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Weekday Escape N°269

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Weekday Escape Hello! It's Weekday Escape!

Amajeto decided to remake some of their older games apparently - from well known reasons probably - and this week it's one of their hotel rooms. Very talented newbie kitposition wants you to escape luxury apartment and notice that you don't need any knowledge of Japanese language to get through. Then comes tomoLaSiDo with their standard living room and the WE ends with beautiful Rinnogogo's forest adventure.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Hotel Solitude - new edition
Colors and Toys

You return to the escape hotel where you stayed three years ago. Well the room haven't changed much and the puzzles neither...but quite surprising is that the billboard you can see from the balcony is the same too! What a strange place. You'd better start looking for hints to get out of there and remember that the original wasn't the easiest game by Amajeto...

The cursor isn't changing, save button, one ending.

P.S. The original Hotel Solitude you find here.

Escape from a Room on a High Floor
Escape from a Room on a High Floor <br />

kitposition's debut is simply excellent - atmospheric, with good looking graphics and clever puzzles. You're supposed to escape high floor apartment with amazing view and solve several puzzles on your way. Notice that there isn't any language barrier and that you can ignore all texts in Japanese. If you're stuck it's not because of missing instructions - you get all clues you need for successful breakout.

The cursor isn't changing, no save button, one ending.

Escape Challenge 117: Room with Rosemary


<p>Escape Challenge 117: Room with Rosemary</p>


This tomoLaSiDo is on easier side - by easier I mean doable without help just with a lot of patience. You're supposed to find eight rosemary twigs in total (and six capsules with key parts of course). While thinking about puzzles you can admire bold room design characterized by interestingly placed windows and think about the purpose...seems that the only reason must be the external looks...however, you can't say before you get out, right? Sadly, they don't let you to take a look at the house from outside.

The cursor isn't changing, no save, one ending.

Restaurant Forest
Restaurant Forest

You're walking in a deep forest and all of sudden there appears a restaurant. Rinnogogo says that it's mysterious and they must certainly know what they are talking about. You enter it...no. You try to enter it and find out that an invitation which you don't have is required...wait, don't leave! It would be a pity since the game is lovely and clever as all Rinnogogo's creations. Look around instead and maybe you'll find some helpful item and get inside afterall. That's not much difficult. But another difficulty occurs - you can't leave! This is getting ridiculous - first they don't want you let in and now you can't go away!? Seems you have to stay here...unless you figure out the load of puzzles they prepared for their visitors.

The cursor isn't changing, autosave, one ending.

The game is available for Android too.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


can;t wait for these.


I miss the days when hints and help were generous. I am stuck on kitposition game but I am reluctant to ask a question because the question might give something away and offend someone sensitive to hints.

Anyway, good luck to you all.

Chrpa! Outstanding selections. I love Wednesdays! Sending you good will and a large air hug.


I am giving up on kitposition game. My power went off and my computer restarted. I made it back to where I had been and still woefully stuck.

And Then This Happened:
(I'm doing my best with spoiler tags. But if you are sensitive to hints, please be advised, you might learn something here.)

I was clicking madly around the curtain in the first scene where you can see the cityscape.

There is a place on the lower right that zooms in on the window sill. So far I have not found anything there and none of my items do anything there.

But somehow in my clicking I activated a menu. I could not click away from it and the escape key did not work. I could not understand the language so clicked on the first item and clicked okay and nothing. Then the second or third button I clicked okay and the game started over. I'm Done.


Any idea when the links to games' pages on pages 6 and later are going to be restored? Right now they lead to nothing.


In Escape from a Room on a High Floor, how do you keep the phone on the charger? When I put it on the charger, then back away, the phone goes back in my inventory, still uncharged.

Reverant September 18, 2020 12:08 PM replied to Thorzdad

The power is off in the room. Turn on the fuse

matchhead September 18, 2020 1:51 PM replied to Reverant

im just having issue finding where the solution to the breaker is.

kksl1der20 September 18, 2020 2:32 PM replied to matchhead


The two colored dots on the fuse breaker should be familiar if you look around.

The bottom option on the popup menu in Japanese is something like 'close menu' or 'go back'.

matchhead September 18, 2020 2:40 PM replied to kksl1der20

thanks, the color of the one dot didnt look the same and threw me off.

LaineyEvelyn September 18, 2020 11:33 PM

I don't know what happened, but your site is pretty much useless for any kind of walkthrough now. I used to use your site religiously for help and information while playing the Westward series. Now, I get
nothing when I pull up your site. I'm required to log in, which I've never had to do. I try to search walkthroughs and regardless if I click on date or title, I get a blank screen.
The walkthroughs you've had available for the Westward series were the best ones available. Yes, the series is old, but it's still fun to play. I am seriously annoyed I am unable to utilize your site to find the information I could previously access without issue.
It would be great if you'd reverse whatever changes were recently made or you would make sure all the walkthroughs players previously depended on from your site were once again available.


I have a problem in Escape from a Room on a High Floor. The only things left are:

Lamp with numbers, tv and card with a +. I do not know how to get the last code


Yes, please! I love playing the older games I've missed; I can't bring up anything past page 4 myself.


I've had no luck finding a walkthrough for Escape from a Room on a High Floor.
Personally, I'm having trouble with the

16-light box in the bedroom drawer. Apparently I'm not interpreting the clue in the living room correctly. Don't know what else to try...
And, I have the TV clue (for the door?), but need a screwdriver. Have a playing card in inventory and batteries; have a charger of some sort plugged in but nothing to go with.

Help, please & thank you!


Thanks, chrpa; that got me out. Not sure how I managed to make it so hard =P


walkthroughs coming soon?


Hello, just to let you know the issue with the site has been fixed by Mihai. Thank you for your patience.


nice change of pace from amajeto!




Hotel Solitude - New Edition

If you feel a sense of deja vu, that's perfectly understandable. Welcome back to Amajeto Hotel!

(Previous game was in Weekday Escape N°144.)


The hotel starts you off facing the nighttime cityscape, but it's outside the locked glass door.

Turn right. Around the TV are several decorations, as well as four locked compartments which have a four-letter lock, two heart buttons, a four-symbol lock and a four-digit lock.

Turn right. The corridor leading to the locked exit door has a picture missing eight tiles. On the right, a closed closet has a mirrored surface beside a grid of yellow buttons.

Turn right to face the bed. The left side table has a phone, and the right side table has a lamp which lights up in different colors. The left and right framed pictures have clues on their backs, while the second picture shifts when you click its corners, and the third picture has four vertical bars.

Pictures above bed


The rightmost picture and the snails around the TV.

For the second picture:

Follow the sequence of arrows:
⌜⌝ ⌞⌟ ⌜

Once you return to the top-left corner, the sequence is complete.

For the third picture:

Click the bars
0, 2, 3, 1 times
to match the snails' heights.

You get a number and grid clue and a square tile.

Calling it

You just saw a number code:

7105 on the back of the second picture

Enter that into the phone

which does nothing.

That helps you to unlock the four-letter compartment

when you realize the number is a word written upside-down:

Take a remote control and square tile.


Use the remote to turn on the TV, which shows a clue with a yellow heart.

Then use the remote again to view some green birds.

Use the heart clue to open the heart compartment:

The letters of HearT are big, small, small, small, big.

Take the key and square tile.

Exploration 2

It's a familiar balcony, and this time you can just take a square tile and look at the four-dial lock on the table.

While you're enjoying the fresh air, you suddenly notice something in front:

The lights on the nearest building form a code.

Four directions / Grid

Use the clue from the

second screen of the TV

to unlock the balcony table:

Green birds have beaks pointing
Left, Up-right, Up-left, Right
(6 1 7 2 clicks)

Take a square tile from the grid, and then enter that code in the closet:

2 1 1 0
1 2 0 1
1 0 2 1
0 1 1 2

You get a square tile under a green club marking.

Four digits for reals

Enter the code from the

building outside

into the four-digit compartment:


Take a square tile under the red spade marking.

Four suits

Use the clue from

the right lamp and card suit clues

to unlock the four-symbol compartment:

Read the colors on the lamp from top down (i.e. from 1 ball to 4 balls):
Blue Red Yellow Green

Looking around the room, you find that those symbols are
Diamond Spade Heart Club

Take the last square tile.


Place all 8 tiles into the picture, and click to rotate them until they align:

3 1 1 2
2 2 1 3
3 2 3 2
1 3 1 2

Take the key, unlock the door, and leave!

Escape from a Room on a High Floor

Use the top button to open the game. Once inside, the top three menu options are Save, End Game, Reload Save.


After the intro text which isn't helpful at all, you face a green table, locked doors on both sides, and a window. (The game tells you that jumping is not the way out.) The right edge of the windowsill is empty.

Click the table to find poker chips glued to it, as well as an ace card you can take. The wall panel above has three circular number buttons.

Turn around (left or right) to face the bed, whose gap with the wall is too dark to see anything inside. There's a framed picture with nothing behind it. The chest of drawers on the right has a key in the top drawer and a grid of buttons in the bottom drawer. A lamp is plugged into the wall but you don't know what to do with it yet.

Use the key to unlock the left door. You face a couch with nothing under its cushion. The coffee table has something weird on it, but all you need to know is you can click to view a grid clue.

Turn right to face another window. There are potted plants in the corner.

Turn right to face a TV you can't turn on. The game suggests that only the lights in the room are powered right now. In the corner of the screen is an electrical breaker panel you can't reach.

Turn right to find a door with a lock behind a screw panel, next to another framed picture next to a shelf. There's a clock that's running, which means… you can take the batteries out of it. Under it, you find a smartphone charger.

Two puzzles


The poker chips, flower pots and the device on the table in the second room.

For the digit panel above the green table:

The flowers from left to right are
Blue Green Red
and counting the chips of those colors gives
3 1 4

Take a key, and use it to unlock the other door of the first room. All you find there is a ladder.

For the bottom drawer:

Each view of the grid device has different squares lit up. Combine all four views:
Y - - -
- Y Y Y
- Y - Y
Y Y - -

Take a flashlight.


Put the batteries in the flashlight, and then use it on the bed gap to find a smartphone. As you may have guessed, it's not charged.

You get the batteries back, so put them back into the digital clock.

Use the ladder under the breaker, then climb up and use the clue from

the clock

to set it correctly:

Based on the red and green dots, you need to rotate the time
clockwise. Each pair of the switches then represents a digit, when combined with the vertical lines.

Set the switches up or down:

If it's correct, the game will take away your ladder. But just to be sure, you can confirm that the power is fully restored by turning on the TV.

You can also turn on the bedside lamp to view a number clue.

You can also plug in the phone charger beside the lamp on the chest of drawers. Place the phone on the charger (beside the lamp) to power it up instantly.

Take the phone back… what's this?


The tacky icon on the phone plays you a short description: play AR Monster by finding four monsters, and you'll get a special message from the developer!

The phone automatically activates when you change screens, so all you need to do is walk around.

Monsters are named using a mix of English and Japanese:
First screen: Akamush
Above bed: Rabisli
Above couch: Tamabatton
Near shelves: Hachibee

and your special message is as follows:

Monsters tend to drop items. Sometimes they drop weird things.

Check the rooms again to find the dropped stuff.

The windowsill now has a screwdriver.


Use the screwdriver to remove the cover on the exit door, then use the remaining clues from the game to unlock it.

The clues are:

The TV, the special message, the desk lamp and the playing card.


You'll need the letters of ESCAPE, shown on the TV.

The letter A represents the + on the ace playing card.

The other letters are at the top of the special message, representing digits in the desk lamp clue.

Putting them together gets you 978+69, which is

And you're out, congratulations!

Escape Challenge 117: Room with Rosemary


We're back with simple decor: window, table, chair, potted plant. Take 2 rosemary sprigs from the table and potted plant, and don't miss the clue on the window while you're zoomed in on the table.

Under the table, you find another sprig of rosemary (item).

Turn left to face a machine featuring the Rosemary Sisters, as well as a face ball that looks uncomfortable, perhaps.

Turn left to face the locked door and a chest of drawers which have three digit buttons, two semicircular buttons, and five colored buttons. The wall box has three colored buttons, the clock is very weird, and the blue bin has a capsule next to it containing a key piece.

Turn left to face the screen with the air-conditioner. Three shelves on the wall hold an interesting selection of objects. There's also what looks like a half-open cupboard on the right.

Enter the corridor leading to the toilet, which once again has a window near the floor. You can sit down, look right, look up and look left to take a rosemary sprig away from the drawing of a man sniffing it.


Start with the clue

from the shapes on the wall shelves.

For the sister box,

Under each portrait is a name reel that reads Rosemary.
Clicking them makes their backgrounds change.

Match the symbols on the shelf by clicking the reels
0 2 1 times.

You get a rosemary sprig.

When you back out and examine the box again, you find that

each portrait is now outlined in a bright color.

Use that to unlock the wall box:

Make the buttons yellow, cyan, magenta.
(1 3 2 clicks)

You find a key piece.


Hold the rosemary item in front of the ball face. The five digits under it flash really fast, and when you take it away they go slower.

Three drawers


The wall shelf, clock, window and ball face.

For the top drawer:

The middle digit is upside-down.

The upside-down digit on the window is a 2. Matching it to the orientation of the button gives you the code

For the middle drawer:

The numbers 1 to 6 appear on the
sides of the clock.

For the bottom drawer:

Paying close attention to the face, the slow portion at the end of its sequence shows 1s in the
5th 2nd 1st 3rd 4th positions (counting from the left)

Referring to the wall shelf, you find that those represent
Blue Yellow Red White Green.
(5th 2nd 1st 3rd 4th buttons from the left!)


Use the rosemary item on the compartment under the air-con.

You'll find that it only works on the top left section, causing the right half to raise slightly. What next?

To the right of the ball is a slightly lighter square area that opens just a bit.

That's enough to keep the shutter open as you retrieve the rosemary item…

and use it to sweep out the key piece!

Now that you have all the items and key pieces, open the door and end the game.

Item list

6 key pieces:

Top left: in top drawer
Top middle: in middle drawer
Top right: in bottom drawer
Bottom left: in wall box
Bottom middle: in wall compartment
Bottom right: beside blue bin

and 7+1 rosemary sprigs:

1 item under table

1 on table
1 on potted plant
1 in toilet
1 from sisters box
1 from top drawer
1 from middle drawer
1 from bottom drawer

Restaurant Forest

It's supposed to be a little restaurant in the forest, but this seems a bit too small?

(Following the theme from last time, I'll indicate hints using the 🍴 emoji. It is possible to do at least one puzzle outside of the intended order, although it locked me out of a clue when I did that.)


Climb the stairs to the door and read the sign beside. Hmm, it seems you'll need an invitation.

(Also, the game won't let you leave back down the stairs.)

🍴 invitation

Go right to the open window, and pick up the invitation from it, then use the invitation on the intercom.

You face a wall clock and a chest of drawers. Only the bottom drawer is unlocked, but it contains a locked heart-shaped green box. On top of the drawers is a tall box with six sliders.

🍴 menu

Turn right, and you are instructed to choose from the menu on the table. Once you do so, the restaurant serves you a glass of ice water where the ice all float differently. Along the left wall is a panel that's screwed shut.

Turn right to face the counter, where a metal area has a hole in it labeled OFF. You can open up the wall compartment behind the counter to find it empty. On the right, a fancy padlocked gate seals off a Special room, and the window on the right has a curtain that won't stay down.

Turn right to face the exit door. Behind couch cushions, you find a four-digit box with a three-color clue.


🍴 6-step button

Use the clue from the glass of water to unlock the box on top of the drawers.

From top to bottom:

Take the key, and unlock the top drawer to find a knob and a note telling you to enjoy your appetizer.

So sit down and click your appetizer (yes, it depends on your menu choice) to finish it instantly, then click once more to remove the entire placemat. Under it is what looks like a tiny digital clock.


🍴 second drawer, clock

You'll need

the knob you just got, and clues from the clocks.

For the second drawer, start by using the item:

The knob goes in the counter, and each position does something different to the room.

The easiest to notice is up, which makes the glasses glow yellow.
Right makes the window glow red.
Left makes the potted plant glow green.

Click the buttons
1 3 2 times.

Inside, you find some sort of flyer for the restaurant, as well as the owner's instruction to proceed to the Special room for the main course.

For the couch box:

The wall clock has no numbers, but comparing it to the clock clue on the table you realize that it's rotated.

If the minute hand points to 12 and the hour hand to 1, then the blue, red, yellow markings represent
6 4 10

Take a screwdriver, and use it to unscrew the box on the floor to reveal a fruity lock.


🍴 heart-shaped box

You'll notice that the background of the heart box matches the flyer.

You might be tempted to enter the phone number as the password, but that's incorrect!

The number 1438 7259 actually represents warm soup, which means
and so on.

Hmm, there's no d in the clue. Or is there?

You can get d by turning p upside-down. Since p=9, this means d=6.

The full password is

Take the key and use it to unlock the padlock on the gate.

Exploration 2

The orange couch in front seems uninteresting. Turn left to find a small table with some snacks, a big table with your main course on it, and a cupboard with a grid of buttons.

After you finish your meal, you find a photo.


🍴 roll screen, photo

Secure the window blinds using the padlock, then walk to the outside of the house to look at it.

Use that clue to unlock the grid cupboard in the second room:

Rotate the clue to put the vine in the top left:
- 1 - - - 5
3 - - - 2 -
- - - 6 - 4

Take the pencil and use it to discover a hidden spot:

As shown on the photo, color in the wall just above the couch to reveal a fruit clue.

Use that clue to unlock the fruity cupboard in the first room:

Apple Banana Lemon

That cupboard(?) just informs you that dessert is ready, so sit down in the special room and enjoy!


That last message said to take care going home. Surely that's just a figure of speech?

As you leave through the door, the stairs disappear and are replaced by a box with three shape buttons.

🍴 stairs

Use the clue from the

cookie plates in the second room

to unlock the new box:

There's a different number of each type of biscuit. From 1 to 6, they appear on the
Circle Hexagon Circle Square Square Hexagon

A ladder appears in the restaurant!

Exploration 3

The attic has a locked door next to a skylight above a tree. The couch cushions hide a wooden circle piece.

Turn right to face the dumbwaiter. You can use the sink on the right.

Next to the sink, you can lift the potted plant to find a square piece.

Turn right to find a plate of pasta. There's a trapdoor with a single letter lock. And if you look carefully, you'll see a watering can behind the cabinet.

Turn right to find a potted plant in a glass jar which has four colored buttons guarding its key. The ladder back down is here too.


🍴 green box

Place the pasta in the dumbwaiter, and retrieve it from downstairs. Hmm, there's a green box blocking it.


🍴 seed

First, you need to solve that trapdoor puzzle.

In the alphabet, the letter between F and H is G.

Take a triangle piece from the dirt.

Place all three pieces in the green box and open it to find some seeds. Place them on the dirt.

Fill the watering can in the sink, and pour water on the seeds.

Back out, and the seeds grow instantly. Water them again.

To finish it off, you have to leave the room and come back.

Look around the room by changing screens, and the plant eventually grows colored leaves.

🍴 grown plant

Use that clue to unlock the plant jar:

The six colored leaves represent sides of stems, and there are a different number of normal leaves on each side. For example, the left side of the left stem has five leaves.

In case you're having trouble, follow each leaf to the stem it points to.

The sides (from left to right) have 5 4 2 3 6 1 leaves, so (reading them in order from 1 to 6) you have to push the
Blue Yellow Red Pink Yellow Red buttons
(⌞⌝ ⌜⌟⌝ ⌜)

Take the key and use it to unlock the door!


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