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Weekday Escape N°270

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Weekday EscapeHi, it's Wednesday and four new games just arrived!

Amajeto revives their cooking lessons games and wants you to make a tasty omelette. Then you wake up in Selfdefiant's house where you don't need to do anything just find your way out. In tomoLaSiDo's house you can play with very special device and produce a confection, and Neat Escape then imprisones you in a log house by the sea.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Let's make Breakfast!
Let's make Breakfast!

You're locked in a small apartment and all you can see from each room is just one wall with several locked cabinets and one locked door. It's clear from the title what Amajeto wants you to do - you will, no doubt - and as a result, right in the beginning of this WE you get may hungry. You'd better prepare for this since with each following game the feeling grows...

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Mechanic House Escape
Mechanic House Escape <br />

You woke up in mechanic's house and realize soon that you're trapped. The mysterious mechanic isn't around to let you out but Selfdefiant says
that there can be found some items to help you escape. Look around carefully for clues, solve few puzzles and you're free!

The cursor is changing, autosave, one ending.

Escape Challenge 118: Room with Marron Glacé


<p>Escape Challenge 118: Room with Marron Glacé</p>


Those things you keep finding in tomoLaSiDo's room and also outside it are marron glacés (chestnuts candied in sugar syrup and glaced) but it's enough to know that there are hidden six brown balls in total to be found. Really important is the one confection you do by yourself from a raw chestnut in a special machine and which you need to obtain capsules from devices. You can escape any time through the French window - if you manage to open it of course - so the main question is - can you open the entrance door?

The cursor isn't changing, no save, one ending.

Escape from the Log House
Escape from the Log House

Neat Escape locked you in a log house. Its wooden interior is polished and warm, the fridge is loaded and everything prepared for a pleasant stay...though in your case it will be an escape. Pleasant escape. As usual, the game has two endings and depends in which lock you use a blue key. Each ending offers a different reward - a nice meal or, quite unexpectedly, sea bathing.

The cursor isn't changing, autosave + save button, two endings.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


A weird thing in Neat Escape the Log House

Just in case you clicked this by accident.

Use the TV remote on the TV BEFORE

removing the batteries

the remote disappears after you take the batteries and does not come back.


Can't complete the Tomolasido.

Not really a hint but does reveal a puzzle that was impossible for me to solve.

Just in case you clicked here by accident.

There is a puzzle that requires speed clicking in four locations and I just can't do it.


can;t wait for these.

BBM3 September 23, 2020 6:25 PM replied to 4red3s

I did that and was left with one battery I never used but still finished both endings. I'll have to replay using the remote on the TV.

BBM3 September 23, 2020 7:32 PM replied to 4red3s

So using the remote on the TV is a Red Herring as far as I can tell

BBM3 September 23, 2020 7:49 PM replied to 4red3s


As soon as you drop the ball touch the glass as follows:

Upper Left, Lower Right, Lower Left, Upper Right



Thank you so much!

I thought I had to wait for the arrows.

matchhead September 24, 2020 2:03 PM replied to BBM3

so on log cabin

i used both batterys, but did not need the tv

1st battery used to get key from under tv
2nd battery used to remote found outside the room.


I had already played this week's games, so nothing for me this time. BUT--I'm so pleased to find the archived pages of past Weekday Escapes are working again! I have enough games to last me a really long time =D Thanks so much to the person/persons responsible!


Correct, My Mistake:

I did use the 2nd battery for the 2nd ending


hmmm, the mechanic game is waaaay too zoomed in for me. command+ and command- change nothing :

Patreon Donator Krizpy September 29, 2020 1:54 AM replied to Krizpy

apparently all flash files are doing this to me now! a game i played two weeks ago (and indeed any game) is now super cropped and zoomed into the top left part of the flash

i cannot access settings bc the pop up stays within the flash window and the buttons are out of reach. rip


I love the concept of Mechanic House Escape, it's thrilling..

Patreon Contributor kktkkr October 31, 2020 4:22 AM replied to paulmashtv

Let's Make Breakfast!

An interesting remake of Cooking Classes 1 (from Weekday Escape N°138).

Exploration / Shades

You start off in a normal-looking room, with two locked doors, a television that's turned off over two locked compartments, and a pink square tile on an armchair that also hides a black paper clue behind its cushions.

The unusual part is you can't turn left or right, so that's all you have to work with.

Use the clue from the lampshade to unlock the right compartment under the TV:

The white, yellow, orange, brown stripes are
middle-top, middle-bottom, top, bottom
(2 1 3 0 clicks)

Take the square tile and key, and use the key to unlock the door forward.

Exploration 2 / Exploration 3

This room has a purple accent color. Let's start with the fridge, which has some butter and eggs you can take.

To the left of that is two locked cupboards around a stove with four knobs that turn to different positions.

Above, a shelf has a four-digit compartment next to four colored cups and a bronze key.

Before you unlock the next door, take the cheese beside it.

The next room has more chairs than you can use, and a locked glass door.

Under a picture missing six pieces, you see a plate with some veggies already on it. Take the fork to its left.

Two buttons / Button grid / Four digits


The placemat in the last room, and the black paper in the first room.

For the left compartment under the TV:

The green squares on either edge of the placemat form a pattern:

Take a bowl and a square tile.

For the grid to the left of the oven:

The square outline on the paper has letters O and K in the positions
_ _ _ K
O O _ K
_ O _ K
_ O _ K

so turn those eight squares black.

Take a frying pan and a square tile.

For the four-digit shelf compartment:

The picture of a FORK on the paper is the hint: the letters F on the grid form the shape of an 8, and so on for each letter to give you the code

Take a square tile and remote control.

Screen / Letters

Use the remote on the TV to view an omelette recipe.

Use the clues from the TV and

colored cups

to unlock the right compartment beside the oven:

The green, blue, yellow, red letters spell out

Take a square tile and some salt and pepper.


You have all six tiles, so place them in the grid in the last room, and solve it by rotating the tiles until they align.

A hint: start where there's most yellow, and pay attention to the background around the top-left.

3 1 1 2
2 2 1 3
3 2 3 2
1 3 1 2

Take a key and use it to open the door in the last room.

This balcony has a box with a four-dial lock, so use the clue from

the oven

to unlock it:

Right, Up-right, Up-left, Down

Take the cheese grater.


(If this part seems confusing, it's because the game has helpfully skipped some of the steps from the recipe.)

Use the pan on the stove, and add butter to it.
Then use the eggs (and fork and salt and pepper) on the pan.
Then add the cheese and pick up the whole pan.

Serve the omelette onto the plate in the last room, which makes a key appear. Use that key on the side door of the first room to escape!

Mechanic House Escape

Exploration / Four letters

The first screen features a bed with a pillow that's (read the label) made in Peru, a treasure chest with a three-digit lock, and an empty wardrobe.

Go right. Beside the bright blue chair, there's a locked door and a bookshelf. Only one of the books is yellow, and it has a four-letter lock.

Enter the clue from the


into the yellow book:


Take the black key and unlock the door.

Exploration 2

Under the potted plant is a box with three rows of squares that fill up with different colors. The bottom arrow here goes back, and the top arrow brings you down the stairs.

The stairs end at a TV, and you see a door under the stairs which is bolted shut.

Go right to find a simple fireplace and a locked door. The moose head holds a broken cog piece in its mouth.

Go right. There's a small door here and beside it is a lever, a cog, and a space for another cog.

Go right to find a locked door, a clock that's moving but not showing the correct time, and a key under the clock. (The key is very difficult to pick up, so zooming in on the game may help.)

Use this key to unlock the door beside the fireplace.

Other than the colored pictures on the wall, you also notice a post extending from the table, a large black cog-shaped mold, and a lot of cardboard boxes. One of them has a broken cog piece among all the screws and nuts.

Three digits / Three sliders

You'll need clues from

the clock, and the colored pictures in the workshop

For the chest in the bedroom (the first screen):

The game tells you the time when you click the clock, which is also the code

Take the wrench.

For the slider box at the top of the stairs:

The letters on the pictures are roman numerals.

Click the green, red, blue rows
3, 5, 4 times
to fill that many squares in.

Take the glue.


Use the wrench to open the door under the stairs, which has a slightly larger broken cog piece.

Now that you have all three cog pieces, place them in the mold in the workshop and add the glue.

Take the finished cog and place it on the empty space near the lever, then pull the lever down.

An elevator descends to deliver you a hammer.

Use the hammer on the post extending from the workshop table, which drops a gold key onto the floor.

Use the key to unlock the door beside the clock. You've escaped!

Escape Challenge 118: Room with Marron Glacé


Your exploration of this chestnut-colored room begins with the table with a candied chestnut and a recipe for marron glacé:

Gather chestnuts, peel chestnuts, parboil, add sugar, boil down, sugar, boil down, sugar, finished

The plant pot beside seems uninteresting, but it's actually very important that you not miss

the lock on the sliding door behind it.

Turn left to face a framed picture and two machines with blue-and-white capsules in them.

Under the left machine, you find a chestnut.

Turn left to face the locked door, a wall clock with large yellow markings, a wall box with a four-color lock, and a chest of two locked drawers.

Turn left to face another capsule machine, a wall machine with picture buttons, and a blue bin.

Enter the corridor leading to the toilet, where you can sit down, look right, look up and look left to find a drawing of chestnuts.


Jiggle the door handle until it lets you out:

You can figure out that the handle positions show 3, 2 and 0 lines, with the last one resetting the lock.

Or you can just randomly try sequences until you find that one that doesn't reset the puzzle:

The door is now open and you can walk outside, immediately finding a chestnut on the ground.

Back out, and you're now facing the doorway back in.

If you try to enter, you'll zoom in and pick up the sneakers at the doorway instead.

Leave again. Now that you're wearing shoes, you have no problem peeling and taking the chestnut (item).


Use the chestnut you picked up on the picture button box, and push the buttons indicated along the left.

(T M B M B M B)

You get a finished chestnut.


Use the marron glacé you just made to get the capsule out of each machine.

Beside the toilet:

Put it in the top hole and then wait.

Small machine under picture frame:

Put it under the glass, then push the top button, then the bottom one.

Big machine beside picture frame:

Put it in the top right hole. It just rolls all the way to the back.

But you see a clue while that happens.

Tap the top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left, top-right corners of the glass.

(This puzzle doesn't seem to have a time limit. Just click the corners accurately.)

That gets you a total of 3 key pieces.

Combination locks


The recipe, the wall clock and the big machine

For the top drawer:

The green outlines on the buttons tell you which clock hands to look at: 6 3 1

But the clock face also tells you to add 1 to each digit:
7 4 2

For the bottom drawer:

Following the sequence on the recipe, push the
UUDDLRLR buttons.

For the wall box:

The large machine now shows changing colored squares and circles.

The red, blue, yellow, green circles appear with the
Yellow White Aqua Pink squares
(1 0 2 5 clicks)

You get 3 key pieces and 3 chestnuts.

That's all the puzzles, so open the room door and leave!

Item list

6 key pieces:

Top left: in top drawer
Top middle: in bottom drawer
Top right: in wall box
Bottom left: in big machine
Bottom middle: in small machine
Bottom right: in machine beside toilet

6 chestnuts:

1 item (outside)

1 on table
1 under left machine
1 in top drawer
1 in bottom drawer
1 in wall box

Escape from the Log House


There's only two main screens in the game, so let's go clockwise through each zoomed-in bit.

Click the fridge to view the kitchen area, which features a working sink, a five-letter cupboard, and a stove with lots of lights on its front. Checking the fridge, you find a sponge beside two bowls of fruit, but don't miss out on the bottom compartment which has a ice ball.

There's a fireplace and

a metal bar on the wall above.

The dining table has a four-button box, a laptop, and a ring device that needs a battery. The plant pot behind it has a paper with a barcode printed on it.

(Turn around.) To the left of the TV is a locked door. Under the TV is a four-dial panel, and to the left of that is a small hole directly above a plant pot that hides another hole. The larger plant pot to the right hides a remote control.

Going further along the wall, you see two locked doors, and then what looks like the room door. It's surrounded by two small plant pots, and under the right one you see a "parts", better described as a picture piece.

Remoting / Ball

You can use the remote to turn on the TV, but it's not very helpful and you don't have to do it.

Instead, remove the batteries from the remote, and place (one of) them in the ring device, and push the button on the device to make it light up.

That gives you a clue for the dial panel under the TV:

The blue, yellow, red, white lights are on the
Left, Right, Bottom-left, Top-left

Take a yellow key.

Also use the ice ball on the hole under the TV, and you hear it roll away out of sight.

Move the small plant pot underneath to find the ice ball and a red key.

Red / Yellow

Use the red key to unlock the left small door to the bedroom.

The left side table has a drawer without a handle.

The bed has pillows you can lift to find a handle under the right one.

The right side table has four mugs containing some kind of powder, and a drawer with four digit buttons.

Use the yellow key to unlock the right small door to the bathroom.

You can lift the toilet bowl lid, but more interesting is the cabinet above it which has a power socket and a smartphone low on battery.

Looking in the shower, you find a large white streak on the wall.


Use the sponge on the bathroom wall to reveal an arrow clue.

Then use that clue to unlock the box beside the laptop on the dining table:

The clue is laid out in an arrow pointing to the left, which means you have to read the clue from right to left:

Take the power cord, and plug it into the socket in the bathroom.

You can now use the phone, but only to activate the QR code app. After tapping that icon, use the barcode paper to activate it.

It looks like you're about to play a game involving a sea house, but instead all you get is a large word clue.

Enter that word into the kitchen cabinet:


which contains a kettle.


Fill the kettle in the kitchen sink and then use it on the fireplace, revealing a clue with some orange bars.

Fill the kettle in the sink again, then place it on the stovetop, and enter the code you just found into the front panel:

Click the columns
2 5 3 1 times.

It boils immediately and you can pick it up.

Pour the hot water into the bedroom mugs to make coffee, and use the clue from that to unlock the drawer nearby:

7 2
4 3

Take another picture piece.


Use the drawer handle on the left bedside table. This photo is missing two pieces, but you should have both already.

After completing the picture, push the small button beneath to open the box and find a blue key.

Save your game. Let's proceed to the normal ending:

Unlock the front door and leave. Enjoy dinner with your friend!

And for the good ending:

(Load your game and) unlock the door beside the TV instead.

You see a potted plant next to four black markings. Under it is a metal padlocked trapdoor.

That's not quite enough to progress!

Checking the room again, you find that the ice ball (under the TV) has now melted to release a metal key.

Unlock the trapdoor to find a ladder.

Then use that ladder above the fireplace to find a car. It may look big but it's just a toy car.

Place the car beside the potted plant on the balcony, and you hear it knock something over.

The trapdoor beneath now has a remote on it, but the red button doesn't seem to work?

Open the tiny hatch at the bottom of the remote, and put the other battery in.

The red button now summons a slide from the sea. Enter it to enjoy a swim!

paulmashtv October 31, 2020 7:06 PM

Thanks KK. Great job as always. looking forward to more from you soon.


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