green Island

There's a coin in the bucket next to the tent, matches in the bush, dynamite from the barrel, and a saw next to the ... weird outbuilding.

Put the dynamite by the iceberg and light it with the matches to slide the iceberg and polar bear over. Good thing polar bears can't cross water. No, wait, that's vampires.

Polar Bear Island

Grab the net on the island and use it to get bottle #2. You know what to do with that.

Green Island again

Open the password box for a green treasure key.

FGHIJ + 135 = FHJ

Open the green treasure box for a green key and open the green door.

Fork Island

Get the coin behind the tent, the knife from the barrel, and the rock next to the palm tree. There are three more things you can do before moving on.

Use the saw on the dead tree to get a board. Throw the stone at the palm tree to get a coconut and open it with the knife for a red key, which opens the red door.

(Now there are two ways to go; you can do them in either order.)
Red Island

Get coins from the cow skull and next to the rock. Get a black key from the bucket. But where's the black door?

On the house on that island. Get birdseed, which you

put on the mysterious black spot.

Get the red treasure key, then bottle #4. Open the password box on this island for a bucket.

AASDF + 531 = FSA

Broken Bridge Island

Use the board to get there (click on the island itself with the board selected) and pick up bottle #3. Grab a coin from the bucket of fish.

Fork Island again (after going to both sides)

Open the password box for a yellow treasure key.

APPLE + 245 = PLE

Use that to get the yellow key from Broken Bridge Island and open the yellow door.

White Island

Get a coin from the bone the pickaxe from the barrel in the corner. Use that to get at the white rock in the center. Use the bucket from Red Island to catch the Portuguese man-of-war by clicking the white box next to it. (Kids, don't try this at home.) I'm not sure why, but you need to use it on

the dark door on the giant rock

to get bottle #5. Open the password box,

ORANGE + 433 = NAA

then the white treasure box to get the white key. When you open the white door, the game ends, so make sure you get the coins first if you want them.

Guide to my island names:

All directions assume the minimap has north up.
Blue Island (color names match the treasure boxes) is where you start, with a house and a boat under construction. Shark Island (small square) is to the south.
Green Island, which has a tent and a big rock, is the next island to the north. Polar Bear Island (small square) is to the east.
Fork Island is next, the only place where gameplay forks instead of being strictly linear, and the only island with four exits. To the west is Red Island. It has an outlying square island that you can't get to. To the east is Broken Bridge Island (small square).
White Island is the last, and the only big island to be square. There's a big rock to the west.

Locations of all the coins:

1. Blue Island, next to the house.
2. Blue Island, next to the boat frame.
3. Shark Island, in the bush.
4. Green Island, in the bucket by the tent.
5. Polar Bear Island, in the fire pit.
6. Fork Island, behind the tent.
7. Red Island, in the cow skull.
8. Red Island, by a rock.
9. Broken Bridge Island, in the bucket of fish.
10. White Island, in/on the bone.


@ceecee For the final part of edamame

The last page of the notes in the fake edamame will give you a hint where to put the fake ones. After you do that step back and look up high.

Put the fake ones in the bin.

paulmashtv November 13, 2020 4:33 PM

can;t wait for these.


I escaped from a Higher Room, but there were several things I didn't use. Could there be two endings?

I didn't use:

It looked like a cake pan of solid ice that I got out of the freezer. I couldn't thaw it, either.

The sheet of paper.

The picture of the UFO over the planet with the circle on it.

I was stuck on the tetris puzzle for a while. I didn't know if I needed to

match colors, count the squares, make a pattern...

You need to

look at the patterns the pieces make.

They form numbers.

They open the cabinet on the right.

Click on the second piece first.

After that click on the fifth, first, fourth, and third.

The answer is


Once I entered the numbers on the cabinet my only move was to leave.


Thanks, midiphile.

Escape Challenge 121: Room with Edamame
Accessibility note: I provide colorblind help for the two puzzles that need it. (Note that the color sequences are different in those two spots.) There's another spot that I think should be doable without color but no guarantees. And there's one spot requiring



In case you didn't read the description above, the edamame that go in your inventory (the left spot) are clues.

You can find five of these and one more, presumably real, edamame.

Three Windows

Zoom in on the table and chair. Get key part 1 (in a blue and white capsule) and edamame 1. You can also zoom in on the tree, but there doesn't seem to be anything there. Turn left.


There's a box that needs a 4-digit clue. The blue bin is empty, as usual. Zoom in on the couch and touch the pillow. A clue! Turn left.


Obviously, the door is locked. The dresser has four drawers, which have four, three, and two buttons. The top two drawers need color clues; the bottom needs a sequence. There's also a clock with green hands. Turn left.


On the table are an edamame pod that you can open for clues and a capsule machine. On the wall is a framed picture of edamame (that's not weird at all). The words don't matter, but pay attention to the frame. (But I looked them up anyway: On the thirteenth night... tastes exquisite with salt.) If you click on the recess on the right, you can go into the obligatory bathroom. You don't need to, but as usual you can click on the toilet and then follow the arrows to find a doodle.

Bottom Drawer

The pillow gives you the code for the bottom dresser drawer.


Get key part 2.

Middle Drawer

Where have we seen three circles in that arrangement?

The windows.

Blue (2 clicks) on top and green (1 click) on the bottom.

Get key part 3.

Top Drawer

Where are there four colored circles?

The edamame pod on the table. Open it, then open the two edamame.

Green (2 clicks) on the left. Blue (3 clicks) and yellow (1 click) on the right.

Get key part 4.

Weird Machine

You can push the brown button, but you'll probably get an X. Watch the pretty edamame-pod-shaped rainbow lights.

Push the button when they're all lit up. I'm hoping the last (red) light isn't too hard for colorblind people to see.

When you get it right, the machine dispenses key part 5. (The red text says edamame.)

Wall Cabinet

This one's the hardest. You need to combine two clues, but they're both near the capsule machine.

The numbers in the edamame pod and the operations on the bottom of the picture frame.

1 2 3 4
+ + - -
4 3 2 1

That gives you key part 6.


Now that you have the whole key, you can open the door. You can leave now or find the hidden edamame first.

Edamame Hunt

Starting out

Double-click on that edamame you found on the first screen. It's fake, but it contains a clue for the next one, which is much better hidden than this one was.


It's a picture of the plant on the dresser. Zoom in on the dresser, then click about that spot on the plant to zoom in, and you should see edamame 2 where the picture showed. It goes into the same inventory slot; check that again. Click on the paper to scroll through all the clues you've found.


The bottom of a circle with two arcs underneath. That looks like the windows. Collect edamame 3 from the bottom of the top window. Check the new clue, which is #4.


This one's clearly a clock, with the star at 9. Zoom in on the clock and open up the hole in the 9 for edamame 4. The new clue is #3.


This one's on the door, about where a peephole would be. You already have all four clues, but you get another note. What next?


Throw out the edamame in the blue bin. Back out and click the top of the screen to get the bonus edamame off the ceiling.


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